To shave or not to shave. Pt.2

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This is a continuation to the story of friends that have the thought to shave their heads. Will they go through with it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The rest of the group gasped as this happened because this caught everyone by surprise. After seeing this Lindsey volunteered to shave the rest of Jessica’s head. Molly than shocked everyone by saying: ” Ok, I’m ready to Shave my head right now, lets do it.” Debbie than said: ” Ok I’m ready too. I will shave mine after Molly’s. Then something unexpected happened Alexis said: “ OK I’ve made up my mind I will shave my head right now.” She then took a seat in the chair right next to Jessica. Jessica than told them she had a surprise, she told them, Lynn and Victoria are actually going to be here and are willing to help us shave our heads if we want them to. And they should be in here soon.” Just then there was a knock at the door. Isabella opened the door and found a high school girl and one of the most beautiful young adults they had ever seen standing there. Jessica than said: “ Oh this is Lynn and this gorgeous women here is Victoria.” The group said hi and started attending to the head shaving that was to happen. So with Jessica still seated in one the salon styling chairs Isabella asked Jessica: “So are you ready to finish having your head shaved?” Jessica replied: “Absolutely. Lets go.” So Isabella continued Jessica’s head shave. When Isabella was done with the clippers she asked Jessica, ” Is this good enough?” Jessica than answered: ” No, I was actually thinking going completely bald, I want you to shave me smooth with shaving cream and a razor.” Isabella then proceeded to get the shaving cream and razor, lather Jessica’s head and finished shaving her. When it was all done everyone was in awe to see how gorgeous Jessica looked. Abigail after seeing how gorgeous Jessica looked said, “Well I’ve made up my mind, I’ll Shave my head too, because seeing how gorgeous Jessica looks has made me willing to do it right now.” Isabella then reiterated the same as Abigail. Lindsey after hearing all this said, “Well I can’t be the odd one out so I’ll Shave my head now too.” Molly, Debbie and Isabella then seated them selves next to Alexis and all four were caped and the Shaving began with Abigail shaving Alexis, Lindsey shaving Isabella, Lynn shaving Debbie and Victoria shaving Molly. Just like with Jessica when the clippers were done the group agreed to be shaved smooth. When Alexis, Isabella, Debbie and Molly were finished their capes were removed and they left their chairs. Abigail and Lindsey then were seated and caped but before the shaving could happen to them Victoria and Lynn announced they too wanted to shave their heads right then and would like to be part of the fundraiser. The group was shocked at first but then were like that’s great you want to be shaved now, and looked forward to their help with the fundraiser. So Victoria and Lynn were caped to and like everyone else were shaved smooth. So when all the girls went back to school the next day everyone was in shock and liked the their new looks cause here were six girls who not the day before had long hair and were now completely bald. So four months later the school did the fundraiser and because of the girls having shaved their heads four months before 60 guys signed up plus 200 girls. In the end 40 guys and 140 girls shaved their heads and they raised $25,000. After the fundraiser the group asked one another if they would shave their heads again, everyone answered yes. So all through out high school they did a fundraiser and shaved their heads and every year they raised more money. Even when they Graduated high school and went to college the did a fundraisers. The End.

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