Tormenting Herself for Fun

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Maria must have seemed boring to the outside world. She didn’t have much of a social life, didn’t drink or do drugs, and ever since her job had gone to work-from-home, she rarely even left the house. Her family assumed that her lack of relationships must have been due to the demands of her studies when she was earning a PHD in electrical engineering, and the demanding corporate job that followed. It certainly wasn’t because of her appearance. Tall and fit, with long, silky black hair, she turned heads every time she did decide to leave the house. The truth was, while Maria had never had sex with a man or woman, she had experienced more pleasures, and been seen naked by more people, than the overwhelming majority of humans who ever lived.


What started as a hobby for Maria had turned into a lucrative side business. She used her expertise to build sex toys for herself that were far beyond anything that could be bought in stores, and for a price, allowed viewers to watch her use them on herself. The contraptions had escalated over the years, evolving into elaborate contraptions which forced her to orgasm over and over again without the possibility of escape. As the complexity of her projects grew, so did her website’s viewership numbers and revenue. She had even converted the basement of her house into a soundproof studio. She loved challenging herself to build more elaborate and creative devices each time.


Maria was known to her tens of thousands of viewers as Slave C. She wore a mask to hide her face and filtered her voice through software that made it sound different from hers. More submissive but also a bit bratty. In all of her streams, she was dominated by Master B, a mysterious man who wore a mask that resembled a cartoon supervillain, with a pinstripe suit and a commanding, baritone voice. This was also Maria, pre-recording the clips and using the same voice software to make herself sound like a deep-voiced man who commanded respect.


Last month’s stream had been the most profitable ever, as well as the most fun. She was tied to a bed naked, with a powerful vibrator secured to her clit with roped and tape. A plug in her ass was attached to a pneumatic line which caused it to expand and contract. Sensors were attached to her temples which could sense an orgasm. Any time she orgasmed, a strong electrical current would run through the wires attached to her nipple piercings and a spring-loaded whip would come down and strike her abdomen. Her ankles and wrists were secured with shackles which were controlled by a timer.


The viewers were in control of her torture. For each $100 generated by her live stream, another 5 minutes were added to the timer and the frequency and intensity of the vibrator and plug would temporarily increase. Maria had expected to be restrained to the machine for a few hours. Instead, she remained in the device until the timer hit the pre-set limit of 24 hours. As the time ran out, she was tired, hungry, heavily bruised from the whip and covered in all kinds of her own fluids. Still, she wished she had left herself a way to increase the time limit. She felt she could have gone another day. As much as she had enjoyed herself, she felt a severe disappointment when all she could do was watch the clock powerlessly as the timer hit 24:00, the shackles opened and the machinery stopped.


As a result of the overwhelming and unexpected success of that stream, Master B released a video promising his viewers that the next episode would be the most extreme and audacious conundrum yet. Since the previous stream generated enough revenue to run for much longer than 24 hours, all the extra money would go towards building an exceptionally fiendish device which would torture his slave in ways more horrible than she could ever imagine.


Maria got to work immediately, and had imagined something that wouldn’t let her viewers down.


Three weeks had passed since the previous stream. In addition to the money raised by the stream itself, Maria had made a sizeable sum from selling downloads of the highlight video, showing selected moments of her agony from all angles in high definition. The home page teased that the next episode would be a hair-raising experience with a banner on top of the page displaying a big red timer ticking down. As promised, a preview video released when the clock hit the 1 hour mark.


The Preview


Master B stood in the foreground of the video while Slave C stood in the background, tied to the ceiling by her wrists and ponytail and naked except for her mask, which had some sort of device attached to the back of her neck. A faint shadow of the whip marks from her previous experience was still visible on her abdomen. The lighting was angled so that her body piercings glittered. The two nipple studs jiggled with her ample breasts, and between her legs, a circular golden ring was pierced horizontally through her clit. The nipple piercings were the same jewelry from the previous week, but the clit piercing was brand new. Master B was always shown from the waist up only, as Maria felt that the feminine shape of her hips might give away that master and slave were the same person. Plus she never bothered to wear a bottom to the pinstripe suit, so that definitely would have revealed the master’s secret.


“Greetings” Master B exclaimed in his booming voice. “As promised, this stream will be the most dastardly and fiendish yet.”


The video feed cut to a device which resembled a sybian, with two dildos sticking out of the middle, one slightly longer than the other and curved, and one wider than the other and ridged. Three extended from the front, and a series of shackles and restraints from the side.


“I call this device ‘the Demon'” said the deep voiceover. The camera zoomed in on the device. “The thick one will go in her ass and the long one will go in her pussy. The intensity goes from 1…” he paused, as the machine began to vibrate. “…to 11…” the machine now vibrated so hard that it shook back and forth, looking as it was about to break the bolts that secured it to the floor. “How is it controlled?” he questioned the audience, pausing briefly. “By you! The intensity of the demon will be controlled by the amount of donations received by the stream. The more you pay, the more the bitch squirms.” He paused to laugh maniacally. “And that’s not all. See those three wires?” the camera zoomed to the devices at the ends of the cables. “Those are miniature vibrators. One will attach to each nipple, and the third to her clit. They will increase in intensity as the demon does” The feed cut to a close-up of Maria’s freshly pierced clitoris. “Do you like that?” Master B boomed in a villainous tone. “I did that myself, because her clit belongs to ME!”


It took Naomi 3 takes to film that line without giggling. She found it humorous how much that line was technically true.


Master B continued “The demon will run for 45 minutes. There is no safe word. There is no escape until the timer runs out. There is only one rule. SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO CUM!”


“Please master” The feed cut back to Slave C, still naked with her arms tied above her head “There’s no way I’m not gonna cum over and over again, you know what? I’m gonna cum anyway! What are you gonna do about it if I do?”


“Ahh, great question, slave” He replied “You might be wondering why your mask feels heavier than usual”.


It was then that the feed zoomed in on the device on the back of Slave C’s head. Six sets of electric hair clippers with no guards were attached to a hemispherical mount, touching her skin at the nape of her neck.


“Those are hair clippers” explained Master B’s voice. Ostensibly, he was informing his slave, but really he was making sure the audience understood. “They’re turned off, but as soon as you orgasm, they will turn on, and move slowly up your head until the orgasm stops. What happens if you disobey me and cum, slave? What happens is that you will be bald!”


“What? No” The video switched back to Slave C. “Please master, anything but my hair! My beautiful long hair. Nooooooo! I don’t want to be bald!”


“Silence” He shouted “Every hair on your head is mine, and I have decided that if you can’t do as I say, and keep yourself from cumming, it will be forfeit.”


The video ended.


The truth was, Maria did want to be bald. Very much so, in fact. She had spent the last week calibrating the machine by riding it without the clippers attached and setting the intensity to increase at different rates. The thought of her raven tresses being shorn away while she sat restrained, completely powerless to stop the slow movement of the clippers, turned her on more than she could have ever imagined. She calculated based on her test runs that in order to induce enough orgasms to render herself bald in 45 minutes, the stream would need to generate somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000. While a lofty goal, it was an amount she felt was achievable enough that she wasn’t at too big of a risk of ending the night with hair on her head.


The Stream


As the countdown on the website hit 0, the stream began for all users that were subscribed or had paid a one time fee. Viewers could select different camera angles, or view a stream with all the angles in panels. Slave C straddled the Demon, the larger dildo inserted into her vagina and the other one inserted in her anus. Wires attached the vibrating clips to each of her nipples and her clitoris, and an additional set of wires was attached to her temples to monitor when she was experiencing an orgasm. Her ponytail, almost 2 feet long and shining black and silky smooth, was pulled straight up, tied tightly to a cable hanging from the ceiling. This was it. Maria felt the familiar rush of adrenaline as the timer started and she knew that she had reached the point of no return. The machinery would torture her as designed and it was too late to turn back.


Less that a minute in, the intensity had hit 11. None of Maria’s test runs had ramped up anywhere near that quickly. The simulation where the stream generated $30,000 had taken almost 5 minutes to get to this point. Maria looked at the clock as every erogenous zone in her body was simultaneously brought to life. 2:15… 2:30… she tried her best to postpone orgasm, but with only 2:45 elapsed on the clock, she couldn’t hold it anymore. As she screamed in ecstasy, she heard the buzzing of the clippers springing to life. This was really happening. The hair she had spent years growing and maintaining was being peeled away in seconds, and it felt so, so good. It was nothing like in the trial runs. When testing the device, the first orgasm usually lasted long enough to move the clippers about an inch and a half up the nape of her neck, but this one lasted so long that by the time it was over, they had moved past the tops of her ears.


Once the sensors measured that the orgasm was over, Maria had a chance to stop and compose herself. The intensity went back down to level 1 and she took a sip from the water line that was threaded through her mask. If she could keep herself from cumming again, she would walk away with a high nape buzz, but there were still 41 minutes left.


By design, the device was unrelenting. As soon as her orgasm ended, it immediately began intensifying as subscriptions and donations rolled in. The intensity didn’t ramp up as quickly the second time, but by the 7 minute mark, it was back to 11. Maria’s clit was on fire from the vibrations, more sensitive than usual due to the piercing she had given herself a week prior. She was once again giving her most valiant effort to delay the inevitable orgasm, but at the 10 minute mark, she couldn’t contain herself. She let out a primal scream and felt the clippers turn back on, the buzzing sensation on her scalp giving her far more pleasure than any of the many devices attached to her. When they finally stopped, she estimated that about half the hair on her head was gone. In the trial runs, it took between 6 and 8 orgasms to finish the job. Knowing that her head was actually being shaved instead of just imagining it made the feeling so much more intense than anything she could have possible expected.


The third orgasm hit just after the 16 minute mark. Once the clippers stopped, Naomi was left with just a Chelsea cut. At most an inch-wide strip of hair remained at the front. The fact that so few hairs remained on her head meant the remaining ones were being pulled harder by the cord which hung from the ceiling. Naomi had little time to rest, because this time, the device ramped up to 11 in a minute. The viewers wanted to see the job finished. Maria didn’t even try to hold back. At the 19 minute mark, the clippers sprung back to life, and seconds later, her severed ponytail sprung up and bounced a few times before coming to rest, dangling a few feet above her head. Maria experienced by far the most intense orgasm of her life, shaking like she was having a seizure. She had never been a squirter, but she felt a gush of warm liquid running down her legs as she breathed so hard she had to struggle not to pass out, which would trigger the emergency stop. If it weren’t for the soundproofing in her basement, her screams of ecstasy would have caused the neighbors to call the police by now.


Bonus Round


Only Maria knew what would happen next. As her breathing slowed and her orgasm subsided, the clipper apparatus detached itself from her mask and fell to the ground next to her. All that remained of her hair was stubble, a few strips between the paths of the clippers and a few hairs next to her ears. The video feed cut to a pre-recoded clip of Master B, now standing alone.


“Well, it seems that my slave is a disobedient bitch who needs to be taught a lesson. I told her that if she disobeyed me and decided to cum anyway, she would end the night bald, but I still see stubble on her head, and that won’t do. It would be rather boring if I just left her locked in place until the timer ran out, don’t you think? Since she still has plenty of time left to ride the Demon, I want her to finish the job. I will now release her hands and give her shaving cream and a razor, and she will make her entire head as smooth as her cunt. If she fails again, and one filthy black hair remains when that timer hits 45, then I will have to leave her with a more permanent reminder of her decision to disobey me.”


He then held up a metal rod. The end was glowing red-hot in the shape of an M.


“If so much as one hair remains on her head when the timer runs out, my symbol will be branded on her ass forever, permanently marking her as a piece of livestock, owned by me. She will still be attached to the Demon for the remainder of this live stream, so I hope you don’t distract her too much with your donations.”


The camera feed then switched to the camera pointed at her ass, as a compartment at the back of the demon opened up and the same glowing hot metal slowly protruded from the opening, stopping about 6 inches from the bare skin of Naomi’s butt.


Maria’s arms had been released from the shackles, but her waist and ankles still remained secured firmly. A compartment in the front of the device popped open to reveal a razor, a can of shaving cream, a bottle of water and a towel. She had set up image processing software to analyze the camera feed pointing at the back of her head. When the timer hit 45 minutes, if that image contained any objects in the exact color of her hair, it would set off an actuator that would brand her. Maria knew that the angle of the camera would also capture her eyebrows, so they also needed to be removed. While Maria didn’t want to brand herself, she would never even dream of faking it. When time ran out, if the image detected any remaining hair, she would be branded for real, and she did not install any means to stop it from happening. That made it all the more exciting. She also made damn sure that she would get a good camera angle if it happened.


As soon as the cut scene ended, the vibrations increased, and fast. Maria went for the eyebrows first. She spread a dollop of shaving cream over each brow and with swift strokes, she reduced her left eyebrow to bare skin in seconds. By the time she went for the right brow, though, her hands were already shaking. The machine was increasing in intensity fast- much faster than before. As she finished, she rubbed her hand against the patch of bare skin that seconds ago had been her right eyebrow, she found herself again overcome by orgasm.


The danger Maria was in made the pleasure all the more intense, and after a matter of seconds that felt like hours, the intensity went back down to . She calmed down and took a deep breath so she could continue. That’s when she realized she had dropped the razor.


She scanned the floor and saw it, but it was out of her reach. The clock was still only at 25 minutes, but if she couldn’t get the razor back, there was nothing she could do to stop herself from being branded. This wasn’t something she planned for. The branding was supposed to make it more exciting as she raced against the clock, but until now she hadn’t thought it was actually going to happen. Still, she was so turned on by the fear that she could barely think straight. After a minute of reaching out for the one razor she had given herself in vain, she came up with a plan. She grabbed the clipper apparatus that had fallen to the floor earlier. It was heavy with the weight of the 6 clippers it held, which had turned her prized mane into a stubbly mess she now needed desperately to dispose of. The rigid probe vibrating inside her vagina made it painful to bend over, but after a few attempts, she was just barely able to reach the razor with the apparatus and pull it close enough to pick up.


The clock was now at 31. That was close.


In all that excitement, Maria had barely noticed the intensity going back up to 11. She put the razor in a safe place where she wouldn’t drop it and let the orgasm take over. She looked down to see that the entire sybian was completely drenched in her juices.


When the intensity went back down to 1, Maria got back to work quickly, carefully pouring out just enough of the water on her head and using both hands to spread a thick, white layer of shaving cream. She picked up the razor and worked quickly, going back and forth against the grain. She had guessed that she could shave her entire head smooth in 10 minutes when she designed the predicament, but there was no way to test that estimate. This was proving to be a lot more difficult than shaving her legs or pubic hair due to the thickness of the stubble and the care she had to take not to drop the razor again. As she felt the machine intensify to 8, 9, 10 and 11, she put the razor down and felt her head. As soon as she felt the smoothness of her scalp, she came immediately.


Maria worked on one half of her head first so she could gauge her progress. At the 37 minute mark, she had finished shaving the right side. When designing the apparatus, she made sure there was no way she could see her head, and would have to judge entirely by feel to determine whether or not she was done. The problem with that was that just rubbing her smooth scalp made her want to cum, and it was hard to focus on the task at hand. As soon as she was certain that the half was done, she let herself take an orgasm break.


The machine was still increasing its intensity much faster than Maria had expected. That probably meant a huge payday for her, but she had long since stopped trying to figure out how much the stream was earning. In fact, she had forgotten what money even was at this point. She had to use more force and retrace her path as the razor was starting to dull. The next orgasm came so quick she couldn’t even put the razor down, but she managed to hang on. A couple more swipes and that was it. She poured the rest of the water on her head and wiped it off with the towel.


She ran her hands around her head and felt nothing but smoothness. She looked at the clock. 44:45. She ran her hands back and forth across her eyebrows. Nothing. 44:50. She ran her hands across her head again, and with the last pass of her hands over her smooth scalp, just above her right ear, she felt something rough. It couldn’t have been more than a few hairs but there it was. 44:59. 45:00.


The iron only touched her flesh for a split second before retracting into its container, but the searing pain was immediate. Maria would forever bear the mark of her fictitious master. The shackles released, the attachments to her piercings disengaged themselves, and she fell to the floor on her side. Her pussy and asshole gaped from the the girth of the instruments that had filled them for the better part of an hour. She wasted no time and reached for her clit and after seconds of rubbing, squirted for the second time ever, high in the air and all over one of the camera lenses.


This was the best night of her life, and she couldn’t wait until next time.

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