Tradition is tradition

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I first met William 2 years ago, when I was 22, around the time I started working at his father’s company, as a receptionist. William was slightly older than me, he was 25.

Every morning I struggled to keep my eyes off of his tall figure, his jet black hair sleekly gelled over, shorn short on the sides.

I fantasised about getting in bed with him, running my hands over his stubble.

Over time, the two of us began conversing every morning, him shooting me a grin every time he saw me around the office.

Then one morning, a bouquet of roses was delivered to the front desk. As I was checking the label to see who to deliver them to, the label read ‘For Sienna, a bunch of roses, a quarter of your beauty, meet me at The Diamond Restaurant this evening at 7pm. W x’ 

I could hardly believe it, William really had those feelings about me? I spent the rest of the day stressing over what to wear, my closet was full of business suits and a few lounge sets. A shopping trip was well overdue for when my shift finished.

Finally, the day was over and I headed straight into the city to buy myself a new dress and a nice pair of shoes. After all, William was taking me to a very upscale restaurant.

I poured through the racks of dresses, struggling to decide on the perfect one. Price wasn’t a problem though as William’s dad was paying me a small fortune.

Eventually, I settled on a wine red sleek silk dress, that fell to the floor and accentuated my figure, along with a pair of shiny black stilettos.

I paid for my new outfit and thanking the store clerk before rushing back to my apartment to get changed.

Once I had gotten dressed, I admired myself in the mirror, wondering what to do with my hair.

I had pin straight blonde hair, that fell to my boobs, when I was at work I would tie it up into a bun, but tonight calls for something special. I got my curling tongs out and twisted my hair into loose waves before spraying a thin mist of hairspray.

I grabbed my clutch bag and went downstairs to call a cab.

Once I arrived at The Diamond Restaurant, William was waiting outside for me, looking very dapper in a black suit, with a wine red tie, coincidentally matching my dress.

I got out the cab and made my way over to him.

”Wow, you look incredible” William grinned before linking his strong arm around mine.

I blushed before we made our way into the restaurant.

We had a great time in there, William insisted I tried lobster, which ended up being amazing. I could definitely get used to this lifestyle.

At the end of the date, he invited me back to his house, to which I graciously agreed, after all tomorrow is Saturday so I don’t have work anyway.

He drove the two of us back to his house in a very fancy car, parking it outside his mansion.

As we made our way through his house, I admired all his decorations, pausing to look at a picture of, I assume, his parents, I recognised his father, pictured next to his mother, who had no hair. I found that slightly strange but shrugged it off as I followed William up to his bedroom.

We fell onto his bed, our lips caressing eachothers, my red lipstick smearing all over his chin and lips.

However, as I went to remove my dress, William stopped me.

”You saw the picture of my mother right?” he panted.

”Yeah?” I questioned.

”In my family, we don’t wait until marriage for sex, we wait until the girlfriend loses her hair” he told me.

”What? What does that mean?” I asked, sitting up on his bed.

”If you want to have sex with me, this is all going to have to go” William seductively told me, running his hands through my hair.

I thought for a moment, sex with William was what I’d been fantasising about for years, but I loved my hair.

Suddenly, I noticed William pull out a large pair of silver scissors from his bedside unit.

I stayed silent whilst he sat across my lap, gathering my artificial curls into his fist behind my neck.

”Stay very still” he whispered in my ear before sliding the scissors above his fist.

I did as he said as I heard him close the scissors, chopping through my hair.

”Well done, that’s the first step done” William smiled as he showed me my hair in his hand. He must have been holding at least 15 inches of it as I felt it now fall between my chin and shoulders.

”Come on, I need to finish” William told me as he held his fist around my wrist.

”Do I have to? Can I just leave it this length?” I begged him.

”No, I’m sorry, tradition is tradition, and you want this lifestyle don’t you?” he put a finger under my chin and lifted it so I was looking at him. I gulped and nodded, this lifestyle was everything I had dreamt off.

”That’s what I thought, now come on” he grinned before guiding me through to his bathroom where there was a stool waiting for me.

I took a seat on the stool and watched William intently as he took a pair of clippers out the cupboard and plugged them in.

I jumped as they hummed to life, William holding them at the crown of my head.

”Stay very still, I don’t want to nick your beautiful head” William whispered in my ear before dragging the clippers through the middle of my head, my hair falling into my lap with every stroke he took.

William was swift with his movements, moving my head around as he sheared my hair down to stubble.

Soon enough, I was left with just fuzz on my head, I rubbed my hand over and it felt surreal having nothing there.

Just as I thought William had finished though, I felt a cold foam being rubbed over my stubble.

”Again, I need you to stay very still” William told me as he pushed my head down to my chest.

I stayed still as he got a metal razor and began removing the stubble I had left. Suddenly I felt myself getting wet, was I enjoying this?

I definitely wasn’t enjoying the idea of having no hair, but I was enjoying this attention from William.

I let my head move with his hands as he left my head sleek and shiny. It felt even weirder than the fuzz I had merely minutes ago.

”This is the last part now, I promise” William said as he came and stood in front of me, blocking my view of myself in the mirror.

I gasped as he rubbed shaving cream over my eyebrows.

”Not my eyebrows please!” I begged him once more.

”Sex or no sex?” William stood back and reminded me of the tradition.

I stayed quiet and allowed him to drag the razor in two swift motions across each of my eyebrows, leaving me utterly hairless.

William then stood me up, quickly brushing all the hair off of my shoulders and dress before bringing me back to the bed.

He threw me down onto the bed and started ripping his clothes off as I removed my dress and panties.

”Wait, aren’t you going to use protection?” I paused as William came onto me.

”No darling, the Lord will decide if we are worthy parents or not” he whispered in my ear as he began thrusting against me.

Soon enough, I relaxed, and rubbed my hands over William’s stubble as he caressed my bald head.

”That was amazing” I chuckled as William flopped off of me, beside me on the bed.

”Touché, Sienna, you’re going to make an excellent partner for me” William smiled before we both got under the covers.

Since that evening, it’s been a year, and William hasn’t let me grow my hair out yet, shaving me clean every two weeks.

I had many comments on my new style at the office on Monday, but I just told everyone I was trying something new as William and I smirked at eachother.

Last night however, William and I found out we were expecting. I was over the moon at the idea of becoming a mother, and William was just as pleased.

He even allowed me to grow my hair during pregnancy, it reaching my chin by the time it came to me going into labour.

William was by my side as I gave birth, we opted for a home birth and my doula assisted me through the process.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who we named Charity Victoria. She was born with a full head of black hair, clearly inherited from her father.

William was a very doting father to Charity, always treating her with new toys and making sure she had everything she could ever need.

He treated me the same way, as he always had, however, once I had recovered from birth, he took me back upstairs to remove my hair again. Although this time, he let me keep my eyebrows, but I stayed still and enjoyed as he freed me of the hair I’d grown whilst pregnant with Charity. I’d grown to miss my baldness whilst I was pregnant, it was much easier to maintain and saved a lot of time.

About a year after my fortnightly shaves had been reinstated, I found out I was pregnant again, and had great joy in telling William and Charity.

With Charity, we let her gender be a surprise when she was born, but William and I decided with this baby to find out the gender the moment we could so we could talk to Charity about her baby brother or sister.

Once I finally got to 20 weeks, my hair had grown to the tops of my ears, William again refusing to shave me to reduce any stress on the baby. We found out we were having another girl, and Charity, like William and I, was over the moon.

Again, I opted for a home birth, and our second daughter was born, named Pandora Amelie.

Charity and Pandora got along amazingly with their small age gap, and there weren’t any other pregnancies until Pandora was 4 and Charity was 5 when I found out I was pregnant again, with twin girls.

We kept the same traditions with the pregnancy and birth, and our two healthy girls were born, named Emerald Dahlia and Valentina Jasmine.

Shortly after Charity was born, William informed me of yet another family tradition- any daughters born would grow their hair until their 10th birthday, when it would be shaved off, and the daughter would be kept shorn until she turned 18, when it would become her own choice.

Our four daughters grew up living a very privileged lifestyle, once they each turned of age, they would start private school.

I took great care of their hair, treating it as my own. The girls don’t know about what will happen to them on their 10th birthdays yet, but they do all wonder why I am bald but I tell them that that’s the way I like it.

Soon enough, it was Charity’s 10th birthday and we spent the day celebrating in style, as we do with every birthday in our family. Once her sisters had been put to bed, William and I took her up to our bathroom for her shave, although she didn’t know it yet.

”Mommy, what’s going on?” Charity giggled as we sat her down on the stool.

”It’s time for your first haircut” I told her as I began brushing through her long jet black hair for the last time. It now fell to below her waist so it took a few minutes for me to get through all the tangled.

”Oh, I like my hair long though, please don’t cut it too short” Charity requested as I began to braid her hair.

I didn’t say anything as William passed me the large pair of scissors he used to remove my braid 12 years ago.

”Stay very still” I told Charity as I slid the scissors into the top of her braid, in line with her nape.

I swiftly hacked the braid off, leaving her with a choppy bob that fell around her jawline.

”Mommy that’s too short!” Charity sobbed as she ran her hands through the hair she had left.

William and I stayed silent as we swapped places. I laid the braid across Charity’s lap before placing my hands either side of her head above her ears as William flicked the clippers on.

Charity jumped as William pressed the clippers at the crown of her head.

”Please don’t let him shave me mommy!” Charity begged me as tears spilled from her eyes.

”It’s tradition baby, plus you’ll love it in the end, trust me” I smiled as William began mowing through Charity’s hair, leaving streaks of black stubble.

I moved my hands around Charity’s head as William made his way through her hair, leaving her hair as just black stubble.

However, the shave was not yet complete. William dispensed some shaving foam into his hand and massaged it into Charity’s stubble before taking his metal razor.

I made sure to hold her head extra firmly as he peeled the stubble away, leaving her head shiny.

Once Charity had no hair left on her head, William swiftly moved onto her eyebrows, shearing them off in two swift movements.

As William and I swept Charity’s hair off the floor and put away the clippers, razor and scissors, Charity sat on the stool, sobbing as her small hands brushed over her bald head.

”It’s okay sweetie, I was the same as you, and trust me you’ll love having no hair, it makes everything so much easier” I reassured Charity as I put her to bed.

I planted a kiss on her bald head before making my way back downstairs to William.

We agreed Charity’s first shave had gone better than we thought it would, after all we were expecting some tears- what 10 year old wants to lose all her hair?

It was Charity’s shaves that followed that were harder, she found it difficult to accept that she would no longer have hair until she turned 18, and now the younger girls were asking questions about Charity’s lack of her.

We simply explained to them that it was a family tradition, and they would all get the same treatment at some point.

By the time it was Pandora’s 10th birthday, we had all the usual celebrations before the evening when she was taken up to our bathroom just as Charity was the year before.

”No! I want to keep my hair!” Pandora yelled with wide eyes as she noticed the scissors and clippers on the counter.

”It’s tradition Pandora, if you want to keep this lifestyle, then you will lose your hair” William put it simply for her.

Thankfully we have always taught our girls to be grateful for what they have, so Pandora knew the sacrifice of keeping her hair was far greater than losing it.

Reluctantly she sat down so I could begin brushing through her contrastingly blonde hair to Charity’s jet black hair.

I braided her hair all the way past her waist and again slid my scissors in.

William held Pandora down as I chopped her braid off, the rest of her hair falling messily around her chin.

We then swapped places, myself holding Pandora’s head as William flicked the clippers to life, expertly ploughing through Pandora’s hair, it falling down her back, shoulders and into her lap.

She sobbed as more and more stubble was revealed until there was only fuzz left on her head.

Like usual, William coated Pandora’s hair in shaving cream before gently shearing off the rest of her stubble, leaving her shaved just as clean as Charity and I.

William made no exceptions, so soon enough, Pandora’s eyebrows were gone as well.

The girls were allowed to grow their eyebrows out once they’d been shaved, but tradition is tradition, so they must be shaved off on their 10th birthday.

”William, why don’t we just shave Emerald and Valentina tomorrow? Get it over with?” I suggested to William as we got into bed.

”The tradition states they must grow their hair until their 10th birthday and then it gets shaved” William reminded me.

”I know, but what if we just cut it shorter at least, save their shearing until they turn 10? It will just make things so much easier in the morning and evening” I asked.

”I see what you’re saying, let me talk to my father in the morning” William told me.

The next day, William consulted his father about my request, to which his father responded that he didn’t even realise the tradition was still going, he never really visited us anyway as he was so busy with his company.

They came to the conclusion that it was okay to give the twins haircuts, as long as they weren’t shaved.

That evening, I called the twins up to the bathroom, one by one.

Emerald came up first and I had her take a seat on the stool.

“You’re not going to shave my head, are you?” Emerald worriedly asked.

”No! Don’t worry, I’m just cutting your hair” I told her as I began to brush through it.

Although the twins are only 6, their brown hair already falls to just above their waists.

I braided Emerald’s hair into two, securing the elastics at her shoulders before picking up my scissors. I slid them into one of the braids, snipping it off, leaving her hair falling around her shoulders. I did the same with the second braid, her hair now very uneven.

Emerald stayed quiet as I sprayed her hair with water and began sectioning it.

I guided her chin to her chest and took the first section at the back of her head. I combed down to the bottom of her nape and snipped her hair off. I made my way through the sections, snipping them off as I went.

Once I’d finished cutting the back, I made my way round to the sides of her head, combing down to her chin, and snipping her hair in line with the back. Soon enough, her hair was all a uniform length, hanging around her chin.

”What do you think?” I asked Emerald as I picked her up to look in the mirror.

”It’s quite short mommy” Emerald said as she flicked her hands through her hair.

“Nonsense! This is as long as it’ll be until you turn 10” I said before planting a kiss on her cheek.

Emerald seemed shocked, but didn’t say anything as I sent her off and told her to send Valentina up.

As I was waiting for Valentina, I swept up Emerald’s hair and put her braids with my original hair, Charity, and Pandora’s braids.

”Mommy, are you going to cut my hair like Emerald’s?” Valentina asked as she walked into the bathroom.

”Yes baby, take a seat on the stool” I told her, I knew Valentina would be fine with this haircut, she’s been begging for shorter hair for a long time as she’s never really been into ‘feminine’ things.

”Can I have it shorter than Emerald’s?” Valentina requested as she got comfy on the stool.

”No honey, it’s a push enough that we’re cutting it, if you want it different to Emerald’s, you can either grow it until you turn 10 or you can add bangs” I offered her.

”I’ll have it like Emerald’s with bangs” Valentina accepted.

I quickly brushed through her brown mane, before tying it into one braid, as her hair is quite a lot thinner than Emerald’s.

It didn’t take much force to chop through her braid, leaving it a choppy long bob.

Valentina was much more relaxed than Emerald during her haircut, she moved her head with me and sat very still as I lined everything up.

Once her hair had been cropped to her chin, I took a v-shaped section above her forehead and combed down, cutting her bangs to a centimetre above her eyebrows.

”Happy?” I asked Valentina as I lifted her up to see her new haircut in the mirror.

”Yeah!” Valentina exclaimed before running off to show her big sisters.

I put Valentina’s braid in the box with the rest before sweeping her hair up into the bin.

4 years later, the time had finally come for the twins to have their heads shaved, Pandora was now 14 and Charity was 15, Charity had grown to love her baldness, just like I did, but Pandora still struggled. Thankfully her hair is blonde, so she can get away with a shave once a month, although she makes it hard work for everyone involved.

William and I took both Emerald and Valentina up to our bathroom on the evening of their 10th birthday, and began the tradition.

Their hair had already grown out to the middle of their backs, so like usual I braided both of their hair, before chopping it off at their napes.

William shaved Emerald whilst I put the braids away safely and Valentina watched in awe. She still hadn’t lost her tomboy side and had been looking forward to finally losing the rest of her hair, Emerald on the other hand, was far more like Pandora, and wanted to keep her hair long.

Once William had finished shearing her, Valentina excitedly jumped onto the stool, ready to lose her hair.

Emerald stormed off to her room as I watched William mow through Valentina’s locks with the clippers.

In a way, this was exciting for me also, as the tradition also states that once the youngest daughter has had her first shave, the mother gets to grow her hair out indefinitely, and the father must then have his hair shorn, and kept shorn indefinitely.

So, once Valentina’s hair was shaven cleanly, I took the clippers and pulled them through William’s hair, starting at his crown and not stopping until they came out at his nape.

He was left with a reverse mohawk for a moment, until I mowed through the rest of his hair, leaving just black stubble.

I then massaged shaving cream into his head and picked up the metal razor before carefully removing the rest of his fuzz, leaving him as bald as myself and our four daughters.

Although tradition is tradition, so I was not yet done. I smeared shaving cream over his two eyebrows and in two swift motions I shaved them off, leaving him truly hairless.


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