The Tradition

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In my family tradition, the woman after they get married gets their head shaved by their husband. The husband chooses if they want their wife’s head shaved and by who.

Unfortunately for me, my husband (David) decided he wants my head shaved and by a barber. Currently we are on the way to the barbershop.

“Hello.” The man smiles at my husband and I as we walk in hand in hand. “Good Morning, I’d like my wife to get a headshave.” David speaks soothing my hand. “Of Course, follow me Sir.”

The man leads us to the red chair and gestures for me to sit on it. He takes a white piece of paper and wraps it around my neck and then takes a blue cape and puts it over me. “Smooth Shave?” He asks David.

“Yes. Also, shave her eyebrows off.” My body stills at his request.

“Yes Sir.” Without wasting anytime he takes my locks and ties them into 6 small ponytails. Taking scissors he places them on a ponytail and starts to cut away. My eyes fills with tears as I didn’t want to lose my hair.

”I want to cut the rest, if you don’t mind.” My husband asks taking the scissors from the man. “Yes sir.”

”My wife please don’t be upset, it’s just hair.” David says kissing the top of my head. My tears continues dripping down my face.

He takes the scissors and starts chopping off the ponytails.

One by one.

The sound of the scissors snipping and hair crunching together makes music to my ears. Soon enough my hair has been reduced to a choppy chin length bob. “Sir are you sure?” The barber asks plugging in the clippers. 

“Yes, now please continue.” My husband confirms taking my shaking hand in his. “Don’t worry. It’s just hair.” He says looking into my tearful eyes whilst smoking a cigarette from the other free hand.

The clippers begins to buzz making me shake a little and soon the metal is placed on top of my hairline. The barber slowly pulls it down to my nape and there’s a clear vision of my stubble.

My hand squeezes my husbands for extra support.

The barber continues pulling the clippers down my head to my nape repeatedly until the only remaining bit is my prickly scalp. He folds my ears like a school boy and shaves the hair near it.

My eyes connects with my husband through the mirror and he looks very happy. His hands lifts up to touch the prickly stubble on my head and tosses a piece of hair still remaining on my head onto the floor.

The barber comes back with a cart filled with razors, a brush and a bowl of lukewarm water with shaving cream. 

Taking the brush he dips it into the shaving cream and starts to brush it over my prickly scalp. Tilting my head down to get my nape and the corners of my head. He folds my ears into half again and puts cream over them.

The barber turns the chair facing away from mirror and stands in front of my face. Dipping the brush into the shaving cream he brushes it onto my eyebrows. “Are you sure sir?” He asks David once again to confirm.

“Yes.” My husband nods while watching.

The barber asks for my husband to hold my face as he doesn’t want to nick me with the razor. My husband grabs both sides of my face with one hand and angles my face at a 45 degree angle.

Picking up the steel blade, the barber tells me to close my eyes and I obey. The steel blade brushes past my left brows and the barber dips the blade into the water and does the other brow.

Although he doesn’t turn the chair, he starts to push my head back and asks my husband to hold my head in a tight hold so that I don’t move. The metal goes scraping down my stubble head till my crown repeatedly and my husband holds my head the whole time.

The barber asks for me to tilt my down and David once again holds my head. He continued scraping the small hairs away and within 20 seconds my head is smooth as a cue ball. 

“Okay Sir, that’s all done.” The barber says putting the stuff back on the cart.

“Mm, thank you but can you shave her eyebrows and head again. I want her extra smooth.” David requests. “Yes sir.” And with hesitation David is holding my face and head as I’m shaved extra smooth.

”I think that’s all done sir.” The barber says taking the cape and neck wrap off me. David immediately reaches for my smooth head rubbing it, giving a small massage. I quickly go to a mirror to see how I look.

I look like an alien.

My eyes once again prickles with hot tears.



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