Understanding – Part 3

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Erin had left just after lunch on the Sunday, clearly excited to show her boyfriend her new look, all thoughts of withholding “privileges” apparently forgotten. Nicola had lain awake torturing herself about shaving her daughter’s head like that and she’d certainly gone down to breakfast with a sense of trepidation. She’d gone into the kitchen and there was her daughter drinking tea at the breakfast bar, a spot that was becoming a focal point for the shaven headed, Nicola thought. Erin was bright and breezy, beaming even. Nicola was so relieved and didn’t even mind when Erin had said that she was leaving a bit earlier than originally intended.

Nicola was just wondering what to watch on TV when her phone pinged. She expected it to be Erin letting her know that she’d got home safely, but it was Brooke. Nicola had texted her just after shaving her daughter’s head, while she was still buzzing with the excitement of what she’d just done. She’d vacillated between waking the sleeping dog that was Andy or sending a signal to Brooke. The more she thought about Andy, the more she felt uncomfortable. He was too young, by any stretch of the imagination, and should be with people his own age rather than someone old enough to be his mother. He’d been great, from the moment that he’d intervened during the row with Roger, to the last thrust when he’d screwed her after shaving her head. She’d remember him fondly, but decided that he’d served his purpose.

That purpose had been to shake up her world. She’d cast off the chains of her previous existence and realised that there was so much that she could experience, if only she’d let herself. She’d even started a little mantra of her own, which made her blush if she ever cast her mind back to her life with hair. She’d even given thought to making a little sign to pin on her dressing table mirror, but decided that if her daughters dropped by unexpectedly, she’d have a hard job explaining a sign that read “Open mind, open legs.” She’d told herself that there was no reason to say “no” to anything if it looked like a fun experience. She wasn’t entirely sure what it would lead to, but the days of excuses and polite refusal were gone. For the time being anyway. That was why she’d decided that she’d text the other person who’d shared her bald experience so far, who just happened to be another woman. She smiled when she realised that she now considered a relationship with another woman to be more respectable than a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

The text that she’d sent Brooke was just to say that she’d enjoyed what they’d done and to thank her. It wasn’t specifically to set up a meeting, but she certainly had no objection if that was what came of it. She read the reply a couple of times. It was perfectly respectable and could be read in all innocence by her daughters, but the mere fact that Brooke had replied was enough. She felt a little flutter where the best flutters are. Brooke wanted to meet for coffee.

They arranged to meet the following morning, not far from Brooke’s shop. When Nicola queried the timing, Brooke replied that the shop was closed on a Monday, so it wasn’t a problem.

The problem for Nicola was what to wear. She wanted to look nice and feel sexy, but she didn’t really know what she had in her wardrobe that would be suitable to meet a woman who had a shop full of interesting outfits at her disposal. In the end she decided that she couldn’t compete and wore jeans and a shirt; casual, simple, comfortable. She’d started to go braless more and more, so she stuck with that as her way to feel sexy.

Nicola made it to the coffee shop before Brooke and found a table away from other customers, tucked away at the back. In a matter of moments, Nicola spotted Brooke come through the door and waved at her to show where she was. Nicola watched Brooke walk elegantly towards her and felt completely natural embracing her in welcome. A waitress appeared, trying hard not to stare at the two bald women while they ordered. Nicola tried not to stare at Brooke too, trying not to betray her own struggle to convince herself that she was here meeting a woman in the way that she’d used to meet men. Not necessarily offering herself on a plate, but fully prepared to join in if the chance presented itself. Nicola was pleased that Brooke was casually dressed, her loose fitting top doing a magnificent job of disguising the boobs that Nicola knew were within touching distance. She was turned on just by sitting so close to her again.

They chatted like two friends would when meeting for coffee, talking about what they’d been up to since they’d last met. Then the conversation moved towards what they both really wanted to talk about. Brooke expressed the same sentiment as Nicola had about wishing that she’d cut her hair off much sooner.

‘All that time and money I wasted on it and all I had to do was shave it off’ she laughed.

‘I’m glad that you didn’t. Not until I could do it for you’ Nicola countered. She told Brooke about shaving Erin’s head.

‘Your own daughter! Wow!’ Brooke replied. ‘You know what she did as soon as she got home, don’t you?’ Brooke laughed.

‘I’m trying not to think about it’ Nicola confessed.

‘Poor girl can probably barely walk today’ Brooke added, her laugh sounding dirtier and sexier than Nicola had heard from her before.

‘Don’t’ Nicola urged, struggling not to laugh herself.

Brooke moved the conversation on, telling Nicola about an evening event that she was having at the shop in a couple of days. She wondered if Nicola was interested.

‘Not as a customer, as a special guest, I suppose’ Brooke added. ‘You could be a sort of model. Wear one of the outfits, look exotic, that sort of thing. It would be more for the experience really, get to meet a few new people, that sort of thing. No pressure, completely casual. If you fancy it, the offer’s there. If you don’t then maybe we can meet up later, just the two of us.’

“Old Nicola” hadn’t gone away and was trying to fill Nicola’s head with all manner of reasons not to have anything to do with what Brooke was offering. “New Nicola” made arrangements to be there anyway. They chatted a bit more and then Brooke said that she had to go to sort some things out. She pecked Nicola innocently on the cheek and that was it, Nicola’s first deliberate date with another woman. She couldn’t wait for the second.

Nicola exchanged a couple of texts with Brooke and before she knew it she was walking into the shop again. She’d had to wait for Brooke to come to the door and unlock it and had felt her stomach flutter again as Brooke came into view. There was no warm greeting from Brooke, which disappointed Nicola immensely. She followed Brooke deeper into the shop, wondering what the change was, but once they reached a spot that was out of sight of the front door, Brooke turned to Nicola and welcomed her as Nicola had hoped she would right at the start. ‘Sorry, don’t want to upset the neighbours’ Brooke said breathlessly between kisses. That was more like it, Nicola thought. ‘You had me worried for a minute there’ Nicola told her. Brooke kissed her again, slowly, teasing her.

They went into the back room and Brooke explained what she’d got planned. The evening was mainly to showcase some new stock that she’d got in, but there was a social element to it too, getting some valued customers in for a chat and a bit of fun. It was only then that Nicola started to look around her at some of the stuff on display. “Racy” wasn’t even close when she tried to think of a word to describe some of the things. In fact, she wasn’t even sure what some of them were.

Brooke led her around to give her a preview. Just when Nicola thought that she’d seen all that there was, Brooke led her over to a corner, where Brooke said that she’d got a couple of special displays. There was what looked like a massage table with various bits of equipment round it and there was also a barber’s chair with some clippers hanging from a hook to the side. Brooke explained that two of the people that she’d invited were a tattoo artist and a body piercer and that they were free to do their thing if there were any takers. Nicola’s eyes were drawn to the chair, however, and realised that strewn around the base was Brooke’s long red hair. ‘Thought it would help make the tableau a bit more realistic’ Brooke explained. She said that it was all to try to create the ambience of a sort of bazaar, where there were various services on sale in a bid to deflect from the real purpose, which was for Brooke to sell as much of her own stuff as she could.

‘You’re shameless, you know that, don’t you’ Nicola told her.

‘Indeed I am, now we’d better get ready, people will be arriving soon.’

Nicola followed her to the changing cubicles and eyed Brooke warily when Brooke told her that she’d chosen an outfit for her already. Nicola looked at the dress hanging from the hook. She reached out to touch it and looked at Brooke. ‘That needs to go back to the manufacturer, it’s faulty’ Nicola observed. Brooke laughed.

‘I chose it especially for you’ Brooke said.

‘You’re kidding?’

‘You’ll look beautiful in it.’

‘I might consider wearing it if it was just us, but not with loads of strangers, not a chance.’

Brooke looked at her with a wry smile. ‘There’s more to that than there is to mine, so consider yourself lucky.’

Nicola didn’t. Brooke went into the next changing room and Nicola could hear sounds of clothes being removed and hangers jangling. Her vow to be more open was wavering. She hadn’t actually moved by the time Brooke came out of the other cubicle. She looked at Brooke and then looked again as Brooke did a twirl for her. What there was of the dress was shiny and black. Nicola just stared though at the way that the dress left Brooke’s boobs completely exposed and how the cut-out at the back left her bare backside on display.

‘Not the sort of thing you’d wear to visit your maiden aunt, but perfect for tonight’ Brooke said.

‘”Butt perfect” is very apt’ Nicola chuckled, wondering how on Earth she was going to put the suggested dress on.

‘Don’t worry, yours covers your arse’ Brooke consoled.

‘But not here?’ Nicola said, holding a hand to her chest.

‘You’ve got great tits, get them out there’ Brooke said, giving Nicola’s right boob a quick squeeze. Nicola gave in and with a little help from Brooke, she was soon standing in the dress, hands over her boobs.

‘You’re not allowed to do that tonight, so make the most of it’ Brooke chided, Nicola watched Brooke walk away to check that all was well before people started to arrive. Eventually she let her hands drop and put on the shoes that Brooke had selected, thankful that they weren’t too high.

Nicola went into the main shop, forcing herself not to cover up, trying desperately to get used to the idea of flaunting herself.

‘What am I supposed to do tonight?’ she asked Brooke.

‘Absolutely anything you want. You’re a VIP guest, so just enjoy it’ Nicola said.

The instinct was to cover up as soon as people started to arrive, particularly when Nicola realised that there were only two people there with flesh on display. There were some revealing outfits, but all would be classed as modest in comparison with what Nicola and Brooke were wearing. Nicola felt tricked, but couldn’t really see a way out. She found it hard to mingle and make conversation when she was flaunting her boobs. There were about twenty people there in all, surprisingly mostly female. Not all young, a couple of women actually looked to be in their late forties or early fifties, but every one of them could be said to be attractive in their own way.

Nicola forced herself to chat with several of the guests, each one of whom made the obvious reference to her being bald and to the fact that they couldn’t believe that Brooke had shaved off her own flowing red hair.

‘She looks so different without it’ the woman Nicola was chatting to observed. Nicola wondered if there were prizes for stating the obvious.

Nicola went to get a drink and passed a store cupboard. The door was open. A woman was bent over a table, one of the few men at the event pumping away behind her. Nicola was startled and went to move away, but the woman looked up at her.

‘Don’t be shy, come and say hello’ the woman said as if she were at a parents’ evening.

‘I’m sorry, I was just looking for another drink’ Nicola said.

‘We’ve got a bottle here, Help yourself. I would get it for you, but you know what it’s like when you’re getting fucked’ she said. ‘Nice haircut by the way’ she added.

‘Thanks’ Nicola replied, reaching for the bottle of wine.

‘Did Brooke do it for you?’ the woman asked with a little grunt as her friend caught her unawares with a change in rhythm.

‘No, she didn’t’

‘You’re the one who did Brooke’s though, right?’

‘Yep, that was me.’

‘She looks so different. She was great with the hair, but now, she’s just amazing’ the woman said, starting to lose interest in the conversation.

‘Thanks for the wine’ Nicola said and left them to it.

She actually felt better now that she knew that she wasn’t the only one on display. By the time she rejoined the main gathering, people were trying outfits on. Changing rooms weren’t being used and there was plenty of flesh to be seen.

She felt a hand on her backside. ‘Having fun yet?’ Brooke whispered in her ear.

‘Do you know there’s people screwing in your storeroom?’ Nicola asked. Brooke shrugged. ‘We’re all friends here’ she replied and went away to continue her hostess role.

Nicola found herself talking more easily to people now, more able to think about things other than her boobs being out for all to see. She was in deep conversation with a couple of other women when she felt a hand touch her arm.

‘Hello again’ the voice said.

Nicola turned, realising it was the woman who’d been in the store room. The women Nicola had been chatting to made their excuses and went off to mingle. Nicola could tell that storeroom woman looked slightly flushed as well she might, taking sips from a glass of white wine.

‘I didn’t introduce myself’ she apologised. ‘I’m Molly’ she said, offering a hand.

‘Nicola introduced herself, astounded that she was talking so normally to a woman that she’d just watched getting screwed, while she was standing there half naked.

‘Love the dress’ Molly said.

‘Not the sort of thing you’d wear to the supermarket’ Nicola replied.

‘You should, you’ve got great tits.’

Nicola felt herself blushing.

She looked at the woman. She was probably of a similar age to herself. She had a trim figure and was obviously attractive, as evidenced by her exploits in the storeroom. She was wearing a little black dress, but it covered everything that you’d expect. Her hair was short and dark, but Nicola couldn’t help thinking that it didn’t really suit her, even though it was clearly expertly cut. The woman had class and money by the looks of it.

‘Brooke chose it for me’ Nicola said matter-of-factly.

‘She’s a little minx that one. Beautiful and she knows it. Are you two an item?’

‘The question took Nicola by surprise.

‘Just friends’ she replied.

‘I think you’re a bit more than that’ the woman smiled. Nicola started to feel awkward that there was too much of her on display already without standing there discussing her private life with a stranger.

‘Aren’t you going to try some of the outfits on?’ Nicola ventured.

‘What would you like me to try?’ she replied.

‘Whatever you want.’

‘Pick something for me’ Molly urged.

‘I don’t know. Try something that your husband might like.’

‘On me or his little floozy?’ Molly replied. The woman had a knack of making Nicola feel awkward. She thought that she’d do better to lose the woman somehow, but didn’t quite know how. She decide to wander in the hope that the woman might latch on to someone else.

Nicola led the way into the lounge area at the back. There was a small group of people gathered round the table that she’d seen earlier. She managed to see through a gap in the crowd that there was someone sitting on the edge of the table. As she joined the throng, she could see that there was a woman getting a nipple pierced. Ouch, she thought. She was conscious of Molly next to her. Nicola looked around her and saw the barber chair to the side, with the spill of long red tresses all around it.

She tapped Molly on the forearm and drew her attention to the chair.

‘You’re next’ Nicola whispered in her ear.

The woman looked at her.

‘I couldn’t. I only had this done yesterday. The guy charges a fortune’ she said.

‘I’m going to shave it off for free’ Nicola told her. The woman stared at her. Nicola had surprised herself. True, she didn’t think that the woman’s hair suited her, but they’d only just met and would probably never see each other again. ‘I couldn’t, my husband…’ she said.

‘You mean the husband who’s fucking someone else. What does he care? You’d rather fuck anyone but him, so take this off and sit down’ Nicola said, touching the sleeve of the woman’s dress.

Nicola saw the woman look past her. She turned round to see what she was looking at. It was the guy who’d been in the storeroom with Molly, heading for them. The mood was broken and Nicola prepared to move aside.

‘She wants to shave my head. Tell her you wouldn’t like me without hair’ Molly said to him plaintively as he got to them. Nicola hadn’t realised that their encounter in the storeroom wasn’t the first time that they’d met.

The man looked at Nicola and then back at Molly.

‘It’d be like fucking a whole different woman’ he said. That clearly wasn’t the answer that she’d been hoping for. ‘In fact, now I think about it’ he continued ‘I might just have a little preview. Try before you buy, that sort of thing’ he said, fixing Nicola with his surprisingly blue eyes.

Nicola was a little taken aback by the suggestion and then even more so by the hand that cupped her left breast. It wasn’t just a quick feel, it was a caress, long, slow and deliberate that actually made her tingle. It was those eyes and he knew it. He raised an eyebrow suggestively. The Nicola that she’d been would’ve slapped him before he’d even made contact, not that the old Nicola would have ever been in this sort of position. The new Nicola stared back.

‘Looks like he’s discovered that he likes his ladies bald’ she said, looking at Molly briefly. Molly looked at Nicola and then at the unnamed guy with his hand full of Nicola’s boob.

‘Dress off. Sit down’ Nicola said, suddenly realising that there was less interest in what the piercer was doing and that all eyes now seemed to be on her. That wasn’t what she wanted, but it was what she’d got. She was part of the tableau now, with an expectant audience. The man released his hold on her boob, which in a way Nicola had been grateful for because it shielded her from the onlookers. There were probably nine or ten of them now and she felt that everyone was staring at her. She noticed that change as the man took a step towards Molly and reached for the zip on her dress. She meekly let him slide it down and stood still as he eased the straps off her shoulders, leaving gravity do the rest. She had a bra on, but if she’d been wearing knickers when she’d left the house tonight, she’d since dispensed with them. Probably a casualty of the storeroom encounter, Nicola thought. The guy did the obvious thing and released the catch on Molly’s bra, revealing a perky pair of boobs. Nicola was delighted that hers were bigger, but jealous because there was no way that this woman could hold a pencil underneath hers. They were firm and pointy.

Nice, Nicola thought. She let her eyes trail down the woman’s body in the way that she did ever since she’d been with Brooke. Women’s bodies interested her in a way that they never had before. They were potential playgrounds and she liked to look. Nicola reached for Molly’s left breast and enclosed it with her hand. She squeezed and pressed her palm against the woman’s chest, before moving the flat of her hand upwards, up her neck, the side of her face and into her hair. It was soft, rich and in beautiful condition. The difference between Molly and Brooke though, was that Nicola didn’t like the way that Molly’s hair was styled. There was something about it that she didn’t like. Maybe it was too much of a businessman’s cut, one of those types that you see on financial programmes, some super-successful executive. Or a politician even. It wasn’t right. It needed to be longer. Or shorter. There would be no regret at what she was about to do, unlike with Brooke, Nicola thought.

Nicola grabbed a handful of the woman’s hair, surprising both of them. Nicola didn’t think that she had it in her, but the ambience of the evening and the audience was having its effect. That and standing in front of a crowd with her boobs sticking out the front of her dress. Nicola used her firm grip to draw the woman in the direction of the chair. Molly sat down and Nicola stood in front of her, looking at her expression. She was clearly nervous.

‘Touch yourself for me’ Nicola said. The woman’s hand went slowly to her boobs, cupping them. Nicola’s gestured downwards. Molly paused and then opened her legs, letting her right hand drop. Just as she touched her mound, Nicola moved behind the chair and looked around at her audience.

‘What do you think? Should I?’ she asked. There wasn’t a dissenting voice. Nicola picked the clippers off the hook at the side of the chair and then became aware the Brooke had appeared at the back of the crowd. Nicola saw Brooke raise an eyebrow and nod appreciatively. Nicola flicked the switch and noticed the woman flinch. She looked at the woman’s lover to see whether he was having second thoughts. The hand on his groin indicated that if he was going to raise anything, it wasn’t going to be an objection.

Nicola placed a hand at the woman’s forehead and drew the flat of her hand across the woman’s crown. She did it again and heard a little whimper above the murmuring of the onlookers. Nicola heard a cheer and then realised that she had actually run the clippers across the top of the woman’s head. The cap of expertly-cut dark hair now had a wide parting. She looked down to see if there was any reaction from the woman. If there was, it was in Braille, being tapped out against her own pussy. She looked busy down there which was enough to spur Nicola on. She placed the clippers just in front of Molly’s right ear and moved them upwards and then over her forehead to the other side. Molly’s forehead was much wider now than it had been.

Nicola glanced towards the lover who wasn’t touching himself anymore. One of the other guests was helping him out, reaching round from behind him to manipulate his cock slowly and deliberately. Nicola realised that at that rate, she was going to be finished way before him. She moved the clippers over and over the woman’s head, taking immense pleasure in consigning her hair to her lap and to the floor, where it tried in vain to impose itself on Brooke’s red tresses.

Nicola ran the clippers over and over the woman’s scalp just to make sure that she’d got everything and then turned the clippers off. She looked to her audience who saluted her with a lone “Yeah!” Nicola thought that she deserved better, particularly for getting rid of the woman’s over-priced style. Nicola looked round her expectantly and wasn’t disappointed. There, to one side, was a can of shaving foam and a packet of razors. The woman didn’t actually register what was happening until the first blob of shaving cream was being spread over her scalp.

‘Hang on, you’re not shaving it with a razor, are you?’

‘I can’t send you back to your husband half-finished now, can I?’ Nicola replied. There was something about this woman that made Nicola want to rid of her of the last vestiges of her hair and for it to take as long as possible to grow back.

The woman didn’t reply, apparently resigned to her fate in front of all these people. Nicola finished spreading the cream and made the first pass with the razor. She was enjoying herself so much that she could almost forget that she was standing there with her boobs on display. She made stroke after stroke with the razor, aware that the woman’s hand was once again buried between her legs. Maybe she wasn’t finding the experience as awful as she was trying to make out. Nicola wanted to be finished, but wanted the shave to be perfect. She didn’t want to nick the woman and give her any cause for complaint. Apart from having to go home bald, of course. It took several minutes before she was happy with her work, but she got there.

‘That’s much better’ she whispered in the woman’s ear before flicking the lobe with her tongue. Nicola watched as the woman stood up and made a bee-line for the man she’d been with earlier, clearly looking for some sort of reassurance that she was still attractive. Nicola looked down at the clumps of the woman’s hair on the floor and smiled. It was an act of mercy, she told herself. Some of the gaggle of people moved towards Molly looking for a stroke of her freshly-shaved scalp. Nicola was hoping to do the same before she went home, if the woman would let her of course. There were only three women left still looking in her direction and Nicola saw that one of those was starting to turn away.

‘Where do you think you’re going?’ Nicola asked sternly.

The woman stopped in her tracks and looked towards Nicola.

‘I was just going to talk to that lady’ the woman replied.

‘You can do that in a minute. Come and sit down, it won’t take long.’

The woman looked at her, not sure what to say. It gave Nicola the chance to run her eyes over her. She was glamorous, even though Nicola put her round about the fifty mark. Her blonde hair was cut in a longish bob, which suited her. She was wearing a formal, long dress with a halter top, which meant that she was obviously braless. Nicola could see that her nipples were spoiling the line of the fabric. She’d enjoyed the show.

‘What’s your name?’ Nicola asked. She felt like one of those product demonstrators who ambushed people in shopping malls, trying to convince them that they had a need for whatever gadget they were trying to sell.

‘Sophie’ the woman replied.

‘Well, Sophie. I can see that you enjoyed what you just saw’ Nicola said, almost relishing the woman’s embarrassment when she realised what Nicola meant. She put her hands up coyly, but had no answer when Nicola licked a finger and touched it to her own exposed nipple.

‘Don’t worry about it, I enjoyed it too’ she said in a bid to make the woman feel more comfortable. She wasn’t sure that she’d succeeded. ‘Come and sit down here and you can enjoy it close up’ Nicola added.

‘I couldn’t, my husband doesn’t know I’m here. He thinks I’ve gone to the theatre’ she explained.

‘Well, if you don’t do it, your friend here’s going to have to’ Nicola said, looking at the woman’s companion, who looked horrified at the thought.

‘No, I couldn’t. I’m only here to keep her company’ the other woman said. She looked every inch the corporate wife, well-groomed, younger than her friend, but in a way, less interesting to Nicola.

‘Well, it looks like it’s going to be you Sophie’ Nicola said, trying so hard to avoid the obvious quip. Sophie looked at her friend. They exchanged words urgently, but too quiet for Nicola to make out what they were saying. They hadn’t done the obvious thing though, and just walked away.

‘I don’t want to shave it?’ the older woman said.

‘You don’t have to. I can just take you short’ Nicola replied. The woman looked at her friend again who shrugged as if to say “I’ve told you what I think.’

Nicola hadn’t been aware that her audience had turned their attention back towards the exchange. They were excited at the prospect of another performance.

‘Go girl!’ one of them said. Nicola thought that it probably wouldn’t be the sort of comment to convince a woman of her age.

The woman looked at her friend, looked at the chair and then looked at Nicola. Sophie’s left hand reached up and tugged on end of the bow that was holding up her halter top. The material flopped down, baring her breasts and she wiggled her hips to take the dress off completely. Nicola wasn’t sure whether she was more surprised by the woman doing that, by the fact that she was wearing a garter belt and stockings, but no knickers or that she was now moving towards the chair.

‘You look fabulous and I promise you’ll look even more fabulous in a couple of minutes’ Nicola told her, aware of the patter of applause from the onlookers. One of the most enthusiastic was the woman’s friend.

Nicola picked up the clippers and without pausing, eased them into the woman’s hairline and back across her scalp. She hadn’t put a guard on and by the time she recalled her promise to the woman just to take her short, it was too late. Both Nicola and Sophie appeared to register the shocked expression on the friend’s face at the same time. Nicola bent slightly and told the woman that she’d be fine, not that she had any choice in the matter now. Nicola felt bad, because she hadn’t intended to do that, she’d just got caught up in the excitement of actually enticing someone else into the chair. She tried not to catch the friend’s eye, but she did spot Brooke hovering on the periphery. The dress that she’s had on earlier was gone and she appeared to be in some sort of black lace body-stocking with thigh-length boots.

Nicola didn’t want to let her attention wander too far from what she was doing, but she could see no evidence of underwear at all. She returned her attention to the task in hand, which was clipper-shaving this woman who was meant to have been going short. The clippering was over almost before it began and Nicola took a moment to appreciate the blonde hair that now lay on the floor amongst Brooke’s long red tresses and the dark clumps that had graced Molly’s head when she’d arrived earlier in the evening.

Nicola switched the clippers off and squeezed Sophie’s shoulder by way of consolation, although she knew how feeble the gesture probably was.

Sophie put her hands to her head in response to her friend’s wide-eyed expression.

‘I thought you said that you wouldn’t shave it’ the woman said, surprise still in her voice.

‘I meant with the razor’ Nicola lied, ‘but I can do that for you if you want.’

‘I need to talk to Frankie’ she said, getting up. It took a moment for Nicola to realise that the friend must be Frankie, rather than Frankie being some bruiser of a husband who wouldn’t be best pleased. Nicola watched the animated discussion, still annoyed with herself for having done it. She had intended to attempt the sort of cut that Becky had done for her, very short, but not shaved. She knew that it would’ve taken more skill than she possessed, but she wanted to give it a go regardless.

Her reflections were interrupted by the two women approaching for the inevitable confrontation, but Nicola still found it amusing that she was appreciating the woman’s neat landing strip rather than steeling herself for the onslaught that was about to be unleashed. The strip of hair finished where the woman’s cleft began, leaving her lips exposed and inviting.

‘Frankie thinks I should let you shave it completely’ Sophie said, which was such a relief to Nicola. She knew that she had over-stepped the mark, but genuinely thought that the woman looked good without her hair. But then she decided that in her current mood, any woman would look better without hair. She didn’t know what had come over her.

Nicola squirted a blob of shaving foam onto the woman’s scalp and spread it around, one eye on the woman’s right hand which had moved up to squeeze each of her boobs in turn. She seemed to be entering into the spirit of things. Nicola made the first tentative stroke with the razor, hazarding a quick glance at her audience. She noticed an encouraging smile from Frankie towards Sophie and wondered just how far their particular friendship went. Sophie was still comforting herself by cupping her boobs, squeezing her nipples occasionally just to prove that the purpose of her hands covering them wasn’t concealment. Nicola was wondering whether there would be any more takers, but decided that even if there weren’t she had really enjoyed coming here tonight. She’d definitely seen a different side of things.

Somebody appeared by her side with a cloth and a bowl of water which meant that she could wipe away any surplus foam much more efficiently than she’d been able to do for Molly. As she cleaned up, she inspected her work, proud once more that she hadn’t drawn blood. She wasn’t sure if that was down to her improving skill or just the design of the razor. She gave Sophie’s scalp a final stroke and told her that she was done.

‘Stand up for me a second’ Nicola said.

Sophie stood and turned to face Nicola, as urged by Nicola’s gentle touch on her backside.

‘Just need to finish off’ Nicola said, sitting in the chair. ‘Stand still for me’ she instructed, picking up the clippers. She placed the blades at the top of Sophie’s landing strip and eased them through the short hairs. There was an ‘Ooooh’ from one of the audience which made Nicola smile. She could sense that Sophie was looking down at her, watching as she swapped clippers for the can of foam.

‘You’re determined not to leave me anything, aren’t you’ Sophie said, drawing a sharp breath as Nicola took advantage of the foam to slide a cheeky finger inside her.

Nicola kept it there while she picked up the razor with her other hand and started to shave. She looked up to see that Sophie’s eyes were closed. The task was over almost before it began because whoever had done the original work hadn’t left much, just a little adornment as a feature in the landscape. The feature was gone and there was no distraction as upland became valley. Nicola used the cloth to wipe the smooth skin and slipped a second finger in as she was standing up. She kissed the woman on her forehead and then full on the lips, revelling in doing so in full view of the onlookers. She eased back, to look deep into the woman’s eyes and smiled at her.

‘Thank you’ the woman said, leaning in closer. Nicola took her fingers back and watched as Sophie rejoined her friend. A couple of the audience stole a stroke of the freshly-shaven skin as Sophie passed them. Nicola decided that she wanted to stop there. She’d really enjoyed what she’d done, but trying to do any more would turn the event into a sort of conveyor-belt operation that would be functional rather than exciting. She’d shaved Molly because she’d deserved it and she’d shaved Sophie because she would never do anything like that in a million years. She wanted to hold on to those feelings and not dilute them. She put the various tools onto the table at the side of the chair and looked back at the pile of hair lying around it. She wondered if the new additions would result in the sort of changes in Molly and Sophie that she had enjoyed.

Nicola walked away from the chair in search of a glass of wine. She was happy to be one of the crowd again rather than one of the exhibits and no longer felt self-conscious about her boobs being exposed to the world. She actually quite liked wearing the dress now, wondering whether she could get away with wearing one like Becky’s, with her backside on display as well as her boobs. Someone squeezed her bum and as she turned to remonstrate with whoever it was, she realised that it was Becky again.

‘Great to see you enjoying yourself’ Becky said.

‘I like to let my hair down from time to time’ Nicola replied with a smile. She saw a table with glasses of wine and picked one up, taking a rather generous gulp after her exertions. Becky watched, amused and then started to play with one of Nicola’s boobs, tracing patterns on it with her index finger before ending up with just her fingertip on Nicola’s nipple.

‘Come on, I want to introduce you to someone’ Becky said. She took Nicola by the hand and headed in the general direction of where Nicola had come from. Nicola was looking around her, wondering whether Molly and Sophie were still there or whether they’d left. She couldn’t see them.

‘Midnight, this is Nicola that I was telling you about’ Becky said, introducing Nicola to a tall woman dressed in a black evening dress. “Midnight”, what sort of name is that, Nicola wondered. The woman could see Nicola’s doubts and said ‘Actually, my name’s Ruth, but that’s a bit too boring for something like this.’ She smiled at the confession. Nicola was less interested in what the woman called herself and was now more intrigued about what was around her. She looked at Brooke who reached up and caressed Nicola’s right boob again.

‘You’d look so sexy’ Brooke said, without mentioning what Nicola knew that she had in mind. She was focussing on the implements ranged nearby. Brooke picked up on her uncertainty.

‘Just think how awesome you’d look with a ring here and a ring here and a chain strung between the two’ she said, touching each of Nicola’s nipples in turn and then trailing a finger between them to emphasise what she had in mind. Nicola had known that there was a piercer there, but had forgotten all about her. There had been a tattooist at some point, but there was no sign of them now.

‘Ouch’ was the best response that Nicola could come up with.

‘That’s what most people think, but it’s so worth it’ Midnight-Ruth said. She eased one side of her dress to one side to expose one of her own breasts, topped off by a gold bar. ‘You don’t have to have rings, you could have these and save the rings for special occasions’ she said, raising her eyebrows.

‘I don’t think I could’ Nicola objected.

‘Of course you could. Just think what you’d look like, bald, pierced, maybe a tattoo. No-one would expect that. You’d know what you’d got, but most of them wouldn’t, only special people would know.

‘There’s no way I’d ever have a tattoo’ Nicola objected.

‘Okay, just the hoops then, that’s fine’ Becky said.

Nicola wondered how she’d got into this, but after a few more exchanges, she was enthusiastically looking through trays of jewellery and had decided what she wanted.

She looked into the far distance as Storm did what she was there to do. She could feel a tear well up, but fought it back. She wondered what Erin would say if she knew that her mum was getting pierced there. Maybe she’d understand, maybe she’d even follow in Nicola’s footsteps in the same way that she’d embraced her shaved head.

Nicola really didn’t want the other nipple done after the experience of the first, but accepted that it would look like half a job unless she did. She braced herself and thought about the large glass of wine that she was going to have as soon as she got off the table. She wished that the two people who were watching would go away.

The pain came, the pain stayed. Nicola looked down at the piece of metal through each nipple. Not something she’d ever considered. They certainly changed the view after all this time. Becky pecked her cheek and told her that she’d done very well. Nicola felt just like a child at the dentist and couldn’t really argue against the sensation of having sat there while someone used dangerous looking implements to inflict pain.

‘Come on, I know just the thing to take your mind off those for a while’ Becky said, holding out a hand.

Becky led Nicola across the room and down the corridor. She saw Molly, kneeling in front of her man, pleasuring him with her mouth, bald head bobbing back and forth. Molly leaned back and gestured to Nicola to take her place. Nicola looked at Becky to see if that was what she wanted. Was it what she wanted for herself? She knelt down and after a brief pause, closed her lips around the man’s cock. She felt a hand on her scalp which she took to be Molly’s. It caressed her, pushed against the back of her head to get her to take as much of the guy as she could. She felt the zip on her dress being drawn down and could only think of one thing. The pain that would come if the edges of the dress caught her fresh piercings. All thought of being disrobed in front of strangers vanished as she eased herself out of the garment, without touching the sides. She thought of the game she’d played as a kid where you had to operate on a patient and remove organs without triggering a buzzer. This was similar, but the peril was probably more discomfort than she wanted to contemplate. The dress slid past the danger zone without catching. She was safe, she was naked and she was being eased to her feet by Molly gripping her under the armpits.

‘He wants to say “thank you”‘ Molly whispered in Nicola’s ear. She guided Nicola to the desk and motioned for Nicola to lean forward and brace herself against the edge. She looked at Becky, whose smile of encouragement widened. The guy hadn’t even introduced himself and here she was bending over for him. Then he did introduce himself, confidently between her pussy lips. She was almost embarrassed at how wet she was and definitely surprised at herself for doing this without a qualm. To Nicola’s relief, the guy with no name respected the “don’t touch the tits” instruction that Becky had thoughtfully provided. Nicola had occasionally stumbled across videos where women allowed themselves to be subjected to all manner of cruelty and she really didn’t think that she could do that. Thankfully, she didn’t get the chance to find out.

She watched Molly ease herself onto the desk and admired her as she manoeuvred herself along the edge so that she was leaning back, braced on locked arms, with pelvis presented to Nicola. Nicola looked towards Becky again as if she needed to ask for permission and the slight nod of Becky’s head allowed her to dip her own between Molly’s legs. Here she was, licking a woman, while being watched by the first woman that she had done this with. Not forgetting being simultaneously screwed by the woman’s man-friend or whatever he was. Becky was squeezing her own ample boobs while she watched. Nicola tried to imagine what the scene must look like, three bald women and a man who was the only one with hair. She heard a noise from the doorway and saw that there were onlookers. She was terrified that someone would film her, but then remembered Becky’s insistence that all phones were locked in her safe before the evening started. She relaxed a little, feeling hands pulling her tight to Molly at the same time as the mystery man was becoming more insistent behind her. She decided that she couldn’t do both and lifted her head away from Molly just as the thrusts were reaching their peak.

Molly scrambled off the desk and was on her knees just in time for the guy to withdraw from Nicola and jet his cum all over her head. Nicola looked down at the woman to watch gravity exert its influence on the white blob. That was mine, Nicola thought, mildly annoyed.

Becky leaned in and kissed her, licking her lips as she broke off. ‘Mmmm! Tasty!’ she said. ‘Hope you didn’t mind. I was chatting to them and they both said that they wanted to do that. Seemed impolite to refuse really’ she said. ‘Hope those aren’t too sore. They look great’ she added, feigning as if to grab Nicola’s boobs.

‘I’ll certainly have plenty to tell if anyone asks me what I did tonight: shaved a couple of women, got my boobs pierced, got fucked by a guy whose name I didn’t even know.’

‘Just a normal evening, I’m sure’ Becky smiled.

‘Hopefully not the last’ Nicola replied, looking towards the door. She saw a couple that she hadn’t spoken to so far. They were younger than most of the guests, probably in their late twenties. The young woman was sipping a glass of wine daintily as if it were the most natural thing in the world to be standing around watching other people having sex. Maybe it was, for them. Nicola could see the guy looking closely at her boobs and was pleased that they were attracting attention.

‘I only know how to do two things folks. Shave ladies’ heads or screw their men, so best decide which one you want me for’ she said with a smile, picking up her discarded dress. It was meant as an ice-breaker, but didn’t seem to have the desired effect. They stood there, neither making a move, but Nicola would’ve been astounded if her comment had got a response. She was going to put her dress back on, but then decided that she quite liked the freedom of being naked except for her shoes. The novelty of the dress had worn off and if she were honest, she had found it a little too tight.

She headed for the door and just as she passed the couple, the young woman spoke to her. ‘He wants me to cut my hair’ she said hesitantly. Nicola stopped and looked at her. She was slim and attractive, with blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders.

‘And you don’t want to?’ Nicola asked.

‘No’ she replied.

‘Well, that’s settled that then’ Nicola said curtly. She took the woman’s glass from her and took a long swallow. She paused and looked at each of them in turn. ‘Lovely, full bodied, just a hint of pussy’ she said, handing the glass back to the woman, surprised at her crudeness in front of strangers. But then she was standing there naked for all to see.

‘I’m not sure, that’s what I want to say. I love my hair, but I want to do it for him. I saw how excited he was when you shaved that woman earlier. You said you wouldn’t shave her, but you did anyway. It was that bit that got him hard’ she said, blushing at her own frankness.

‘So let me get this straight. You don’t want to cut your hair, but he wants you to cut it. You don’t want to shave it, but the very thought of you doing it has him all of a quiver’ Nicola said, clasping her hand to the man’s groin. The woman looked at her, she returned the gaze, retaining her grip on the guy’s crotch. For some reason, she thought back to Andy and how she had tried to impress upon him just what a sacrifice it was that he was asking of a woman when asking them to cut their hair short or to shave it. To him it was a bit of titillation, to the woman it was her very essence that she was being asked to compromise.

‘Let’s go through to the other room and we’ll have a chat away from all this debauchery’ Nicola said, supremely aware that she’d been at the centre of that debauchery only moments ago.

Nicola let the couple lead the way which gave her the chance to watch them. They were cute together. Young professionals, well-matched. It gave her the chance to watch male and female backsides side by side, which not so long ago wouldn’t have been something that she’d done. If she’d even have paid attention it would’ve been to one rather than the other. Now she had double the fun and each could be an opportunity. The girl had a dress on which wouldn’t have been out of place at any restaurant in town. It was expensive, but in comparison with what was on show in the shop, it was conservative. He too was smartly dressed, casual, but out of place in a way.

‘What brings you here?’ Nicola had to ask as they got into the now deserted room with the barber chair. People had clearly started to drift away or to find quiet corners to get to know each other better. Nicola shut the door behind them and turned the key. She got the impression that these folk would appreciate a bit of privacy.

‘We thought we should explore a bit, see what was out there rather than sit at home and watch other people doing stuff.’

‘Well, it looks like you’ve come to the right place. Didn’t you fancy trying any of the clothes?’

‘James bought me a corset. Well, he bought it for himself, I think, rather than for me’ the girl replied coyly.

‘Have you got it on?’ Nicola asked, thinking that there may be more to this girl than meets the eye.

‘It doesn’t cover anything’ the girl said bashfully.

Nicola made a grand sweeping gesture with her hand to emphasise her own nudity.

‘I’m shy’ the girl said.

‘You don’t need to be. James here isn’t, are you James?’ Nicola said, her hand brushing the front of his trousers briefly, before she tugged his zipper down. She unfastened his waistband and slid her hand over his bulge. She eased his pants down and looked at the girl as his cock bounded free of its restraint. She curled one hand round the not unimpressive cock and raised her other hand to the girl’s cheek, stroking it briefly before sliding it into the blonde tresses.

‘I think James wants me to cut your hair, don’t you James?’ Nicola said, enjoying the softness of the girl’s hair. She could see the reluctance in the girl’s eyes. ‘He wants to see you sit down in the chair in your corset and then he wants to watch me cut your hair for you’ she said, her hand moulded to the back of the girl’s skull.

She felt James’ cock twitch at the prospect. Nicola’s other hand reversed its journey, coming back round to the girl’s cheek and then through the length of her hair down onto her chest, where she trailed her fingers across the girl’s boob. Nicola was thinking that this girl wasn’t that much older than her daughter and here she was experimenting with this sort of scenario.

‘Take your dress off and sit in the chair’ Nicola said. The girl looked at her boyfriend, looked down at Nicola’s hand gently moving up and down his shaft.

‘James, I don’t want to’ she said quietly.

‘You don’t have to, Emma, it’s okay’ he replied. At last Nicola knew the girl’s name.

‘You don’t have to, Emma’ Nicola repeated ‘but let James see you in the chair at least. Pop your dress off and let him see you. I think you’ll be glad that you did. Look at him, just thinking about it’ Nicola said, directing the girl’s attention to the guy’s cock.

Emma turned her back to them. It was James who drew the zipper down, revealing a purple corset and nothing else. When the girl turned round, the garment didn’t have any cups and Nicola could see the girl struggling with the urge to cover herself. The girl’s mound was perfectly smooth, which Nicola just had to confirm for herself with the hand that had just been gripping James. She used the back of her index finger to make first contact, but then reversed her hand, drawing the tip of her finger downwards, watching Emma close her eyes as if trying to pretend that she didn’t have another woman’s finger sliding in to her most private place.

‘Let James see you in the chair’ Nicola invited. ‘I think he might need to do something about that big dick of his and it would really help him if you sat down.’

Emma opened her eyes, but looked slightly distant while she confirmed what Nicola had said about James. He was holding himself now, as if to stress that Nicola was telling the truth. Emma walked to the chair and sat down self-consciously. Nicola told her to open her legs so that she didn’t look quite so tense. Nicola watched James and suspected that it wouldn’t take much for him to shoot his load.

She took up a position behind the chair and looked at him. She’d noticed a pair of scissors earlier, although they’d been of no interest to her when all she wanted to use was the clippers. She picked them up and posed with them close to Emma’s head.

‘What do you think James? Should I?’ Nicola asked, seeing the concentration on his face. ‘You’d like me to, wouldn’t you? Then you could cum all over Emma’s short hair, would you like that?’ she challenged, trying to push him over the edge.

‘Touch yourself’ James said to Emma, who paused for a moment before moving a hand to where it could do some good. The pair locked eyes and Nicola looked at them in turn, wishing that she could film what was happening. She knew that she’d want to re-live this scene where a couple were almost within touching distance, but were very deliberately not touching each other. They were touching themselves, excited by watching each other, excited by the very thought of the girl having her hair cut.

‘Getting too much for you, is it James?’ Nicola teased again, stroking Emma’s blonde hair. She wanted to give the girl a hand, so to speak, but didn’t want to interrupt the novelty of the scene. She turned her attention back to James, deciding to help him along instead. She lifted a tress of the girl’s hair towards the back of her crown and held it upwards from her scalp, positioning the scissors about half way along its length. There was probably twelve inches or so in total, so if she were to close the blades, a reasonable amount would be coming off. She moved the scissors closer to the end and snipped. The tress fell back into place, leaving Nicola with a piece of hair about two inches long between her fingers. She dropped it into the girl’s lap, watching it land on the back of the hand that was currently busy.

Nicola heard an intake of breath as the realisation struck that she had actually cut a piece of hair.

‘That wasn’t so bad, was it?’ she said, leaning in to Emma. ‘How about we play a little game? I’ll cut that much off each time, but I’ll stop when James cums, how about that?’ Nicola proposed, pleased with her own ingenuity. ‘Look at him, I think you’re pretty safe. You’ll only get a good trim before he shoots, don’t you think?’

She looked at James and saw him stop what he was doing. ‘Oh no, young man. I’ll only cut while that hand is moving’ she urged. Emma was silent, concentrating on James. She moved a hand to her left boob, while the other hand carried on with what it was doing. Nicola watched her slide forward in the chair slightly and open her legs wider. A finger disappeared, then another. There was no rule in Nicola’s hastily made-up game about other stimulation being used to push the guy over the edge. Emma was playing dirty, very dirty, in a bid to save as much of her hair as she could, Nicola decided.

Nicola picked up the scissors and started to cut, taking two inch pieces at random across Emma’s head. She was torn between teasing James and exciting herself. She was pleased with the game that she’d invented. In a way it was more exciting than just letting the clippers run, although in the case of Molly earlier on, that approach had given her immense pleasure. There was something too about using them on Sophie, going for the full shave rather than what she’d expected. Nicola had thought that she wouldn’t be able to better those two tonight, but now she wasn’t so sure. Emma didn’t want to cut her hair, but she did want to please her man and she did want to experiment a bit and that was exciting for Nicola.

The early two inch cuts that she’d made became three, and she stopped dropping the severed pieces onto Emma’s lap so as not to tip her off. The strain was starting to show on James’ face and Nicola could just imagine what was going through his head. What was he trying to distract himself with? Was he silently reciting multiplication tables? Was he thinking about furniture shopping? Whatever it was, it wasn’t thinking about his girlfriend getting her hair cut off only feet from where he was standing. She’d had to chastise him once when she thought that he was slacking and Emma had tried to spur him on in her own way.

‘Do you like it James? Like watching this naked bitch cut my hair off while I fuck myself? Can you see my fingers in my juicy pussy? Can you?’ Emma challenged.

Nicola didn’t like being called a bitch. That cost young Emma an extra inch and meant that she could no longer claim to have shoulder-length hair. Nicola wasn’t sure whether Emma realised, but James certainly did. She was silently urging him to stare into the middle distance, not to focus on Emma, and keep going with the mental arithmetic, she thought. She was sure that Emma was going to escape with a respectable head of hair because there was no way that he could keep going for much longer.

She could really see it in his face now. By that point, Emma had a rough bob, but it would take work to convert it into something that could be called a proper haircut.

Nicola paused for a moment.

‘Look at him, he’s about to cum’ she said to Emma. The girl reached up to assess the damage, realising that the ends were off her shoulders now.

‘It’s so short’ she said. ‘Is that what you wanted?’ she directed at James. He didn’t answer. She put her fingers to her lips and licked them slowly, staring at him while she tasted herself. Nicola couldn’t imagine that it was something that Emma had ever done before.

‘He’s close. Shall we push him over the edge? Do you want me to use these?’ Nicola suggested, holding the clippers where Emma could see them.

‘It’s short enough’ she replied.

‘Look at him though. He could keep going for another five minutes, so what do you think will happen by then? If I use these on a long setting, you’ll still have a decent bit of length, but just the sight of me using them on you will be too much for him.’

‘Okay, do it’ Emma said, resignation in her voice. She was disappointed that quite apart from this woman cutting her hair off, sitting in front of James frigging herself while dressed as a hooker hadn’t been enough to make him cum. There were times when she’d be delighted at such staying power, but right then wasn’t one of them. She flinched when she heard the clippers and flinched again when she felt them make contact with her scalp. The woman had said that she’d use a long setting, but how long was that, she wondered.

Nicola had chosen a number four, which was the longest guard that Becky had provided. It was going to take Emma much shorter than Nicola had expected to get to and James was still defying all the odds. She’d thought that just the mention of using the clippers on his girlfriend would spell the end of the game, but he was still there, watching as the blades ran over her crown. Nicola concentrated on what she was doing, leaving the young lovers to their individual pursuits. She was reasonably sure that Emma had come once already, but there was nothing in the rules about that. She ran the clippers over and over, but still the tell-tale grunt didn’t come from James.

Nicola put a hand on Emma’s shoulder. ‘He’s got staying power, I’ll say that for him’ she said. Nicola looked at James, selecting another guard. She ran a hand over Emma’s bristly crown, wondering what Emma would say when she did that herself. There was no point in letting her have a feel, because it was about to get shorter.

Nicola placed the clippers at Emma’s forehead and saw the girl close her eyes as they moved backwards. The blades pushed a clump of bristles ahead of them, leaving a fraction of an inch behind. There had been the option of using a three, but Nicola preferred the even number of a two. A three was neither here nor there, the number two was daringly short, although for this particular girl, she’d probably reached that point when her hair no longer touched her shoulders. A quick glance at James told her that his struggle was near the end, although she’d thought that at shoulder length! He survived the number two and watched Nicola take the guard off completely. He was starting to wish that he hadn’t.

The clippers sprang into life. He was expecting them to go to Emma’s forehead the way that the woman had done before, but she went to Emma’s sideburn, what there was of it anyway. He could feel the dam about to burst and wondered what 19 times 7 was. The clippers ran up the side of Emma’s head and paused slightly before continuing onto her crown. He could see skin. He took a step forward and watched the stream of cum launch towards Emma. He thought he heard a roar, but maybe that was just in his head. Emma looked at him. The woman stopped what she was doing, but it was too late. He’d won!

Emma looked shocked. She took her hand from between her legs and reached up to see how much hair she’d got left. She felt stubble. Shit. It was something though. She moved her hand. Fuck. There was nothing there. James came forward to hug her, but she couldn’t. She just couldn’t. She’d got no hair. She should’ve known the woman would do that to her, it was what she’d wanted to do all along.

‘I’m fucking bald. Why couldn’t you have just fucking cum?’ she sobbed. Nicola squeezed her shoulder.

‘I know you don’t want to, but I can’t leave you like this’ Nicola said. The girl’s hand went to her head again. ‘I’m fucking bald’ she repeated. James looked a little sheepish, although Nicola suspected that he was quietly pleased with himself for withstanding significant provocation. Nicola touched Emma’s shoulder to get her to sit up again and flicked the clippers on. She was amazed that she was doing this, watching as more and more bald scalp was revealed. She wondered if the girl would let her shave it with the razor. She did as thorough job as the clippers would allow and confirmed that she was finished by planting a kiss on top of the girl’s head. She licked the skin, moving her mouth towards the girl’s ear to tell her what she needed to hear the most.

‘You’re beautiful’ Nicola whispered.

‘I don’t feel it’ the girl replied, looking accusingly at James. He held a hand out to her to help her up. She stood, not making eye contact with him. All she could see was her hair lying on the floor.

‘Thank you, gorgeous’ he said to her, squeezing her hand. She let him hug her and felt his hands roam over her head. She was amazed to feel a stirring between them, although she knew that there was no chance of him reloading for a while. Not normally and certainly not after what he’d just done. She gave him a playful tug.

‘You probably need to put that in some ice’ she said, attempting a smile. ‘What am I going to say at work?’ she said.

‘Not a thing’ Nicola interjected. ‘Hold your head up, look them straight in the eye and tell them that you’re stunning and however much they want you, they can’t have you, because you’ve got the best boyfriend in the world.’

‘I’m not sure that’s he’s the best boyfriend at the moment. He’s a pervert, that’s what he is.’

‘And how many times did you cum while I was cutting your treasured hair off?’ Nicola asked. Emma started to protest that she hadn’t, but Nicola leant forward and kissed her again. Emma was uncertain, tentative, but then closed her eyes and let Nicola’s tongue play. Emma felt hands on her scalp, both Nicola’s and James’ and started to think that maybe it wasn’t the end of the world. She felt the hands move, unable to keep track of whose was whose. There were hands on her boobs, fingers in her pussy, hands on her head, she was being licked. It was all too much. Much more than she’d ever experienced. If this is what being bald was about, fuck work!

Nicola really wanted to play a full part, but was painfully aware of having to keep her boobs out of the fray. She sat in the barber chair and looked down while Emma took her first hesitant sip of another woman. Emma quickly realised that she’d need to do more than sip if she was to keep up with what was on offer. Nicola watched Emma lap at her while James squeezed and fingered his freshly-shaven girlfriend. Nicola saw him smile at her and then she tipped her head back to savour her reward.

They heard someone trying the door handle and then heard knocking. It was Becky. Nicola got up and went to open up, looking back at the lovers lying spent on the floor.

James had his head resting on Emma’s inner thigh, while her head was resting on a cushion from the couch. Becky popped her head round the open door and looked in amazement at the scene.

‘My, my, you’ve been busy, haven’t you? I see you got Miss Uptight to relax a bit then’ she smiled, having a look at Nicola’s adorned boobs while she spoke. ‘I can’t wait to play with those’ she said.

Becky had come in to tell them that the open evening was over, even though, as she observed, Emma still appeared open for business. Nicola went over to James and Emma, holding her hands out to help them up. She left them to clean themselves up and went to find her own clothes. By the time she’d come out of Becky’s private bathroom, James and Emma had gone. She realised just how tired she was and was so grateful that Becky had called her a taxi. She’d had too much wine to drive and the fresh holes in her nipples meant that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy staying the night. She needed to be home, in her own shower and in her own bed.

Nicola thought that the goodnight kiss with Becky would never end, but the insistent horn meant that it had to. She heard the shop door lock behind her and she hurried to the waiting car. She sat back in the seat and closed her eyes, exhausted, but wishing that she’d started down this path years ago.

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