Unexpected Bowl Cut

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It was a normal day in Leslie’s Home, She was sitting infront of her Dressing table brushing out her Golden blonde hair which reached till her breasts and was slightly curly and placed in a perfect way, She is a High school student and was in her Vacation, She loved the way her hair looks and she considered it one of her best features, While she was brushing her hair, her Mom came to the room and said “Honey, do mommy a favor and take your brother for his haircut, I can’t go as I have to get to the airport to pick up your cousin”
Leslie responded by saying “Mom, but I have plans to meet with my friends”
Mom said “It won’t take that long, honey”
putting her brush down she said “Ok, As long as it won’t take that long”
Her mom said with smile on her ” Thank you honey , I have already told Jenna that you will be coming with your Brother”
After her mom left to the airport , She got her brother and left the house to get him his haircut, She and her brother walked in pavement while She was holding his hands, She peered across the road to find a familiar face standing infront a shop with a Board stating “Jenna’s Barbershop” with a colorful pole beside it, Crossing the road together with her brother she found that it was her Classmate Angela standing infront of the shop.
After crossing the road, Angela noticed Leslie and greeted her with a smile and said” Hey Leslie, fancy meeting you here, what are doing here”
Leslie said with a smile “Just taking my brother for his haircut, and you what are doing here”
Angela said “Oh, I am here to meet my aunt Jenna here, she runs a barbershop here”
Leslie replied “I guess, my brother will be getting his haircut from your aunt today”
Angela responded with a smile on her face” Let’s get going then”
All three of them entered the shop, This was Leslie’s first time here while her brother had already get used to the atmosphere here, Because he always got his haircut from here
While Angela thought about her aunt in fear, She rarely came to visit her aunt because when she was a child, Every time she visited her aunt she would always leave there with a haircut, This time she had to came here because while her had dad always worked abroad, and this time Her mom left for a business trip for two days, she told Angela to stay with her aunt for a few days and left her aunt incharge.
Leslie Observed the surroundings the floor was tiled and there was huge mirrors in the front and back and there was two Leather Barber chairs with chrome handles, There were some waiting chairs with no people on it, She noticed the shelf to and find various types tools lying around, there was a pair of scissors, Clippers and a can of shaving cream
She noticed that there were two customers and they were already being attended by a Man of mid thirties and the another was being attended by Jenna. She looked mid thirties with her Shoulder length blonde hair permed and she wore big hoop earrings. Leslie thought she looked beautiful, While Attending to the small boy in her chair she looked up to see who came, she noticed Angela and greeted us with a smile, we smiled back and sat down in the waiting chair.
Continuing her work she asked to Angela “How have been Angela, your mom told me your were coming, we will go home after I finish work here”
Angela said nervously” I doing fine aunt”
She looked towards Leslie and said ” And you must be Leslie, your mom told me that you will coming with your brother”
Leslie responded ” Yeah I’m Leslie and he is my brother” she said looking beside her
Jenna said” Will be with you in a minute”
before Jenna finished, The first finished his client his haircut and announced “Next”. without saying anything he got up from his waiting chair and went to sit on the barber chair. The barber threw the White cape around his neck and placed it tightly and started pumping up the chair, Jenna noticed that it was Leslie’s brother and before the barber open his mouth to ask Leslie for what haircut,
Jenna said to the Barber “Oh, his mother told him give him a crewcut”
Barber responded while unhooking the clippers ” A crewcut it is” and removed the guard and replaced with No.2 guard. And he flicked it on with a “SNAP” and the room was filled with Buzzing sound, While Leslie and Angela Observed everything, Jenna Finished giving the little boy in her chair his haircut removed the cape around him and placed it on her hand, He hoped down and paid for the cut, left
Still with a cape in her hand she looked towards Angela who was slightly sweating with nervousness and said with a smile on her face ” Come on Angela hop in the chair, let’s give you a haircut”
Angela replied sheepishly while caressing her long thick chocolate brown hair which reached till her breasts “Maybe another time, aunt”
Jenna responded “Oh, No, I said to your mother, I will giving you a gift and her a Surprise when she returns, Now’s the right moment ”
Being unable to respond back, Without putting up a fight, she got up from the waiting chair where she was sitting in and walked up to the chair where her aunt stood right beside the chair, holding a Black and white stripped cape in her hand, She sat herself comfortably in the Leather barber chair by placing her delicate hands on the Chrome hand rest on the side and looked into the image reflecting back in the mirror, Her aunt threw the cape around her neck and placed it tightly around her and pumped up the chair, Angela watched her hair bounce while the chair was getting pumped up. She didn’t even ask what haircut was she getting, because she knew that she isn’t getting any say it anyway and submitted to her Aunt’s will.
Leslie watched everything happen and asked her with a smile “Hey Angela, you never told you were getting a haircut”
Angela said in a defeated tone “well…, Now you know..”
Jenna responded “Oh! , You two know each other, huh”
Leslie replied with a smile “Yeah, She’s my classmate”
Jenna replied happily “It’s good to know that you two are getting along”
Stating that Jenna got to work, She started by spraying water on the Angela’s thick chocolate brown hair making it completely wet and she started straightening it out with a comb, After checking every hair was straight she picked up a Pair of scissors and placed the comb down and gave a snip in air to try out the sharpness of the scissors, which made a metallic sound. With that she placed the scissors in the wet hair, which is slightly above the right ear of Angela, Watching where she kept the scissors Angela eyes widened with surprise before she could say anything, Her aunt just closed the shears with a “Scchkk….”
and a long piece of long brown hair slide down and hit the floor and she started cutting on same line sending more locks of brown hair down the floor, Angela just sat staring at her reflection without any reaction while her aunt just kept cutting her hair on straight line on her right side and moved on to the back side of her head , She just measured length she had chopped on the right side of her head and she continued chopping with the same length on her back too, she made a line in middle back side of her head, and she chopped the hair which was left out from the line into short bits, Angela’s back side of her head now looked bulky in the upper portion of the line and lower portion was left only with short bits of hair till her hairline. She sent loads of wet brown hair down the floor, And she continued snipping on same length on her left side, after Jenna finished with the left side.
Jenna unhooked the clippers and placed the No.2 guard and she said “Lets clean the sides and back now” with that she flicked the clippers on with “Snap”
She placed her left hand on the top of Angela’s head and bent her head down making her stare at her breasts and she pushed the clippers up her neck removing short bit’s of hair and leaving only bristles just avoiding the upper portion, and she just ran the clippers up angela’s sideburn clearing the side of any bits of hair just below and she did the same with left side of her head. Jenna then blow dried her hair and combed it to a perfect bowl cut in which her hair placed perfectly and sides and back were cleared of hair as the skin can be seen. Just before Jenna was going to remove cape off of her, she thought about something for while and picked up her sheers once more a combed out the hair in the front portion of Angela’s hair and Sprayed water and chopped it right above her eyebrows.
Watching everything happen to angela, Leslie thought, how cute Angela looked with her new cut and asked in her head “would it suit me” And she looked at her beautiful golden blonde locks which flowed from her shoulders till her breast placed perfectly and thought “Maybe not” and she noticed her brother Who was going be finished getting his haircut and then she looked at towards angela who was getting up from her chair after losing all her weighing brown locks from her head and she looked at the mirror while placing her hand on the back of her head, with her eyes wide, realized how good it feels and said “I guess it isn’t Bad”
Hearing what she had just said Jenna kissed angela on her cheeks and said “You look wonderful, Angela” After that she noticed all the wet brown locks lying limply on the ground which was once on her head and she exclaimed ” That’s a lot hair” hearing her, Jenna just smiled and looked towards me a said with a smile “Well..What do you think Blondie, you want one” she said gesturing Angela’s Head.
Leslie was caught off guard and didn’t know what to say after witnessing everything happen and realizing her own thoughts,
She said nervously while touching her hair “Do you think it would suit me”
Jenna responded with a smile on her face “Hey Blondie, get in chair, blondes like you can rock this hairstyle”
Angela heard what her aunt was saying to Leslie
She said to Leslie “Give it a go Leslie, I bet you will love it, When you lose all your long locks”
Hearing what everyone has said, she was still doubtful about getting all her lovely blonde locks getting chopped off her head , While she was still thinking about it, she looked towards Jenna where she has already turned the chair facing her and tapped the chair gesturing her to sit on it, with that, Leslie didn’t know what took over her body , She just walked up to chair carrying All blonde locks with her and sat herself down on the chair where Angela just got relieved of her Brown locks and now she was sitting in the chair waiting to her blonde locks to be sheared. After being seated in the chair, Jenna turned the chair facing the mirror and tossed cape across her neck placed it tightly around her, Jenna started spraying water on Leslie’s golden blonde hair and combed it out straight and making sure it was straight and She picked up her Scissors once again placed it right above her ears, Seeing that she had placed her scissors Leslie realized what was going to happen and Leslie just closed her eyes tightly and she heard the sound “Scchk….” and she opened her eyes to find out that a huge piece of blonde hair was sliding down her cape, Jenna replied with a smile “There’s no going back now, Blondie” and without giving her any break, she just started cutting more of her blonde locks on right side by making line just above her ears ,Sending large chunks of blonde hair down the floor, While Leslie stared at her reflection which showed her a girl having long, pretty blonde hair on her left side and the right had hair right above her ear and Wet blond hair are still falling on her right, Jenna moved on the back side of her head and started cutting in the same length by making a straight line right in the middle back side of her head and she chopped the hair below the line to short bits and continued with left side the same way and Unhooked the Clippers and removed the No.2 guard which she used on Angela and replaced it with Guard No.1 and
Jenna said Leslie “Let’s go more shorter than angela for you ,on the sides and back”
without waiting for a reply she just placed her left hand on Leslie’s wet head and pushed it forward to make her face her breasts and pushed clippers up her nape leaving the short bits of hair in place of skin she did same on sides as well and she started coming out the front portion of her hair and sprayed it with and Jenna said “Ah you gotta love those bangs they change a persons look completely and snipped it right above her eyebrows and Said “Well, There you go Blondie, It’s All done”
And Jenna removed cape on Leslie, while Leslie was still staring at her reflection on the Mirror, a thought came to Leslie’s mind “What in the world, was I thinking letting her cut my hair” Jenna Blow dried her hair.
Looking into the mirror she inspected her haircut by placing her hands on the sides and back of her head, where felt like rubbing a sandpaper and she caught view of her back side in the mirror and exclaimed in her mind “Oh my god, I don’t have hair on sides and back” after getting up from the chair and getting a good look at her haircut she thought “Maybe it’s not that bad”
“Its lot cooler than before and I look cute with it.”
Jenna started sweeping all blonde and brown locks from the floor and dumped in the trash. Leslie’s brother was already got his haircut and was sitting in the chair waiting for his sister get her haircut and return.
Angela said with a smile on her face “you Look Beautiful ,Leslie”
Leslie replied ” Thanks ,Angela”
Jenna said “If you want keep that cut fresh, You girls have to come after three weeks for a trim”
Angela and Leslie looked at each other and smiled
After that Angela asked Jenna ” Aunt Jenna, Is this haircut is the gift you were talking about”
Jenna replied with smile “Yes, did you like the present”
Angela said with a smile on her face ” Yeah, I love it”
Jenna said “Seeing that you and Leslie were friends and I thought why not give her a cut too, Well Leslie do you like it”
Leslie replied smiling” Yeah, I love the cut too”
Leslie paid for their haircuts with a generous tip and left the shop, saying their Goodbyes and made a appointment to meet after three weeks for their trims
After they got home, Leslie just sat infront of her dressing table and brushed out her Blonde bowl cut, While she was wondering whether she should grown it out after a time or keep it like this for a while, And then She heard the doorbell and went to open the door to find out her mom has returned with her cousin Angela who was coming here for her vacation.
After they entered the house Leslie’s Mom said with a smile on her face “Honey, you look Beautiful with that cut, But Why didn’t you tell you will be getting your hair cut in Jenna’s Barbershop”
Leslie replied with a smile “Mom , I just thought about in the moment”
Leslie’s Mom replied ” Jenna really chopped of all of your hair , didn’t she, But short hair suits you Leslie”
Leslie replied “Thanks, Mom”
Leslie’s cousin’s Amanda said ” I think you look beautiful, too”
Leslie looking at Amanda’s Platinum blonde said ” Do you want one”
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  1. I really enjoyed the story and would like to see another part! I think Amanda should definitely get a nice short bowl cut from Jenna. Leslie and Angela should conspire to get Amanda into Jenna’s barber chair for a good mushroom cut.

    Personally, I think your stories would be even better if you made the hair cutting parts a little bit longer with some more detail! You have great ideas for your stories and I want to know more about what’s going on 🙂

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