Unfortunate Punishment

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I checked the time on my phone, 6 o’ clock. I still had about an hour of sweeping until I could go home and rest. I was sweeping at my Aunt’s salon. I’ve lived with her for a few months since my mother died. I’m exchange for providing my a room and food I would sweeping her salon during the summer until 7. I noticed my Aunt leaving.

”Hey Cole, I’m need to run some errands would you mind driving Vanessa home tonight.” Cole looked up at her, “Of course, see you tomorrow Jane.” My aunt waved goodbye to Cole and I then left. Cole was a nineteen year old that worked for my aunt. He was super talented and super hot if I might add. I finished sweeping and sat down in one of the waiting chairs. All I had to do was wait until closing time.

“You know the deal does still stand Vanessa.” I blushed slightly then looked up at him, “In your dreams Cole.”

The deal he was talking about was one he made jokingly at the beginning of summer. He said that if I ever touched or sat down in his chair he would have free will to do whatever he wanted to my hair. I agreed, just for fun, and the summer began with jokes as he tried to trick me to touch his chair.

“You’ll be in my chair one day, I promise.” I just smiled at his remark. He drove me home and I didn’t think that what he said would come true until now.

I asked my Aunt Jane if I could sleep over at a friends house and she agreed. What she didn’t know is that I was planning to go out partying with her. We both got totally wasted and then I slept over at her house. When I came home the next day I found my aunt waiting for me at the table.

“Hey Aunt Jane, I’m back.,” I said.
“Could you sit down at the table please,” She asked me. I respond, “Yeah sure.” Then sat at the table.

”I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to reply honestly. Did you go out partying with your friend last night?” I sucked in a quick breath but nodded. She looked at me with her kind eyes then said, “Vanessa, I know you’re in a rough place right now. I know how much you miss your mom and I know it hurts you a lot but you can’t go out and party, it’s illegal, you’re only 17.” I nodded again not knowing how to respond.

“Are you mad at me?” I ask timidly. Her hand reaches across the table and takes mine, “I’m not mad at you but I think your actions have consequences.” I immediately stiffened, my mind racing with all the possible punishments coming my way. “However, you don’t need to worry about that right now, go get changed and we’ll head down to the salon.” I quickly got dressed and we headed to the salon.

I did my normal routine sweeping and sitting down for the rest of the day. I basically forgot about the punishment until closing time. My aunt came out and then went to Cole and started whispering something in his ear. His smile grew immensely and he looked at me. I was very confused but my aunt spoke up, “Vanessa, I’m heading out for tonight.” I started to get my stuff together to go with her but she spoke again. “You’re going to stay here with Cole.” My look of confusion made Cole speak up, “Its time Vanessa.” I went cold at his words, I looked at my aunt to try and get some backup but she just smiled. “This is your punishment for partying, you don’t have to worry Cole knows what he’s doing,” and with that she left and locked the door behind her.

I hadn’t moved from my seat my eyes glued to Cole waiting for him to do something. He started walking towards me and I tried to get away from him. Every step forward for him was a step back for me until my back hit the wall.

He grabbed my hand gently and pulled me off the wall then he set his firm hands on my shoulders leading me to his chair. “Cole, please don’t do this,” I said begging him. “Hey, it’s not my fault you got drunk and lied to your Aunt. You need better friends.” I looked back at him,”My friends are fine.” He stopped me and moved around so he was facing me, “They are a bad influence on you. You’re a smart and pretty girl who deserve more than that.”

His words shocked me a little bit but the panic continued when he moved me closer to the chair. I tried to get out of his grasp but he was a lot stronger than me. He pushed me into the chair and before I could get out of it he put the cape around me. It felt heavy like it was weighing me down. I looked at him in the mirror, my eyes wide and terrified at what was to come next. He took out the blonde messy bun I wore at the top of my head and my hair came tumbling down stopping to about my waist. His eyebrows raised and he let out a soft chuckle.

“All of this hair hides your beauty, Vanessa.” He pulled my hair out of my face then bent down to whisper in my ear, “I’m going to take care of that for you. All you need to do is stay still. Don’t make it harder on yourself.” At those words I couldn’t stop the tears from coming down. I wouldn’t consider myself someone who is obsessed with her looks but I’ve had long hair since I was a child. Cole wipes away some of my tears with his thumb, “Don’t cry Vanessa, You need this.”

He started to comb and section my hair into 2 ponytails. He looked at my eyes then lifted his scissors and cut it off right above the hair band. I let out a gasp. The tears flowed more now and I was just sobbing quietly. Cole’s smirk never faded as he cut off the other ponytail leaving my hair right at my shoulders. He set the ponytails on his table in front of me and I couldn’t avoid looking at it. His hand pushed my hand down lightly and I let it. I jumped a little when I felt the cold metal of the scissors on my upper neck. He started cutting and more hair tumbled to the floor. My hair was dry so I could hear every excruciating snip. My head was lifted up again and I didn’t even look in the mirror. My eyes focused in on the floor as Cole went to my right side. He placed the scissors at my jaw and cut. He moved in front of me and bent down so I could see him. His hand touched my cheek and wiped away the excess tears.

“Will it be over soon?” I said quietly. Cole looked at me and smiled, “Yes it will as long as you continue to cooperate.” I nodded swiftly so he would know that I wouldn’t cause any trouble then he continued on my other side, placing the scissors at my jaw then cut. It was painfully slow but I didn’t say a word. After a few minutes, I saw his body move back in front of me. He pulled some of my hair up front and snipped it off before I could comprehend what was happening. I whimpered a little, remembering how ugly I looked with bangs as a child. I was as still as a statue as he made finishing touches. I hadn’t even tried to look at the mirror yet and I wasn’t going to willingly.

After what felt like hours the cape was finally removed. I stood up with shaking legs and had my eyes on the ground as I tried to go to my stuff. Cole moved in my way and grabbed my waist. One of his hand lifted my chin up so I would look at him. “Aren’t you going to look?” He asked with a playful tone. “I don’t want to,” I said as a I tried to get out of his grasp. His hand went back to my waist and his strong arms turned me around. I was looking at the mirror and I saw myself. My waist length hair was reduced to a wavy bob at my chin and I had thing bangs. I was surprised that it didn’t look as bad as I though it did. “See it’s not that bad. You look beautiful Vanessa.” I turned my head to look at him, “Thank you.” His face moved close to mine and then he kissed me. It wasn’t like any kiss I had before. There was more then just a few shots of vodka behind it. It actually meant something. Cole pulled away then smiled at me, “I think we should get going before it gets to late,” he said. I nodded and went to go get my stuff. He came back with his keys, “You know you’re lucky, Vanessa, I went easy on you because of how scared you were.” I almost laughed, “This is going easy on me!” I replied. Cole has a smirk on his face again, “I’ll show you what I really want next time.” I scoffed in response, “There won’t be a next time,” I moved to the door and he unlocked it. He locked up the salon and then we got in his car. The car ride home was filled with comfortable silence and Cole stealing glances at me every once and a while. He stopped in front of my house. I got out and looked back at him, “I’m already excited for next time. I hope you don’t make me wait as long.” I rolled my eyes in response and walked through the front door.

The end




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