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Alright, let’s start with her. The day she came in was a rollercoaster ride. Something just told me that from the moment she walked in, something about her was special. I know; you’ve heard that in every cheesy chick flick or romance novel. Maybe it wasn’t really just how I felt, but how she apparently seem to feel about being there too.

Oasis’ Live Forever blared from the radio while I swept away with my broom. The evening sun cast an orange glow through the windows, darkening and darkening with each stroke I made across the floor. The locks of remains on my checkered tiles slithered with the bristles towards the bin, while it drew closer to the end of my day as well. I stepped towards the door, letting the tinge of tangerine smother my ghastly eyes.

Fridays always felt bittersweet, with all these people walking about here and there towards their joyous celebrations of the end of the week, while it also symbolised yet another week of their mortality passing. Countless dusks pass me by, and yet I still remain pale and young. But maybe dawn was to come- Ring

The door opened and in she came. It was an odd feeling to see a girl taller than me, even if it was just slightly. She was adorned with a loose grey top and a denim jacket. Her figure was stunningly robust, with her wavy chestnut brown hair resting comfortably just above her bosoms

“Hi- uhm, are you still open?” her face was with slight concern, though with a smooth voice that rang in my ears.

“Of course, love!” maybe I sounded a bit too excited. “You get to be the lucky last customer of the day” I smiled at her.

“Oh- that’s great!” her face brightened up.

“Could you do me a favour and turn the sign around, love? I’ll prep the chair,” I requested.

“Sure,” I heard her say as I turned towards the chair. My heart was- surprisingly- thumping. Of all my long years as a vampire, it’s hard to find someone that could actually make me feel that way. I put down my broom beside the dresser and checked all my equipment.

Scissors, check. Comb, check. Clippers- just in case- check. Her hair on the floor- pending. I spun to see her just finished turning the sign.

“Let me help with your jacket, love,” I offered. She slipped it off her to reveal a more figurely view of her chest. “Have a seat, love, and make yourself comfortable,” I said as I took her jacket and hung it nicely on the coat stand by the door.

And so my last prey for the day walked willingly to my lovely chair, sitting herself nicely and beheld herself in the large mirror. I walked over towards the adjacent chair to fetch the trusty cape- a large and sleek white nylon.

I gently bundled her hair and clipped it momentarily on the top of her head. I then flung the cape gracefully above her, letting them settle comfortably on her shoulders as the white cloth draped her body. I clipped the ends of the cape at the back of her neck, teasingly sliding my fingernail to feel her goosebump before undoing her hair.

“I’m Carmen, by the way,” I introduced myself before I began running a comb through her wavy and slightly unruly brunette hair.

“I’m Reyna. It’s nice to meet you,” she gave a slight smile in reply.

“What a beautiful name to such a beautiful face,” I started tampering with my food, whose face coloured red.

“Thank you,” she shied her smile while she fidgeted under the cape.

“I really love the colour of your hair. Is it natural?” I helped myself by running a few fingers through her wavy mane.

“Yeah, but the waves aren’t. I permed it some time back, but now it looks a little… off,” Reyna said.

“Well it doesn’t look too bad, love,” I strategically played the hedging card.

“I don’t know,” her face twisted in doubt. “And like, it’s kinda damaged here and there. I’m not so happy with how it is right now. But hey, that’s why I’m here,” she declared with a glimmer.

“Indeed you are,” my smile went a little too eagerly. “How would you like it cut, love?” I popped my favourite question.

With a gleam, she announced,” nice n’ short!”.

I may have spent a split second looking dumbstruck, not entirely believing what she just said. “Pardon, love?” I sought to clarify.

“Cut it short, please. I really wanna remove the damage,” she seemed so confident.

So I wasn’t dreaming. “Mm, short I can do for you,” I gave her haired head a scratch before gently holding her head straight into the mirror. “But how short, love?”

Her tongue played about her teeth in her mouth as she focused intently into the mirror. And then a shrug. “I don’t know, to be honest. I want it short short- not some lame excuse like those shoulder length cuts. Anything you wanna, just cut it very short,” she dauntlessly announced.

My thighs shifted a little easily as I subtly heaved a great breath. “Up to me?” I clarified one last time.

“Yep! Just don’t make me have to say ‘shorter’!” She teasingly proclaimed, and boy was she playing with my fires.

I bit my tongue with gladness. It’s one thing to have favourable prey walk into your lair; it’s another when your prey starts challenging you like this.

“Don’t worry, love. I’ll be sure you won’t have to,” I accepted. “and I hope you won’t regret what you ask for,” I remarked to myself silently.

I ambled happily towards the dresser, to pick up my first instrument; my trusty steel scissors. And just as I returned to her side, the my stereo shifted to the next song- I Wanna Be Yours played as I sectioned off the different cutting points; laying out the back and the sides, and clipping up the top as a separate section on its own.

“Ooh, Arctic Monkeys!” Reyna seemed delighted at my music selection. Nothing makes me even more delighted than my prey enjoying my music selection. She began humming to the tune, her soft muffled voice being the real music to my ears now. Everything was in prime position; the prey is sat in the trap, with issuing the challenge, feeling good and confident about herself.

Oh, you have no idea how much I’m going to enjoy deflating the balloon.

I started from the back, combing out the hair that flowed abundantly. I grabbed a huge chunk, elevating it nicely out of sight from the mirror.

Snip snip

I watched as almost 10 inches of her wavy tresses fell lifeless my to the ground. I left no time for a respite, I quickly picked another chunk, and repeated. Grab, snip snip. Grab, snip snip. The hard knock of the steel on steel was so satisfying to hear before the ceremonious plop of her locks on my floor. Each cut left a rough and rougher aftermath of her hair. My smirk sinisterly lingered around my mouth at the sight of the damage I did, which my victim had no sight of. Grab, snip snip. Grab, snip snip.

“Ahh, feels lighter already,” Reyna’s sighed some relief as her eyelids shut lightly, before continuing to hum.

“Great feeling, innit’? It’s only gonna get much lighter, love,” I remarked, stressing the adverb oh-so delightfully. My prey giggled.

Soon the back was just about roughly done- dishevelled, brown locks that barely touched her neck. I edged over to her right, spinning the chair to face a little diagonally, allowing her only partial vision of herself in the mirror. I combed down the hair on the right side, where they went comfortably past her shoulder. My fingers started from her scalp behind her ears, holding a few luscious locks of her hair between my fingers, then slid them down impishly to about the middle of her ears. The jaws of the scissors opened, and then launched at my prey’s chestnut brown hair.

This time, her tresses had fallen on her caped shoulder with a little thud. Her eyes shifted to the severed hair while I wasted no time in sliding down another set of her wavy hair. Her humming muffled down to a lower volume when her eyes registered the sight, perhaps as to how much I was truly helping myself to her hair. Maybe she didn’t expect my definition of “very short” to be more severe than hers- alas, that was what I was going for. Before giving her much time to react, or even say anything, I dug in once more.

Snip Snip. Brown locks drifted down past her ears and onto the cape.Slide, snip snip. Hair plunged onto her shoulder. Slide, snip snip. Her eyes intently watched from top to fall. Slide, snip snip. Her caped shoulder was so crowded with her own tresses, some couldn’t help but to helplessly trickle down towards her lap. Devilishly, I placed my comb on her caped shoulders, its teeth surrounded by the little pool of hair. With a smirk, I swept my comb forward a couple times, sending the lopped off hair cascading down onto her lap for her viewing pleasure.

I used my free hand to grab onto her head while I used the other to comb down the remnants of her mane on the right side. It was roughly cut in a wedge that didn’t even reach her earlobes, and I could feel her heartbeat pumping a little faster. This was the suspense I longed for her to feel- and it was only going to get worse for her.

I made my way to her left side, standing right in front of the mirror to ensure all she saw was me and not her reflection. Her humming ceased momentarily when the music stopped, but continued right after the stereo started playing A Team by Ed Sheeran. “British music is just lovely, innit’?” I decided to keep up the talk, testing for her attention.

“Yeah… They’re not bad,” Reyna’s remark was certainly more muted, but I could still hear the spark of life within. At this rate, doing the crown of hair on her head is going to be a blast. Excited, I began the process of cutting the hair on her left, taking an almost synonymous approach to the right, though grabbing some bigger chunks instead to speed up the process.

Slide, snip snip snip. Large locks of her chestnut hair fell onto the shoulder as I felt her pulse speed up. Slide, snip snip snip. Already a huge pile of hair on her shoulder? Slide, snip snip snip. Oh, well. Flick, flick, slide. Locks of wavy brown hair zipped down the cape into her lap area. Slide, snip snip snip. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that much hair gathered in anyone’s lap- and I haven’t even touched the top yet.

I slowly spun her chair straight, careful to make sure my figure completely blocked the view of the mirror. I combed down her right and left sides, forming such a cute wedge, though humorously contrasting to the top section that was still abundant. I could see her searching for the mirror’s view, almost darned desperate to see what had been becoming of her hair. Ahead of her was no proper sight, hence only downward was the way. As she absorbed the voluminous waves of her lost hair, her humming gradually muffled down to a stop. Reyna squirmed slightly underneath the cape, the shift in force causing some of her hair to slide all the way down towards her feet.

I unclipped the top and let her waves spill forward on her face. I combed the last section straight down, where her own hair now did my job of vision impairment. I stepped towards directly behind my prey while ensuring her hair still draped her face. My fingers crawled towards the topmost part of her crown, picking a nice portion to start with. I slid my comb and pulled up her  some of her lengthy locks, angling more towards the front of her head. The scissors were positioned right above my fingers, and snip snip. The trajectory was a lot more direct this time- soft locks landingimmediately in front of her as a short few inches were left behind, laying a little awkwardly amidst the crowd of waves. Her vision was still clouded, but I kept going -slowly recovering her vision, with her hair being the cost.

Pull, snip snip. There was something about watching hair fall like rain right in front that gets me a little tingly. Pull, snip snip. I bit my tongue and sniffed a sigh when I saw her face grimace a bit at the cut- and I wanted more. Pull, snip snip snip. The rain shall turn into a torrent as I inched closer towards her forehead. Pull, snip snip snip. Her eyes gently shut as some of her hair had glided downwards close to her face. Pull, snip snip snip. Ah, has my dear Reyna lost her confidence already? Pull, snip snip snip. Yes, yes, show me your shock and horror- show me what it’s like to start regretting your challenge in my chair. Pull, SNIP SNIP SNIP. I could feel her arms grabbing onto my lovely barber chair a lot tighter now. Coup de grace: Pull, my fingers grabbed that last large chunk from her forehead and elevated it slowly. Sensing the brakes I put on, her eyelids slowly expanded into a squint, and her eyeballs fixated on that last remaining portion of her long mane. Snip, I started with a pinch to see her face contort in beat with the closing of the scissors. Snip, I was having the time of my life watching her anticipation- Snip- and seeing those lovely eyes just cower while I prepared for the final, resounding, SNIP.

As that last lock lifelessly fell down her beautiful face onto the cape, Reyna let out a too audible gasp- and I couldn’t help but to do so too. The complete plunge from her pleasure to her suffering; the complete rush of emotions I felt; the state of how fucking hot she was in such pain with brutally short hair; it was too fucking much. My thighs squirmed slightly, feeling that warm moisture begin its flow. Reyna, of course, had been wide-eyed and preoccupied with herself, giving me the time to swiftly recompose and return to my nefarious task at hand.

“Done with the rough cut of it. This short enough for you, love?” I naughtily inquired while I combed down her hair, where her hair in front had barely seeped past her eyebrows, while those at the sides sat obediently midway through the ears.

“Uhm…” Reyna was still speechless at how much true damage I had done. Her voice was trailing off into uncertainty- clearly not about whether it was short enough, but whether she had really been ready for “very short”. And of course, as demonic as I could be, that doubt was exactly what was going to be built on. She was timidly turning her head from left to right, afraid to inspect the work I’d just done on her. “I… g-guess so-”

“Ah don’t worry, I feel you- it’s definitely not short enough,” I quickly interjected before stepping to her front to get a face-to-face view. “Are you in any rush, love?” my hands began brushing through her scalp as I made eye contact. She weakly shook her head. “Lovely,” I gleefully as I lightly forced my prey’s chin to face me. “Let’s get you a real ‘nice n’ short haircut, ReyRey” I assured patronisingly, a hint of mocking a little too evident.

Her shock was still clear in her eyes, and she looked longingly into me, a slight sense of helplessness because of how she brought herself into this. With a subdued voice, she said, “Okay, Carms.”

I bit my lip. “Ah, you already know my nickname? Perfect,” I commented to see her face brighten up a little in coincidental knowing. Well, now it’s time to shoot that happy feeling all the way back down.

I spun around to the dresser, picking up the spray bottle. Just as I returned to her, Fluorescent Adolescent came on the stereo. “Ooh, my favourite!” I couldn’t help myself to one of my Arctic Monkey favourite tunes.

The upbeat drums and the funky guitar riff put a spring in my motion as I started the second phase. I sprayed a generous amount of water on the top of her head as I combed down the chestnut brown hair. I forcefully straightened out her wavy locks as best I could, making her shut her eyes tight and her face contort in uncomfort.

I put down the bottle and began on the right side. Now, fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, for her, she was blessed with the sight of what I was doing to her hair. But of course, that didn’t change how much more dominant I needed to assert myself. I made sure to comb out the sections a little too violently, dragging her head to tilt to the side I was working as she tensed her face each time. Ah, even when she was devoid of a smile, I could catch that rest-bitch face she had- and it was the cutest thing ever. It was time to make her cuter.

I combed up an ample amount of her hair, and launched my scissors right ahead over the comb. Short clippings of her hair fell onto her shoulder, joining the great masses. Comb, snip snip. The scissors sliced cleanly above the comb as I moved along. Comb, snip snip. Her eyes were in half-amazement at how fast I went and half-fear at how much shorter I was just going to make it. Comb, snip snip, comb, snip snip snip. It was taking shape now, a refined short side. Comb, snip snip. Comb, snip snip. The last piece of hair took the plunge as I combed the remnants. It was short and nicely sloped down, barely a single strand able to touch her hair.

Happy, I quickly transitioned to the back. I forced her head down a little, making her face the hair-filled cape. Starting from the base of the neck, I repeated the same technique. Comb, snip snip. Hair trailed down her neck, and I could feel the little goosebumps the tickles made. Comb, snip snip snip. Comb, snip snip. As her nape got neater, her neck only got messier with her severed hair. Comb, snip snip. Comb, snip snip snip. Alright, it was getting crowded with hair. Flick flick. I’m sure I tickled her even more with that, hair drizzling on my floor. Comb, snip snip. Ah, I really loved how the cut was taking shape- she was going to look amazing. Comb, snip snip snip. I tilted her head back up to see her passive eyes stare at me while I straightened the nape area. I ran a finger through the nape, my fingers tingling with the short strands that greeted it. And as I passed down, I was sure to give her a mischievous tickle down the back of her neck, making her gasp subtly.

Snickering, I moved to the left side and combed down the last side. The semi bowl it made as it inched halfway past the ears was rather humorous when compared to the rest of the hair- not to worry, for it was going to be much shorter as well. Again, vigorous combing was the key to having fun. Pull, tug. Ah, seeing her cower before me was empowering. The stereo kicked into its next song- Fortunate Son came on, one of the rare American rock songs that would make it to my playlist. Personally, there was something about country rock that just really felt suitable- the pedal steel never failed to make it a very barbershop-y feel.

Without much ado, I dug in to clean up her hair. Comb, snip snip. She was still intently watching as those tufts of hair fell inanimately. Comb, snip snip snip. The country rock was just making this more fun; like how a country barber was going to work giving his young victims a neat and short haircut. Comb, snip snip snip. Comb, snip snip snip. Her shoulders were getting more clustered with her own hair, and of course I had to do her a favour. Flick flick. And down the hair zipped into the pool. Comb, snip snip. Reyna still had a slight recoil after every snip, only making me more excited to take more off. Comb, snip snip. Comb, snip snip s-nip.

Ah, a country barber would be proud of the short back and sides Reyna had now- psh, who needed clippers for short boy cuts? Her sides were perfectly sloped, her ears clear of any wisps of hair. And of course, now came the most important, and always the best part- the top. For the record, it still looked pretty decent with how it was at this point- really short back and sides with a hefty long top that could be styled very versatilely.

But still, this was no way short enough for a “nice n’ short” cut. Thus, shorter we must go.

But our time, we must take, with the last possible section. I began with a ruffle, realising it had gotten too dry. I moved forward to take my spray bottle, then spun to face her directly. Again, I launched at her short hair with sprays of water, watching her eyes shut as my comb vigorously comb all the hair downwards. My did some work to straighten the hair out nicely, paired with the water to make her bangs reach down to past her nose, though still with partial vision.

I put down the spray bottle and returned behind her, all ready to start on her glorious crown. I gave her hair a few last rounds of forward combing before replacing the comb back in my pocket. As always, I started from slightly behind the centre of the crown, now relying on my instinct and fingers. I pulled the first few locks, seeing the stark contrast in length to the hair on her nape. I held a section nicely with my two fingers, her brown locks sprouting out and aimed with point cutting. Snip, snip. The little tufts rained down behind her. Pull, snip, snip, snip. A few inches were left standing while rest tumbled down to their demise. Pull, snip snip snip. Once I start with the scissors, it’s hard to stop- everything just kept going faster, and I wanted to cut more each time. Pull, snip snip snip snip. I was gradually reaching the front of her head, where her hair up till the front had been cropped neatly, but not too close to her scalp.

Although, all along it seemed like completely nothing much had changed for the top, given that the front and the bangs still looked rather intact. This time, I pulled a section right before her bangs, definitely in sight of her. I saw her eyeballs drift to my fingers, biting her bottom lip. I playfully pulled it up, taking my time to settle my two fingers. I carefully positioned my scissors above my fingers, though paid attention to her eyes rather than the action. Snip, her eyes narrowed, snip, little locks fell in front of her face, snip, she let out a small gasp. I smiled at the short tufts that remained on her scalp.

“You want a fringe, love?” Here came perhaps the best part of any short cut. “Or just cut it real short like the rest?”

“Uh…” Reyna remained with her blank tone of shock, and then shrugged. “A-anything’s fine,” she declared fatalistically, accepting that it may well be rather inconsequential given the already short state of her hair.

“Hmm… I think a short fringe would be fitting,” I mused as I stepped towards her front. Her bangs had been laid out nicely, and I could see her searching eyes looking up at me as I positioned myself. I used my free hand to hold her head straight, and she relented like a lamb. I positioned the cold steel of the scissors on her forehead, the tip pointing diagonally upwards. Before I even, started her eyes were already shut in anticipation. Snip snip snip. Locks of her hair cascaded down past her face directly down onto the hair-filled cape, adding onto the great pile. Snip snip snip. Reaching the midway point, I could already see the cut taking its final form. Snip snip snip. Her face was so cute while she gently scrunched it. Snip snip snip, SNIP. And as that last bit of her long bangs fell lifelessly, the cut was done.

I stroked down her remaining fringe, delighted with my work. I took a step back and looked at her cut in its entirety; neatly cut short back and sides, with a top left longer, and then a nice textured fringe that edged only slightly past the halfway mark of her forehead. She opened her eyes to see me gloriously beaming above her. “Ready to see it, love?” I felt like I was more excited than her.

Her head nodded a little too strongly, perhaps unfamiliar with the light head she had now. I stepped away from the mirror and turned to the other dresser to prepare my other tools. Stealing a few glances, I watched her reaction. Her mouth went agape at the new sight of her, clearly not expecting it to be that short. Her head turned from to side-to-side, inspecting the short sides and back. Smilingly, I fetched a warm towel from the heat cupboard, slinging it over my shoulder and returned behind her as she eventually halted her inspection.

I unclipped the cape from behind, and then gave it a good dust right above her, sending piles and piles of chestnut brown hair of long and short lengths down. Reyna’s severed locks lay inert on the floor, adorning my checkered floors. I fixed the cape back around her neck, enjoying the beautiful shimmery white of it on her. She seemed perplexed- was I going to continue further and cut it shorter? Well, not exactly.

I dabbed the towel generously on her hairline, opening up the pores as she shivered at how sensitive her freer skin felt now without all her long hair in the way. I then grabbed my straight razor, testing its sharpness with my tough fingers. “Gonna need you to keep real still for me,love” I ordered. I heard a light sound of affirmation from her throat, her eyes staring curiously at the blade in my hand.  Starting from the left, I cleaned up the hairline around from the sideburns. I slowly transitioned towards the back, giving the hairline a nice flow. I pushed her head down, then stroked the straight razor cleanly below her nape. I then finished up with the right side, making nice strokes around the sideburn. Once done, I took a step back, and was happy with the final touches.

I then rubbed the towel over the different sides, and then gave her a nice treat by rubbing it over head. She closed her eyes, this time in delight as she sucked in a breath smoothly. I tossed the towel onto the other chair and kept my razor. And now came, perhaps, the best part for her.

I adjusted the barber chair from beneath, and then let it reclined backwards such that she faced diagonally upwards towards the ceiling. I dimmed down the lights so they wouldn’t glare into her eyes, as No.1 Party Anthem popped on the stereo. “Just sit tight and relax, love,” I said as I rubbed my moist hands together, her face brimming with curiosity. “Every girl that gets a good short cut from me gets the full service.” My hands started at the top of her head, and I began massaging her crown.

I felt her tense muscles relax at my warm touch, gently applying pressure over the different sections of her head. Reyna closed her eyes at the comfort felt, taking deep breaths in relaxation. Slowly as I massaged the various parts of her head, her rest-bitch face gradually turned into a pleasant smile, which I couldn’t help but smile at as well. It was such a beautiful setting to be in- a nice massage in a barber chair, dim lighting, a lovely hit on the stereo- I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting to treat my prey for being so brave while her predator had been torturing her.

Eventually, I transitioned over to her neck, where my transaction was to take place. Gently, I used my thumb to stroke an eye, making her eyelashes flutter while she slowly opened them. I stared right into them. “Don’t scream. Just keep still and enjoy it,” my Compulsion spoke into her. Her iris shifted in obedience.

I returned back to her pale, slender neck. Unleashing my fangs, I dug in. Reyna jolted slightly, but then eventually eased up as the warm, crimson fluid flowed into my mouth. Gulp, gulp. It was a good fill, her blood a lot sweeter than others. Gulp, gulp. I heard her gasp a little, a hint of pleasure in her weak breaths. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Not taking too much, I soon retracted, wiping the end of my mouth as my fangs returned into hiding. Her eyes were gazing aimlessly at the ceiling, clearly light-headed from the loss of blood. And then they drifted to my figure, a smile indicative of the pleasure she felt. Now, to return the favour.

I bit my palm, placing it directly above my lips as I let the blood trickle into my mouth. With a light mouthful, I sealed my lips before bending down towards her. I stroked her hair with a hand, admiring this cutie. I then slowly, delicately, placed my lips on hers. I didn’t force her mouth open, but rather waited for her lips to embrace mine. With an opening, I slowly let my scarlet blood stream into her mouth.

“Mm” Reyna let out in pleasure as her mouth filled with my blood. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Her loud swallows were music to my ears, but now was not just about the swallowing. My eyes were shut tight as our lips were held in a lock. My body felt the jitters rushing, nervous yet excited of this opportunity. I could only hope she maybe felt at least an inkling of what I did.

As if on queue, her nose released a sudden light breath, before kissing me. Relaxing my eyelids in relief, ours lips danced together. Her soft lips were so gentle and sexy, gliding like waves on my mouth. I stayed a little cautiously, not wanting to be the too eager one, only to have her tongue enter mine. My prey’s tongue mirrored my devilish nature, scouring the opening of my lips and slowly making its entrance. It was so wet, so soft, so delicate- gosh, I picked such a perfect prey. Her tongue and her lips worked hand-in-hand like sword and shield, overwhelming my mouth as she got more vigorous. Kiss, kiss, kiss, and then out of nowhere, bite.

I bounced back, letting out an almost too loud gasp in shock. She let out an impish giggle- that oh-so cute giggle. Reyna stuck out her devilish tongue at me with her eyes still closed, where the fiendish smirk I had while shearing her had now passed onto her. For some reason, I just couldn’t help but to… give in.

I pulled the lever to straighten the chair back up, and then popped the lights back to normal. Her eyes gently opened, and her face was all smiles. Somehow, the table must have turned on me, and my prey is now actually challenging me. So I had to reassert.

I went to the dresser and got out the pomade, taking a nice clump before rubbing my hands together. Returning back to the chair, I began applying it into Reyna’s short hair. I was sure to be vigorous, as I always was, making sure the substance got well into her hair. But now, she had gladly let me done so, and was grinning the whole time. What was going on?

With a silent sigh, I then started styling her hair for her, experimenting with different partings to look for a look that would best suit her. I settled momentarily for a right parting, though I did feel slightly uneasy about it- it didn’t look the best, I was sure. Reyna felt the same way, twisting her mouth in disapproval, then decided to take things into her own hands.

She got her hands out from under the cape and went straight for her hair. I noticed the slight gasp of hers when she first felt her short hair, but she maintained the determined front. She tried the different parts again, paused for a moment, and then she had a lightbulb look. My eyes slightly widened when I saw her push her hair up into her scalp instead, and then using her fingers to straighten it upwards and letting the locks converge together. She stared at her new spiky look- and my goodness, did it look so hot on her- and she beamed. “Much better!” Reyna remarked, just outrightly hinting how inferior I was to styling her hair. My prey was becoming my predator, and I just didn’t know what to do.

Slight stunned, I undid her cape from the back before picking up the neck brush. I lightly dusted her neck and her face, her eyes shutting lightly in delight as the bristles swept across her skin. I then swished off the cape before hanging it over the next chair. Reyna delightfully inspected her hair one last time in the mirror while running her hands through the sides and back. Satisfied, she stood up. “Ahh, now this feels really light,” she remarked.

“I’m guessing you li-”

“Yes! I love it,” she cut me off before I could even ask, turning to me with her own version of a devilish grin. “Thank you for the nice n’ short cut, Carms,” she toyed with my nickname.

“N-no problem, Reyrey,” I replied in slight hesitation. “Short hair grows out kinda fast. If you want it kept neat and tidy, come back in max 4 weeks,” I notified her.

She chuckled. “Well, I’ll decide whether I want to keep it this way,” Reyna retorted after grabbing her coat from the rack. “Thanks, love. Maybe I’ll see you sometime,” she gave her final remark before exiting through the door.

Bubble Wrap came on the stereo, the soft piano ringing through the store. As dusk finally settled in, dawn seemed so far away.

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