Vampber – Morning After

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It had been a long time since I ever shared a bed with anyone- let alone in my own abode. It was odd having a source of warmth under the covers for once, but I welcomed every inch of it.

At first I thought I’d only be an additional source of chill to Reyna, yet she did embrace my presence here and there while we slumbered. Being the nocturnal creature I was, it wasn’t the easiest to fall asleep, so I spent most of my time simply laying there, admiring every little bit of her between the intermittent naps.

There was something about her that just gave me peace- if it was someone else, I’d probably already be scheming a plan to get us all to leave before the lights came on. But from the moment I invited her back over to my place, a part of me knew for sure she could really be that one.

Waking up never felt so alright- not a grunt, not a moan, but just opened eyes. I laid on my front, though it took me a good few seconds to actually realise the warmth on it. Warm breaths tickled down my cheek as I registered that face right above my head, sighing in exhilaration.

“Good morning, Carms,” that cheeky voice rang through my ears like a symphony.

“Good morning, Reyrey,” I greeted a little tiredly, reaching a hand up to ruffle her disheveled head of hair.

I stifled a gasp when I felt her lips on my back, and I couldn’t help but chuckle as she started kissing me upwards. With a hand she moved my hair aside as she went up my neck, and I bit my lip when she reached that sensitive spot. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. She was playfully gentle, and I loved every bit of it. Bite.

I paused, motionlessly staring to the side to register what just happened. “Did you just,” I started after a brief silence. “Bite a vampire?”

She giggled, unclenching her teeth from my neck. “I just wanted to see how it felt like,” she said, kissing the little bite marks she made on my skin.

I turned and propped myself a little, taking my first good look of her that morning. “Bloody hell, it’s like you only got more beautiful overnight,” I played with her.

“Oh, please!” She tried to play it modestly amidst coloured cheeks. “My hair’s a complete mess the moment I wake up,” she ran a hand through the slightly disheveled locks on top.

“You pull off the bed head really well though,” I disagreed with her, trying to style it a little with my fingers. “Though I will say,” I continued before she could add anything, “it’s getting a little bit long, hm?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

She caught on to the hint almost immediately, giving a little smirk before dropping it for a look of innocence. “You think so?” She pulled down a lock of her hair which went past her eyes.

“How long has it been since your last cut, hm?” I playfully brought down her hair on top, slightly enveloping her eyes with those overgrown locks.

“E-eight weeks,” she meekly replied.

“Tsk tsk,” I vocalised my disappointment. “One month too long, hm?” I continued my hand’s venture through her hair. “What shall I do about this mess then?” I gave a stern look into those precious blue eyes.

“You can… cut it short” she softly said.

“How short?” I tried to look unimpressed, eager to see how far she wanted to play this.

She gave a pondering look, biting her lip as she swept her hair out of her eyes. “Very, very, short. Shorter than the last time?” Reyna gave me those puppy eyes, awaiting my approval. It was a vague answer, but it suited me much more given that I’d have the choice now.

I grinned. “In my book, good girls keep their hair short. Very short.“ I raised her chin with a finger. “Do you want to be a good girl?” She nodded. “Good,” I declared, slowly sitting up to get out of the sheets as I took her hand. “Let’s get started.”



I flicked on the light switch, illuminating the little parlour that I hadn’t set foot in for a while. I gently tugged Reyna’s arm that was grabbing my elbow, inviting her in as her eyes widened.

Whoa,” she didn’t hide her wonder as her eyes explored the little one-chair barbershop I had built into my apartment.

“Do you like it?” I asked as I slowly let go to let her explore.

She made a sound of agreement, stepping forward into the room to inspect the parlour’s furnishing. To the right of the chair was a wash basin while to the left was a little mobile tray I had for all my tools. Her eyes glossed over the many tools I had which were practically similar to what I had in my own shop in the street, just all a bit smaller and fewer in here. “I like it- it’s pretty neat.”

“But your hair isn’t,” I added sternly. She turned to see me securing my maroon apron over my partially naked bodice, getting myself prepared for work. “And I believe that’s what we’re here for.”

Reyna smiled before turning back to the ceiling-to-floor mirror in front of the chair, viewing her similarly partially-naked figure. Like an obedient lamb, she gently lowered herself into the chair. She sighed comfortably, sitting up straight with her hands on her lap.

I bit my lip in excitement. Willing victims are my delicacy, and it’s a cherry on top if I don’t even have to say anything.

I unhooked the cape from the wall- classic white with dark blue pinstripes- and moved towards her. I tore a piece of neck tissue from the roll on the tray, and her chin was already tilted up in preparation by the time I began wrapping it around her neck. Once secured, I flung the cape above her slender figure, letting it envelop her comfortably body before clipping the ends behind her neck.

“What could I do for you today, miss? Just a trim?” I teased.

She shook her head vigorously. “I’d like it very short, please,” she flashed an angelic smile.

I crept towards her ear, making sure my whispered words were clear as day. “Could you care to be more… specific, miss?”

She stifled a chuckle. “I want it much shorter than before- clipper short.” She paused for a moment, looking like she was finding her words. “Something like a… high n’ tight.”

I bit my lip, trying to savour every word she spoke out so eagerly. “Very well, miss,” I said before gingerly making my way to the dresser.

I fit in a few things into my apron pocket, and most importantly picked up my trusty pair of clippers. My hand hovered over the guards on the counter, biting my lip.

“If you had to choose a favourite number between one to four… what would it be?” I asked, back still turned to her as I let her indirectly ‘decide’.

“Aww, no zero?” Reyna replied in a playfully disappointed tone. I shot back a glance to see her classic cheeky little face. “Let’s do number one then,” she decided.

I begrudgingly picked up the number one guard, a little sad that she understood the code I was hiding. I snapped the guard on the head of the clippers before heading back to my position behind the chair, making sure I turned it around so she’s be kept in suspense of the process. “Wait… it’s your first time with the clippers, isn’t it, miss?” I realised. She nodded excitedly like a little girl, her overgrown bangs flopping in front of her. “Hmm… good.” I crept up to her ear again. “I want you to do me a favour.”


“While I do your hair, I want you to show me how much you want this,” I instructed as I handed her a little tube from under the cape. I felt her hand on mine, her skin so delicate and soft rubbing against my palm before stifling a gasp when she realised what it was. “Can you do that for me?”

She flashed her devilish smirk. “Yes ma’am.”

“Good girl.” I fished out my comb, giving her messy waves a bit of a neatening while she got herself ready. “You ready?” I asked, hand on her shoulder.

“Whenever you are.”

Flick. Pop. Bzzzzz

I could feel her jump a little, but she steadied herself. With a free hand I gently pushed her head down. I placed the clippers at the base of her neckline where the wispy hairs grew past, and I could hear her gasp in anticipation. ”One high n’ tight, coming up.”

Bzzaaaaa. Bzzzaaaa. Bzzaaaa.

The clippers began mowing the lawn on her nape, and I watched as those wispy locks cascaded down onto her shoulders. Her breaths got a little quicker as I made firm but quick strokes, her hands gently thrusting away under the cape.

Bzzzaaaa. Bzzzaaaa. Bzzzaaaaaa.

It only took so much to clean up the back, and in only a few minutes she was left with a really short stubble at the back that revealed her skin, while clumps of her hair gathered at the back of her shoulders. I playfully flicked a few of those shorn locks forward. I heard a moan escape from her, her eyes intently staring at the locks that fell. I chuckled, finishing up the back part of her hair with my clippers while she pleasured herself.  I blew a little cold wind at that exposed part of her head, clearing any loose strands with a few fingers as I felt her shiver. “You like how that feels?” I inquired.

“Mmm.” I turned off the clippers, and her eyes shot open with a disappointed look.“Come, give me your hand,” I instructed with an open palm. “The clean one.”

Reyna took her right hand out from under the cape cautiously, turning to look at me quizzically. I took the palm of her hand then rubbed it against the back of her head.

“Oh my god,” she found it hard to stifle a moan.

“You love that, huh?”

Fuck yes,” she exclaimed as her fingers traversed that buzzed part of her head, while her other fingers under the cape clearly traversed further.

“Of course you do,” I smirked at her. “Hands back under now, miss.”

“Y-yes ma’am,” she snapped out of her reverie a little disappointedly, but obediently followed her orders.

I unhooked the clippers and brought them back to life once more. “I’ve still got a lot to go- you better not finish so soon.” I moved to her right now, tilting her head towards the left while positioning the clippers at the base of her overgrown sideburns. With careful strokes I began shearing the right side, her eyes glanced intently to the side where I worked.

Surely enough, every time a tuft of hair was shorn off, I felt her breathing get considerably faster, her moans making a brilliant symphony. Her locks fell in messy clumps onto the striped cape with soft ‘plop’s, and I could tell Reyna was slowly piecing together the end result I was bringing her to.

It didn’t take long for me to reduce the right side of her head to really short stubble- little pricks of her brown hair jutted uniformly to the point that I could see her skin. I turned off the clippers yet again, and could hear an audible sound of disappointment from her when she realised I’d stopped.

I devilishly chuckled, her face flushed red from the cutoff. “Do you like the feeling of the clippers on your skin?” I asked as I got out a little neck brush from my apron pocket.

“Yes, ma’am,” Reyna nodded as I lightly dusted the section I had just cleaned up good to a number #1, cleaning up some of the little severed hairs that stuck to her head.

“My god, I can see your skin,” I commented as a finger traced her temple. Reyna gasped as she felt my finger caress her exposed side, closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling. Without much warning I lowered my head, giving her a gentle kiss on the near-naked area above her ears. She moaned as I kissed, slowly moving down towards the top of her ears. I started nibbling lightly, hearing those moans play so delicately while I felt her continue to pleasure herself. And just as she thought that could be all- I unleashed my tongue on her ear.

Fuck, ahh” Reyna let out so delightfully before biting down on her lip.

I giggled maniacally as her eyes opened, cheeks flushed from my little act of mischief. “Did you finish?” She fervently shook her head, her teeth clenched in determination. “Good girl.”

I made my way to her left side now, not giving her much time to recover as I flicked the clippers back on. Carefully and methodically I sheared the left side down to a fuzz as her brown locks fell onto her shoulders. The mound of hair in her lap slowly grew as I worked, and I’m sure she didn’t expect it to seem so much for such a short head of hair she started with.

“Are you still with me, miss?” I teasingly inquired as I began running the clippers thoroughly over the sides and back of her head, making sure I didn’t miss a spot.


“Never been this short before, huh?” I asked the obvious. She looked really cute with a sort of undercut like that- and it was so fucking sexy how focused she was at getting herself off, her eyes still shut in trance.

“No, ma’am,” she replied

“Are you scared?”

“No, ma’am,” she fervently shook her head.

“That’s my girl,” I remarked. I began rubbing around her head as I was finishing up, slowly dusting off little bits of clippings. I started giving her a head scratch, and she was almost instantly enchanted by the feeling of my nails on her skin. “I can’t believe you let your hair grow out this much,” I chided playfully as my free hand slowly  reached the top of her head, running my fingers through her locks that were reaching far forward onto her forehead. “It seems like the first time I did it for you wasn’t short enough, hm?”

Reyna let out a small giggle between gasps. “No, ma’am.”

“So how short shall we do the top then, miss?” I asked sternly.

“Very short, ma’am,” Reyna pleaded. “So short that I don’t even have enough hair on top to play with,” she confidently requested.

“Hmm… I like that idea- yeah, that’ll be enough to teach you a lesson. Snipping it off close to the scalp sounds like a great idea,” I announced as I turned off the clippers.

“No!” She opened her eyes almost immediately, and I shot a glance rather curiously with a raised brow. “No scissors,” she turned to look up at me, her hands still doing work underneath. “Clippers.”

“You want clippers? On top?”

“Yes please- yes!” she was nodding fervently.

“Are you sure?”

“Mmm!” she sounded ecstatically desperate.

“You know there’s no going back if I-“

“Shave it!!”

Flick. Pop, Bzzzzz-zzzaaaaa.

Her moans were almost divine as I made a pass right down the middle of her head, while my free hand tilted her head downward slightly.

Bzzzzz-zzzzzaaaa, zzzaaaaa,

I kept going relentlessly, not giving her any room to stop as I sheared through those overgrown bangs into her wavy crown, strategically making sure each lock of hair spilled forward for her to see it land on the striped cape. She was really in it now, thrusting even faster than before under the cape as I was giving her the full #1.

Bzzzzz-zzzzzaaaa, zzzaaaaa, zzzzaaaaa

As if almost on complete queue with the process, just as I ran the clippers over the last standing tuft of wavy hair, she reached a crescendo.

“Ohhhh, fuck!” She gasped tightly as she came, her eyes shut in pure bliss. I made sure I kept the clippers running all over her, cleaning up the rest of her head while she let it out.

My heart was bursting in absolute delight, getting wet between my own legs while holding up my confident front. Never in my life had I ever imagined anything remotely close to this sort of ecstasy to unfold before my eyes, and life continued to surprise me when Reyna was around.

“How did that feel?” I asked when I felt she had recovered a little.

“Fucking amazing,” she gasped out, cheeks all red and flustered. “I felt- like, EVERYTHING.”

I chuckled, stopping the clippers before giving her a big kiss on her forehead. “Give me your dirty hand,” I ordered. She slowly took her right hand out, still hot and gooey from touching herself. I gave it a casual lick, tasting the delicious acidity. “Good girl.” I then placed her hand inside the wash basin, turning on the tap to rinse off the mess she made with her hands. “You are so fucking hot when you’re begging me to cut your hair.”


“Mhm. You were really into it- I’ve never seen anything like it before.” I turned off the tap, using a small hand towel to dry hers and mine. I grabbed the little hand mirror from my tray before offering it to her. “Look what you’ve done to your hair.” She accepted it with her left hand, timidly putting it in front of her face.


Her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of its sockets when she saw her reflection- just a whole head of fuzzy felt all over her head shorn to a number 1. Her eyes scanned the image of herself intently, turning slowly from left to right to really take it all in.

Reyna’s other hand popped out from under the cape, now starting to traverse upwards as she explored her fully buzzed head. That is so good.”

“I know.”

“I can’t believe it’s all just- gone,” she lamented, her eyes now glancing down at the cape that was filled with the big mess that was all her severed hair- locks that were on her head just a few minutes ago before.

“On the bright side, you won’t have to comb it for a while,” I teased as I rubbed the prickly remnants of her hair. “Neat, clean and short. This is what a good girl looks like. Do you like it?”

“Yes, ma’am.” She nodded in pure happiness. “Although…” My heart stopped, wondering with a passion what else could come out of this. “Could you fade the sides and back a little bit into the skin? Might look a bit more sick,” Reyna requested before handing the mirror back to me.

And yet again, her input into her own style somehow made much more sense than the vision I had in my head of it. “Sounds good to me,” I said as I took the mirror back.

I took off the guard from the clippers and flicked them back on, though not for the reason I initially had been terrified would come. Slowly and methodically I began fading her sides and back, this time the both of us in completely control of ourselves as I finished up the cut.

It didn’t take long before I was done shaping it up, and it was time to put the finishing touches. After hooking the clippers back on I got out a clean towel from the rack below the tray and tucked it into the back collar of the cape. I went to the little foam dispenser that I had beside the wash basin, getting a generous amount only palm before spreading it across her hairline and sideburns.

“I’m gonna need you to keep real still for me, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’s my girl.” I got out my trusty straight razor and got to work, cleaning up the neckline and sideburns with careful, decisive strokes. It was a peaceful atmosphere, just hearing the scrr scrr of the razor on her skin as I finished shaping up her faded buzzcut.

With the last few strokes done I wiped her sides with the towel of any excess foam, her smile still plastered on her face so angelically. I threw the towels into a little laundry bin at the back of the room before I got out my neck brush once more. “This is one of my favourite parts,” I said before I began dusting her fuzzy head of hair. Reyna giggled as the bristles of the brush tickled her exposed scalp, slowly sweeping off the little stubborn hairs that stayed on her skin.

“You ready for the final reveal?” I asked


I turned the chair to face the floor length mirror, and she was entranced. Her head bobbed from left to right, trying to take in every bit of her hair as I undid the neck strip and the clip at the back of her cape. With one swift motion I swung it off her, making sure I gave it a good dust for her to see the amount of hair she had lost today.

With both her hands she explored her buzzed head once more, this time with her full image of her still half-naked in her undergarments in my red chair. “I love love love it!” Reyna confessed so emphatically. “This is literally the best feeling.”

“It is, isn’t it?” I agreed as I hug the cape back up. “What do you say?”

She stopped to sit back up straight, with her hands on her lap to look at me through the mirror. “Thank you, ma’am.” She looked down at the stained chair in a sort of shyness. “I’m sorry about the mess I made.”

“Oh, no no. Don’t apologise for that. You did nothing wrong,” I said as I went in front of her. Guiding both her hands I gestured her to stand up, her taller demeanour still something I wasn’t used to. I leant in to give her a full kiss on the lips, one that was filled with so much raw passion from her that even last night couldn’t compete.

We warred with our lips and tongues, and just as we were about to get really heated I retracted. “Uh-uh,” I stopped her with a finger. “Why don’t you clean yourself up a little in the shower first and warm it up while I clean the room. I’ll join you when I’m done, okay?”

She nodded obediently, then proceeded to the bathroom with a confident strut, a hand still on her head still adorably rubbing all over her fuzzy pelt on her head.

Vampiric speed was a blessing, especially when it came to boring things like cleaning up after a big mess. Just as I was about to finish up I heard my phone’s ding from my room. I zipped in to pick it up, sighing at the name that popped above the message.



I want details.



What if I told you we both won the bet?



…how’s that even possible



We went out, we had a great night, we had a little more… but technically, she asked me out




Well this is… new

But I think I know how to settle this bet then 🙂



Oh no



Gimme her number 😉



Kim you’re married with kids what do you MEAN give you her number

Also why are you trying to steal her from me what is this




I meant

Let me talk to her and explain the bet

I’ll give her suggestions, then it’s completely up to her to decide how she wants to settle this bet 🙂







I think it’s only fair since she was the one with the balls to ask you out 🙂



In my defence it was REALLY sudden

But okay



Oh cheer up Carms

We all know you enjoy bottoming too 😉


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