Vanessa goes all in! (Part 3)

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Sorry for the long read, but this one is a more in-depth story as it quite a big leap for Vanessa. Hope y’all enjoy!

3 months have passed since Vanessa’s last haircut, and she is particularly annoyed with how this haircut is growing out. It is not exactly convenient, as she cannot put it in a ponytail or a bun.

Vanessa has started working as well, and her workload is quite stressful. She works in Sales, and working on end of the months can be brutal. The last month was particularly harsh. She cannot quit her job, as she has just started. So, she decides to make her life a little less complicated by doing something about her hair.

She has discussed with her close friends about getting a super short haircut. Pretty much everyone has opposed the idea, and told her it would be stupid to do so. While Vanessa sees where they are coming from, it is a matter of convenience for her.

Her friends try to convince her otherwise, and remind her of how she used to love her long hair. Vanessa however believes she has changed a lot since then. Which is true, her priorities have changed, she doesn’t have time for romantic indulgences and has to focus on her career atleast for the time being. She reassures herself by saying that hair will always grow back and decides to go with her original impulse and books an appointment with Destiny.

Vanessa is unsure of how short she wants to go, but she wants to go quite short. She browses through Pinterest looking for some inspirations.

She came through this picture-

Which was what she had in mind initially, however she was thinking of a cut which was more long term. She felt this would be a mess to style after like 2 months of cutting it. So she looked for something that was more shorter.

She finally found this picture of Joey King-

And this is what she felt like she wanted to go for, something this short. She was not completely sold on the idea, and she could not find better references that fit what she had in her mind. But for the time being, this is what she would show Destiny.

Once she had finished browsing on Pinterest, she took a minute to just think it over. Is this really what she wants? Because there is no going back. Maybe her friends are saying the right thing? Too many things are running in her mind, this is not a simple decision. She decides to sleep on it, and decide all of this tomorrow.

Vanessa wakes up and walks in to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Her looks completely messy, it is running past her shoulders and in the back it is a clusterfuck. The thought of styling it, dreads her. She begins brushing, but her mind is made up. She needs to cut all this off. She doesn’t have the time nor the patience to style all this. Once she is done brushing, she gets ready for work.

Her appointment with Destiny is scheduled at 6PM, so she will straight leave from her office to the salon.

The work at the office was slow today, or that is what it felt like to Vanessa. Just as she is leaving she teases to her colleagues, that they might see someone new tomorrow. The colleagues start guessing what could that mean, but Vanessa is not there to here their speculation as she is already on her way to Destiny’s.

Vanessa enters the salon as she finds Destiny already waiting for her.

“Hey hon, you look lovely, how have you been?” As Destiny walks over and hugs Vanessa.

Vanessa in a somber manner responds, “It’s been crazy, you look lovely too hon, how have you been doing?”

Both of them start walking to the chair, as they carry on their conversation.

“It’s being going pretty well, this month has been hectic as anything, but it’s been fun.” Destiny responds with a smile, as Vanessa sits on the chair.

“So just a trim or-“ Destiny begins to ask when Vanessa cuts her off.

“Not a trim, cut all of it off.” Vanessa responds dejectedly.

“Yeah this style is very difficult to maintain.” Destiny agrees as she can see her frustration with maintaining her previous haircut.

“It’s the worst and my job makes it harder.” Vanessa replies as she takes out her phone. “So, I had a reference in mind. But it’s not exactly what I want.”

As Vanessa shows her the reference-

“Ooh that is very short.” Destiny exclaims.

“Yeah so something like that, but I kinda wanted it even shorter.” Vanessa responds resolutely.

Destiny is looking at her hair, as she tries to think of alternatives to suggest. Vanessa pockets her phone.

“I just don’t have the time to maintain it, I want something very manageable. Honestly, I don’t care how short it is, just not this.” As she holds up her messy outgrown A-Line Bob.

“Okay so what you showed is like a super short pixie, do you want to go more shorter in the back?”

“Shorter on the back, and on the front.” Vanessa replies looking directly into the mirror into Destiny’s eyes.

“So shorter everywhere basically.” As Destiny laughs.

“Yep, shorter everywhere.” Vanessa also laughs along.

“Okay.” Destiny sighs, as she continues to think of what could be done.

“Like I don’t wanna be annoyed with it 3 months down the road. Like even if I get that cut, that I showed you, it would be a mess soon right?” As Vanessa voices her concern.

“Yeah, I mean it would grow past your ears and you would have to style it a bit, or come for a trim.” As Destiny agrees.

Both of them sigh, thinking of what can be done.

“Okay, what do we feel about a buzzcut?” Destiny asks with hesitation.

Vanessa ponders on that for a second, “With the machine you mean?”

“Yeah so I use that all over your head, so it would be way shorter than the pixie you showed.” As Destiny answers her.

“Can you like choose, how short you want it or is it like a standard size?” Vanessa asks curiously, clearly unaware of how clipper guards works.

Destiny clears his doubts without any frustration, “You can choose, so I can start with the longest option and then go shorter from there.”

“So with the longest, I am so sorry for asking so many questions-“ Vanessa asks still looking confused.

Destiny shrugs it off with a smile, “Oh no hon, it’s all good. Okay so with the longest, it will be as short as the sides on the reference you showed.”

Vanessa takes out her phone to look at the reference once again. She looks at it, “Oh yeah that works then, yeah the longest one definitely.”

“Perfecto, we can go shorter from there if you want it more.” As Destiny walks off with a smile to get the cape.

“Yeah that sounds lovely.” As Vanessa keeps looking at the reference picture and trying to imagine how she would look with that.

Destiny walks in with the cape and begins putting it on Vanessa.

As she is putting it, Vanessa has a question. “So like will it be like uniform and all one length or can it be like gradual.”

Destiny pins the cape as she answers, “Whatever you want hon, I can do it that way.”

Vanessa gives a smile, “So can it be like gradual, so like long on the top, and then shorter as it goes to the back?”

Destiny has finished caping and looks at Vanessa with a smile, “Whatever is your wish, is my command hon.” As she walks off to get the comb, scissors and the clippers.

Vanessa gives a wide smile, however it doesn’t take long for butterflies to come in her stomach. She is giddy, she doesn’t know what is going to happen and how she will look like. She is getting a haircut that boys get, no she is getting something even shorter. She cannot believe that she is actually doing this. So many things are rushing through her head as she looks at her messy outgrown bob.

Destiny walks in with all her instruments, and without wasting time. She attaches a number 6 guard to her clippers and starts them up. The buzzing sound is the only thing Vanessa can hear and she is nervous as anything.

Destiny brings the clippers close to her forehead and then pauses for a second, as she looks at Vanessa. “Are we sure?”

Vanessa thinks for a second, “Yep.”

Destiny brings the clippers to her head and starts pushing them gently. The clippers slowly start cutting away at her hair, she is almost halfway through on the first pass, when she shakes the clippers off. The long strands of her hair fall to the ground. Vanessa sees herself in the mirror, and bristly strands of her can be seen in the center. She cannot bring herself to see more of it, as she shuts her eyes off.

Destiny continues pushing the clippers through her hair, the first pass gets fully completed. Then she moves towards the other parts of her hair which is still long, slowly clippering that away as well. Destiny is meticulous and gentle with the clippers. It takes a few minutes, before she has completed the first pass all over Vanessa’s head. Just as the last long strand is cut off, Destiny turns the clippers off to clean it. Vanessa opens her eyes slowly to see herself.

She is unrecognizable. Her messy hair is gone, and she looks like an army recruit. She runs her hands through her head and feels the bristles. Her hair is less than an inch all around her head. She doesn’t know how to react, as for her this is still sinking in.

Destiny notices her and asks, “Surreal ain’t it.”

“I don’t even know what to say.” Vanessa mumbles as she still runs her fingers through her head.

“That is a very relevant reaction, yes.” Destiny laughs, as she turns on the clippers once again, having cleaned it.

She continues to makes passes on Vanessa’s head and trying to make sure she hasn’t left any hair. She finishes a few passes and then turns the clippers off and looks into the mirror. “So what do we think, is this the length perfect or do we wanna go shorter?”

Vanessa is still looking in fascination and runs her fingers through her, yet again.

“So I will obviously cut the sides shorter, but on the top is this okay?” Destiny finishes her thought.

After a thinking for a few Vanessa asks, “This was a 6 right?”

A nod answers Vanessa’s question. She is confused and then asks, “So if it is like a 4 or 3 how much shorter, does it get?”

“So 6 is like a little less than an inch, 4 is probably like half an inch and then 3 is something like 3/8 inches. If my memory serves correctly.” As Vanessa answers as she also thinks.

“I mean, it’s already so short, but I don’t know.” Vanessa thinks out loudly.

“Take your time hon, I just got a call I have to take. Be back in like a minute.” As Destiny walks off to take her call.

Vanessa looks at her hair, as she runs her fingers through her head. It is so short, probably more shorter than she wanted even. She starts browsing through pinterest again, looking for some references for such short hair.

She scrolls through several buzzcuts, but all of them are one-length and look quite weird to her. She scrolls for a few and then she stumbles across this picture-

The first thought that comes to her, it looks really cool. But then she also instantly sees the sides and that she is practically bald. The reference really is appealing to her but also insanely scary, what if she can’t pull this off?

Destiny walks in, “Sorry about that hon, it was Rob, had to take that.”

Vanessa who is engrossed in her thoughts says, “Okay so I had a reference.” She shows the picture to Destiny.

“That’s a proper bald fade, it would look good for sure. Certainly catches attention.” Destiny nods as she keeps looking at the picture.

“So in the sides, that is like a ?” Vanessa ponders.

“Yeah, that’s a 0. But it gradually grows up to 1 and then at the top it’s a 2.” Destiny answers instantaneously.

“Damn.” Is all Vanessa can say, as she looks at the reference intently. Is this really what she wants?

“Let’s do it.” She says as she pockets her phone and takes a deep breath.

“It will look amazing, fade’s are always cool, even more so on girls.” Destiny replies as she removes the guard on the clippers and turns on the clippers.

This time, she starts from the nape and is quick with the passes. It is without any guard, so Vanessa is being buzzed down to her skin, as her recently buzzed short hair falls down in chunks down to the ground.

It is an eerie sensation fo Vanessa as she starts to feel a breeze on her nape, and it grows in area as Destiny makes more passes in the back. For the time being, Vanessa can’t see how it looks like.

Once Destiny is done with the back, she moves to the left side of Vanessa. She quickly brings the clippers past her ears and moves the clippers straight up past her eyebrows all the way up and just below her hairline. The chunk of her hair falls down, and Vanessa for the first time can see her skin.

Destiny quickly makes more passes around her ear and taking up the clippers to the same point just below her hairline. Once she is done with the left side, she repeats the process on the right side. It takes a few minutes before she is done with the right side. Once she is done, she turns the clippers off and looks for the number 1 guard.

Vanessa looks herself in the mirror and she cannot believe her eyes. She looks straight out of boot camp. She thinks she looks like an idiot, but then reassures herself that once the haircut is done it would look better. But she is not too optimistic. Destiny has attached the number 1 guard on the clippers and turns them on again. Vanessa sighs.

She quickly moves the clippers from just below the hairline to her hair at the top, with the idea of creating a fade. The difference is negligible to Vanessa’s eyes, but she can see small pieces of hair falling down and that is all she cares about. Her hair is being cut shorter.

It take Destiny a few minutes to be satisfied with the number 1 guard, and then once she is, she attaches the number 2 guard. She turns them on and quickly mows down the remainder of her hair. It falls down quickly on the ground, her capes, everywhere.

After a few minutes and a couple of passes, she is all done. Vanessa looks at the mirror, and she looks exactly the reference picture, the resemblance is uncanny. That is the surprising part for her, she doesn’t look as bad as she thought she would. She actually finds the haircut to suit her. But Destiny, is not done yet.

She comes with the clippers again, with the number 1 guard and makes more passes. It’s a few more more minutes, before she is completely satisfied. Then the haircut is all done.

Vanessa runs her fingers through her hair, and it is like running it across velcro. She loves it though. “Thank you so much Destiny.”

“It’s a big step, but hey it suits you.” Destiny replies as she is already cleaning all the hair around.

“Not gonna hug you, as all the hair would come on to you, but love you and thank you so much.” As Vanessa replies with a big smile as she walks out.

“Bye hon.” As Destiny is still cleaning the hair up.

Vanessa walks out, still running her hands through her hair. Wondering how her office will react to her hair. But she doesn’t care about that right now, she loves it.

Vanessa will return soon for more adventures with her hair!

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  1. Very good series. This Screams for a part 4. I’d love to follow Vanessa outside the salon & really find out how all her friends & co workers react. Plus, with your final line of her returning soon for more adventures with her hair, given all that has happened so far she seems destined to end up completely shaved/bald at some point. It feels like a total 180, where she had such long hair for so long to now wanting barely any/no hair at all. Does she maintain it? Does she invest in a good set of clippers & learn to deal with it herself or does she frequent the salon more often for upkeep, which may end up going against her original idea of not wanting to deal with it? So many questions. I hope some answers will be provided. Also, I’m a very visual person so I love that you’ve included links with pictures of her styles & inspiration.

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