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The sound of water dripping woke Alice up. 

“What? Where am I? ” Alice thought.

She was in a tiny bathroom she figured. It was a filthy old bathroom, its walls covered with styrofoam pads. Her heart began to race.

She noticed then the way she was tied up to the wooden chair she sat on facing the mirror.

” Hello!? Help !!!” she cried, shaking uncontrollably.

This went one for minutes until Alice finally gave up exhausted and hopeless.

“Help. . . ” she pleaded once more but to no avail.


Alice rose her head, feeling her heart pumping faster than ever. Who was it? 

The footsteps stopped, followed by the sound of the wooden door behind Alice being opened.

Alice cried in horror as she witnessed the man in black standing behind her.

The man was athletically built. Standing at 6’9 he wore full black clothes top to toe including his black mask covering all of his face but his two eyes and mouth.

They both had eye contact through the mirror as Alice stopped her cries.

“Who are you and what do you want from me! ?” Alice suddenly roared at the man even surprising herself.

“So you’re awake, ” the man said in a deep,  gentle yet familliar voice,  completely ignoring her question.

He ended with a smirk that added to Alice’s unease, before leaving the room.

Alice mind raced. She tried remembering every single detail she is experiencing and more importantly how she was kidnapped.

It didn’t take long for her to recall her last events. . .

Then sun shone rejuvenatingly she remembered.  It was a Monday morning when Ben was just leaving for work.

Ben was Alice’s boyfriend. Attractive, intelligent yet humorous, it was no wonder how the two got together so well. They had been together for only 2 months but in their hearts they knew they were meant to be.

“Be back home by 7 alright honey? Dinner’s on me. ” Alice said, waving her hand to Ben as he prepared the car, ” I love you!!!”

“I love Hamburgers, Apples, Ice cream and Rum. But I love you too. ” Ben said as be drove off.

Alice came back into the house to do her daily workouts when it all went black.

Reality hit Alice hard in the head when the sound of footsteps came back,  faster this time.

The man reappeared. But this time with a suit case on one hand.

He placed his suitcase on a small table behind me and opened it.

Alice gasped quietly as the man looked at what was in the suitcase with so much awe. He started taking something out of the case. Whatever was going to happen next,  Alice was not ready.

Alice jumped as she saw the shiny steel colour of what seemed to be haircutting scissors.

“No. . . No. . NO! ! ” Alice shrieked.

Tears began rolling out of her cheeks uncontrolled. She couldn’t believe what was going to happen.

She looked at the mirror and finally saw who she really was.

She was undeniably an attractive lady. In her early 30s, her long blonde hair which hung all the way to her butt was one of the things that just made nature force men to turn their heads.

She in fact had been growing out her hair due to Ben’s advice. She remembered how Ben described Alice as being the most beautiful woman he has ever seen but as a godess with her hair long. This led Alice to grow more of her then already long luscious hair.

The man started walking to her back.

He took a loud breathe and let it out.

Without hesitation he began the procedure. Alice could only close her eyes.

The man gently grabbed the side of her hair amd began slicing her hair. Alice stood there struck with fear and suspense, feeling her long luscious hair cascading like a waterfall around her dead to the filthy floor.

Alice shut her eyes tighter every time the man cut a piece of her hair, trying to hide from the horrible reality she is facing right then.

The man worked her way around her head with incredible prescision without the use of a comb. After a brief few minutes he was done…or at least for right now.

Alice noticed the stopping of the cuts and really slowly opened her eyes to see what the wicked creature has done to her beautiful crown.

Instead what she saw brought awe to her heart.

She saw that her hair had been receded to a beautiful wavy long bob which hung a few inches below her shoulders. She couldn’t believe herself but she thought she looked cute. Cuter than before. Ben would’ve loved this. 

Her moments of awe were cut short as the man continued with his procedure to process his victim. 

 He continued by grabbing a section of Alice’s hair,  higher this time.  He grabbed just below her hair just below her neck and again began cutting her hair.

“No. .  No more. .  Please. . ” Alice thought.

Tears came back rolling out of her eyes.

He worked his way around her head again once more except this time Alice could feel the cold steel surface of the scissors touching her neck.

It was pretty fast but the man just wouldn’t stop cutting. He worked his way to Alice’s bangs now. Alice couldn’t bear it anymore.

She cried out louder as she saw the cold steel blades close infront of her eyes cutting away her bangs so short it hung up inches above her eyebrow. The man cut with so much pleasure, cutting her bangs slowly,  each cut showing more and more of Alice’s gorgeous face.

Alice bent her head down in heartbreak knowing her hair had been taken away from her. She hated what she saw in the mirror.  Sure she still looked pretty.  The cut made her face appear rounder and made her appear way younger. Nonetheless she hated it. But it was far from over.

The man came back to his suit case to grab another object. Alice no longer bothered seeing, thinking it can’t get any worse.

The sound of buzzing did it. There she looked up through the mirror to see a huge electrical clipper on the man’s hand.

With extreme accuracy he drove the machine up Alice’s nape mowing her hair.

Her bob was finished.

Alice’s mind flooded back to the times when people complimented her gorgeous hair, especially Ben. She loved her long hair, and so did everyone else.

Now she she sat on the wooden chair humiliated by the man.

“What did I do to deserve this? ” she thought.

Reality got more hellish when she realised that makeover time is over.

The man grabbed the top of her hair with sheer force.  Alice could feel the sharp pain on her scalp,  reflecting on her heartbreak. Alice responded with a shriek of physical pain.

With the full hand of hair the man began cutting her hair harshly. Large amounts of blonde hair fell in clumps as he butchered Alice’s hair throughout.

He cut ruthlessly.

Snipping every visible “long”  hair as barbaric as possible. He grabbed her bangs and cut them as close as he could to her skin.

Her hair was now a hot mess of uneven 2-inch-hairs. Alice weeped silently now, her energy drained from the horror.

The man grabbed the clippers once more.

He placed a guard before mowing away Alice’s sides leaving the top. Combining the clippers and a comb, he created a flattop on Alice’s head.

If the man intended to make Alice appear unappealing, he may have just done so by giving her the male cut.

Alice lost her sense of feel. First she felt her hair, her personality taken away from her. Now she felt her gender stripped away as well. She was broken.

After appearing satisfied the man began the killing blow. He once more took the clippers and changed them for a shorter guard.

The man suddenly bent down.

“Bye, bye hair,  ” he whispered in Alice’s ears.

The man placed the very clippers right on Alice’s forehead and drove them all the way back. Blonde hair seemed to shower endlessly.

Alice observed in defeat as her hair on top gets apparently less and less as the man drove the clippers row after row on Alice’s head. After finishing the top he continued with shortening the sides even more.

It was complete.

Alice’s head now lay as a round brown stubble.

It was so short throughout it was almost satisfying to see for Alice.

The man broke out in laughter as he rubbed his hand all over her head.

“now i wanna see it smooth” he exclaimed putting down his scissors on the shelf in front of Alice. Alice saw the scissors infront of her and again her mind raced.

The man went to take a bottle of shaving cream to apply on Alice’s head. He tried squirting out the cream only to find out its all finished.

He sighed and left the room to get a new bottle.

Alice knew this all too soon.  She realised her opportunity.

She tried taking the scissors with her fingers as her hands were tied.

After some tries she finally got hold of the scissors and quickly cut the zip ties holding her limbs.

She was free.

However the footsteps came all too soon.

She looked around for any object to fend herself and grabbed the suitcase.

Awaiting her ambush Alice hid behind the wall.

The man came in unexpected of Alice and got hit with the sheer force of Alice with his own suitcase knocking him in the head cold onto the ground.


The man lay motionless on the ground. Alice was shocked yet relieved knowing she no longer will be his toy.

She then realised her phone had been with her the entire time.

“Why didn’t he take it? “Alice thought .

Nevertheless Alice quickly walked out of the bathroom and proceeded to call for help, for Ben.

Alice stopped walking and turned back to the bathroom, realizing something very wrong.

She chose not to call Ben.

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