Vinitha and Her Sister’s Revenge

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Hi, I’m Vinitha and I’m pursuing my final year in college. I have a long thick hair reaching below my waist. All my friends, relatives and even my boyfriend are very fond of my hair and love to brush my hair whenever I wanted. Every two months, myself and my sister studying in school will go to beauty salon and get our hairs trimmed, then pedicure, manicure and even spa.

Everything went goon until my sister got failed in her exams. Both my father and mother was, shouting at her and gave her a final warning that she will be punished if failed again. She nodded and studied for exams well. After a month she again failed in exams. When the results came, I was trimming her hair as she asked to do it. Father came in very angrily and shouted at her. She did not respond and keep on concentrating on her hair and trimming. On seeing this mom got angry and came to me and whispered in my ears to cut her hair till shoulder length. I hesitated, since i know the value of long hair. Hers was upto mid back but straight and shiny.

Sisters Haircut

Mom told ‘Ipo nee ava mudiya vettala na, unnoda mudiya cut panna vendi irukum’ (if you don’t cut her hair, i will cut yours)’. On hearing this, I automatically rose up, placed the scissors on her shoulder and SNIP! SNIP! SNIP!… Now my sister realized that her hair has bren chopped and started crying on seeing her locks on floor. I felt very bad for her and told her that it was mom’s instructions. She got angry on me more than me because she trusted me and I betrayed her. She did not talked to me for two days. After a week school principal called mt parents and said that my sister was caught kissing a boy in school and warned severely. Mom and dad is very angry with her and gave heavy slaps to her. Zhe was crying all day.

Sister’s boyish haircut

A week passed and I’m planning to go for a trim to the salon. When I was getting ready, my mom asked me to take my sister to parlor and cut her hair like a boy. I asked her not to do so, but she starred me with anger. With a bit of hesitation i said ‘okay, I’ll take her’. Suddenly my mom changed her mind and told ‘Nanum varen iniku, enakum mudi vetanum’ (I’ll come today, even I needed a trim). We reached the salon, both myself and mom had a nice trim. Now the stylist asked my sister to come and Sit in chair. She went to her with a sad face and sat on chair. She noticed that my sister’s hair has been chopped by someone other than her and asked my sister. My sister didn’t speak a work and looked back at me. Stylist then wrapped a white cap around her and asked her ‘just trim?’, and my sister said yes. My mom called the stylist and told what she did in school and her plan about boycut. Stylist understood and told my mom that she will take care.
Stylist turned the chair away from mirror and turned it towards us. My sister died being shy facing us. Stylist took her top portion of hair and secured it with a clip. Then combed all her back hair and side hair nicely. She did not spray water to my surprise. She then placed the scissors and comb on right side of her hair near the ear and asked my mom ‘vettidalama’ (shall i cut). My mom nodded with a smile. Stylist started cutting her hair on sides first, back then left side at last. Now she took the clipper and placed on her checks, moved it upwards. My sister was crying like hell. My mon Began to enjoy on seeing this. Now she turned her towards the mirror and held her top side hair in her hand. My sister can now able to see her face. All side and back hair reduced closer to her skin. While seeing this styling took a scissor and chopped all her hair on front of her face. My sister face become red and tears rolling down her cheeks. Stylist then chopped all her hair down to boyish haircut and removed the Cape. My sister looked like my brother now. We both came back to home and Mom with a satisfied look on her face.

After two months, I’m again preparing to go for a trim. My mom also wanted to come since she loved the trim last time. My sister had little grown up boy cut and mom wanted to tidy that too. She asked my sister to come with us and she came with us, I’m surprised since I’m expecting a hesitation from her. Mom asked her to fill up the water bottle and leave. Then we reached the salon. As usual we both sat on chair and sister was waiting.

Sisters Revenge.

Both mom and myself looked tired and sleepy and slept in the chair itself. My sister went to stylist and offered her double payment to do haircut as per her wish for her mom and sister snd and stylist told okay since she wanted money. First my sister itself took the scissors and placed im my mom’s butt legth braid and began to cut it from the neck level and took photos and she loved it. Now she asked the stylist to cut her hair to short pixie style. Stylist then begin to cut her hair, my sister was enjoying each hair falling from head to floor. After few minutes my mom’s hair was like an marine officer.

My Haircut

In the meantime i woke up and shouted to stylist on seeing her mom’s haircut. I could not move and noticed that my hands were tied to the chair. My sister came near me and removed my T-shirt. I shouted tocher but she was not listening. She told ‘if you shout again, I will take photos and post it to Facebook. Hearing this, I kept quite. My sister took a comb and was playing with my long hair. She then combed all my hair to right side and left side and placed on by breast. Now she reached to scissors. I yelled ‘venam di, vitru di’ (Please leave me). She did not listen and starred to cutting half of my hair in front of me. I couldn’t control the tears and cried a lot. She now placed the scissor above my neck and told ‘akka, ithu vara bob cut panitukia’ (have you ever cut hair into bob). I was devastated on hearing this and told, ‘ivlo shorta vettatha please’ (not this short please). She then chopped it with a evil smile. All my glory had been chopped off. I begged her to leave but she went to stylist and whispered something. Stylist came to me and started to cut bangs. I was shocked to see this since i never had bangs. Then my sister placed her hand on my forehead and asked stylist to cut it loke short bangs. My sister showed a picture of emma Watson in pixie cut and asked me ‘unaku ipdi vetti vidanum nu romba naal aasai’ (im planning to cut this on you very long back). I begged not to do this, but she instructed this to stylist. Stylist then took her scissors and began to cut it shorter and shorter. I closed my eyes as I Could not do anything. In half an hour my hair was chopped off like emma watson. My mom’s was even shorter. My sister told that she would leak my topless haircut photo online if they tell to dad.

We left from salon and dad was shocking on seeing us. Next day I’m going to college with this pixie cut. I couldn’t stop crying on thinking about this.

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