Walking by an automatic barbershop

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It’s 2055 and you are walking down the sidewalk and decide to stop in front of the barbershop. Little do you know you are getting scanned to find out if you have hair on your body. The scanner discovers you do have hair so it grabs you and pulls you in. You don’t get to choose what gets shaved or waxed. The robot puts you on a table and your clothes get cut off. You go to the first wash station where the robots wash you so you are clean for your haircut. You get scanned every station and then it will be decided if you get shaved or waxed. Your head will get shaved but eyebrows will get waxed. Everything else will get shaved also. After that you will get vacuumed off and polished. Then you can go about what you were doing before hand dressed in a pair of clothes provided.

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