Watch out for Jack!

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Jack and I had our ups and downs for sure, but by and large a good marriage. The last few years not so good. The kids grown and gone, us growing apart, both accusing each other of cheating, etc… But we finally decided to give it another try and lay it all on the table. I came clean with wanting him to curb the drinking and traveling, he admitting the sex needed a jump start, but he promised the topic of my hair (he loved it super short), was a thing of the past. Over the past few years it had gotten super long and I really enjoyed the compliments…  of course, me being a hairdresser, it was always a topic of conversation, long or short.

One evening as we had a few glasses of wine, Jack agreed to show me his futile attempt at the whole online dating gig during the last few months – as did I! As the glasses turned to a few bottles, the conversations turned a bit ugly, combative and eventually downright mean. Him threatening to kick some guys ass …. whoever I showed him, and me, well, I’ll admit, my jealousy was immense – here’s how this turned out:

“So, what’s up with these 3 or 4 bitches you have saved in your favorites. Did you fuck them?” I said, sooo freakin’ pissed. Jack sat silently, slightly embarrassed, me all well knowing one thing about him, his weakness for women with short hair, which all of them had in some sort of fashion.

“No not at all asshole, some people are on those sites just to meet nice folks, it’s not always about fucking someone” Jack said, as he attempted to delete his profile. As I scrolled through the conversations from some of the ladies, it was clearly evident that Jack was attracted to their shorter hairstyles and their conversations were always hair related.

‘If we’re going to get past all this, you need to get past the whole hair issue once an for all” I said as Jack continued to sip his glass of wine.

“I tell you what I’ll do for you, I know how much of a turn on it had always been for you to watch me get my haircut super short years ago, but if we’re going to make this work, I’ll give you a gift you can remember for years to come. And just maybe, you’ll get past the shit with me and we can lead a semi normal life – WTF!”

“What did you have in mind” Jack said as he began to stiffen as usual around his crouch – the mere talk of the whole haircut shit always got him aroused…

“I see you’ve been hinting to all 3 of the bitches you’ve been talking to about how you would love it if they went shorter with their cuts, saying the whole – I’ll bet you would look so stylish, you should try it a bit shorter, you even asked one if she’d ever had clippers used on her hair – all the same bullshit from years before. We’ll play a little game. You talk them all into a new, shorter cut, set up the appointments and I’ll do the honors. I’ll ask Mildred if I can use her shop across town one Saturday evening after she closes, and you can let them know your “Barber” also has many, many  female clients… ” You can come in for a haircut, encourage them to sit for a quick trim, and enjoy this whole fetish crap one last time before we put this shit to bed for good”

Several weeks past and Jack had finally arraigned and convinced all 3 ladies, (all in their mid to late 50’s) to meet him at his “barbers” shop on that fall Saturday evening, all about an hour and 1/2 apart starting at noon. Jack had told them that he would be getting his hair cut, and they could simply join him conveniently at the shop… Mildred closes her shop at 11 am on Saturdays, as we have known each other for years through our grown kids. I told her I was filming a “short hair video” (boy was I ever) and she gladly gave me the keys to her one chair, old fashioned shop – a staple in the town for nearly 40 years. She had cut Jack’s hair off and on for years and he knew the arsenal of clippers that hung from the counter at Mildred’s shop…

Arriving at the shop around 11:45 that Saturday morning, I waited patiently as Jack arrived with “Deb” a rather conservative looking, a bit over weight, motherly type with a bubbly personality for sure. Jack was first in the chair and as usual, I cleaned up his super short high-n-tight, which I knew aroused him and set the stage for the afternoon… After a few pleasantries, Deb sat in the chair and began some small talk about how Jack and her met, his affection for her shorter style (a fucking mistake), their plans for the evening and even their plans to go to the beach the following weekend, etc… eventually her kids and ……. blah, blah, blah. The conversation was to much to bare…

“I’ve been cutting Jacks hair for years, he’a such a great guy” I said as I pumped the chair and tightened the cape around her neck.

“Jack said you have many female clients, you wouldn’t think so since it’s primarily a barbershop and all” Deb said as she smiled at Jack coming from the back room. “Oh yes, I cut all the ladies from the base, especially during basic and AIT” With a confused look it only took a few seconds for the words to register and that base meant military base (Fort Jones) and the female clients of Mildred’s were all new Army recruits!

“Head down Deb” as I firmly placed my hand on Debs crown, firing up Mildred’s loud clippers with the vacuum suction. As the compressor kicked on in the back room, I could feel her slight resistance pushing back against the clippers. The first pass was enough to make Jack move his hand down into his shorts as I turned his date toward the mirror. Jack now had a full view of her exposed nape, and with the #000 blade attached, the hair began to fall on the back of the cape and on to the floor. I could see Jack stroking his cock, Deb with no idea, as she was facing the mirror, me with a firm grip on her crown, her chin buried in her chest. Pass after pass, up and down, and from the #000 to the #00000, it revealed a white, shiny scalp, both on her nape and around her ears.  After 20 minutes or so, I had Jack’s date down to a super short pixie fade, balded on the nape and sides, just long enough on the top for a dab of gel.

Deb was at a loss for words as Jack walked over an held her hand. “Wow, that’s a huge change – it looks amazing! Sharon, you’re a master with clippers for sure. Deb, what do you think”? I spun the chair around and held the mirror – revealing Deb’s newly buzzed style. Spinning the chair from side to side, I could see Deb desperately looking for signs of hair, some hair, something to tussle, toss or tease – there was nothing left..

As Deb rose from the chair and gave her neck the first full rub, I saw a woman almost reduced to tears – just barely holding back the tears.

“It is indeed short for sure” Deb said, as she again rubbed her nape and felt around her ears. “Sit back down for one sec honey, I might have missed a spot or two on the neckline” As Deb sat back in the chair, I noticed Mildred’s electric razor on full charge and I immediately tilted her head down and raced the razor around, removing everything down to the skin. A dab of talc and a splash of honestly what I believe was was some sort on hair tonic from the 50’s – and Deb was ready for basic!

“All done honey” I hope you like it, Jack told me how much you really love the super short look – it’s great both you guys have that in common. As Deb walked over and grabbed her coat, I could see her rub the back of her nape again in disbelief, with Jack escorting her to the door.

“Thanks guys” – Jack, If you all want to stop in next week before you head off to the beach, stop back by, the shop will be open til 5 as usual” I said as Deb turned with a blank stare. “I know you’ll need a good clean up before your trip, and Deb, I’ll tighten yours up as well while you’re here” And with a smile, Jack walked her to her car.

Exit Deb, enter Faith at 1:30 – In minutes, gone was her mousy short bob, to unveil her new flattop, with the horseshoe top, and whitewall sides!

Exit Faith, enter Gail at 3:00 – Bye-bye messy pixie, I took Gail down to a #1 crew-cut, with the #000 sides and back!

As each lady walked out of the shop, I could see Jack waving his hands, hugging, consoling, trying to talk, almost getting slapped, etc…it wasn’t all good for him, as each drove off seemingly pissed to no end. Just think, they all walked in the shop sitting reluctantly even for a trim, leaving with a Flattop, a Crew-cut, and a buzzed pixie! Regardless – I do believe Jack would remember this day forever!

The afternoon wrapped up, Jack told me that he had done exactly as I had asked and told all 3 ladies to meet him for drinks at 7pm at Rogan’s – a sports bar across town. Before cleaning up the shop, I closed the blinds and had my husband sit in the chair  before we cleaned and left the shop. As I went down on his super stiff cock, I clicked on the large Oster 76 Clippers, made him place his hands under his ass, and hung the vibrating clippers on the arm rest…

“Once I have complete trust in you again, we’ll be back in here again, but you’ll be shaving my ass bald baby – bald as a baby’s ass, does that excite you?” I said, as I stroked him to climax!

We left the house at 6:30, after a few glasses of wine – I was dressed to the nines! Heels, leather tight skirt, putting my best out there. The one thing that I made sure was in perfect order was the hair. I had stopped by my salon for a quick blowout from one of our girls and boy was it big and looking wild! Down past my shoulders, hombre’ and as I said, I usually got many compliments everywhere I went.

“We’re not actually walking in Rogan’s together are we” Jack said as we pulled in the lot and parked. “Oh no, I wouldn’t do that to you babe” after all, we are starting new, as of today, but I do want to drop off a little note to each one of the ladies who are expecting you – kind of explaining why you will not be joining them tonight.”

As I walked in I could see all 3 ladies sitting around at different spots at the huge crowded bar area, all with their noticeably super short cuts. I made my way around and greeted each with a very fake hello, a “great to see you again” hug, leaving a quick note on the bar in front of them which read:

Hi there! Look around the bar, there are a few others that thought dating Jack would be a good idea. Wrong! By the way, please update your profile pics with your new haircut, I’m sure the guys will be beating down the doors to get in your pants! Damn – I took that shit SHORT! Jack and I will be dining elsewhere this evening. If you want to keep your cut tight, Mildred will be back at her shop and back from vacation, she’ll be glad to fire up the clippers, but she does close early on Saturdays. PS, if the wait is too long here for dinner, try the chow hall at Fort Jones, with those fresh cuts, they’ll just wave you in at the gate – no ID needed!

Enjoy your bald nape, and THANK U FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Sharon – Jack’s wife





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