What a feeling!

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My name is Sarah. And I have a true story to share with you. I had just finished my first year of college and it was the start of summer break. I had just spoken to my best friend Cindy and we discussed boys, what we were going to do this summer and also what we were going to do with our hair.

I had mid-back length brown hair which was just…there; nothing special. Cindy had dishwater blonde hair that was just below her shoulders. She enjoyed styling with large soft curls.

We decided that evening we would go to the place in the mall to get our hair cut. While on the way to the mall, we started discussing the latest hair trends on TV and what we thought we would like to do. But, Cindy being a little devilish, said if we cannot decide what we want, let’s just get crew cuts! I looked at her like she had two heads. Then I said, if she did, I would.. and, we shook on it.

We arrived at the hair place at the mall and it was not busy. We signed in and sat down. The stylist called Cindy first. As she followed to her station, I picked up a hair style book and thumbed through it looking for something that interested me. But, I looked up and saw Cindy with her cape on and the stylist with clippers in her hand! OH NO! She clicked on the clippers and said something to Cindy and I saw her nod yes. The stylist lifted the side of Cindy’s hair and ran the clippers up the side of her head.

I did not know what to do! My stomach flipped and flopped and I had to use the restroom! About 10 minutes later Cindy was finished. She walked to the waiting room rubbing her hands over her freshly buzzed head! This feels fantastic, just wait!

It now was my turn. I was sorta numb about what was going to happen, but excited due to the fact that my hair was just..well, there!

I sat down and the stylist put the cape around my neck and fastened it. She asked me what I wanted and I told her that Cindy and I had a bet, and I needed the same cut as she has. The stylist was smiling and said, you girls! She picked up her comb and scissors and started cutting my hair off in huge sections! A couple minutes later, I heard the pop and low hum of the clippers. She pushed my head a little forward and rand the clippers up the back of my head. She did this several more times and then to the sides. This feeling was absolutely nothing like I have ever felt! The stylist with her final passes, went over the top of my head, leaving my hair a half inch long! After she was finished, she brushed my hair off my shoulders and took the cape off and said finished.

I looked in the mirror and rubbed my freshly buzzed head and to my surprise, it felt wonderful. All of my hair on the floor and this was fantastic.

We paid the receptionist and she told us that we both looked amazing! We walked to the car, and it was getting dark, Cindy grabbed me and spun me toward her and kissed me. I have never been kissed like that before and I think it was the best kiss I ever had. Cindy said that she had wanted to do this for years but was afraid. This was the start of one of the most crazy evenings we both would cherish for the rest of our lives.

To be truthful, as I sat in the chair getting my head buzzed, I had a silent orgasm and my panties were soaked by the time I was finished. Cindy said the same thing and she spread her legs to expose a dark blue wet spot in her shorts. I was driving and Cindy reached over and placed her hand in between my legs and said, yep you are wet.

We pulled into the driveway at home. We were both in a state of excitement and really horny! We entered the house and Cindy rubbed my head and I rubbed hers. Cindy said that her hair was not short enough. I had to agree, mine wasn’t either. I said that we have a clipper set in the hallway closet, we can do each other.

Cindy was in total agreement. I went to the hall closet and found the clippers and guards, grabbed a towel from the bathroom. Cindy pulled a kitchen chair into the middle of the kitchen. I found an outlet to plug the clippers into. Cindy said she wanted to go first. I said what length would you like. She surprised me and said, no guard! She took her top off so she would not get any hair on it and the she removed her bra exposing perky breasts with large erect brown nipples! And then, she removed her shorts and panties exposing a smooth freshly shaven pussy. She looked at me and said what are you waiting for? It took me about 3 seconds to remove my shirts, shorts, bra and panties.

Cindy sat down, no need for a towel now! I popped on the clippers and the low hum growled out its hungry song. Before I started to shave her head, I bent over and kissed her solidly on the lips. I lifted the clippers to her forehead and ran them over the top of her head leaving a strip of gray. I continued to shave and about 5 minutes later, I was done. I brushed the hair from her shoulders and head and she stood up. Cindy reached between may legs and felt the hairy landing strip that I had carved on my pussy. Cindy said that this would have to go. I nodded and just before I sat down, Cindy flipped on the clippers and mowed the rest of my landing strip away. There! All done.

I sat down and Cindy made short work of the hair I had on my head. Once completed, I rubbed my head and felt the near bald stubble that remained after the clippers did their duty. I said I wanted to go completely bald. My father uses a skull shaver every morning, we I can use that and there will be no mess.

Cindy was in shock when I said that and agreed to shave her head, too. I retrieved the shaver from the bathroom and handed it to Cindy. She looked at the 7-headed monster and flipped them on. This powerful shaver quickly devoured the remaining stubble on my head. About 2 minutes later, I was completely bald! I felt my totally smooth bald head for the first time and nearly exploded with an orgasm. This was the best hair style that I have ever had. Cindy tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was going to get up so I could shave her head? I stood up and Cindy sat down. She handed me the shaver and I flipped it on. I began shaving Cindy’s head and the machine just gobbled the hair until Cindy, also was totally hairless.

We quickly climbed the stairs to my bedroom where we embraced and kissed so deep and passionately that it felt like ecstasy. We laid down on the bed and rubbed each other’s head and kissed and hugged. But, I never had a feeling like the one I did as Cindy began to tongue my erect clit! The electricity that ran through my body was unlike any feeling that I have ever had. Then it was my turn to impress Cindy with what my tongue could do also. We took turns climaxing to the most explosive orgasms we have ever had.

It was late by the time we were finished with our escapade. I would not trade this night or forget it for the rest of my life. We both dressed and Cindy was getting ready to go home, I rubbed her smooth hairless head and she mine. We kissed one last time and Cindy departed.

Cindy and I have never had another adventure as like we had that night, we have stayed super close friends and when one of us calls the other about a summer haircut, we both just laugh until we cannot laugh anymore. I have kept my hair in a short pixie and Cindy has a messy pixie.

Would I do that again with Cindy? In heart beat!


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