What Katrina thought of Helen’s new hairdo

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“What do you think?”Helen blushed as she gave a twirl for her best friend to see the work that the beautician had just done. Helen blushed, knowing that her very good friend would be amazed with her bright-blonde curls that fell down her back so freely.

“Nuh… I don’t like it”,the older woman replied plainly, stopping what she was doing to pull Helen close to her. The taller of the two began to sift through the lesser’s hair and examined the young lady’s head intently,”Dang, it’s to the root”,she said with dismay,”Why did you do this, Helen”

”I thought you would like it”,Helen said with a hint of hesitation,”I know you like to do us girls’ hair, Katrina, but I-… I just needed a change, that’s all”

Katrina shook her head in dispirit,”Well… I have to fix- this”

”Oh, please don’t”,Helen protested weakly as Katrina lead her further into the house. Further pleading attempts were met by silence or flat-out dismissal. As the two entered the kitchen, Katrina said,”Your hair was fine as the light-brown color as it was”

She sat an increasingly nervous Helen in a chair that she had drug away from the island as the young lady refused to stop protesting. Katrina took Helen’s chin and cheeks in her palm and sternly instructed,”This isn’t helping yourself, luv. Do me a favor and sit still and quiet for me as I get this taken care of”

It was truly the finale of the protests as Helen obeyed instruction and sat still as her bestie periodically left the room. The elder came back with an armload of necessities and set them on the counter across from the island. She had a basic-type, plastic cape in her hands and flipped it over Helen’s chest. Barely a half of the young lady’s torso was covered up. Katrina brushed aside the blonde mass as she quickly tightened the Velcro around Helen’s neck.

”Snug?”Katrina asked rhetorically.

”Yes”,Helen meekly answered anyway.

A box on the counter was popped opened. Katrina grabbed and brought off the main device that she would be using, noting,”No use in attaching a guard because it’s all coming off”

”Oh, please”,Helen began to plea again,”Please, don’t cut it all off. I’m begging you”

”What did I say”,Katrina replied surprisingly calmly as she plugged in the clippers,”Sit still and be quiet while I’m working. I won’t tell you again”

That infamous pop of the clippers shut Helen up for good as its hum filled the room like a freezing chill. Katrina started on the back of the head, lifting all the hair up and tilting her head down some to start scaling. It was mowing a lawn of overgrown grass and very routine for the elder woman. A lot and a few strands fell together, side by side to the floor and essentially covering the  floor totally.

Katrina could hear her friend give a soft whimper as saw a few tears run down her cheek as she buzzed around her sideburn. The woman didn’t know why her friend was acting like this. When Helen came to Katrina’s door, begging for room and board, it was Helen who decided and agreed to the terms of the house agreement. She knew that she couldn’t just bleach her hair out of the blue. The house was Katrina’s and Helen had to follow the rules.

“And here we are”,Katrina said casually as she moved the clippers back and forth over Helen’s crown a couple more times. She clicked off the clippers and felt over her lesser’s bare, stubbly scalp with a big grin on her face. Her bestie was covered in the blonde strands, almost completely, which made her happy as none of the blonde was on her head basically.

”I really wish you didn’t go all the way to the roots”,Katrina lamented, dusting her sister off with a thick brush,”I going to have to shave your head now”

Helen could only look at her bestie pitifully as the elder took another quick trip upstairs to get something. Katrina returned with what she needed and put it all on the island. A faded-white towel was put over Helen’s shoulders. A can of shaving cream then had its contents dispensed, about a quarter of the can, on the young lady’s head. The elder woman put down the can and used her hand to spread the form around Helen’s head.

With her head caked in the white froth, Helen watched as her sis rinsed her hands in the sink, dry them off while humming to herself, and pick up the razor from the counter. She came behind Helen and reached over her to the hairline. The razor glided through the air briefly before going down the middle of the young lady’s scalp. Over and over again, by all angles, Katrina shaved every bit of shimmering stubble off her sister’s head.

It was all done before Katrina knew it. She smiled wide as she used the towel to wipe off the excess shaving cream that remained on Helen’s head. With that done, Katrina said,”Hold on, don’t move. I got one last thing to do”

Katrina left once more. Helen tried to focus her eyes on her feet but the surrounding blonde tried heavily to take her attention away. Her elder returned with a small container that looked like a jewelry box. She put it on the island and opened the lid. Inside was a furry thing that was covered in a powder when lifted out of the box. The elder started to quickly dab Helen’s smooth scalp with the powder. When it was all good and white, Katrina brushed in the powder.

Everything was either on the island or counter as Katrina undid the Velcro and removed the cape.

“Voila”,Katrina giggled a little as the words came out,”This is much better. Now, don’t do anything with your hair without my permission, okay?”

”Yes”,Helen nodded obediently as she watched all the blonde being swept away.


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