Whispers of Shears

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The police cars were parked outside Kelly’s house and she was being escorted wrapped in a blanket. She have been missing for past 1 week, her parents have been searching for day and night but she was not found anywhere, not even her friends knew where she was.

Cassy: Did you heard what happened to Kelly ?

Sana: No! Have the police found her?

Cassy: Yes, Last night she was brought home by the cops. She was found behind the police station.

Sana: Oh! I hope she’s fine and not hurt.

Cassy: Well not physically, Kind of.

Sana: What do you mean?

Cassy: When I heard she was kidnaped by Dr. Shearshade.

Sana: Oh NO! If it’s true then she would be 7th girl this week. Well we should get to our class. I’ll give her a visit after Collage.

With that the girls went on with their classes.

At Kelly’s house, the police were taking details at what had happened to search Dr. Shearshade who have been very active recently and all over the city young girls have been going missing and being found by the police station.

Kelly: Officer I told you! I don’t remember, I was just about to enter the salon and an old lady asked me for help to cross the street, after crossing the road I don’t remember anything, Just the glimpse of me sitting in the salon chair. Getting my haircut next thing I knew I was behind the station.

Officer: Do you remember the old lady, or the person cutting your hair.

Kelly: No, I don’t, as I met the lady on the road so I didn’t paid much attention to her, I was actually not able to see the person as the lights were blocking my view.

Officer: How can that be possible, you were gone for a whole week and you don’t remember anything, what about food and water didn’t you had those?

Kelly: I have told you everything I remember.

2nd Officer: Ok OK. We can understand you must be tormented, by all that have happened to you. Please do inform if you remember anything.

With that the cops left leaving Kelly with her parents.

Kelly sat here still covering herself with the blanket, sobbing as her mother hugged her to comfort her.

Mom: Sweetie, I can see how much you’re going through. It must be incredibly difficult for you. We’re here for you, and we’ll get through this together.

Kelly, still visibly shaken, looked up at her mother with tear-filled eyes.

Kelly: Mom, I can’t believe this happened. I don’t even know how I ended up at the police station. Everything feels so foggy, like a dream.

Mom: It’s okay, sweetheart. The important thing is that you’re back with us now. We’ll figure out what happened. The police will do their job, and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Kelly’s father, sitting nearby, spoke up.

Dad: We’re just thankful you’re home, Kelly. The details will come back to you with time. Right now, focus on recovering and taking things one step at a time. So I think you should go and rest and I’ll bring your favorite ice-cream for you.

As they try to comfort her, Kelly went to her room and sat on dressing table chair, with teary eyes she removed the blanket covering her, and starts to cry, her long beautiful blonde hair had gone, only a shiny hair less head was left , not even the hair foils were left , as still crying she touched her head and felt that her head , it was smooth not even the small stubbles were felt, it felt like she was touching a baby , soft , smooth free from everything.

After the college was off Sana asked Cassy if she would be interested to come to Kelly’s house to meet here, but Cassy denied as she had an appointment.

After meeting Kelly and comforting her , trying to cheer her up, kept helping her to forget the incident.

With a course of time more and more girls and even women started to disappear all over the city and all the victims ended up being bald and no other physical damage.

The only thing they could do was to keep the hair covered in public places as all the victims had hair below shoulders, it did help by reducing the victims but it didn’t stop the psychopath.

The police was worried that they are not able to find him even few of the female officers had been abducted and the only thing all the victims have told them were the similar stories as Kelly,

Sana was have always been very modest , always covering herself properly no male have even seen her face , let the hair be still a question to the world.

As now the streets were filled with females in various head scarfs. But the fear was getting in everyone’s eyes as not aware who will be the next victims, by now people were scared to help anyone as they were aware..

As Sana was on her way back from college to her home, an old lady approached her, she looked similar , Sana was trying to remember it but she couldn’t, the woman asked her to help her cross the road. Sana was a kind girl so as they were walking.

Sana: Aunty, You look very familiar but I don’t know why I can’t remember you.

Lady: Well Sana, you should think harder and you will remember.

On hearing her name Sana was now sure the lady knew her but who was she, just in this small conversation they reached the car of the old lady, still trying to remember who this woman was.

Lady: You still didn’t recognize me?

Sana shook her head in denial.

Lady: Try taking some fresh air , maybe it will help you remember.

Sana looked around making sure no male was around and took of her veil and took a deep breath, she smelled a familiar perfume like she have smelled it daily. Just as she was about to say anything her vision got blurry and light headed, before she could get hold of anything she started to get unconscious.

As she woke her vision was still blur, she was trying to figure out what was happening, to her she tried to raise her hand but it felt like she couldn’t do that as her hands were tied to something, as the panic raised she noticed that she was tied to a salon chair surrounded by the bright lights, she tried calling for help and just as she made the cry a voice was heard, “It’s useless, I have been here tied to her for days and no one have came to free us”

Sana: where am I?

Woman: We have been asking this for several days.

Sana: We ? what you mean, who else is here.

Woman: there are several girls here, each time I wake up I hear a new voice. It’s better to save our energy then waste it.

Before Sana could process what the woman was saying, a needle pricked her and she fell unconscious again.

This time Sana woke up by the crying sound of another female she was crying her heart out begging someone to let her go, as she gained full consciousness she heard a door being shut.

Sana: What what happen?

Woman 2: I’m Bald , She shaved me … (said in a crying voice)

Sana: Who, What? What are you saying.

The 2nd woman kept crying and begging for her freedom as Sana kept trying to ask her what was going on.

And suddenly everything went quiet with a small scream and stammering and Sana was again pricked and went unconscious.

This time when Sana woke up she found herself sitting in front of a salon mirror with a face veil still on but a ball gag locked around her mouth she tried to scream but only muffled sounds were heard. Suddenly she heard heels clicking the hard tile floor and a pair of hands were felt on her shoulder. It was a young woman she could see from the hands, she tried to turn her head but was locked and didn’t allowed to turn, she tried to look through the mirror but the lights stopped her, only allowing the front vision.

Lady: Sana , Sana , Sana, , Your poor innocent girl. (a sweet and caring voice was heard)

The voice was familiar, but who, Sana knew it was someone she knows.

Lady: Hello everyone today we are going to be shaving this sweet , pious Muslim girl, as you know that I promised you that I will soon be shaving with this innocent girl, Just to let you guys know that I myself have not even seen her hair, so today we all are in for a surprise. So let’s get started.

“So let’s start by revealing the face” with that she opened the veil and let in slide, the soft fabric slides down her face but not feeling it slide on her body, that’s when Sana noticed that she was wearing a black latex heavy rubber cape.

“as you all can see I have gagged our special guest today so we can hear the soft cry and mons we all enjoy and not those annoying screams which takes out the joy from our enjoyment”

Sana kept trying to escape from her bonds under the cape but she was motion less. No matter how hard she tries but she couldn’t move, she tried to beg Dr. Shearshade’s to leave her but cause of the gag only helpless mons could be heard.

“Oh she have already started our show, Let me fix a mice so all of you can hear the enjoyable sounds” With that a small wireless mice was attached on the strap of the gag around her mouth by the soft hands of female with properly manicured nails with bright red nail polish.

The woman ran her long nails around her face , giving Sana the feeling of helpless ness she was in., Sana started to whimper in soft cries. As this continues

“Now let’s revel the hair that we all wish and waited to see for a very very long time” The voice turning very sexy , heavy breathing raising of Dr. Shearshade. And Sana for different reasons.

With the Sana could feel the chair turning and hoping to finally seeing that who the woman was, but to her surprise the woman walked with the spinning chair, the heavy bright lights made her close the eyes and only hearing and feeling what was happening with her.

“Now, let’s see what she has been hiding” with that Dr. Shearshade starts to open the girl’s hijab, and reveling a bun made of thick braid, “I’m sure no one was expecting this, Let’s see what other surprises she holds” and with that the bun was let loose and the bun started to tumble down reveling a long thick braid all way to the floor and creating a small pile on the floor,

“Oh My GoD!! You guys won’t believe we have struck gold” With she Sana starts to feel the braid being lifted slowly and Dr. Shearshade starts to wrap it around her hand to show the audience behind the camera, tugging the braid to make Sana Scream for everyone to listen.

“let’s open the braid an see the full length and the hair” With that the braid starts to open and the fingers running through loose hair, once the long black thick silky hair were free and flowing.

“Now that the secret is revealed, We should start with the cutting” and the chair start’s to spin again, making Sana face the mirror and away from the eyes burning lights.

“What do you all suggest we should start with?” Sana started to focus what was happening and as she opened her eyes saw that she was now facing the big screens, one screen was showing the live footage from various cameras around her, the 2nd screen was showing a live chat where people were messaging what cut she will receive.

“Wonderful. See Sana how many things we have to do with you” soft mons and cries were heard by sana still looking at screen, hoping she would be released and no harm would be done to her.

“OK, So 1st thing 1st, Let’s make it manageable, so we will be cutting half her length and as you all know the half-length will be sold, So let’s start cutting and see who gets the half of her length” with this she could feel the soft fingers with long red nails on her head and gathering all her hair. One the screen the  various number started to show by the audience.

“That’s a good start, You know this is the highest bid I have seen” said Dr. Shearshade while running the long nails on her face and pinching the helpless girls cheeks, with fear she kept trying to beg with her gagged mouth, Sana can see the number growing and even before the ponytail was made, the bid was already on 900 USD and the numbers were increasing.

With a pony tail made and showing the length and thickness of the ponytail , the scissors were surrounding, as the crunching sounds of the scissors increasing, Dr. Shearshade  said “I think the bid is almost over, 1700, going once , going twice”. “Oh can it be a bid fight” the numbers increasing and finally it was announced. The winner who bought the ponytail for 2300.

“We all know the winner gets to decide what will happen to our sweet girl hair” while holding the long ponytail in front of Sana’s eyes, the horror raised in her eyes, her hair were going to get cut. The massage popped on the screen by the winner saying “A CHIN LENGTH BOB, WITH AN UNDER CUT AND A HAIR TATTO OF A HEART”

Seeing the message, the screen started to flood with hearts and stars, “Well , we do as you say. Oh Sana You’re in for a huge makeover Let’s Start your cut” with that the water started to spray and the combing began.

A long ponytail was cut again and placed on the side for the 2nd highest bidder. The hungry scissors and comb started their work , lock of hair started to fall around , the room was silent and the only sounds could be heard were on the swishing of the comb and the snipping scissors.

Swish swish

Snip snip

Snip snip swish snip

The cutting sound kept going till she had a sharp jaw length bob cut, the room went silent as the girls in tears watching herself in the screen, she saw that a portion of hair were pinned on top of her head.

POP, Buzzzzzzzz zzzzzz, sound filled the room and the head was pushed down. The hungry clippers rested on Sana’s nape and with any mercy they were moved forward causing chunks of hair falling in her lap and joining the pile of the hair in her lap , making it bigger as more and more passes were made and more hair tumbled down leaving very short hair on the back,

Dr. Shearshade picked a straight razor and showed it to the girl as she puts in the blade says “Now don’t move we don’t want you to get hurt” with that the head was pushed again and Dr. Shearshade started her work creating a hair tattoo on the back.

“All done” With that Dr. Shearshade moved a side showing the tattoo to the camera at the back and the releasing the hair on top. Sana Kept looking in the screen her new haircut and then comments start to fill the screen for appreciating the new look.

“Well as we know we give 2 haircuts everyone before we shave them” Hearing this Sana face went pale how an she shave me and started pleading , giving the mons for the audience to hear.

The screen start to gives the suggestion what needs to be done next before the headshave. Finally it was decided that the next haircut would be a bowl cut above the ear level,  the hair start to fall and the sides get buzzed and shaved leaving the girl with a bowl cut.

Finally sana was made bald and leaving the girl still tied in the chair and as the camera was turned off , Sana wanted to see who was the Dr. Shearshade but suddenly she felt a prick and fainted.

This went on for few days every time she woke up she was sitting facing the camera and having long hair before every video. She was not able to understand what was happening how can this happen  that daily when she wakes up she had her long hair . was she dreaming , things were starting to get fuzzier day by day.

On the 7th day after the shave Dr. Shearshade announced “ Today is the finally shave and you all know what it means that we will be waxing her head and making it as smooth as a baby’s but., Let’s get started shall we” teasing helpless Sana’s face with long red nails.

A tub hot wax was brought and with strips the waxing began , causing pain to the freshly shaved head , tears start to roll down the eyes and whimpers of cry through the gag, Short and sharp pulls of the strips making the head shiny and smooth,

As the screen was turned of Sana fainted and next thing she knew, she was being woken up by a police officer.

After giving her helpless confession to the police , She was drove to her apartment and laid on the bed.

At evening her apartment door knocked, it was Cassy and Kelly , they came directly from college wearing their head covering,

Cassy hiding her shoulder length hair and Kelly her bald head. Kelly hugged crying Sana tightly as she could to comfort her, both Cassy and Kelly kept trying to comfort her.

After some time Cassy and Kelly stayed behind with Sana,

Kelly: Oh Sana, I can imagine what have you gone through, I have seen it and experienced it.

Sana: yes but why me? Why?

Kelly: Your, not the only one there were several other girls and woman with you.

Sana: Yes, but what have I ever done to someone. Wait how do you know?

Kelly with a sleek smile. Looking at Sana, Raised her hand with long red nails and cased the face of Sana

Kelly: You Innocent little girl, You didn’t recognize my voice, nor the feel of my nails. (grabbed Sana’s face and pushing the nails in her cheeks)


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