Wife haircut part 2

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As it happened it was the next day before we continued on my wife’s haircut journey, over a light breakfast I brought the subject up ” Ready for your BIG chop? ” she smiled and pushed her long locks back ” Yip, I’m going for a shower then I’m going to time just how long it takes me to dry and style this and then compare it to the next time when most , well a lot of it will be gone! ” and she disappeared up the stairs.
My thoughts turned to finding a suitable barber’s there were some I knew that wouldn’t entertain cutting a females hair, and others who would probably, happily, just shear or clipper it all off as long as she agreed that she would end up with a man’s style. I was still pondering my options when she returned looking radiant she had blow dried her hair poker straight , centre parted it and it shone as it lay just below her shoulders, she had applied dark eye shadow and wore a light green low cut sleevless top which left nothing to the imagination and skin tight pink jeans tucked into her ankle length boots , the aroma of her perfume hit me ” is this ok for a barber shop visit? ” she teasingly asked , pouting with one hand on her right hip. I was open mouthed as I took in this vision before me and I stammered
” You look stunning” .
As I held her in my arms I ran my fingers up the back of her head and muzzled her ear she whispered ” just think how easy that will be with all this gone” then she broke away from me and ordered ” take me to a barbers , NOW! ”
In the car I quizzed her about her ‘three haircut’ comment and She informed me it was quite simple, haircut number 1 is getting my fringe cut in , nothing else just the fringe, haircut number 2 is you, you will sit in the barber’s chair and he will cut your hair exactly as I tell him, this is to get him used to following my instructions, then while he is shearing you I will be studying my new reflection and deciding what he will be doing to me once he is finished with you, so three haircuts. “Shearing me ?” I exclaimed , she let out a giggle and stroked my neck ” You’re not the only one who likes a shaved nape you know” I simply shook my head, and shrugged my shoulders. A few minutes later we pulled up outside a row of shops the fifth one along had a red and white pole sticking out and the simple word ‘BARBER’ Across the window.
“How much does a basic haircut cost?” she asked
” Around £ 8 , why having second thoughts , we can go to a salon if you want ”
“No, no here will be good, but if he has any objections please let me deal with it” again I shrugged and we made our way to the shop.
The shop was small and simply furnished, neither traditional or modern but with a 1970’s feel about it , there were two barber’s chairs, one with a nylon cape hung on the back, there were two round mirrors and three orange polypropylene waiting chairs, one of which was occupied by the barber, a man in his early Fifties small in stature with neatly trimmed greying hair swept back , a thin moustache and round metal framed glasses perched halfway down his nose. As we entered he rose and took the three steps to the nearest chair shovelling it round to face me and folding the cape over his arm ” Morning sir, lovely day please take a seat” was his standard greeting , I gave a little cough ” Thank you, actually I am here for a haircut but ehm, my wife was hoping, well wondering if you could well give her a little trim first” . His eyes settled on my wife who gave him one of her most alluring, radiant smiles and now the barber gave a little cough ” Well, I don’t really do ladies hair, I mean I did years ago but now I only do barbering” My wife spoke up ” Isn’t it a bit like riding a bike, or swimming ? I mean you never forget do you? I don’t want anything fancy and I’m sure you could just give me a nice fringe, that’s all I’m asking” as she said this she closed in on the barber touching his arm and making sure he got the full aroma of her scent. He was clearly flustered and mumbled ” Well miss I mean M’am I’m sure you’d be better off at a proper ladies hairdresser like Nancy’s down the road it’s not far, I mean you have lovely hair and I wouldn’t want to spoil it” She locked eyes with him, and in a conspiratal whisper said ” I’m sure you won’t” and plonked herself down in the chair.

The barber looked at me for help I shrugged ” Better do as she asks”
The barber slowly turned the chair to face the mirror, and gently draped the cape over her , then he pulled the chair up to it’s full height, he reached for a wide toothed comb and as he hovered it above her head he asked ” Just a fringe. That’s all , nothing else ! ”
” Yes please Mr Barber , a nice fringe please”
He started to comb her hair straight back, then realising his comb couldn’t cope with the volume he produced a long wooden handled brush which swept her locks straight back, from another drawer he brought out two rubber bands and secured her hair in a tight ponytail ” have you had a fringe before ? ” he asked
Her reply shocked me as she never wore a fringe ” oh yes, I used to always have a fringe, and it got trimmed once a month ” As she continued the barber took his comb and brought down a thin veil of her long locks from eye to eye , the hair falling to well below her chin , he positioned his scissors level with her eyebrows and ‘SNIP’ a lock of her tresses slid down her right arm then floated gently to the floor, three more ‘SNIPS’ of his six inch long pointed scissors and the veil of hair was gone. I watched as she tilted her head from side to side admiring her new look “OK?” asked the barber.
She gave a slow nod then continued ” it’s good, ok, yes, now I want it wider, temple to temple and I want it thick, bold ! so part it well back , bring all my hair forward in one go if you can, and cut it straight across, laser straight preferably with your clippers oh and I want it shorter , a lot shorter , right to the middle of my forehead ok? ”
The barber raised his eyebrows then tapped his comb against her head ” What you’re asking for is, how can I put it , well brutal is too strong a word, but drastic, I mean it’ll be like a home haircut for a little girl ”
She gave a wide smile ” I knew you’d understand ! you see the last time I sat in a barbers chair I WAS a little girl , I had a habit of chewing my hair and letting it constantly fall into my eyes, my Dad decided to teach me a lesson he took me with him to a barber’s and after his haircut he had My long hair cropped short, like a boy, but left me with a short, thick fringe so that I wasn’t mistaken for one, but guess what ? I loved it! I don’t chew my hair any more but I do want a signature fringe”
The barber looked over to me for support , I walked over to the chair and was mesmerized by how this very fine eyebrow skimming fringe made her eyes look huge, before I could speak she gave me a smile beckoned me towards her and whispered in my ear ” I really need this please tell him to do it”. I turned to the barber and took a £20 note from my pocket and placed it in his hand ” can you please do as she asks” .
This time the barber shrugged , he slackened the ponytail ,took the edge of his comb and made a prating across my wife’s head at least 3 inches behind her hairline. He tugged the loosened hair free , none too gently, and her hair fell naturally to each side, when he was happy with the parting he tightened the rubber bands again and began combing a thick curtain of hair straight down over her forehead and virtually blocking her vision. Whether for my benefit of his he turned the chair round so she was facing me and side on to the mirror and then he reached for the clippers, “STOP” my wife cried out , and then the barber let rip and started undoing the cape ” THAT’S IT , I don’t know what game you were playing but I want no part of it, now please leave my shop! ”
“No wait ! Please listen ” pleaded my wife , she shook her head and the hair parted just enough to show her eyes, ” I said ‘stop’ not because I don’t want it cut , but I want to see it , oh my God , please, I need to be facing the mirror I want to see my hair falling to the floor ! ” The barber stopped and was silent for a moment , then he pulled the cape tight around my wife’s neck, turned the chair back to face the mirror , and started re-combing her curtain of hair straight down and I noticed that he had widened the parting and the hair now dropped virtually from ear to ear, as he picked up his clippers he stated ” middle of your forehead, straight across , ear to ear”
Before another word was uttered the shop echoed to a loud BUZZ his right arm reached over her head , the BUZZ changed to slight ‘RASP’ , my wife gave a little gasp! and I could see a 1inch wide patch of skin appear in the centre of her forehead a full inch and a half above her eyebrows and sliding down the nylon cape was a thick snake of dark hair which settled itself into a natural curl in her lap. The next ‘RASP’ revealed her left eye , and I knew she was now holding her breath, ‘BZZ,RASP’ her right eye exposed her she tried to follow the lock of hair as it was freed from her and made its own way to her lap and floor. Her forehead was now clearly visible above her eyes and now the barber inserted his comb into the hair on her right temple , lifted it clear of her skin , then RAAASSSSPP, ran the clippers along the teeth of his comb , the long locks tumbled to the floor and the remaining hair settled back against her skin, the left side immediately got the same treatment and I heard my wife let out a sigh. He turned the chair side on to the mirror but facing away from me , I saw him insert his comb and comb the fringe straight down “laser straight , you said all the way side to side” he muttered and I saw him insert the clippers teeth first against My wife’s forehead, lift them off and insert them again, three times he did this working his way across her forehead. He turned the clippers off pulled out the rubber bands and combed her hair back to a centre parting, her long sides and back falling over her shoulders but with the front 3 inches combed straight down towards her eyes, but stopping well short of them.
With a flourish he removed the cape sending the mound of hair in her lap to join the hair on the floor, she leaned forward towards the mirror blocking my full view , then she stood up with a huge smile and turned towards me showing me just how high and wide the barber had chopped her ” what do you think? ” she asked ” Wow” was all I could say the barber’s final adjustment had taken the initial cut up another notch , her fringe lay thick, straight, short and WIDE! It had transformed her look and her eyes now looked huge “Well WOW!”I repeated ” Are you pleased? ”
“No” was her response and the barber stopped sweeping the shorn locks into the corner , and she continued ” Not pleased , absolutely delighted ! This is shorter and much more fuller, wider than I had hoped for, thank you Mr Barber, now it’s your turn come on get in the chair”
As I settled in the chair I thanked the barber and assured him that the payment he had received was for my wife’s haircut and that my haircut would be more straight forward , but as he was caping me my wife appeared at his side, and was instructing ” I’d like the top taken down as short as possible but still long enough to be swept right back, not spikey but with ,well whatever it is you use on your own hair. As for the sides and back as short as possible ”
The barber looked at me through the mirror and I gave him a nod of approval then he asked in general “the back and sides ? When you say as short as possible , what number do you have in mind and well how high do you want me to go?” As he waited on an answer I turned to my wife who was back in the waiting area taking a selfie of her new style , I coughed and asked her ” can you answer the barber’s questions? ”
She glanced up ” give him a SHORT, short back and sides, not shaved , but clippered really close as I already said as short as possible, skin tight and as high as possible, certainly well above his collar at the back and straight across please, same around his ears straight lines please” Again The Barber looked for my confirmation and my nod set him to work. His thinning shears made quick work of my floppy top hair reducing the bulk so it lay flatter against My head, he brought out the scissors he had used on my wife’s fringe and scissor over comb worked his way all around My head snipping 3 or 4 inches of My hair off each time the blades of his scissors met. As he reached for the spray water bottle I glanced across to my wife who had her small hairbrush in her hand and had swept her remaining hair back into a loose ponytail and was brushing her new fringe into place.
The barber pulled up a lock of My top hair , reduced its length by half , combed it back and nodded self approvement, he then set to work reducing the rest to this new uniform length, clumps of My freshly cut damp hair were sticking to the cape and lying on my shoulders as he snip, snip, snipped his way across my head. He then combed the hair straight back, snipped the occasional stray hair he had missed , he then selected a small half round nylon brush , sprayed a generous helping of hair spray on it and dragged it firmly across my scalp from front to back, the hair on the top of My head was no more than an inch long but each hair seemed to stand straight up then bend slightly towards my crown.Once he was happy with the top he picked up his clippers and attacked the sides.
He pushed my head around as he ran the machine against his comb again working his way from my right ear all the way round to my left ear, as he changed to a heavier set of clippers and fitted a metal cutting head to them I glanced towards my wife who was looking at her phone while tucking her hair behind her ears and taking more selfies. What sounded like a fan running noise came from the machine in the barber’s hand then a firm push on the back of my head and the order ‘ Head Down’ as I lowered my chin I caught my wife paying closer attention to the action, then the whirring noise changed to a Rasp as the clippers were driven right up the back of my head from nape to crown four or five times, then I felt the teeth bite into my neck as he created the requested straight neckline. Both sides received similar attention and left my scalp clearly visible high up both temples and square cut to the top of each ear.
As he held a mirror behind me and dusted my neck with a talcumed brush he loosened the cape and I began to get up then my wife was at his side and ran her finger up my newly shorn scalp , “mmm’ she purred , then she placed her right hand on the barber’s left arm and he turned to face her , her eyes were like deep pools and I watched her narrow them as she asked the barber ” I need you to do one more haircut for us , and we will pay you well” the barber began to speak , but she placed her finger against his lips ” it will only take you a minute , I’d like an undercut at my neckline, I’d like you to shave the bottom 2 inches of My hair just like you’ve done my husband’s ” she pursed her lips then flashed him a wide smile ” or maybe just a little bit closer , but I don’t want you to shave me bald ! ” she gave a little giggle ” darling give the barber another £40 for our haircuts”
The barber stood speechless as I stood up, took two notes from my wallet and placed them in his hand. My wife took my place in the chair , she had tied her hair in a loose ponytail leaving the bottom third of her neckline hair hanging loose. She bent her head forward reached back and pulled the ponytail to the top of her head ” is that ok? ” she asked the barber, who , not for the first time looked at me , I nodded my head and mouthed the word “Please” . There was a moment’s silence as the barber’s eyes flashed between us then he turned to the counter , unhooked the large black clippers he had used on me and fitted a different cutting head to them , he lifted the hair at My wife’s neck with his comb , switched on the clippers and their whirring noise filled the room.
“Two inches up, no taper, straight across ? ”
” Mmm yes, please ” my wife said in a loud whisper
” and shorter than his,.. right..” the machine was a fraction off her skin “…to.. ” the whirring changed to the rasp as the teeth met her hair “.. The wood ! ” he drove the machine up into her scalp and gave his wrist a little flick as he removed the clippers from her scalp. She gave a gasp and a little gurgle as I watched 14 inch long lengths of her hair now free from their roots fall lifelessly down her back, some onto the chair others catching on her top. “Head up” he commanded , and She let go of her ponytail and looked straight ahead although her eyes were closed . Her ponytail dropped to her shoulders covering the newly cropped area , he spread his fingers and lifted the long hair clear and I could see the inch and half wide strip of closely cropped hair running up the centre of her head, he tilted her head slightly forward ” Two inches you said” and he placed the teeth of the machine hard against her scalp creating a thin white line of skin, and he discarded the hairs they had harvested. My wife gave a sigh and opened her eyes which had a glassy look.
The barber hung up his clippers then set to work with his comb , he summoned me “hold this , tight” he said and as he made a parting from ear to ear across the back of my wife’s head he pulled up the hair that wasn’t to be cut and instructed me ” keep that tought, well away from these ” as he retrieved his clippers he again bent her head forward, and She closed her eyes in anticipation . I had a close up view as he made the final adjustments with the comb then the whirr, and almost immediately the rasp ! While his initial cut in the centre had been slow and methodical this was fast and brutal , my wife gasped ” oh my god! ” and arched her head back “Keep her still!” Barked the barber I whispered the instruction to her as he passed the clippers up the same spot where the bare skin behind her ear met her hairline for the second time. Her knuckles were white against the arms of the chair, and I saw her clasp her thighs tight together, as the barber’s powerful clippers sent their vibrations through her body. Four times the machine was ran over the same spot and I could see that they were taking even more hair off than the initial centre guide that he had created.
He worked quickly along her neck, long hairs discarded, the closely cropped bristles left behind immediately reduced to sandpaper , the initial cut section only meriting two passes of the machine. As the barber concentrated on his task My attention was split between him and my wife’s reflection, I saw her screw her face and bite her bottom lip each time the machine touched a different area of her neck and knew she was desperately trying to control her excitement. The barber silenced his clippers and hung them up, and motioned for me to let my wife’s hair fall , he loosened the ponytail and dragged his comb through her hair letting it lie on her shoulders completely covering the virtually bare area of scalp, my wife had regained her composure and had a huge smile as she reached up to feel her shaved nape for the first time only to be rebuked by the barber, and she clasped her hands on her lap.
He held his hand mirror behind her which merely showed a curtain of shiny dark hair, he then lifted the long hair clear and exposed her freshly shaved nape, her mouth opened and She let out an “Oh my God” as she saw for the first time a 2 inch wide strip of hairless scalp covered only with a five o’clock shadow of tiny bristles, I desperately wanted to touch it but her right hand shot up and her fingers rubbed the shorn area as she let out gasps of satisfaction. She let her hair fall to cover the area then shook her head vigorously and seemed happy that the de-nuded area remained hidden, she smoothed her recently created fringe happy that it barely moved with her head shaking then stood up and turned to the barber ” I cannot thank you enough, this is ( she stroked her neck) absolutely brilliant, ” she turned her back to me ” feel it darling ! ” I bent her head forward, lifted the long hair clear and caressed the freshly shorn area sending tingles down both our spines.
We continued to thank the bemused , but well rewarded barber and left the shop , my wife on cloud nine and me not far behind her. As we got back into the car she pulled down the vanity mirror and flattened her cropped fringe against her forehead, her excitement showed in her voice as she launched into a monologue “wow, I mean wow, I thought getting the fringe was well you know, daring but those clippers , I was nearly gone ! I didn’t want him to stop and he was well , none too gentle , and you pulling on my hair I wanted to scream out tighter, shave me, take it All off, give me a skinhead, I’m going to you know maybe not today and maybe not at a barbers but I want to feel those clippers running all over my head and maybe” she giggled ” Well EVERYWHERE ! “. I gave a little smirk ” I enjoyed it too, I don’t mean my haircut, which incidentally is seriously short, I mean watching you , I mean I initially thought that you had gone too far when you said ‘middle of my forehead’ but it really brings out your eyes, but watching your reaction as he clippered you was a real turn on”
She reached for my neck and stroked it saying ” Home, I want to compare notes on how our toungues react to this”
To be continued.

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