Wife’s punishment

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The husband needed to come up with a punishment for his wife. He searched and searched until he came across the salon/barbershop on the internet. As he was looking at the website he found out it was just a couple blocks from their house. He called the number and asked if they do full body cuts or not? The person on the other end said yes and it’s all automatic plus you can select what hair gets cut and how much hair gets cut off. You will also have a choice if  you want her mouth cleaned or not, an extra wash session, and if you want her to get polished with a buffer. She gets strapped down and won’t be able to move. Here is what will happen she will get placed in a chair that is on a conveyer belt, clothes will be cut off, she will get scanned, and then she will start to move and the things that you select will happen. She will also get vacuumed off after she gets done getting her hair cut and will get exfoliated after the vacuum. He said perfect when is your next available appointment? There is still an appointment at the end of the day? The guys perfect I will take it. Once his wife came home he said we have to go I made an appointment for you! So off they went! Once he pulled up she didn’t know where they were at until they got to where the directions said to go. Once inside the person that he talked to on the phone said to his wife please come with me and have seat. Once seated she was strapped in immediately so she couldn’t try to escape. Her husband was busy pushing the options he thought would suit her best. He chose shaved head, waxed eyebrows, shaved ear hair, waxed armpits, shaved pussy, shaved body. When it meant shaved clippers and foil or rotary shaver. He also chose mouth cleaning, a second wash, and polished with a buffer. Once the selection has been made her clothed were cut off and she was scanned. After she was taken to a wash station where she her whole body got washed. It was time for her hair to get shaved off so two hoses came out one had scissors and the other had a comb and started taking big chucks of hair and cutting them off. Next the chair reclined all the way back and it moved just her head into an open cupboard where her hair was shaved off and the clipped hair got sucked up and while she was in there her ear hair was shaved as well. The chair came back out and two more hoses were ready to wax her eyebrows off. Next station was her body, where her armpits got waxed but two arms came out and held her arms up so the two hoses could wax her armpits. Five rotary shavers came down from the ceiling and each one took a limb and the fifth one did her torso. After doing the front they flipped her over to do the back side. Soon she moved to the next station where she was going to get her pussy shaved. The leg rests on the chair spread her legs. Once her legs were spread a hose came in with a clipper on it and shaved the hair off and then the foil shaver came after but in order to get in between her pussy lips to arms came down and grabbed each side and pulled apart. And then she got flipped to do her butt. Once done with the hair cutting she went to a station where she gets vacuumed off from the little hairs that got left behind. Next she went to the mouth cleaning station where her teeth were cleaned and the inside of her mouth was cleaned also. The next station was getting washed for a second time but this time it was a little more vigorous scrubbing with exfoliators to get rid of some dead skin. After a second wash she went to the polishing station where her whole body got buffed and shined. After she was done her husband asked her how her punishment was? She was so mad at him that she didn’t answer him. On the way out the person who runs the shop said you can bring her back tomorrow and we can repeat some of the things that were done to her tonight and he said ok see you tomorrow!

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