Wolf haircut

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“Mom can you give her a haircut?”

An hour ago

“Hey have you seen this wolf cut all over tiktok?” Quinn asked.
“Yeah!” Lissa replied.
“And it also seems pretty easy to do it yourself”. Quinn said.
“Why do you want to give it a try?” Lisa got excited.
“I dont think its a good idea.” Quinn said backing off.
“Why it looks so easy just a unicorn ponytail and cut off straight across.” Lisa tried to convince her.
“But if something goes wrong.” Quinn got concerned.
“Ok ok lets watch a few more and if we’ll feel confident we’ll do it ok.” Lisa tried to convince her.

After watching several tiktoks all of them used the same method most of them looked good but some of them turned out extremely worse

“So what do you think?? “Lisa asked hoping for a positive reply.
“I don’t feel confident.” Quinn said.
“Oh come on it was your idea now don’t chicken out at the last minute will you please please we will cut little by little ok? ok? “Lissa started to coax her.
“Ok let’s try it.” Quinn gave in.

They placed the stool in front of mirror.

“Sit over here.” Lisa said. Quin complied.

Lisa pulled all her hair and combed it in the front and did a thorough combing and then made a unicorn ponytail at the forehead.

“Its looking hideous.” Quinn stated the fact.

She combed the ponytail and took scissors.

“Are you ready.” Lisa asked.
“I think so!” Quinn said knowing she had no other option.

Quinn closed her eyes lisa placed the scissors cutting almost 5 inches of her hair. Quinn opened her eyes while she was cutting.

“Lisa thats too much.” Quinn said slightly¬† panicking.
“Oh come on you have long hair you have to cut atleast this much.” Lisa said.

Quinn was feeling quite nervous but nothing she could do now atlast lisa stopped cutting it was somewhat uneven then lisa started to make it even. Then she made small sections and started cutting it upwards to create more texture i guess. Then she removed the ponytail. She brushed my hair and split it in half and put it on the shoulders

“Its not even unnoticeable.” Lisa said as a matter of fact.
“But why.”Quinn genuinely was not expecting this as she her cut off alot of her hair.
“Maybe your hair is too long.” Lisa said.

Even after cutting soo much hair the hair were still looking the same the length was not reduced at all and I could see some layers starting at mid back and extending towards the butt.

“Shall we cut some more?” Lisa asked excitedly.
“No! I think we should stop here.” Quinn said
“Oh come on! you can’t even see the cut.
And for wolf cut your length should also be shorter.” Lissa said to convince her.
“Oh come on! please your hair are so long it would not matter if we cut some more.”
“Hmmm ok but this will be the last time.” Quinn said drawing a line.

Lisa again combed her hair and made a ponytail at the forehead. She combed her hair once again and took scissors. Quinn didn’t close her eyes this time.

“Close your eyes otherwise hair may get into your eyes.” Lisa said clearly having other ideas.
“Just dont cut too much lisa please.” Quinn said softly in order to have some mercy.
“Ok ok I wont.” Lissa said.

Lisa knew that it will be last time she can cut her hair so she thought of cutting her hair quite short. She placed the scissors at chin level. That was almost a foot of hair. And started hacking her hair recklessly before she could have any reaction. Lisa chopped her hair quickly.
When lisa finished cutting quinn could not restain her curiosity and opened her eyes. She nearly screamed by looking at the foot length hair she saw being cut off.

?”What did you do lisa.”She shouted.
“That has to go for the wolf cut your hair were so long and to make the layers visible I had to cut this much.” Lisa said.
“This better not be a joke lisa.” Quinn was real mad now.
“Trust me let me fix this.” Lisa said.
“Too cocky for you to say this now.” Quin almost shouted.

She took scissors and started cutting upwards section be section. Then she removed the ponytail and combed her hair. Lisa also started to panic looking at the state of her hair now. The length was not that short still which was a weird thing it was at mid back but the layers were extremely short and were sort of disconnected and it literally looked like a mess because the layers were not connected at all. Upon seeing this quinn started shouting and crying

“Wtf are you going to do now its looking so bad.” Quinn started breaking down.
“I’m sorry I’m really sorry quinn i really wasn’t expecting that.” Lissa said now clearly panicking.
After crying and shouting absurdities for half an hour quinn suddenly shouted.
“What are we going to say to mom she is going to kill us.”
Lisa was real panicking now.
“This thing will come out later or sooner its better to tell her now because only she can fix your problem.” Lisa said
“I’m not going to say anything as it is your fault you will explain this to her.” Quinn was still crying.
“Ok ok stop crying lets go to mom.” Lisa said

Our mom is not that strict but she has several rules in her house that everyone has to follow. She ia also a hairdresser and also in love with our long hair she often massages our hair with oils to make it long and healthy and also gives us tiny trims every now and then. Its not like she forces us to have long hair and its kinda like we have also grown accustomed to having long hair so we really dont know how she is going to react on all of this.

Mom was sitting at sofa watching tv in loving room. We were standing behind her when i said.

“Mom can you give her a haircut?”
“Why ?”She looked back and suddenly gasped and quinn started crying again.
“What the hell just happened to your hair¬† OMG.” Quinn looked at lisa and lisa told the whole story to her mother.
Her mother said nothing and calmly heard the whole story.
Lisa said.
“Mom can you please fix this I’m feeling very bad about this and also I’m really sorry to you quinn I really didn’t expected this.”
“Everything done wrong shall come with some consequences lisa you will soon learn this.” Mom said.Lisa had chills just listening to her mother.

Now both of you come with me so we can fix this. Lisa thought it was weird that mom was also taking her in that room but she didn’t said anything and went with her.
Lisa knew that her mom was taking her in the makeup room. It was simply furnished witb a simple barber chair placed in the centre of the room. There was a long mirror on the wall that extended along with the shelf. There were some small drawers followed by long drawers. It was the room where we usually got our trims. There was a hairstylling stool where some basic things needed for haircut like some scissors and combs and a haistyling cape were placed. At one corner there was washing basin along with reclining chair. And a shelf to place the shampoos and conditioners and some other hair products like serums and toners.

“Quinn come sit at the chair” her mother said gently.
Quinn complied and sat at the chair.
“Lets see what can we do to fix this ok”
Mom took the comb and combed the hair in several directions
“So you wanted a wolf cut.”
Quinn nodded.
“Because of the disconnected layers I have to cut alot of length and then Iwill create new layers to match the shortest layers. It will be a wolf cut but the shorter version of it. It will definitely look good with your face shape but you will have to loose a lot of hair.” Mom explained the situation.
Quinn started crying again
“I don’t want short hair mom.”
Mom cupped her chairs and said. “Trust me it will look extremely good with your face shape but really next time if you want to try a haircut just come to me I will cut it for you ok. It will be better to cut your hair after a rinse hmm. Lets get shampooed.”

“Lisa give her a quick rinse.
“Ok mom”.

Quin got up from the chair and sat on the edge of reclining chair. I placed a towel on her shoulders tucking it in her shirt.

“Lie down” lisa said.

Quinn layed down while I was holding her hair. We usually gave each others hair washes before trims. So it was usual for us. I opened the hair tap and thoroughly rinsed the hair. I took a small amount of shampoo and started developing lather. I massaged it thoroughly give her one of the best head rubs. Her eyes were closed and it seemed like she was enjoying it. Then I rinsed her hair thoroughly removing all the shampoo remains. Then I took two pumps of conditioner and applied on the mids and ends of her hair. Then left it on her hair for 5 minutes. I looked at the mom and she was going through her phone and then again i gave it a rinse to remove the excess. I removed the towel that was around her shoulders and wrapped it around her hair.

“All done.” Lisa said.

She got up and sat on the chair.

“Is it done??”Mom asked seeing her getting up.
“Now come sit here in this chair.”

Quinn got up and sat on the chair.

Mom showed quinn some pictures of shoulder length wolf cut. Your hair will be somewhat insprised by this.

“I can keep this length or I can also cut it a little longer.” Mom asked her. “What do you say??”
“Which one will look good.” Quinn asked.
“If you are asking me the shorter one looks more good. I have done the longer ones on sme clients because of their demands it does not look as good though.” Mom said.
“Then do the one that will look better.” Quinn looks defeated.
“Ok lets get started.” Mom said.

Mom took the nylon cape and placed it around the neck tightly. She removed the towel and took the wide tooth comb and removed somewhat tangles in my hair. Then she started sectioning. She made two sections at the front and clipped all the remaining hair at the back leaving just enough hair at the nape. Then she took scissors.

“Chin down” she said gently.
She bent my head till my head touched the cape. She combed the hair placed some of it in her fingers and then started cutting my hair. She did the same with the remaining hair. She undid one more section and repeated the same motion. By the touch of scissors I could guess that my hair were at coller bone length. She undid another section and combed it straight across my head and then cut it. She was creating layers now. She did the same thing with the remaining sections. She would comb it straight across the head and would cut it to match the length of remaining layers. As my head was bent most of the hair fell into the lap and a fair pile of hair formed in my lap. I couldn’t help but got tear eyed looking at them.
My mom straightened my head and when she looked at my face that i was crying. She came in front of me, removed all the hair from my lap and started consoling.

“Why are you crying baby girl?” Mom asked gently.
“It is too short mom.” Quinn said crying.
“I know I know but you also know that I am not doing it on purpose you know that I loved your long hair but to match the length of these short layers I had to cut them short.” Mom explained.
I know” quinn started wailing.
Mom hugged her and said “baby its almost done i just have to do the front and then texture it. That’s it. I will recommend you to close your eyes trust me it will feel a little better hmm.”
Quinn nodded.

Mom clipped her entire back section and removed the front clipes. She made a triangular section in the middle of her head.
“Close your eyes quinn.” Quinn closed her eyes. Mom took scissors and combed the section again and cut it at her eyes. Then she started cutting front layers on both sides starting at fringes ending at collar bone. Then she removed clips from the back and did the layers at the crown section to match with the remaining hair. The haircut was beginning to shape and it framed her face perfectly and it was looking quite good. Mom removed the cape and quinn opened her eyes and started getting up.
“Wait wait I’m not done yet.” Mom said to stop her.
Quinn sat back. Mom shook the cape throwing all the hair on the floor and then again secured it around the neck. By now quinns hair were so short that all of them were out of cape. Mom pulled the remaining hair out of cape. Her hair were almost dry now. Mom took thinning shears and again divided her hair in three sections securing it with clips. Mom thinned all the sections one by one. A fair amount of hair gathered in her lap. Mom also used razor to give it some extra layers. Then she took hair dryer and asked her to put all of her hair in the front. She blow dried her hair pushing her hair from the back to the front to develop some volume in her hair. Then she took straightener and curled her hair towards the ends to enhance the layers. The overall look was literally looking so good but i have never seen her with hair this short in my entire life. Mom turned the chair and now quinn was facing lisa. Mom took a small mirror and showed her the back and front of her hair.

“Now we are done.”Mom said while removing the cape and lisa got down and started checking her hair in the mirror.

“Did you like it.” Mom asked.
“Yes its not bad.” Quinn said slightly feeling better.
You’ll get used go it and you will love it. Give me a hug now.” Mom said.

Mom hugged her and kissed her at the cheeks.
“Thanks mom.” Quinn said.
“Its ok my baby.” Mom said.

Quinn opened the door and went out. Lisa also got up to go out of her room when mom stopped me.

“Stop lisa. Come sit in the chair. Its your turn now.”

To be continued…….

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  1. I like where you’re going with this but it’s really confusing to read. It seems like you use “I” for both Quinn and Lisa at alternating points. It might be best to keep to third-person narration throughout.

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