XXXtreme Challenge

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XXXtreme Challenge

The year is 2035. TV has changed, after cable companies succumbed to the relentless pressure of streaming services, TV shifted to Pay-Per-View. Everything was ramped up. Reality TV in particular became a form of live XXX content right to your home, to rival online XXX websites.

Welcome to XXXtreme Challenge!  I’m your host Jack Wright! Over 8.5 million of you have forked over $99.99 to tune into this week’s players!  This week is College week, so we have a group of all female students as challengers!  Let’s meet our contestants!

First, from FSU we have Brittney.  A blonde girl, with blue eyes walks out from behind the curtain with a big smile on her face, showing off a perfect smile.  She is tan and athletic., wearing an orange bikini.  Hello Brittney.  Hi Jack!  So what brings you to the XXXtreme Challenge? Well I’m a bit of a freak, in bed, She winked at Jack, and then said, and I’m willing to do anything to get paid.  Wow, ok so we have a great offering from Florida State.  Our next contestant is Jessie, from UCLA! An athletic girl with long black hair walked out from behind the curtain.  She had brown eyes and a beautiful smile.  She was tan and wearing a blue bikini.   Hi Jessie, what bring you to the XXXtreme challenge from UCLA.  Well she said, I want to go to Med School, but my student loans are already very high.  So Jessie tell me are you sexually adventurous?  Well no not really, but I need the money.  So we have one desperate soul.  And finally our third contestant – Kristin from NYU!  An athletic girl with long blue hair and a septum piercing walked out.  She was wearing a black bikini.  Hey Kristin, what brings you to the XXXtreme Challenge?  Well I wanted to travel the world and this money will help, plus I am a bit of an exhibitionist! Ok so a freak, a desperate doctor, and a kinky exhibitionist!

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen you know the rules.  The XXXtreme Challenge is a gameshow where we challenge our three contestants to commit various XXXtreme feats.  These can be sexual in nature or just XXXtreme! If a contestant refuses to play, they are kicked out of the competition with no reward!  The person who lasts the longest is guaranteed to receive 150 million!

As you all know, today is EXOTIC BEAUTY day. That means these women will be given challenges around receiving interesting new looks. Take a good look at yourselves in the big screen ladies, by the end of today, you may look a lot different! But, as always, there will be plenty of sexual challenges requiring these ladies to make use of their new looks.


Alright, let’s start with one challenge suggested by our viewers….THE WHEEL OF HAIRCUTS!

Brittney gasped, Jessie looked nervous and Kristin clapped!

On this wheel, Jack explained, there are several haircuts.  First, we have The bowl cut, then bob with highly shaved nape, next, Mohawk, then patch, Horny girl, flattop, poodle perm, high and tight, buzz cut, taco, pattern baldness, Chelsea, and finally just plain bald, additionally, there are some variations.  For example one of the spaces has bald and pussy shaved.  Or Bald with no eyebrows is another one.  This looks like fun for our contestants!

Does anyone want to drop out now?

Brittney and Jessie looked at each other, Krisitin shook her head no.  However, none of the girls said anything.

Great, Brittney its your turn to spin the wheel first!

Brittney nervously walked up to the wheel.  Let me ask you Brittney, you have some long hair, hanging around your breasts.  Beautiful blond hair in fact.  Are there any haircuts on here that you don’t want?  Yes she quickly responded.  Ok ok haha What haircut would you prefer the most?  Probably the bob with the highly shaved nape, because that’s the longest style.  HAHA right right, said jack, ok Brittney spin that wheel and hope you get the haircut you want!

Brittney grabbed the wheel and spun.  It made several full rotations and began slowing down as it reached BALD.  Ok so its just past bald, not getting a Mohawk, not a “Horny girl”, there goes permanently bald, OK and there it is a Buzzcut and a Hairless Pussy to boot.  That means a number 2 on the clippers and some Permanent nair for your pussy, how do you feel about that?  Can we see what your pussy looks like now?  Well, said Brittney, I guess a buzzcut is better than permanently bald, plus I always keep my pussy shaved anyways, so a little permanent removal down there won’t hurt!  So not all bad right?  Said Jack.

Ok barber come on and do your thing! SHAVE! HER! HEAD!!!!

A blonde barberette walked out wearing a slim fitting black dress that showed off her curvy athletic figure.  In her hand was a pair of clippers with a number 2 guard.  Brittney sat down in a chair.  The roar of the clippers filled the tv set as they plowed a path down the middle of brittney’s head.  Blonde hair cascaded down Brittney’s shoulders.  Brittney face had an astonished look the whole time as if she could not believe what was happening to her.  Soon her Breast length blonde hair was reduced to nothing more than blonde fuzz.  Then the barberetted knelt down.  She pulled down the bottom to Brittney’s bikini revealing a shaved pussy.  She licked it with her tongue a few times.  Jack exclaimed, “Sometimes these barberettes can get frisky with their customers.”  The barberette turned and winked at the camera.  The she pulled out a jar of Permanent hair removal cream and generously spread it over Brittney’s pussy.  After a few minutes she wiped it off.  “Now that cream just burned away all of Brittney’s hair follicles around her pussy.  Her pussy will now be permanently bald FOREVER!  How smooth does your pussy feel Brittney? “ Now after the barberette had been licking her pussy, it was clear that Brittney’s freaky side was coming out.  She was enjoying the XXXtreme Challenge.  “My pussy feels amazing Jack! So smooth! Like there had never ever been hair there!  Would you like to touch it?  Jack blushed and moved to put his hand on her womanhood.  “No, with your tongue.”  Brittney pushed Jacks head down to her pussy, where jack tasted Brittney’s pussy with several quick licks from his tongue.  He stood up, embarrassed to have been exploited on TV.  Ok, Next contestant is Jessie. Jessie, tell us, what haircut would you least like to receive?  Definitely permanently bald, I love my hair I couldn’t stand to be bald forever!  Ok, well Go ahead and spin the wheel and let’s hope you don’t get made permanently bald!

Jessie stood up looking very nervous.  She spun the wheel.  It began slowing down as it passed permanently bald, then it clicked past buzzcut, past buzzcut with eyebrows permanently removed, and finally stopped on CHELSEA cut.  Oh wow A Chelsea cut! Alright lets give it to her!

Jessie sat down in the barbershop chair.  The barberette combed jessies’ bangs forward.  The clippers clicked to life.  They buzzed blunt bangs just above Jessie’s eye brows.  Then they plunged into her black hair, at the middle point of her scalped.  They were guardless, and quickly shaved a white patch behind her bangs.  Black fell in sheets upon the ground as Jessie was rendered bald everywhere but her bangs.  Jessie herself, was clearly becoming aroused by the haircut as each pass of the clippers caused her to breath harder. Finally, all that was left on jessie’s head were the blunt black bangs.  The barberette lathered jessies head with shaving cream and slowly gave Chelsea a clean razor shave to go with her black blunt bangs.  Jessie stood up and grabbed the blonde Barberette and kissed her deeply.  Their tongues flicked out of their mouths and danced upon each other.  After a long kiss, Jessie returned to the stage.

Ok, Said, Jack, so how do you like your new style?  Its better than  thought it would be said Jessie, as she winked at the camera.

Ok, said Jack, finally we have Kristin.  Kristin, is there any hairstyle you don’t want?  I don’t really care Jack! She said.  Wow, not even if you were to be made permanently bald?  Nope, besides, I think it would be sexy to be smooth shiny and bald.  To have a slick bald head would turn me on.  Then she grabbed the wheel and spun it.  The wheel began to slow down.  It passed undercut bob, bald, Mohawk, horny girl, and landed on permanently bald.

Well, said Jack, I suppose you got your wish.  Let’s make sure this girl never grows hair again!

The barberette fired up her clippers.  As she plunged the clippers down the middle of Kristin’s blue hair, Kristin began to breathe hard.  As more and more hair was removed from her head, Kristin became noticeably aroused and was fingering herself on Live tv.  Finally, she was rendered bald.  The barberette spread shaving cream all over Kristins newly bald scalp.  And slowly razor shaved Kristins head.  Kristin, was still fingering her pussy, although more slowly.  Finally, the Barberette brought out the permanent nair.  Alright, said Jack, are you sure you want to be permanently bald?  YES! Kristin exclaimed.  As the barberette spread the cream all over kristin’s scalp, she fingered herself even harder than ever.  And finally when the Barberette wiped the cream off Kristin’s head, she screamed in delight.  When she was done cleaning off Kristin’s head, the blonde barberette leaned over and licked Kristin’s scalp.  Kristin giggled and kissed the barberette deeply.  Then she reached up and ran her hands over her scalp.  Wow, she exclaimed, it feels like I never had hair on my head ever.  Jack, walked over and began to stroke her head.  Yes, well you will never grow hair on your scalp again.  You’ll have to find some wigs or date a different breed of dude.  Kristin winked at the camera.  I don’t think I have the need for any wigs.  I already love to meet up with freaks.

Ok, said Jack.  The first challenge is done, now for the second challenge.

This is the audience chooses challenge.  They can request the contestants do ANYTHING!  The votes are in!  The first vote is for Kristin!  She must get a tattoo on her head!  Kristing giggled.  She quickly laid down on the Tattoo table.  She requested a large lotus design that took up half of her scalp.  The tattoo artist completed the tattoo in black ink.  When she was Jack said, “Now that you have gotten this Tattoo, there is another aspect to the Challenge, the audience asks that you have the Tattoo artist cum on your scalp!  Kristin winked at the camera.  She grabbed the Tattoo artist and yanked his pants down and began furiously sucking his cock.  Finally, he pulled out of her mouth and exploded on her slick, smooth, tattooed scalp.

Wow, Said Jack, that was….kinky.  Ok, Next up, Jessie! The crowd says they want you to shave off your eyebrows and have high arching ones tattooed in their place! Jessie, who had been intently watching the fellatio happening on the main stage, was suddenly thrust into the spotlight. “So Jessie, what do you say? Will you replace your eyebrows with so tattooed ones?” Jessie looked around nervously. Her right hand reached up to touch her newly shaved head and ran through her short Chelsea style bangs. “Well Jessie,” Jack said, “The choice is yours, do you want to be XXXtreme? Do you want the chance at 50 million??”

Jessie gulped and leaned into the mic, “Yes I want to be XXXtreme,” she said nervously. “OK Jessie,” Jack said, “Step right over to main stage.

Jessie laid down on the tattoo table. “Alright audience,” Jack said, “let’s hear it! SHAVE THOSE EYEBROWS!”

Shaving cream was spread over Jessie’s perfectly manicured brows. With two quick swipes of the razor, her forehead was now bare. Then the tattoo gun fired up. The tattoo artist drew high arching eyebrows on Jessie’s face, making her look permanently shocked.

Jessie sat up and looked in the mirror. She took several deep breaths and traced the eyebrows with her fingers. So, Jessie, how do you feel about your new look?

Finally, Brittany was up. “OK Brittany, the audience is requesting permanent removal of your brows and a forehead tattoo that says “Dirty Slut.” What do you say Brittany, do you feel XXXTREME??” Brittany gulped and looked at the screen showing a CGI picture of her face with no brows and Dirt Slut in script on her forehead. She gulped, knowing it would ruin her beautiful face forever. As of now all she had done was buzz her head.

“Well Brittany, the audience is waiting, do you FEEL XXXTREME???? Or are you going to take the easy way out?””

Brittany looked around the studio. She swallowed hard. The audience was chanting “DO IT, DO IT, DO IT DO IT!” Brittany looked at the screen again, shaving her head was one thing, and the permanent Nair for her pussy was actually nice, but this, tattooing DIRTY SLUT on her forehead? This was too much, even for 150 Million. “I Quit!”

A red light filled the room. A buzzer sounded. Jack sounded despondent. “Well ladies and gentlemen, we have our first quitter. What do we say to quitters?”


“Brittany I must ask you to leave the stage.” Brittany nervously walked off the stage.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are down to two ladies and that means, time for our most extreme challenge yet! What’s next? Let’s take it to our viewer vote! Out of four options you all chose…..GUMJOB GIVERS! 300,000 of you voted for the winning option. The next highest option was SPITROASTED ON A OPEN FIRE! With 120,000 votes.”

“So ladies and gentlemen, gumjob givers is simple. First, using a painless process, we extract the beautiful teeth from these ladies! Then we have them give out gumjobs to volunteers from our audience! Let’s ask our participants how this sounds! Kristin, you were already rendered permanently bald by our first challenge, you’ve gotten a lotus design right on your permanently bald scalp, and now they want to make you permanently toothless too, what do you say to the people out there Kristin?”
“Jack, I’ve got one thing to say to the people out there….I WANT TO BE XXXTREME!”

The crowd roars as Jack places his hand on Kristin’s shoulder and slowly guides her to the chair. Alright Kristin, are you ready for this challenge?”

“Yes Jack,” Kristin said, “I want to be XXXtreme. I can’t wait to give gumjobs to all the guys at school.”

An erection is clearly visible in Jack’s pants. “Alright well, I can’t say anyone has ever been so excited to become toothless on this show, but let’s give the girl what she wants! Bring in the Doctor!”

A man in scrubs and a surgical mask enters the stage. He tilts Kristin back in the chair. The camera shifts to a camera angle above the scene. The man produces a needle filled with green liquid. He pokes and prods through Kristin’s mouth, injecting small amounts of the green liquid into her gums. Finally, when he is finished, he tilts the chair back so Kristin is looking into the studio audience.

“Well Kristin, you can still back out now if you want. How does your mouth feel?”

“Numb, Jack,” Kristin says, “but I won’t back out. I can’t wait to give your volunteer and you a gum job!”

“Well Doctor, give her what she wants! TAKE THOSE TEETH!”


The camera zooms in on Kristin’s smile. Her teeth are perfectly straight and while. Slowly, a gloved hand, holding pliers enters the frame. The pliers grip onto Kristin’s front right tooth on the top. The tooth comes out with a “pop,” as though there was no resistance at all. No blood even comes out. The next front tooth comes out just as quickly. Now Kristin is smiling into the camera showing off her two missing front teeth. Soon the pliers enter the frame again.  One after another Kristin’s teeth are plucked from her mouth, revealing toothless gums.

When the Doctor is done he holds up a glass jar with white specks inside.

“Alright Kristin, want to meet the new you?” Jack asks.

“Yeth Jack I really do,” Kristin says.
“OK let’s reveal that toothless mouth!”

Behind the audience a screen lights up showing Kristin smiling into the camera revealing her toothless gums.

“Oh my goth, I look tho hot! Who wanth to have their cock thucked??”

Hands shoot up in the audience.

“Before you all go, I think I will take the first spin.”

Jack whips off his pants and is shocked as Kristin plunges his cock into her toothless mouth.

“Gum jobs really are as great as they say gentlemen.” Jack says, as Kristin bites down with her gums and rubs up and down his shaft. After just a couple minutes, Jack pulls out and shoots his load right onto Kristin’s lotus tattooed scalp. Kristin reaches up and rubs the cum into her head.
“Netht Up Pleathe!”

A man from the audience walks up and unzips his pants. His cock flops out and Kristin grabs it and shoves it into her mouth eagerly. The camera zooms in showing Kristin biting down and pulling her gums along the length of his shaft. She bites down on the head with her gums and pull from side to side. Finally, just like Jack, the man pulls his cock out of Kristin’s mouth and shoots his load onto her scalp.

“Alright everyone, let’s hear it for Kristin.”

“Ok Jessie, how do you feel about GIVING GUMJOBS? Are you ready to give up those pearly whites for a life of toothless blow jays?”

Jessie gulps. And Looks over at Kristin who is still smiling, showing off her toothless mouth, as cum drips down her permanently bald scalp. “I’ve already gotten my eyebrows tattooed on my face, but how many crazy challenges will this girl do? She seems willing to do anything.. Fuck it.” Jessie thinks, “What guy will be able to say no to a gum job once I pull my dentures out while his cock is already in my mouth?”

“I want to be XXXTreme Jack!”

The crowd goes wild.

Jessie sits down in the chair. The process is repeated. The Doctor comes out. He tilts Jessie back. The camera shoots from above as the green needle is injected all over Jessie’s gums.

AS the chair is tilted back up, Jessie starts to get nervous. “Maybe I should back out,” she thinks. Then she catches another glimpse of Kristin’s toothless mouth. Her pussy gets wet just thinking about how many men will want her now that she gives the perfect blowjob.”

“So Jessie,” Jack says, “Do you still want to be XXXTreme?”

“I want to be XXXTREME Jack!”

“Alright Doc, you know what to do: TAKE THOSE TEETH!”

The Camera zooms in on Jessie’s face, showing her perfect Chelsea cut, her surprised tattoo eyebrows, and her perfect pearly white smile. Slowly the pliers enter the frame. They grab hold of her right front tooth. It comes out with a pop. One by one Jessie’s teeth are grabbed by the pliers and plucked from her mouth, leaving her toothless.

As the reveal her new look, Jessie is shocked.

“Holy thit. My teeth are totally gone!”

“Now its time for the second part of the challenge, the gumjobs,” Jack says. “But that will have to wait until a word from our sponsor.”


End of Part One

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    1. I’d love to see Jack get in on that action. Maybe he sees how much fun the girls are having, or he gets jealous of the audience members getting gumjobs, and so he wants to compete. Have the Doctor give him some tongue piercings, pull off and cauterise his fingernails so he’s better at fingering without scratching, and maybe even have his penis split so he can please both girls at the same time! Maybe put his eyes out too, cause he won’t need them to see when he’s busy eating Jessie and Kristin’s bald pussies…

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