You look gorgeous

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Anu and kartik were in a happy relationship both of them looked strikingly good and loved each other.

While anu was a stunning girl in her late 20s tall, a wheatish skin complexion and super long black hair. Kartik was a 6’2 muscular guy,he was a really good partner but was overprotective he wouldn’t like anu talking to guys and asked her to stop working for the same.

One day there was a work party and kartik told anu to get ready she wore an elegant black dress with a slit and did soft curls with a toned down makeup. Kartik came in a black blazer and kissed her on the cheek saying “you look gorgeous”, both of them left for the party.

When they reached they parted ways after a while and met their friends, kartik flushed with anger when he noticed sid tpuching and complimenting anu’s long lustrous hair and noticed how anu was smiling. He quickly came to her and told her they were leaving. Anu was surprised upon kartik’s behavior but he was dominant in the relationship.

They reached home, anu could tell in the car that he was furious, he didn’t say anything and went inside anu went to the room changed and she was removing her makeup when she saw kartik in the bathroom mirror’s reflection,she asked him if he was alright. He said you’ll find out, he picked her up and told her to take her spanking position,she was too afraid to ask why. She did as he commanded, she knew she would be unable to sit for a while because kartik showed no mercy. He removed her pants along with her panties and rained spanks tears flowed down anu’s face. She put her hand at her back but kartik pushed her hand away he took he in her lap and spanked her very hard.

He then asked her to stand up and removed her bra she was standing in front of him naked, he said now last ten and you’ll know why you got this!. She kneeled down in front of him and he spanked her very hard and said you  know *spank* I hate it *spank* when other guys *spank* get closer to you *spank*, that sid *spank* *spank*  was playing with my girlfriend’s hair *spank* *spank*,only I get to do that *spank*,and you were smiling *spank* now say thankyou kartik. She said thankyou kartik in excruciating pain and he spanked her very hard again.

He took her to the bathroom and made her sit on a chair it was uncomfortable as her bare skin met the chair, she couldn’t sit because of the pain he forced her into the chair. He said I’ll get rid of this problem, kartik once chopped anu’s butt length hair into a bob at bra strap length.

Anu begged him to not cut her hair but Kartik told her, ”Stay quiet or else you’ll make it difficult fir yourself”. Anu remained quiet,kartik got a nig pair of shears help anu’s face like a kid kissed her and then inserted those just below anu’s year long black hair started hitting the floor and anu couldn’t help but cry, her tears couldn’t stop. Kartik created a chin length bob but he wasn’t satisfied, he got the scissors again and placed it at her lip level anu begged kartik to not do this she said, “baby its already very short, shorter than it has ever been sorry baby I’ll not repeat this next time”.

Kartik didn’t reply and began shearing her hair once he was done he took clippers and plunged them into her nape and long tresses of anu’s black hair kept falling. He then took the hair at the top and cut it shorter. Anu now had a super short pixie cut,Kartik kissed her,wiped her tears and said you are looking gorgeous .

Both of them had a great night afterwards and kartik gifted anu the an expensive handbag and took her shopping. At first it was hard for her to process her hair now but she got used to it

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