Your daughter need a shave

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O’ summer!

The season of haircuts in my opinion. Happy season for the shears and an enjoyable 3 months of pure joy on my part.This is my summer and I intend to make the most of the hours.

Now, what to do and how to do it. I take walk-ins, call-ins, and any clients; whether you want a wax, shave, or dye job, I’m here and ready to serve you.Nothing is too extreme or weird here, and you’ll always leave feeling beautiful.

It was a scorcher and business was slow, my fingers were a fidgeting mess but yet so precise. Coming my way, a mother and daughter were walking side by side. The daughter had long hair in a braid that begged to be cut.

”Miss”,I address the two,”It’s a fine day to have a haircut”

The mother agrees with me and the daughter follows orders. I take the two in and seat them, mother on the sofa and daughter in my chair. She looks nervous but I charm her with a promise to make her pretty. With a nod from her mother to what I plan to do to her child, I bring out the sheet and cape her up.

Her dirty blonde Swaying in the draft, it’s all coming off. She was not fazed by my guardless clippers, even a bit giddy to see them but she sure doesn’t show it. I waste no time in shearing her down.

When I have her halfway bald, I let her mother snap whatever angle she wants to put in the scrapbook. This course of action makes the daughter blush but I imagine she enjoys the attention. She looks beautiful with half her hair gone but I don’t leave a job half done.

My tool keeps working, sliding off the mass of blonde and leaving her only stubble. I detail her hairline and could’ve gave her a fine buzz cut but I made her a promise. Of course, she was pretty, but I can make her prettier and skin bald.

Her head gets painted and another photo is taken, one for the road I guess. I sharpen such a blade as my razor on the strip of leather not too far from the chair. Going over the head, giving it a smooth feel, is the best part of a headshave of the woman and in my opinion, all ladies should have their heads shaven. It feels so good the first time and money your weekly routine is cut down 75%; why would a lady refuse such an offer.

But I take what I get, them allowing me to take all their hair is like a normal person winning the lottery. It’s so magical to see them all caped up and shaven. I cannot explain it all in words.

She is bald, no hair on her head, I want to keep her that way. Her mom okays it and she consents so I get the Nair and spread it all over her head. That should nice and smooth for the coming three months. I would like her to come back to get a shave for the school year.


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