Your hair used to be much shorter

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Allie always knew her mother as the honey Rapunzel, long honey blonde hair down her butt.
Allie would always be called in by her mother for a brushing session.
The strands sifting through the brush, it was heaven.
One orange afternoon, Allie was bored:
“Why is it always quiet around here on Fridays?”
“What was that!”yelped the girl, a certain urge for curiosity came over her and she followed the sound to its source.
It came from the attic, Allie slipped down the ladder and Tom, her cat, came with it.
Allie screamed as the cat landed and fled the scene.
She began to laugh at the absurdity of her freak-out,”How did you get up there”.
Mom and Dad had gone to a friend’s wedding that day so the quiet quickly resumed.
Allie looked up the attic’s door and decided to go up.
She scaled the ladder and was in total darkness.
Switching on the overhead bulb, a chest just lay before her.
The lock was busted so Allie slipped it off its ring and opened the lid.
Inside, trinkets of her mother’s past life were littered the chest.
Photos, toys, and letters came out but Allie stopped and looked intensely at one photo in particular.
There, her mom stood in a yellow sundress, and her hair, it was cropped short.
“Oh My Goooooood!!!!!!”
Allie was taken aback, was this really her mom.
A closer inspection proved, it was indeed her mother.
“Why have I never knew about this, what made her cut off so much?”
Allie stuffed the evidence into her pocket and replaced the lock.
Scaling down the ladder and securing the door, Allie quickly hid in her room until her parents returned.
Before the car pulled into the garage, Allie skimmed her finger alongside the rims of the picture tenderly.
“My mom”,she whispered to herself,”Such short hair”
A turn of the knob signaled the parents arrival. “Allie! Baby! We’re home”,sweetly called the mother.
Her name was June, a slim, kind-hearted caregiver with a heart of gold and emerald.
The father, Jacksman, took his wife’s coat and she thanked him graciously.
Up the stairs, she went. Coming to her daughter’s door, she loosely balled up her dainty wrist and lightly tapped the wood.
“Sweetie, we’re home”
Before the mother entered, Allie had stashed the photo behind her pillow like a child hiding a naughty magazine.
The door swung with little force and in waltzed June, yellow dress and pearl necklace, holding a high fashion girly wallet.
Allie had no sign of guilt on her face of what she just saw but her mother sensed “something”.
“You alright, honey”
“Yah! Uh-huh. Why do you ask?”
June wasn’t buying it, she outstretched a fare hand and beckoned for her daughter’s phone.
Allie, still displaying no hints, gave up her phone. The usual came up when unlocked.
“Okay”, said June, handing back the phone.
“How was the wedding?”queried Allie. June sighed,”You see-’em once, you seen them a hundred times and the dang mileage”
Allie broke a laugh,”Yeah, roads bad?”
“No, your father drives like Gabriel delivering messages”
June was a scholar in religion but wasn’t an avid church-goer, she would on occasion reference biblical characters.
“You had something to eat?”asked June.
“I could eat”
June smiled,”Let’s go make something to eat”
Spaghetti was made that night.
Next day:
Allie woke, a perfect Saturday morning. She rolled on her stomach in bed and retrieved her mother’s secret.
She was at a party in the photo, her dad was nowhere so he must’ve came after the taking of the photo. But that hair, so short and cropped, who did it?
Allie stuffed the picture in her pocket and went down to breakfast.
Her mother cooked at the stove. Allie took the image and placed the object to her mother from behind the wall where she stood.
No doubt was present, the short-haired girl in the photo was Mrs. June Harper.
Allie’s father came up behind her and observed the photo,”Beautiful girl, no?”
Allie nearly yelped aloud, she weakly punched him in the shin, he began laughing.
June turned around as her man walked with a broad grin, his daughter stuffing back in the photo and then following him.
“I wish you would stop scarring her, you flat-nosed hooligan”
“Come on”,he excused,”It’s fun. Besides, I’m not the one looking at your old photos”
“You what!”cried June, looking at Allie.
Thanks dad, thought Allie.
Allie pulled out the image and unfolded it.”It’s just- your hair…”
June was confused,”My hair?”
Allie pointed to the cropped style,”It was much shorter. What made you cut it?”
June took the photo,”Oh, that was my senior year in highschool”, she handed the picture back to Allie,”I don’t know what exactly was the cause for the drastic cut”
“Rebellion?”guessed dad
“No”,pondered June,”My parents were pretty lenient with my hair”
Mom twiddled her fingers in concentration,”No, no… That’s not it”
Allie waited patiently.”I’m sorry, baby, but I seem to not recall why I did it”
Allie was disappointed at the result but her mother rubbed her shoulder to console her.
June kissed her forehead and went back to cooking.
Allie went to the living room to watch television for awhile.
Her mother soon followed, the father had to go to work that day.
June picked up her book, sat in her rocker, and opened to her bookmark that was wedged between page 83 and 84.
While she read, June hummed A Tune of Six Paths. It was a hip tune to an old timer but to her, it was timeless.
Allie got bored real quick with mindless entertainment and the constant humming.
Switching off the screen, Allie went over to the family game table.
“Wanna play a game?”asked Allie.
June pricked up her her, slid the book’s divider into the pages for later use, and smiled,”Sure babe”
As Allie was shuffling the cards, a thought popped into her mind:
“Would you ever cut your hair that short again?”
“Allie?”replied June, shooting her daughter a lopsided sided grin,”What are you suggesting?”
“Nothing!”sidetracked Allie,” I was just thinking about it”
“About what?”demanded her mother.
Allie made her intentions known,”How bout this: loser gets a haircut transformation by the victor”
The proposal was odd but a shimmer gleamed in June’s eyes, Allie was way overdue to a haircut.
You see, June would be the one to cut her daughter’s thick, dirty blonde hair.
“Okay”,accepted June,”Let’s play”
Cards were placed down in a jaunty pile and the two players gave their all but Allie came out on top.
“Yes!”she cheered, she reveled in her victory.
June sighed,”Well, good game, Allie. I suppose I must fetch my purse”
“Well”, replied June,”I’m not letting you anywhere near my head with scissors in your hands, I don’t want to end up with less than a cropped hairstyle”
Allie folded her arms as June changed into her street clothes and plucked up her purse.
The drive was short but June spiced it up with her humming.
They arrived at the beauty parlor but they were denied entry by a sign: We are closed for repairs, sorry for the inconvenience.
“Oh, that’s too bad”,slightly gasped June, but behind her hand over her mouth, a sly smile pointed upwards in a humanly crescent moon shape.
Allie seemed to be defeated but a sight caught her eye.
Across the street:
Chester’s Family Barbershop, the sign said.
Allie pointed to it and said,”They’re open”
June refused initially but was dragged across the intersection to the masculine building.
A entrance roof curved above their heads as Allie pushed open the plain, glass door.
A bell swung back and fourth as to welcome her customers with a light jingle.
A slender man with slicked back, dark brown hair and wearing a suit greeted the women.
Strangely he looked June up and down then said,”June? June May?”
Fun fact: June’s maiden name was May and the barber was ,ironically, not named Chester but Lucas Bell.
“Oh my lord, Lucas?”June gasped with shocked surprise.
“Man, I thought I would never see schoolmates here”,Lucas smiled,”Especially one that retains her blooming youth”
June was blushing hard now, Allie looked with somewhat bored awe.
The two classmates started chitchatting away and Allie was getting impatient.
“Can we just get to the cutting, please?”
June and her man looked at her and Lucas apologized,”I’m sorry”. He went to his chair, took up his cape, and said,”Hop on, Allie, let’s get started”
“I’m not the one getting a cut!”exploded Allie, she pointed to her mother,”She is”
Lucas looked at June,”Oh, sorry again”
“It’s no biggie”, mused June, walking up to the chair and placing her bad beside the chair. Sitting daintily in the chair, June mused,”My daughter desperately wants me to get this cut”
“And what style would that be?”queried Lucas, draping the mother with a grey-striped cape.
Allie unfolded the photo and handed it to the barber.
“Oh”,he exclaimed softly,”That cut”
“What do you mean by That Cut?”demanded Allie.
He smiled sheepishly and chuckled slightly as he undid June’s updo,”You know I was the one that gave that cut”
Allie jumped,”What!”
June put a finger underneath her slim chin,”That’s right, it was senior prom when I confided in you that I wanted a fresh cut for prom. You said you were taking cosmetology classes in school and you offered me a haircut. I can still remember my fears of ending up bald or at least, a bad haircut that I would never live down. But you, you cut my hair beautifully and made little mistakes. Of course, it was cut really short but it turned out fine”
Lucas brushed her butt-length hair,” And now, I’m updating it for your days as a mother to this pretty young lady”.
He pointed the brush at Allie, Lucas sectioned off four long braids and retrieved his scissors.
“You know, I’ve always wished you were in my chair and here you are”,Lucas mused.
June laughed a little at Luca’s way of making small talk as he snipped each strand of each braid.
June looked at her bobbed hair and was giddy at just how much came off.
“I look young again”
“Oh, please”,joked Lucas,”You are timeless”
Now, all three folk laughed hysterically.
Lucas took up his clippers and spoke as he applied a number #3 guard to the device,”It’s been a long time since we met and I was able to cut your hair”
Lucas set aside the clippers and combed up the crown, wrapping it in a bun-of-sorts and securing it with two hair clips.
Lucas plucked up the device, tilted down June’s head slightly, and started with her nape.
Once all three sides were 3/8 of in inch, Lucas lifted up her head and she, in turn, twisted her neck to check his work, sliding her hand up the sides and over the ears.
Her enjoyment grew ten fold as the topknot was undone and tousled some.
Lucas lifted up the top hair and snipped it short in the back but the further he went up, the less hair came off. Lucas then used a styling razor to layer the style.
“Done”,he concluded as he undid the cape and folded it over the hairy blanket on the cover.
“Thank you”,praised June,”Just what I wanted”
Allie put the photo up to her mother who smiled proudly at the attention.
“Hey!”she exclaimed,”This style is longer than the photo’s”
“I said I was updating it”,smirked Lucas.
“No fair!”

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