Shearing Surya in the barbershop

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Surya entered my white tiled, classic unisex barber shop and had a seat in the waiting area. She was 28 years old and was quite fair skinned. Surya was taller than average and quite slim. She was a school teacher who taught my nephew at the time. In fact he’s the reason she gets her haircuts in my barbershop; I went to pick him up one day from school, we started chatting and when she realized that i was a barber who was situated five minutes away from the school, shes been coming to me for haircuts ever since. I was also her dad’s barber.

She sat with her legs crossed, playing with her hair , watching me finish trimming my client.

Surya Gajadharsingh was one of my few female customers who got their hair cut in my barbershop. She was probably my favourite female client as she was open to change, not “just a trim” each time she came. She was also the only female who would allow me trim her using clippers for the whole haircut. My fondest memory cutting her hair was when she came in once, had a seat in my chair and told me to clip her waist length hair up to her shoulders. Oh boy that was a good shearing! I remember having to sweep quite a lot of Surya’s gorgeous black hair off the floor that day.

(This was after it grew out a little)



At the moment, Surya’s hair was very long, reaching much past her back. Her lovely black tresses cascaded downwards and were clearly in need of a haircut. Her hair was relatively straight and quite luxuriant. She was definitely the client with the longest hair I’d ever cut and boy did I like to cut very long hair off my female clients.

When i had finished my client, i called for whoever was next. As Surya got up from her seat, I could see that the
three men, waiting in the barbershop, had their eyes locked on her with a look of amazement. I smiled warmly and greeted her as she approached, then sat her down in the chair.
The barbershop was brightly lit, illuminating the green and white walls. There was a vacant barber chair next to surya where my partner would cut his clients hair but he wasnt in the shop today. Surya was smiling, excited to be relieved of her overgrown black locks.

“What are we doing today, Surya?” I asked.

“I want you to take it short. My hair is much too long and is so unmanageable. I’ve been meaning to come so you can cut it but I just hardly have time with all these papers i have to grade.”she replied as she removed her glasses.

“That shouldnt be a problem. But how short are we talking?”

” Oh very short. I want a neat bob and i want you to clip the back extra short.”

She then produced a picture of a lady with a short bob just below the chin length with the nape buzzed.

Quite eager to shear Surya Gajadharsingh, I agreed. Now it was time for some action. Using a butterfly hairclip, I quickly pinned up her hair, all of it now in a big bulk. I produced a piece of neckstrip and secured the tissue tightly around her neck. Surya’s hands were grasping the handles firmly, and her high heels rested comfortably on the chair’s footrest in front of her. I snapped out a silver cape and draped it around her, fastening it securely. I removed the butterfly clip, allowing her black hair to fall down over the cape, all black and flowing. It was almost a shame that all that lustrous, beautiful hair was going to be chopped. I began to comb out her luscious locks in preparation for the barbering that was about to occur. I always do my haircuts dry unlike my partner who does them wet, but surya requested that i give it a wash. After hesitation ( she begged) i agreed to wash it but told her i was going to cut it dry. I honestly didnt mind doing that for surya. I walked her over to the basin where she got a thorough shampoo and rinse as we talked about how my nephew was doing. (Im sure he would love to see miss gajadharsingh being shorn in the barbershop).She really enjoyed the wash. Then she retook her seat on the chair so i could blow it out. It was a nice sight, Surya caped in silver, her wet hair looming over the cape, sitting in the chair under my complete control, in my barbershop. I could already imagine her short hair and the floor being covered in her hair when i was done with her.


I spent quite a long time blowing and combing her hair. I knew that the men did not mind the long wait as they were clearly loving what they saw. Now that her hair was dry, it had bounce and lots more volume. It was time for some cutting. I picked up the clippers and the comb and spun the chair around so that she was now facing the ‘audience’ in the waiting area. I pushed her head downward gently so that her chin was nestled on her breasts and her eyes were fixed downwards on her high heel shoes. Surya Gajadharsingh was now ready to be barbered. I combed out a large section of her hair on the right side of her head, the comb holding the big bulk of hair in place.

Just then the door opened and her father walked in, completely coincidentally! He was a big beefy man with a moustache and an overgrown crewcut. He looked quite surprised to see his daughter there in the barbershop. Surya however was not only surprised, but looked quite uncomfortable and even embarassed. If she was uncomfortable before with the three guys watching her, it was nothing compared to ‘daddy’ being there to see his little princess get shorn in the barbershop. They didnt even say hi, he just had a seat directly infront of her, staring intently at the spectacle before him. I asked her if she was ready and she just nodded her head.

With the comb still holding the section of hair in place i turned the clippers on and they buzzed to life. Using the clippers over comb, i quickly passed the machine along the length of the comb. It hungrily devoured her luscious black locks. Surya watched as the chunk of hair fell onto the cape and slid off onto the floor. Her dad seemed to be enjoying it. Surya raised her head and fixed her eyes on Mr. Gajadharsingh. I gently pushed her head back down, combed out another section and clipped it off. I continued combing and cutting, working my way around her head until almost all of the bulk was gone. She shook her head from side to side and smiled a little, now relieved of all that hair.


“Very nice” said her dad as I continued to reduce the length quickly clipping her hair. Her hair was now just under her chin as i added the refining touches. The cape was now more black than silver, covered in her clipped off hair. On the ground lay huge piles of my loyal barbershop girl’s shorn black tresses. I informed her that I was about to buzz her nape and I attached a number two guard to the machine. Using my left hand, I took a grip on her freshly clipped head and ran the clippers through her nape area, repeatedly until it was nicely and evenly buzzed. She giggled, saying that it tickled. I spun her around towards the mirror, away from the audience who were quite fortunate to see Surya being shorn, though not as fortunate as me to be able to actually do it to her. She was quite happy with the haircut and thanked me profusely. I explained that it was my pleasure and I was here for her anytime she wanted a haircut. She told me she would definitely be coming back and sooner than later. While still caped, she asked me to spin the chair towards the waiting area.

“What do you think daddy?”she asked him as I combed all of her hair, now feeling much thicker and healthier, into a final bob style.

“I actually love it. This very short length looks amazing on you sweetie. This is probably the shortest youve ever gone. Also I absolutely love your buzzed nape!” Surya’s hand reflexively felt her nape area, and she passed it up and down. I removed the cape in one fluid motion, allowing the huge mass of hair to drop to the floor, joining the previous enormous piles.


She eagerly began to get up but I stopped her. In her haste, she had forgotten to let me remove the neckstrip, which i then did. Before she got up, I used the neck duster brush to remove bits of hair stuck on to her and I also brushed off a chunk of hair that rested on her high heel shoes. I then began to sweep up the intimidating clusters of what used to be her hair on the barbershop floor. After, Surya walked over to her dad, gave him a hug and sat down beside him. He ran his fingers through her bob cut and played with it a little and most of all he enjoyed feeling his daughter’s buzzed nape. Clearly he loved the haircut. Surya waited until Mr. Gajadharsingh was trimmed and then after he paid for his and his little girl’s barbershop haircuts, they left together.

Surya Gajadharsingh returned many times for me to cut her hair, and boy were there some great shearings. I enjoyed it the most whenever she came in with long hair and wanted it bobbed. I love shearing surya.