Buzzed at the barber shop ….. The Allen Twins ….. Part 4 ( Final )

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By JimB            ©opyright May 2016



Mr. Paul was now cutting the top of Mrs. Allen’s hair short using a comb and passing the clippers over it.


He removed the cape and began tucking a towel in her collar then spread it over her shoulders and tucking it in her collar.


Dispensing some warm shaving lather in his left hand then walking to the right side of the barber chair. Slowly he began spreading the warm shaving lather along her hairline, from the right side, the back, then the left side.


Taking the straight razor from the pocket of his shirt, he took hold of the leather strap and began stropping the open straight razor’s blade.


With the skill fingers and hand he slowly shaved the edge of her hair line, as he had to many of his customers, including me.


After removing the cape she stepped from the barber chair.


She turned to the mirror behind the barber chair and slowly ran her hands over the sides, the back, then the top.


“Well done”, she said to Mr. Paul.


She paid and walked out, not saying any thing to Aunt Bernie.


I started to get up …..


“Will you ladies mind if I made a quick ……” he said as he pointed to the rest room.


When he closed the door behind his self, I turned to Aunt Bernie.


“Aunt Bernie”, I began. “When Simpson pointed at me you saw her do it?”


“Yes”, Aunt Bernie told me.


“What did she mean by it?” I inquired.


She smiled and brushed her left hand over my head.


“YOU don’t mean!”, I quickly and surprisingly asked.


Again Aunt Bernie smiled.


“You make the decision,” she started telling me.

“I is starting to get very warm. Soon the temps will be close to the high ninnies.


“Just do what you want!”


“If I do …,” I asked her. “Will you follow!”


Again she smiled and brushed her left hand over my head.


“Okay, who’s first”, Mr. Paul said as he walked back behind his barber chair and took hold of the cape and started shaking it out.


I got up and walked to the barber chair but stop half way there and turned and looked at Aunt Bernie.


She smiled and brushed her right, the left, hand over her own head.


As I sat in the barber chair I looked at Mr. Paul.


As he caped me I looked at Aunt Bernie, again. Again she smiled and brushed her right, then left, hand over her head.


As he pulled the cape around my neck, I told him, “Shave my head.”


I looked in the larger mirror above the waiting chair.


He was looking at Aunt Bernie.


She smiled at him and, again, she brushed the right, then left, hand over her head.


He turned and took hold of the clippers under the shelf.


As he turned backed to the barber chair, I head a loud CLICK hummmmmmm …..


Standing behind me he pushed the clippers up the back of my nape and head.


Slowly he buzzed my head, as I thought to myself.


“WHY” did I asked Aunt Bernie ……


“WHY” did I tell Mr. Paul to “shave my head” …..


All I knew was today I would be going home, to Aunt Bernie, with my head shaved.


Shaved like the Allen twins.


Was Aunt Bernie going to get her head shaved, too!


I felt the warmth of the warm, wet towel being wrapped around my buzzed head.


It felt warm but relaxing.


I looked up in the larger mirrors as Mr. Paul began lathering my head. The shaving lather was warm and relaxing.


My eyes glanced to the leather strap as he took hold of it and began strapping the open blade of his straight razor.


The sound was relaxing.


I watched, as did Aunt Bernie, as he tilted my head a little to the left. Placing the shape straight razor’s blade to my scalp at the arc of my head.


Slowly he began shaving my head.


I could not believe how I was feeling. It was as if I have been waiting for this to happen.


I did not want him to stop. I wanted him to shave my head.


Aunt Bernie watched each and every movement he did with the straight razor.


My head was tiled downward as he began shaving the back of my head and nape.


I was able to see Aunt Bernie. She was sitting on the edge of the chair.


My head was tiled to the right.


I saw a big smile on Aunt Bernie, as she mouthed and again brushed her right, then left hand over her head, “I AM NEXT.”


Mr. Paul was standing behind the barber chair, as he moved the straight razor over my head and began shaving the top of my head.


Within five minutes my head was shaved. Shave smooth.


As he dusted my face, neck, and began removing the cape, I raised my hands to my head and ran my fingertips over my shaven head.


For the first time, since getting my hair cut by Mr. Paul and so short, I felt a strange warm feeling rush from the head to my toes and back up.


As I stepped out the barber chair, Aunt Bernie was standing for her turn.


No sooner had I stepped from the footrest, Aunt Bernie was sitting in the barber chair and telling Mr. Paul, “I have been waiting for sixteen years to do it again.”


“I knew it would be coming”, he told Aunt Bernie as he capped her. “I’ll shave you twice, like that time.”





The End               By JimB            ©opyright May 2016

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