Colleen makes the Grade

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Colleen was all excited about her new job as a Production Technician. She would start Monday morning. Colleen was 29 and had long almost to the waist mahogany colored hair. It was thick and beautiful with a nice natural shine. She wore it simply parted in the middle or she would wear it straight with nice loose curls. Now and then she would pin it up. She had long past her mid back most of her life and had gotten many compliments on how pretty it was with her standing 5’8″ tall. She like to wear simple business like blouse with slacks to work. She dressed conservatively in most eyes.

She reported to her new supervisor Lisa on Monday morning.Lisa was in her mid 50’s and her hair was in a short neck baring bob. Lisa showed her to her desk and she met her co-workers. There were other ladies aged 25 to 55. Lisa reminded her that she and her behavior were on a 30 day probation like all new employees. Lisa looked at Colleen ” Colleen, I see I need to leave you with a saying or concept that I think you should write down and remember in the next 30 days which is ” Sometimes an individual needs to show by their actions that they can make a personal sacrifice to become part of a team.” I hope you are willing to do that.”Colleen ” Lisa, I will keep that in mind thank you.”

Colleen noticed the next few days that all her coworkers had short hair styles. All had neck and ear baring styles. Friday Colleen was in the break room when coworker Jennifer came over to Colleen. She looked at her and spoke ” Colleen , Do you like my new hairstyle?” Jennifer was sporting a short crispy bob angled up from the ears with a buzzed nape. Colleen ” Yes, I think you look pretty with that style.” Jennifer ” I betyou would look pretty with a similar style. You should go see Britany. You probably get tired of dealing with all that long hair. I bet Britany could fix you up with a short style you would really like.” Colleen ” Who is Britany? ” Jennifer ” Britany runs New You Kreations hair salon down the corner at the end of the block just hang a right turn as you exit our building. She does all the haircuts for our department including Lisa’s our supervisor. We get discount haircuts and free product. Here is her business card. You should call her and make an appointment.” Colleen ” I don’t know Jennifer. You look pretty with short hair but I don’t think I would look pretty with short hair. I like my long hair and don’t mind taking the extra time to fix it. Thanks for the thought though.” The two parted ways. Colleen put Britany’s card in her coin purse.

Little did Colleen realize that Jennifer’s comments were just the beginning. She began finding short hairstyle magazines left on her desk and short hair pictures on her email.
One sent with a comment ” Do you really think you need all that long hair to look pretty? She was in the bathroom when she heard voices at the sink. ” You know that new girl with the long hair Lisa hired sure has alot of hair. I bet it is hot under all that.” The other voice added. ” She could make a 20″ donation to locks of love easy. I wonder when she is going to go see Britany. Jennifer told me she gave her one of her business cards.” The ladies left the restroom before Colleen was done so she didn’t get to see who they were.

Her second Friday she came to work and a gift box was on her desk. No one was around so she opened it and let out a gasp. Inside was a pair of haircutting shears with a note. ” Join the team. Make the sacrifice. Call Britany Soon!!” signed Anonymous.

She decided to wear it up on Monday in a nice tight twisty up do. She didn’t get the reaction she expected. Lisa came over to her. ” Your hair looks really nice up but remember what I told you the saying on your first day. I ‘ll send it again to you in a email. She got an email while she was away from her desk ” You look pretty with your hair up and neck exposed. Why don’t you see Britany and make the look permanent. Say goodbye to your long security blanket of hair.” During lunch Colleen took a walk down to the end of the block and found the New You Kreations hair salon. It was up a flight of stairs across from a dermatologist office. It was about a ten minute walk. She looked in and saw several styling chairs and a few stylist working. She wondered which one was Britany who she kept hearing about.

One day she was in line at Camiles a sandwich shop she had found nearby and a lady spoke to her. “Pardon me but you sure have pretty hair. I love the color and shine.” Colleen turned and looked at a lady in her 50’s. ” Thank you” The lady spoke to her ” Do you color it and do you wash it every night?” Colleen ” I don’t color it but I do wash it every night.” It was Colleens turn to order and when she turned around the lady was gone. She must have gotten tired of waiting.

Colleen was being ostracized by her fellow workers and she knew it was because of her long hair. The last Friday before her 30 days were up after lunch a post note on her computer told her to view an important message on her email. When she opened it she started to tremble. She had been sent two You tube videos of ” Forced Haircuts by coworkers. Showing a victims long hair being hacked off in chunks. There was a note ” Is this your future Colleen? Your time is running out! See Britany and Join the Team ASAP.” She turned off the computer. Colleen sat at her desk and trembled. The Forced haircut scenario terrified her. She went into the bathroom and let out a scream and looked at her treasured long locks. She went back to her desk and pulled out Britany’s business card and dialed the number. It was 2pm on the last Friday afternoon before her 30 day evaluation Monday.
A lady answered the phone. ” New You Kreation Salon.How can I help you?
Colleen ” I need to talk to Britany please.”
Salon ” This is her. How can I help you?”
Colleen ” My name is Colleen and I work with Jennifer and Lisa up the street. I need to see you after work about a new hairstyle. Can you see me at 4:30 today?
Britany ” I’d love to see you at 4:30 Colleen. Bring an open mind.”
Colleen hung up the phone sat for a few moments with her thoughts.She ran her fingers through her thick mahogany hair. She went back to work.

It was 4pm when Lisa came over to her. ” Colleen I think this is your fourth week and you have really worked hard. Why don’t you leave early. You probably have places to go and people to see. You can leave now and I’ll see you Monday to go over your 30 day evaluation.” Colleen closed up her desk and went to the bathroom and brushed out her long soft dark brown locks. She knew it would be the last time.

Down the street she went with a feeling of impending doom. She took the stairs up to the New You Kreations Salon and went in and up to the receptionist.
She spoke” My name is Colleen and I have a 4:30 appointment with Britany. I realize that I’m a bit early so I’ll just take a seat.” The young girl made a note of her presence.
Colleen sat down and noticed the salon was modern and clean. The four stylist were busy with their customers. She swished her long hair to and fro one last time. A few minutes passed and a lady in her mid 50’s with her hair cut into a short pixie came out from down the hall. She came toward Colleen” Hi, you must be Colleen. I think I ran into you a few weeks back at the sandwich shop. I remember you hair. I’m Britany and I own this place.
I hope you like it. Please follow me to the back down the hall as I have a Private Station.
I have it for ‘ Special Clients’.” Bitany opened the door and Colleen saw a typical styling station with mirrors in a U shaped pattern around a styling chair with a counter with various cutting tools including clippers on it. The place was down right hot as Britany closed the door behind them. She spoke ” My goodness it is hot in here. I don’t want you to melt under the cape in your pretty work cloths. Why don’t you remove your dress and put it over on the stool. You can remove your bra too as it is just me and you in here and I want you to feel comfortable.” Colleen removed her dress and bra and sat in the chair. Britany hit the air-conditioner. She then came over to Colleen and placed a sheer see thru light pink colored cape around her. She lifted up her massive mane of hair and placed the cape tightly around her neck.
{ Now, what Colleen didn’t know was that Britany’s salon and especially Private Station was not really private. Colleen had been on Web cams since she opened the door and came up the steps and entered the salon.The Private salon was covered with cameras capable of zooming in and out and microphones were placed. Cameras were placed behind the mirrors. Colleen was being viewed with special interest by her coworkers in Lisa’s office. Colleen was reality TV on this Friday afternoon.}

Britany came over and after brushing out Colleens pretty mane that almost reached the floor behind the chair. She came over and sat down next to innocent Colleen. ” Now, what can I do for you this afternoon young lady. You sure have lovely hair.?” Colleen ” I guess that the problem I have it that I have always had long hair and have always been complimented on it till this job. My 30 day evaluation is Monday and I have to prove myself to be a ” Team Member”. I have to have a short hair style to do that. I hear you cut all the ladies hair in my department so you can give me a style to fit in and be accepted as a ” Team Member”. Britany ” So you like your job but want a short style so that you will be accepted by your coworkers and they will say nice things about you. Have you ever had short hair before?” Colleen” Not since I was a child”. Britany ” Let me take a close look at your facial features and see what is the best style for you.” Britany brushed up Colleens thick long Mohagany hair into a high tight ponytail.It was magnificent virgin hair and she wanted as much as she could of it. The pulled up hair revealed face shape and jaw line. She let the thick hair down and came over and looked Colleen in the eyes. ” Ok, Colleen I think you need a dramatic new look. A look that will knock your coworkers socks off when you show up Monday morning. A nice short pixie cut with short soft bangs. Cut short on top to get rid of your middle part. I’ll clipper your nape and sides and blend it all in with the top. What do you think? Colleen ” I don’t know. It sounds scary but if it will stop the hair harassment and let me keep my job then I will have to say ” Yes” I just don’t want to look like a boy. ” Britany ” I’ll make you a deal. You let me keep the hair I cut off and I’ll do the style Free of Charge.” Colleen ” I just want one long lock to save and you can have the rest.” Britany ” You will love your new look and having short hair. Now stand up and brush your long hair one last time while I get things ready.”

Meanwhile back in Lisa’s office her coworkers were going crazy and getting a bit drunk in the knowledge of what was about to happen to Colleen.

Britany came back and sectioned off a 1 and half inch of hair with a pointed comb above Colleen’s fore head. She combed the long hair down over Colleens face and down into Colleens lap. The placed a section of Colleens soft brown hair between her fingers and an inch down from Colleens hairline she made the first cut. Schnip ,shcnip went the scissors and Britany held up the severed lock of hair. She held it up ” Wow, Colleen that is nearly 18 inches long. Hold this for me and when I get a few more we will tie them together.” Britany went back to cutting Colleens short soft bangs. Then Britany went behind Colleen. She sectioned Colleens thick hair up from ear level straight across from side to side and pinned it on top of her head. She pushed Colleens head down to her chest and sectioned off a thick section of hair. She spoke softly to Colleen ” Ok, honey now is the tough part. I’m going to remove the bulk of your thick hair by using my clippers with a #2 guard. You should feel a slight vibration.” Then Britany placed the wahl clippers at the base of Colleens neck and slowly pushed them up the back of Colleens nape. The thick hair put up a good fight but lost to the hair hungry clippers. Britany held tight to the severed section of hair. She put a tie around it and placed it on the counter with a smile. The hair was over 20 inches long. Perfect for extensions. She repeated the process six times completing a nice undercut. Then she sat Colleen up straight and let down the thick top hair. She spoke to Colleen ” Your doing great Honey now I want you to look straight ahead at the mirror and stay still while I cut your crown hair short.” Britany took a thick section of Colleens top hair and at a point three inches above Colleens scalp she turned on the clippers and let them dive into the thick hair. She laid the long lock on the counter and moved on to the next section. This time Colleen couldn’t hold back and tears flowed down her cheek. Colleen cried out ” You cutting all my pretty hair off. I’m going to look ugly.” Britany handed Colleen a box of tissues. ” Yes, getting one’s long hair cut off is always dramatic. You’ll be use to it in a few days. Now, take a few deep breaths.”
Colleen watched helplessly as her long hair was removed. It was as if Britany was harvesting it which in truth she was but didn’t want innocent Colleen to know that. So up went the long hair and off it came with the clippers cutting through it. Britany worked quickly as she had a surprise for Colleen. Colleen sat there with her sides and back buzzed and her top hair cut into a short fluffy crop.Then Britany stopped and went away from the chair for a moment.When she came back she began applying something to Colleens hair. Colleen ” What are you doing now? !” Britany” Remember, How I told you that you would knock your coworkers socks off come Monday. Well, your going to do it as a Blonde. A Golden Blonde. Your dark haired days are over Colleen.” Colleen” A Blonde?! Oh, my God my own parents won’t recognize me when I leave here.”

Britany went about turning a shocked Colleen into a blonde and then shaping Colleens
final style. Locks of hair brown and blonde surrounded the chair. A blow dryer was taken and Britany showed Colleen how to style her new short crop. The cape was loosened and
Colleens neck area was shaved smooth with a straight razor. Colleen reached up and felt her short crop.Colleen looked in the mirrors around her. ” Well, if this doesn’t make me a ” Team Member” I don’t know what will.”

{Now, unknown to Colleen her coworkers had been getting drunker the more hair that Colleen had removed. They decided to go to the Salon and not wait for Monday to see their new look coworker or Team Member.}

Britany ” Colleen I’m all done. You owe me nothing. Grab any hair product you think you need and come in and I’ll be here for you for in between trims. I find in these situations it is best for the person go to go really short and then you can let it grow out. A week from now you will be use to it and wish you had cut your long hair off sooner.Good luck Monday You know the way out. I’ve got to clean up.” Colleen got herself and put on new makeup where her had been cried off. She walked down the hall and when she got to the reception area she got a big surprise.

Jennifer and all her coworkers were there. ” Colleen, a bird told us you were here. We couldn’t wait to see you on Monday. My God. You look awesome!” Colleen ” Am I a “Team Member” now.?” A voice yelled out ” Hell, Your Captain of the Team Now. You got ball’s Colleen. Come on Ladies it’s time to buy our Team Captain dinner and party down at Sammy C’s.” It as 6pm and Colleen was being mobbed and her head touched. She even felt her body being touched in the mob event. She couldn’t help but smile as she was ushered along. Britany had known the winning look.

The End.

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