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I knew I was gay when I was 14 looking at other boys in school after they had gotten a “haircut” the day before.I always (well maybe when I was 11-12)loved it when mom would say”JOHN;get a haircut after school today.”I would think about sitting in that big barbers’ chair that was in “OTTOS’ barber shop and how those “OSTER” clippers sounded as he used them on my sides and back.My haircut was always the same(close sides and back parted on the side flipped up in front).I was too young to know I had a haircut fetish;but in high school it really took off.I was really thin(5’7″–128#s blue eyes lt. brown hair) and funny now that I remember I always had this”thing” for other guys like me,(thin,with a nice close haircut).This one guy who i’ll call Jeff was in the barbershop when I was there(he was getting the same haircut I would be getting next).I sat there and couldn’t get my eyes off of him;the difference of how he looked as Otto would run the clippers up his sides and back(the same way I would look in a very few minutes).I had this feeling of how sexual it would be to run the front of my hand up Jeff’s back of his head(as I did as I rode my bike home)……. I’ll stop here as the story IS true and I do not want to get in any trouble with mediator for the group.

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