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Julia woke up naked in a medical room with two bald men glaring down at her. She tried to scream or move, but no sound would come out of her mouth and her arms and legs would not move. She was strapped by her arms and legs to a medical table. The two men quickly grabbed medical masks and covered their faces.

“Alright Thomas, what’s the timeline on this specimen.”

“Year is 2020 Gerald.”

“Ok give me the specimen data.”

“Julia O’Hara. Blonde hair, long, approximately 36 inches. Blue eyes. Height, 5 foot 10 inches. Breast size approximately 25 c. Weight 125. Teeth, white, no cavities. Age, 26 years old.”

“Ok specimen analysis beginning, activate onboard computer. Marking travel back from 4040, 2020 year travel. Specimen represents 5% of total population as blonde Caucasian female with blue eyes and long hair. Specimen has athletic build. Extraction dental and hair samples from specimen. Begin 3d printing of replacement dental samples. Thomas, contact the synthetic hair design team on floor 8, room c. Tell them that in t-minus 6 hours we will need four synthetic hair pieces. One 36 inch long blond piece and 3 others of varying styles and lengths.”

“Will do Gerald.”

The man called “Gerald” then walked to Julia’s head. He looked down into her eyes.

“Ok Julia O’Hara, I am Dr. Gerald Harrison. You are currently on board the USS Shear Center. We travel back in time to monitor the human population and extract valuable data to ensure the strength of the human genome. You have been injected with a nerve relaxer which is why you can’t speak or move. Our procedures with be painless and leave you essentially unchanged.”

He grabbed Julia’s hair and tied it back into a pony tail. Then he used his hands to open Julia’s jaw. He reached up and pulled down a long tube with a mouth guard looking attachment on the end. He put it in Julia’s mouth and then pressed her jaw shut. Her teeth squished into a gel like substance.

“Ok dental extractor has been put into place. Thomas, please approach with hair sample retriever.”

Thomas approached from behind with another tube with a vacuum like attachment on the end. He pulled the ponytail tight and inserted it into the vacuum tube.

“Ok Thomas, hand me the follicle releaser.”

Thomas passed a small needle to Gerald and it was filled with blue liquid. Gerald then reached down and pricked Julia’s scalp all over, injecting small amounts of the serum. Julia even felt two pricks on each on of her eyebrows. Gerald then reached up and pulled down another tube. This one had an attachment that looked like some kind of helmet. Gerald placed it just above Julia’s Hair.

“Ok Thomas, activate follicle destruction beams.”

Thomas flicked a switch on the wall.

Julia felt a light heat on her scalp.

“Thomas, initiate dental root destruction.”

Thomas flicked another switch on the wall.

Julia felt a warm heat pass through her teeth.

“Ok time to check on the synthetics. Come with me Thomas, I’ll show you where these synthetic replacements are designed.”

Julia watched the men leave the room. When they returned it felt like she had been laying on the medical table for hours.

“Ok Thomas, now this is the good part. Time for extraction and to test sexual capabilities of the subject. As you know, one of the benefits of our procedure is to leave the subject in an improved state for sexual performance, in case the population in our time has evolved past the ability to conjure up sexual desire. If that happens, we simply return to these subjects and bring them back to our time to maintain the population.”

Thomas nodded as he flipped both switches. The warm heat on her teeth and head suddenly vanished.

“Ok, initiate hair extraction.”

Thomas flipped a switch and Julia heard a hum.

“Ok Thomas, this is where we take the hair sample. The serum has destroyed all follicles and so now we simply need to apply pressure on the hair root with the vacuum and then a complete extraction is completed.”

Thomas and Gerald watched and the hair line on Julia’s forehead began to recede. Slowly the long blonde hairs began pulling away from Julia’s scalp. When much of the hair had been pulled away from Julia’s scalp and only a few hairs remained holding Julia’s pony tail to her head, the vacuum stopped making progress.

“Ok well sometimes you just need a light tug to help the vacuum.”

Gerald gathered up all of Julia’s hair in his ands and pulled, releasing the last few strands of hair from Julia’s head, and leaving her completely bald. Julia, however, had no idea, she simply felt pressure on her scalp.

“Ok now to complete the sample.”

Gerald, then moved the vacuum over Julia’s face. She felt a light sensation over her eyebrows, then nothing.

“Thomas, you may now turn off the hair collector. And please prepare the stimulator.”

Gerald then opened Julia’s mouth. She felt a light pressure on her teeth, then nothing.

“Ah a perfect extraction. You were clearly a habitual flosser.”

Gerald grabbed hold of the tube on pulled it out of Julia’s mouth. He pressed a button and Julia saw tiny white objects pile into Gerald’s hand. She heard light clinking sounds as they were dropped into a glass jar. Thomas then returned with an attachment and replaced the end of the tube with a long phallic looking attachment.

Gerald reached under the table and pulled a tube with a similar looking attachment from under the table.

Gerald inserted it into Julia’s vagina while Thomas pulled the other tube down and inserted it into Julia’s mouth and shut her mouth around it. Julia could not help but notice that she could not feel her teeth.

“Ok time to test sexual performance. Activate the sexual stimulator and prepare the sealant dispenser.”

Julia immediately felt an intense pleasure in her vagina. Unlike any sexual experience she had ever had.

“Now see Thomas, the sexual stimulator triggers a reflex for the subject to suck on the sealant dispenser.”

Julia indeed had begun sucking the device in her mouth. Giving it the best blowjob, she could. She did not want to suck the deice in front of these two men, but sexual stimulation was so intense that she could not stop herself from sucking the device in her mouth. She moved her tongue all around the device and tried to use her teeth, even though she could not feel them, to stimulate the whole length of the phallic device.

“Alright Thomas, maximum sexual stimulation is going to be achieved in 5….4…..3….2…1”

Julia felt as though waves were going through her body as she achieved a back bending orgasm. She began furiously sucking the device in her mouth until it exploded with a jelly like substance, filling her mouth.

Gerald then walked over and pulled the device from Julia’s mouth, allowing the device to continue pumping the jelly-like substance all over Julia’s forehead and scalp.

“See Thomas, this substance is a perfect sealant for follicles and gums. A truly genius invention from the creator of this fine procedure, Dr. Emma Hardison.”

Gerald then massaged the substance all over Julia’s forehead and scalp.

“This is to ensure full coverage Thomas, otherwise the subject may experience regrowth.”

Thomas nodded as he approached the sexual stimulator in Julia’s vagina.

Julia heard a beep somewhere in the lab.

“Ok Thomas, time’s up for this one. Good work. Finish up with that button on the sexual stimulator before you remove it.”

Thomas pressed a button labeled “Good-Night.” Julia felt the device spray something into her vagina.




Sunlight beamed through the windows of her apartment as Julia awoke to a knocking at her door.

“Julia, its Kent.”

Julia hopped out of bed, eager to please her boyfriend after such a sexually stimulating dream. Her long brown locks were bouncing as she opened the door. She yanked Kent inside and pushed him into the bedroom.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, but you have to put on the sleep mask to get it.”

Kent quickly laid down and pulled on the sleep mask. She yanked his pants off and began sucking his penis. Kent’s erection grew longer and harder and Julia sucked his cock just as she had sucked that thing in her dream. Her intense blowjob caused Kent to put his head back and shut his eyes. Julia felt something come loose in her mouth and stopped for a brief second. Reaching in her mouth she pulled out a pair of dentures. She ran her tongue over her mouth and to her shock, there wasn’t a tooth left. She couldn’t let Kent find out, so she continued her blowjob, but kept the dentures behind her back.

“Oh my god Julia, this is the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Holy fuck.”

Julia kept sucking and sucking, wondering whether the dream had been a dream after all. Her fears were soon realized when Kent began running his fingers through her hair. As she pleasured him, he pulled her hair and Julia felt something pull off her head. She watched in shock as Kent continued pulling and her long blonde hair came off her head. It was a wig!

“Oh damn baby, you know I always liked wig play, but this looked just like your normal hair, did you change it or something?”

Kent went to reach for the mask, but Julia stopped him. And instead grabbed the wig from his hand. She kept sucking his cock until she felt it pulse, then she pulled it out and let it explode all over her bald scalp. The sensation was just like the one from her dream and she couldn’t help but get aroused and remember the back bending orgasm.

“Oh yeah baby swallow it all,” Kent said, still blind behind the sleep mask.

Julia pulled the wig on her head and popped the dentures in her mouth.

“Ok baby you can take the mask off.”

“Wow that was the best blowjob ever, but really I’ve got to get to work, I just stopped by because you never called me last night.”

It was coming back to her, she remembered walking home from Kent’s when a light engulfed her and she had awoken on the table.

“Oh sorry about that, I just got home and fell asleep.”

“That’s what I figured. Dang, after that I’m about to be late. Got to go!”

Kent left the apartment with a bit more pep in his step.

As soon as she heard the door shut, Julia walked into the bathroom. She yanked the wig from her head, which was now covered in Kent’s cum. She rubbed her hands over her head, massaging the cum into her scalp which was so slick, it felt as though no hair had ever grown there before. Then she plucked the dentures from her mouth, revealing a mouth full of gums. She ran her tongue over her gums, and began feeling her body awaken with a sexual desire to use her knew talent. Maybe that dream, had not been a dream after all.


To be Continued…..

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