Challenging Tawnta

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Tawnta is a beautiful woman, 5’7”, nice body, kind of impish looking, with shinning black hair to her waist. For over 5 years that I have known Tawnta at Hardee’s., I always kidded with her asking; “ Tawnta pleased let me do a nice short Pixie Cut for you? Tawnta would smile, then laugh saying; “NOT TODAY, LIKE MY HAIR LONG FOR NOW.” We would laugh, then I would say to her;” ONE DAY TAWNTA, ONE DAY MAYBE.” Tawnta would smile and wink at me, saying; “ ONE DAY WE SEE?”then go back to filling orders. WITH HER LONG BLACK HAIR DOWN IN A PONYTAIL ONE DAY, I DUBBED TAWNTA THE ELVIRA OF HARDEE’S.

I offered Tawanta $10 a week to cut her long black hair into a Pixie Cut as she kept it short. Tawnta said; “Tempting me, $10 a week and everyweek that I keep my hair in a Pixie Cut, let me think about it OC.” Another year went by and nothing changed. Tawnta still wanted her long locks. Tawnta said;” OC I have had my hair to my waist all of my life, 38 years of long hair, do not know what I would like in a Pixie Cut OC, scared to give up my securty blanket of hair.

I thought about what Tawnta had said and went on line searching for a nice short Pixie Wig in Black. I found the wig of my dreams for Tawnta. The wig was cut very short, 11/2” all over, really short plus I knew it would look good on Tawnta. I got the wig in the mail, looked at it, then took it to Tawnta to wear. Tawnta was behind the counter working. I waived at her motioning for her to come see me. Tawnta came by my table, I gave her the wig then said try it on, see what people will say about your makeover?” Tawnta took the wig, smile repying; “Ok OC just for you I will put it on tomorrow and see what people say.” I asked her to wear it for a week, Tawnta smiled and said “OK, we will do that and see what everyone says.”

Monday came and I went to Hardee’s for a brakfast, Tawnta was wear the wig, everyone who came in commented on how great she looked in a very very short Pixie hair cut. Tawnta wore the wig, then on Wednesday she said; “OC what willI I do now? Jackie had a long silky brown braid she wore down to her hips daily, after seeing Tawntas style in the Pixie Cut, Jackie copied Tawnta cutting her Braid off. Also Barbara who had bright Red hair to her midback came in on Wednesday with a short Pixie Cut like Tawnta plus Jackie now wore. OC they have cut their hair because I came in with the wig on. Everyone loved the new me, but; now I have a challeng you have created for me, They copied me, now I cannot go back wearing my long hair after they copied me OC.” Since it was me in a new do, they followed suit, now OC. I now have cut my hair shoirt like the wig, I really like the short look, plus all the customers comments, plus what Barbara and Jackie have done I have to cut my hair since I started the rage, I must now follow through and cut my hair very very short, but; I am looking forward to this new me also OC, have been thinking about cutting it since putting the wig on, now I have no choice OC, your going to have to do a makeover for me now, you win, short hair here we come.”

I gave Tawnta my address saying after work come on by, I will do he makeover for free. Tawnta agreed saying; “I get off at 3pm today so be there by 3:20 pm to be made over by you OC.” I smiled saying back to Tawnta; “ We are going to have fun tonight Tawnta, after 6 years my dream of you in a short Pixie Cut are going to come true. See you at 3:20 PM.” I waited all day, it seemed the clock was not cooperating, time was slow from 8:30 am breakfast till 3:20 PM. When Tawnta arrived. Tawnta came into the basement salon, took off her wig. I seated Tawnta in the shop chair, undid her hair that was all pinned up wrapped around her head. I then had Tawnta stand up as I combed out the long mane of hair at her waist. I had to take some photos of Tawntas Long hair for the last time.Tawnta was anticipating her new haircut as she sat back into the chair. I capped Tawnta up, braided the hair, then brought out the scissors to do their cutting job. I held the braid in the left hand, while the right hand had the scissors. As I brought the scissors to the braid, Tawnta asked; “OC can we do a chin length bob first, I have always wanted to see what I would look like in a Bob cut at chin length.” I nodded saying ;”OK.” Holding the braid, I started cutting into it, with each cutting Tawnta said; “ Wow this is happening, I really am cutting off all those 38 years of long hair. OC you challenged me for6 years, now the cutting is a reality.” I cut into the braid some more. As each cut too a severing of the long braid from the head, the severed hair fell forward into a chin length Bob Cut. Tawnta was in seventh heaven. “OC I should have done this years ago, Gosh how I like the Bob Cut.” I held the braid up then gave it to Tawnta, Tawnta took the braid and coressed it, stroking it from the cut ends to the end of the braid. Tawnta then kissed the braid, holding it up to her face Tawnta shed a tear or two for her severed braid, then put it on the counter top. I took some pictures of the Bob cut, then Tawnta holding her long servered mane of hair. I told Tawnta let me do an inverted stacked Bob Cut for you. Tawnta smiled and nodded approval. Out came the clippers with a 3′ attachement. I turned them on, Tawnta jumped, eyes wide open looking into the mirror as I ran the clippes up her nape, hair falling to the floor as Tawnta watched in AWE., The clippers left a nicly new cropped 3” cut up the nape of the neck with about 8” falling at chin length.. Tawnta reached with her hands felling the shorter hair up the nape saying; “WOW OC THIS IS REALLY A TRIP, ME IN A CHIN LENGTH BOB CUT, WOW IT FEELS SO GOOD OC.”

Tawnta commented about the final cutting to 1.5” of a nice short Pixie Cut like the wig I pulled out the 1 ¼ attachemebt with the 1/4” steel blade as Tawnta watched intensly then said; “I cannot believe this evening OC. WOW now I am going to see hair faling in long spires as the clippers do their thing, lets do it OC, Iam more then ready to see hair falling all over the floor, the cape, into my lap. Wow, I cannot believe this, wearing a wig, you set me up, you challenged me to look different, now seeing Barbara and Jackie in a short Pixie Cut, I knew I could not back out of getting your loved Pixie Cut. So lets do this do this but; first I would like to see a 3” Pixie Cut. I put the 3” attachement back on the clippers, started the clippers up with a pop as Twanta jumped. I plunged the clippers into the nape redoing the 3” path again. Tawnta gasped when I went to the right side,up and over the ear as 5” of a Chin Length Bob was reduced to a nice 3” style. Up and over the ear to the temple as hair rained downonto the cape. Tawnta watched intensly as each path left a short 3” Pixie Cut. As I went to the left side at the temple, I ran the clippers up and over the ear to the nape as more hair was severed to the floor and cape, Tawnta was in awe at the transformation to a nice 3” Pixie Cut. I then finished up, plunging the sheering blades into the forehead, right down the middle, back to the crown . Tawnta screamed; “OMG OC, OMG, THIS LOOKS SO NICE AT 3”. MAYBE I WILL LET IT GROW OUT TO 3”. I LIKE THE LONGER LOOK, BUT NOW WE MUST GO TO THE 1.5” CUT LIKE THE WIG IS PLUS JACKIE AND BARBARA’S CUTTING THEIR HAIR, NEVER SAW THAT COMING OC.” I finished up cutting more hair off from the left and right side of the forehead leaving a nice 3” Pixie Cut all over. Tawnta looked at me in the mirrors, smiled saying; “ OC I like the 3” look but now it is time to buzz the 3” to a 1.5” Pixie Cut.”

I changed the clipper attachement to be a buzzed 1.5” Pixie Cut, just like the wig was, plus Jackie and Barbars change up cuts. On came the clippers, Tawnta said; “ Here we go OC the shortest cut I have ever had in my life OC, but wearing the wig, I know I am going to enjoy this cut more.” I ran the clippers right down the forehead middle, as the clipper spewed hir all over leaving a nice newely cropped 1.5” of hair behind, hair was falling all around Tawnta as she yelled; “YES ON YES, LOOK AT THE NEW ME OC, OMG WHO WOULD EVER HAVE THOUGHT A WEEK AGO I WOULD BE CUTTING OFF MY LONG BLACK HAIR., HUH?” About the time I was doing the last cutting, my wife walked in, look at the lady with the cropped short Pixe Cut saying; “Nice cut OC, really nice. Cindy then noticed it was Tawnta, fave out a cry; “Tawnta is theat you girl?”Tawnta smiled saying hello to Cindy. Cindy asked why she cut her hair? Tawnta explained about the wig and 2 employees who folled the trend.. Cindy had grown her hair out from the 2017 2” Pixie Cut, it was now all white and 33” long falling at almost waist length. I and Cindy escorted Tawnta upstairs saying how nice she looked. Cindy closed the door, looked at me and said;” OC now your going to cut mine to 1.5”.”

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