3 Wishes

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After a long frustrating day in school, I finally reached home. My life has become awful, my GF dumped me without any clear reason. One of my GF’s friends, who kinda is nice to me told me that she was only half-hearted in this relationship and she was just waiting for the perfect moment to get rid of me. I hate my life. Why did things turn out like this and yet I couldn’t do anything to share my pain. Meanwhile,  my GF had all of our classmates sympathizing with her. I hate it man being a girl does come with its own set of positives and what I like the most about being a girl is the beautiful hair they have its so amazing and arousing and yet I couldn’t keep my relationship so I lost the right to play with and fantasize with her beautiful hair. With all these thoughts I came to my room slammed the door and locked it away so no one would bother and I will have some personal space.

I wish I was a girl. I would have got so much from the people in general and I could have fun with my hair and get to watch amazingly satisfying haircuts.

Only if I were….

“You can ask for 3 wishes”.Who spoke that? I was scared. A voice out of nowhere in my closed room.
I am the gin. What the, a blad old looking man without legs in my room. A ghost??

Don’t play a fukin prank on me what is this thing.

“I am a gin”. My heart almost popped out of my chest when he showed me by increasing his size that he was really a magical creature.

“I offer you 3 wishes”. I still doubted and thought this just might be some high-level youtube prank shit hologram, futuristic tech. “You say a magical creature huh then you must know what I want I was just thinking about it a little while ago fulfill that wish of mine”. I wasn’t going to announce my weird wish of course because if someone was playing a prank I will be in deep shit.

” OK Your first wish is completed”

With his magical power, he stopped the time and in front of me, I could see the time I was born a nurse handing over a baby to my then young mother only it was a baby girl. Slowly I watch her grow up. She had the same life as me the same memories we shared but the only difference she was a girl. Slowly passing through the time the memories reached the present time and suddenly time again started running normally. What the hell happened I thought to myself. My chest felt heavy as I lowered my neck I saw two huge bulges in my chest. I was startled I rushed to the mirror to see a beautiful girl I was just watching in the flash-back in a grown-up state. A perfect body, smooth skin, cute eyes all you can demand of a sexy girl but the most amazing jet black hair which was in plaits. My hands quickly reached for the little clips I felt on the back of my head removed and let the hair out. Beautiful silky jet black hair which; reached up to the chest was let loose. I gave one strand a pull and I felt it attached to scalp. This really was my hair. Not only that this was my body. I had turned into a girl. Well, my dick was gone I also realized that it was kinda shocking but the rest more than made up for it.

I had a believe. I actually had a  real Gin that just changed my whole history and made me a girl.

“You have two wishes left sir…, no mam”

I had to ask him why did I get 3 wishes. Are there any conditions to these wishes. What really did he do. So many questions.

But the first question I asked him was out of 7 billion why I got something like this.’Well your aren’t the first, you have heard the some tales I suppose as to why you out of seven billion people the answer is pure luck’ the gin replied. I was satisfied with the reply and why wouldn’t I be I was focusing more on what was new around my body touching my private organs and stuff.

So what are there any conditions to these wishes. “No” the gin said he said that he was a cursed soul and by fulfilling my wishes and satisfying me he will get to move on to the next world. Well some pretty amazing stuff was being said by him after-world and stuff heck I just watching magic happen before my eyes just a few moments ago.

The only thing I cared about right now was “is this transformation permanent even after I am satisfied and you are free will I stay a girl?” the gin replied with a yes as long as I don’t use another wish to revert it. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs”

“So gin tell me something about the female me no wait this doesn’t count as a wish does it”. “No it doesn’t simple knowledge assistance doesn’t come under wishes” he replied. “So the female you has had the same life events as you,  though there are some obvious changes like your friends have changed because you wouldn’t really have the same amount of guy friends right other than that some very minor events like you never going to anyplace exclusive for men well just a complicated way you obviously don’t use the male bathroom and …”. I cut him short “Why are you telling me such obvious stuff tell me something about me my nature in here any change of behaviour of other people towards me”. “Hmm well you certainly are popular of course because you are hot and unlike when you were a boy you had a haircut fetish as a girl here you had a long haircut fetish” the gin replied.


Long hair fetish huh well all this silky jet black hair really seems like I took care of it a lot but now. “All your desires as a man have carried here so you have your haircut fetish again also you are interested in woman now” the gin replied. I am a lesbian huh. After some time I kind of calmed down and I was prepared to go out of my room in which I came in as a guy and would leave as a girl. I asked the gin to guide me through this world and in the process not to be visible to anyone but me also since this is a knowledge and guide type thing I made sure that he wouldn’t cut this out of my three wishes and the answer was as it seemed he would advice and give me information about the subtle changes of this world. I went to open the door of my room before opening I looked at the gin why did he have a bald man appearance couldn’t he have something more pleasant for a girl like me to look at. He changed his appearance into a female beauty gin but still a lack of legs. I panicked and was about to ask if my wish got deducted cut before I could ask he ,or should I say she now, read my mind and assured me my wish wasn’t deducted and he will give me a warning when I use a wish so I didn’t had to panic so much.

I opened the door and I walked into the living room my mom was sitting there. “Hey Emma what took you so long didn’t you say you wanted eat something so I prepared lunch for you and you just wouldn’t come”.  Emma?? I thought to myself “Your name as a girl” the gin replied oh ok “Yes mom kinda sorting some things can I have the food” I replied. Mom directed me to some snacks I got them and tried to have a conversation with my mother to see what kind of a relationship do I have with her now.

She asked me about school and my day on which I gave vague answers because I didn’t know how the day for the female me actually went on though I will know from tomorrow. While having a chat with her I noticed my long hair come in front of my face I tucked it behind my ears. I am really not used to the long hair and as I tucked it away my hair fetish kicked in. “Mom my hair is really bothering me and the summers are also I am thinking about cutting my hair short”. My mom made a really shocked face. Seeing her shocked face I got kinda upset I thought maybe she doesn’t want me have a haircut. Mom said with a surprised look on her face “you want to cut your hair … short… I thought you hated having haircuts.” The gin spoke to me in my thoughts “You never let anyone take you for a haircut you have loved your hair from childhood that’s why she is shocked that how can you of all people say by yourself of getting a haircut”. ok I had a long hair fetish I need to say something to manage this situation or she will be suspicious. “Uh oh mom actually I am really fed up of my hair and I really have grown a liking to the bob haircut you are having so I thought maybe I should get it cut for a change on second thought I shouldn’t make any rash decisions it’s ok mom I will think it through….”. My mom stopped me and said”look don’t have second thoughts I have always been saying you would look pretty in a short hairstyle but you just wouldn’t listen now that you have thought of getting it cut go get it done now before you change your mind you will love it, just go to the nearby salon they will attend you right away get rid of that mess”. Wow mom’s amazing she immediately got me some cash and gave it to me. I said to mom” Thank you mom for supporting my decision”. She replied “obviously I had to you never agree to get it cut you always just get trims now for the first time you have agreed to get it cut I am not going to waste this opportunity of course although I can’t go with you because I have something I have to do but I think you can get it cut yourself. Now go and get it cut dear.” With that I left my house for the salon. I thought to myself that conversation was really weird mom seemed so happy just at the thought of me getting a haircut. The gin spoke to me again “of course she was happy it was your first conversation with her in your new female body but she has been dealing with you for the past 18yrs and for the first time you agreed for a haircut, I don’t know if you know or not but your mother has always loved short hair and was unhappy with the female you that she couldn’t share the same feeling”.

I thought to myself that even earlier mom loved her bob haircut so it really wasn’t any change just I had become a girl who hated what mom loved so her behaviour to me asking to get a short haircut was normal. The short walk to the salon was over already as I stood in front of the massive glass door. I opened it and walked in. I was greeted by a receptionist god knows how alien this was to me. I knew they had appointment system in salons so I asked if she would take a walk-in for a haircut, she found someone who was free and called him in, meanwhile she asked me to wait in the waiting area.

Soon a girl with an amazing pixie cut appeared and asked me to come with her to her styling station. She first started with shampoo. In the meantime I started thinking about what haircut do I want do I really want a bob like my mom. Well ideally my haircut fetish is telling me to cut it all off but I kinda don’ want to do something so drastic right away. A pixie like the stylist well  if I cut away that much I might as well shave my head an idea popped as soon as the stylist was done with the shampooing. She put my hair up with the help of a clip and put a  cape on me and let my hair down again. Then she asked the question I was waiting for”Hello I am Christina how can I help you?”. ok remember my name is Emma. “hello my name is emma and I would like to get a haircut.””What kind of haircut?”the stylist asked to which I opened my phone and said I want a haircut like this:


“I would like to have a bob like this nape shaved.”

A nape shaved bob the next best haircut after a headshave. Well it would be an understatement to say that the stylist was shocked. Every expression of her was like why are you cutting your silky black perfect hair. She explained to me how the haircut is going to be and how she needs to use the clippers and if I was sure to which I replied yes. She started to part my hair for the haircut. “Are you really fed up of your long hair??” the stylist asked me. To which I replied” Yes I am fed up of my long hair and want to try the clippers on my scalp, and it will also help me get by the summer.” The stylist was done parting my hair she took out the clipper ” I am going to use a #4 on the nape” I gave a nod”Head down” she pushed my head and my chin almost touched my chest and the clippers were plunged into my nape. As soon as the clippers touched my nape I could feel my nipples getting hard a burning sensation between my legs. The clippers where pulled up and up till my ears then it was repeated on another strip. While continuing to shave my nape the stylist said” You know I also recently cut my hair into a pixie due to all the work I to was fed up of my long hair It’s a good decision you have made”. All was thinking was about all the hair that feel to the ground I wanted to see the pile of black silky hair. The clippers stopped as I could feel cool breeze of air on my nape. I was so aroused I could barely speak but I wanted it shaved shorter and higher. “uhh.. umm can you show me the back please” I asked, she complied when she showed me my nape with a mirror held by her I said it “umm could you maybe shave my nape a little bit more higher and like use a shorter guard.” She put down the mirror came to my back and rubbed my nape “You really want to cut your really short huh are you fixed on the bob??”she asked to which I replied “Yes”. She took out her phone typed in something and showed me a picture:

See the source image

Man this picture aroused the living hell out of me I wanted this haircut. The stylist spoke”Is it too extreme or maybe you would like something high and tight like this the nape is also shaved clean so it would feel cool and no one would know you have that much of your head shaved till you lift up your hair.”

To which I said”Yes I want this haircut high and tight.”

“ok long hair girl you and now going to be a half-bald girl no turning back.”

She opened some clips to let some more hair down.

She quickly got the clippers removed the guard on and ran them on my nape and the clipper went higher until the reached the crown when they stopped going higher and started from another strip.I could feel the cold steel and the areas which were shaved felt so cool.

Some long strands of hair slid through my shoulder and feel in front of my cape.

After a while of clippers running on my nape the clippers stopped. Chirstina the stylist put the clippers down and she took out a rectangular box like looking object she turned it on it had a really high pitched tone as she touched my nape with that object it sound changed. “Does it hurt.” Christina asked to which I replied “NO… what is this but the way.” “It is a foil shaver it will make you clean bald.” I didn’t know about this but the sound they made was humongous and the kept moving on my nape after a while the foil shaver stopped and it was put down.

“Nape done now for the bob” Christina announced.

She let my crown hair down all that silky hair bounced down. “Seems like you didn’t even had a haircut right but when you lift up your hair and boom the shaved part ” Christina said. I thought the most exciting part was over but hell I was wrong she picked up the scissor and started hacking my hair off to roughly my shoulder length a whole pile of silky black hair fell on the cape she did this all around.

After some 20 minutes of snipping and cutting I had the exact haircut in the picture. Christina showed me the haircut from all around with the help of a held mirror. You couldn’t really see the shaved area till you lift I lift up my hair.

“You like it?” Christina asked.

“I love it” was all I could say.

She removed the cape and gave me one last look at the haircut.Then I moved on to pay. While doing the payment Christina told me to keep coming back if I wanted to maintain the haircut. I then and there made an appointment with her for a touch up after 2 weeks.

I left the salon as soon as I left the my hands reached up to my back to explore the shaved area. The gin spoke to me again “Well now you are really happy now.” “Yeah I am so happy never been happier in my life thank you Mr. oh you are a miss now I forgot miss gin.” The gin said that he was just a soul existence so he could have any form. “Your female form also has some nice hair I must say.” I said to which the gin replied ” I knowingly put it there for you so you would like it, anyways one of your wishes has been fulfilled and you are satisfied with it 2 more and I will be free to move on.” While having this chat with the gin I reached home.

I entered the living room my mom was doing some work on the laptop so she didn’t notice me enter right away. “Mom” I said and I stood there. “Hey Emma you are back and you have a beautiful new bob haircut oh my god it’s looking so cute on you.” She came up to me and rubbed her hands on my bob and spectated my haircut.

“And you also shaved your nape” she noticed as she put her hands on the back of my head. What she didn’t realise right away was how high was it shaved. She moved her hands up along to inspect the shaved nape she clearly thought that the shaved area will end up right away but I could see the horror on her face when her hands had reached the ear level and yet the shaved area continued she kept moving her fingers up till she finally found hair just before the crown area.

“OH MY GOD Emma you cut off so much of your hair.” mom said

“You don’t like it mom”

“No no it’s just that I didn’t know you wanted to cut of your hair that much I thought you loved it so much that you wouldn’t ever cut it. Anyways Oh my god my daughter has grown up I am so happy. You made a good decision by cutting your hair. I think it really looks cute on you. Maybe you should have also gotten some bangs Emma it would have looked good with the bob.”

“Next time I will do it mom. The nape shave was already too much for this time.” I said.

“Ok get a bath Emma you have tiny hairs all over you” mom said.

“OK mom”

I went to the bathroom and stood it front of the bathroom mirror naked and inspected at myself. Huh I really am a hair fetish person even though I became a girl I first got a haircut then I am seeing myself naked. Oh my boobs are really big and my pussy is really hairy I will have to do something about this.

I jumped into a hot shower while fingering myself by thining about the haircut. Took me a long time to masturbate I see why people say it’s hard to satisfy women.

I came out of the bath put on my clothes and blow dried my hair and again went back to my room and locked myself in jumped on my bed and my hands went wild exploring my half shaved head.

After a while I calmed down. I opened my phone to check my messages I opened Whatsapp to check my classroom Whatsapp group some of my most frequent chats had changed it was all girls from my class and seeing all my chats with people I found someone my previous girl friend from when I was a boy. She still had beautiful mid-back length brown curly hair. bear in mind it’s curly so when it gets straight she would have even longer hair that my female self previously had.

I couldn’t get her to cut her hair earlier but how am I to do it even now.

That’s it what I need is something to control the what and why of haircut of any person.

Something that can precisely make them get the haircut I want them to have and something to control their will so that they will have their haircut willingly.

Gin so my second wish will be………….




Please give me some feedback so I can make my stories better. The second part of this will have a lot more haircuts in this I have just kinda set up the story. If I get good response on this I will do the second part I really have high hopes from this series. Thank you for reading. Please leave a review even if it’s criticism I will like to hear what people think and if I can add something more to the story








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  1. Great concept, I enjoyed your story and the use of pictures. Perhaps one of your wishes could be for your hair to grow faster so you can explore more haircuts?
    Thanks for posting your story.

  2. well nistha ji apne too kamal kardiya . bhoto bhadiya story with pics that quite clearly creates an image of how it would have been the real life . mujhe bohot kushi huee kisi desi ko yahan dekh ke . seeing forward hopin for more from u .

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