3 Wishes part-2

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“That’s it I need to control the what and why of any person’s haircut then I can do anything I want that is what I want to have with my second wish Ginny give something that helps me control what haircut a person will get and why the person will get that haircut.” “Are you sure that’s your second wish?”

“Yes. I am sure.”
With that, a really bright light appeared in my room, and slowly the light died out.

“Your wish has been fulfilled.”

“What but how do I control any person’s will to get a haircut.”

” I will show you. Say ‘ENTER’ ”

I complied with him “ENTER”

My whole room turned black. “what is this place what’s happening??” A black infinite plane appeared there was nothing there except for a note and a chair.

“When you say ‘Enter’ and you have the thought to come to this place you will automatically enter this room. Don’ worry about what happens in the real world when you are in this hyperworld the time in your world will stop.”

“Cool so right now no time is passing in back there. So what about the haircut how do I control it, It will have to do something with the chair I assume.”

“Exactly. When you come up to this chair and think of any being their replica will appear in the chair with the exact hairstyle they are currently having and you can edit the hairstyle here any way you want and it will become exactly the same in the real world and the reason as to why the person got such a haircut can be written on that note-book if you don’t give a reason the haircut will still happen but the reason will be random.”

“I can cut anyone’s hair here??”

The gin replied”Anyone any being who is currently existing in your world and you can think of them. Thinking exactly about that person is very necessary so as to not get confused with any other being. As long as you are definitely thinking of that person. You can even do your haircut since you can think of yourself.”

I stood in front of the chair and started think of me and walla a replica doll with the exact same nape shaved bob appeared their in the chair. I immediately plunged my hands into the replicas hair it was exactly same as mine the same high and tight nape shave same length on every strand. Now I wanted to test this out before giving my previous life girlfriend a punishment I wanted to figure out what it did to people.

“Any being you say, I can give any being a haircut here huh.” I had a mischievous idea.

I changed the thought of whose hair I want to cut from me to guess whom my Ginny who on my request had female avatar now, and it worked in front of me appeared a doll with a vague figure of my Ginny but exactly the same hair as her.

I gave a look to Ginny and said”No hard feelings just wanted to try hehe.”

“Well I know your haircut fetish honestly I could have only made you that note and you would be able to control everyone’s haircut but I know you fetish and you will really want to give them the exact haircut by yourself that’s why I added this do whatever you wish I am an avatar anyways and you won’t have fun cutting my hair because it’s just an illusion of magic and can be changed even if you just ask me to do it.”

Well all that speech from my gin really turned off my will to cut her hair. Hmmm but I still want to try it on someone whom I can watch the effects of this. Whom should I do it on. Mom Should I try it on her she has a bob we can take it a lot shorter and she also loves short hair. Yes she will be the one getting a haircut and I can also test how much control over a person’s will do I have with her easily.

As I was thinking about this I look down on the chair behind which I was standing and it had already gotten a replica doll of my mom with her layered bob hair. Huh this thing really understands me.

While moving my fingers through her bob I thought “Ok so what haircut do I give her”. For as long as can remember she had had a bob. She never did a high nape shave she only shaved the stray hair’s at the end of her neck only that’s all she had ever shaved. Yes mom you need a short haircut I think. We need some big tools for your haircut.

“Gin how can I cut her hair there is no equipment here to do that.”

“Just think of the equipment you want and you will have it.”

Right think about the equipment just like I thought about which person I am going to give a hair. Equipment…equipment clippers really good ones that leave behind no hair just skin left and there it came into my hand I switched them on and off once and the sound was amazingly loud. Now some comb I want a comb with really thin bristles and there I had it.

Ok let’s rid you of that bob I started the clippers combed the back of the bob and plunged the clippers from low on the neck to just below the crown I stopped the clippers with the help of the comb. A thick lob of hair fell to the ground but before it could touch the ground it disappeared. I was really disappointed to see that.

“Gin why did it disappear.”

To which he replied that this doll is only for deciding the haircut the actually ‘Haircut’ happens in the real world after you give the reason for hair cut hence this is more of a style deciding place.

I could really see that the skin left behind by the clippers on the doll wasn’t really some shaved skin which would be super sexy it was just a thing which felt like skin. This was no place to enjoy haircuts though as he said the real world will have an exact copy of this haircut so quickly started cutting so I could enjoy this in the real world. I started shaving the bob fast. I repeated the same motion all around shaving the sides and the back and leaving only hair on the crown. When just hair was left on the crown I took the comb placed it parallel to the doll’s scalp and ran my clippers over the comb did this for all the crown and then I let go of the haircutting tools.

Now for the reason of haircut. I wrote:

‘As the summer heat is rising and after watching her daughter get a short haircut she asks her daughter to cut her hair. Now for testing how much do I really control their will if I only control their haircut thoughts or all thought I put a check as after the haircut she praises her daughter for her haircutting skills and tell her to try a career in becoming a hairstylist.’

That should be good now gin how do we go back to the real world.

“Say ‘EXIT’ and think about the real world”

I again complied “Exit”

I quickly rushed back downstairs where my mom would be working on something. A thought came to my mind and I stopped abruptly. “Hey gin since I am a girl in this world I won’t be owning any clippers in this world and even if I did how are they going to cut as sharply as those I had back in the hyperworld.”

“Don’t worry about them what haircut you gave in the hyperworld she will get the exact same strand to strand here about the clippers and stuff don’t worry just keep on going and you will find out.”

I trusted the gin and went downstairs where mom was. I saw mom typing something on the laptop by one hand and moving the other hand through her hair with a really annoyed look on her face.

“Hey Emm”

Oh she called me ‘Emm’ guess she calls me that in short how cute.

“hey mom” I sat on the couch beside her and asked what she was doing.

“Nothing just working on a thing.”She kept staring at me.” Emma I must say you did a great thing by cutting your the heat is so much and long hair would really annoying just look at me I am so annoyed my hair right now it’s like so sweaty offfff I hate it.”

Just as I wrote the things were progressing smoothly now let’s see what happens when I give a little push to her.

“Mom I think you should also get a haircut like a little nape shave or something would really help you out in the heat.”

“Yeah you are right I should get it cut in fact I want to cut it right now but I cannot leave my laptop a really important work needs to be completed right now. Oh what should I do I really want to get rid of my hair, can’t take my laptop to the salon and work there and by the time I am done all the salons would be closed what should I do Emma come to think of it your father bought a haircutting kit with clippers and stuff that he said he was going to use to cut his hair at home but didn’t really use it.”

Oh this is something new in my previous life my dad didn’t own any beard trimmer let alone hair clippers.

“So mom you want me to cut your hair AT HOME.”

“Yes Emm. Don’t worry I won’t blame you if you mess up I just want you cut this mess off. Now will you please fetch the clippers Emm they should be in the bathroom shelf also get a small chair and some towels I cannot stop the work you have to cut my hair while I am working. I really need to get this work done in 2 hours I cannot stop.”

“Sure mom.”

Boy what is she working on I wonder. Magic really created the perfect circumstances for the haircut to happen the way I wrote it huh.

I found the clippers and some towels. The clippers were brand new in the box they also had some comb and scissors I took only the comb with the smallest bristles.

I got a chair from the dinning area and took everything to where mom was.

I placed the chair and without a word mom came and sat on the chair all the while working on her laptop. I put a towel around her neck.

“Mom how should I cut your hair?”

“hmm.. just make it short and do try to not get a lot of hair to fall on the laptop just take care of that.”She said while being really focused on her work

“Yeah mom.”

So this is it mom was sitting in front of me and I had the authority to cut her hair as I want but the catch was I had already decided what haircut she will get and how she will get it. Let’s try to not do the haircut what I gave her in the hyperworld what if I kept it longer would she rebel. I started the clippers and ran it on her neck to just below her ear shaved the little portion bare and called it the end of the haircut.As you might have guessed nothing much was really cut off but she would have felt cool because of the neck hair gone.

“Mom I shaved your nape now you must be comfy.”

“hmmm….. umm…. No Emma cut of more.” Still not really paying attention to how much hair was cut she was still focused on her work.

The gin spoke to me” Yoy have to do the exact cut as you did in the hyperworld because the scenario has been been written you cannot leave it longer you cannot cut it shorter as it is if you forcefully try to keep it longer or cut it shorter than what has already been done in the hyperworld your mind will also be taken under control and you will have to do as you have done there.”

Ok so be it I have to give her the exact cut I did there.

I opened my phone searched for a reference pic to what I did in the hyperworld and popped the question “Uhm mom look at this pic do you cut your hair this short will it be good.”

I put my phone in front of her face so that she can see the picSee the source image

“Yes it’s good do that.” mom replied.

“Really mom are you sure.”

“Just do whatever hairstyle you want you just have to reduce my hair now please let me work I really need to finish this oh god and my hair feels so annoying do it fast Emma.”

I started the clippers and with the same cutting technique as done in the hyperworld I started shaving her back and stopping the clippers just at her crown. This time the lumps of hair did amazingly fall on my foot as stepped on the hair lump and also touched the bare skin on her head it really now felt yes I was cutting off hair for real this time.

As the bare clippers cleared a path.

She did not even look up to see what I was doing, she was just so indulged in work.


I went berserk with the clippers on her head all remains of her once thick bob feel on the floor and I got an amazing kink stepping on the thick stacks of hair that feel.

Clean white skin started to emerge wherever the clippers ran. This was the first time I was seeing my mom’s bare scalp it was amazing and she just had the perfect shape for a bald head. I was kinda disappointed that I didn’t make her bald.

By now her left and back side were completely bald only hair remaining was on her crown and right her side. As I started shaving the right a message notification came on her laptop. As she was reading it I kept shaving her right side. I suddenly heard a ‘thudd’ it was the sound of her laptop closing. I stopped the clippers.

“What happened mom. Is your work done??”

“No Emm they suddenly say that you can take 2 more days to finish it. I don’t understand what was there to hurry in the first place if this message had come five minutes earlier I would have been able to go to a salon.”

“Mom do you want me to stop??”

“No Emm finish the haircut I am half shaved anyway I can’t go out of the house like this and I feel like the haircut you are giving me is going to be super short and interesting.” With that she put the laptop away and sat straight on the chair. Now I had her full attention.

I finished whatever was left of her bob on the right side of her head. “I feel so cool right now why didn’t I do this earlier.” As mom was saying this I made final passes all though her back and sides to get any tiny hairs I might have left. All the back and sides were shaved to zero.

Mom reached out to touch the sides of her head. As she touched her shaved and her hands kept exploring how high she has really been shaved I could see the excitement on her face.”This is going to be so short I can’t wait to see it Emm.”

“Well you gotta wait mom top has still got long hair.”

With that I picked up the comb I had gotten combed the top a bit to tame the hair pulled all her hair from the forehead area back inserted the comb on the front as close to the scalp as possible and ran the clippers over the comb. Long strands of hair feel on mom’s lap as her eyes followed the falling hair.

I wasted no time to again pull the hair back and place the comb this my a little bit further than where it was earlier and again ran the clippers over it. I continued this till the hair on top was so short that no hair could pass the combs bristels when the comb was kept flat against her head.

I was done I had given her an ultra short flattop. I mean could you even call this a flattop this is practically butchering of hair what I had done but hell it was satisfying to cut all that thick hair off.

“Emm remove the towel I want to see the haircut.” I did as mom said.

Mom ran towards the mirror and I knew from the look on her face she fell in love with it. She moved both her hand all around her head feeling the shaved sides and the short hair on the top.

“Oh what a relief that haircut was Emm, you have cut it so well Emm highschool will be over in some months why don’t you get some training to become a hairstylist.”

“Oh yeah mom I would  love to get some training in hairstyling I have always wanted to have that career.”

“Well Emm you can try to get a part time in the nearby salon.” mom said.

Well I am sure I can land a part time job there and it will be fun if I can work with Christina she is such a hot girl but really gin I have to appreciate your magic mom really does love this butchered haircut.

As I was thinking that I heard the main door open. “Oh your dad must have returned Emm why don’t we surprise him with our new haircuts you go first.”
Dad well I was never close to him previously maybe things will change now that I am a girl.

I went and opened the door for him. As I opened the door he gave me a very weird look I thought to myself does he remember that I was a boy or something why the hell was he giving me that surprised face and then he suddenly hugged me.

“Emma you cut your hair… I almost didn’t recognize you without your long hair. It looks very cute.”

“Yeah dad” Oh he has never seen the female me with short hair that’s why he was surprised.

“Well well we have a bonding moment between dad and daughter” that was the voice of mom.

“Honey???? What have you done to your hair??” dad was so surprised at this point I could see him struggling to speak.

“You know I couldn’t bear the heat and had too much work to do so I asked Emm to cut my hair I borrowed your clippers, though you don’t use them any…..” As mom was speaking dad held mom in his arms. He explored her new haircut by rubbing his hands on the shaved area.

“I love it dear” dad said.

Well honestly this was kindof a surprising thing for me dad was never really this close to back when I wasn’t a girl.

“So both you girls got summer cuts . Emma you really have done a good job on the haircut.”

After telling him about how my day was and mom giving telling to go get some study done and that she would clear up the hair on the floor I left mom and dad alone and again came back to my room.

It really worked. I can give any person any haircut I want. The potential was unlimited I could do anything I want. Honestly, there was so much that I could do that I got distracted from what my original goal was i.e. sweet sweet revenge.

“Enter the hyperworld”

I was there just by thinking about going there well that was easy. I came up behind the chair and had a clear thought on who my victim was. I could never forget her and there her doll came up in the chair.

She really didn’t have better quality hair than me but it was definitely longer from what I used to have when I had just transformed into a girl. She had almost butt length hair and I couldn’t let her off easy could I.

I didn’t even think twice what haircut I was about to give her I had it clear in my head.

I got clippers in my hand guardless clippers removed everything I could. Again I didn’t waste anytime and got the foil shaver and re-run them on the head.

Now for the reason I wanted to see her get this haircut I wanted to see her suffer while getting all her hair cut off. I want her to regret, I want her to cry. How about I oh I am such a sadistic person.

“How are you going to give her the haircut??” the gin asked.

“Oh dear ginny let it be a surprise don’t use your magic and see it let it be a secret enjoy it in first person tomorrow.”

“Ok so be it.” with that gin left the hyperworld before me. I also left it soon after I wrote the scenario. Now I just have to wait for school tomorrow. After having dinner I just laid on my bed and thought about how crazy this day was. This day was a rollercoaster of emotions. First I was sad that my GF left me not only left me but our whole relationship was a lie. Then now I am a girl. Then I started fingering myself thinking about the amazing haircut I got how amazing the clippers felt on the scalp.  I wanted to feel that again.

Alarm bell rang I had slept It was morning now. The first thing I did was not even to shut my alarm of the first thing I did was check myself in mirror I was still a girl it was not all a dream. Well but my bob was messed up. At the same time mom started shouting ‘Emm wake up or else you are going to be late.” I want to the bathroom washed my hair. As expect when I opened my closet after my morning bath my uniform now was a skirt. I blow dried my hair and now my bob was perfect. I was looking sexy.

I went downstairs. “Mom my breakfast.”

“Oh it’s not yet ready Emm, well you are kinda ready early today I guess shedding all that hair really shaved you a lot of time.”

“Mom talk about yourself you won’t even have to send 1 second on your hair.”

“Yeah that’s true what don’t you too have it cut like me Emm.”

Oh mom don’t provoke me I am already holding myself back don’t say this kinda stuff out of the blue I feel like shaving it right now. Control.. control.. control..breath…fuuuuuuuuuuuf

“I will consider it mom.”

“Here you go Emm breakfast.”
“Thanks mom.”

“I will be off to school now .”

“Bye Emm take care.”

Oh boy the stairs I got on the way to my school and man the questions I have to face. Let’s give you a short description of what has changed after the transformation of me into a female. Seems like the girls who used to be my friends when I was a guy are now my besties and the guys so were my bros were just now friends.

And the most common question I faced “Why did you cut your hair?”

To which my answer was clear ” Couldn’t take care of it wanted a change.”

Some of the guys had a devastating look on their faces as if they had lost something so precious.

So I reached my classroom, there I find one of my bestie really impressed with my haircut.

“Emma your hair looks so pretty. Wish I had the courage to do it.” Well now you see I needed to help this girl a little bit so I entered my hairstyle changing room right away.

Now I was prepared to give her a haircut but her I kinda thought that she must have the haircut in mind she said she just doesn’t have the courage.

“Ginny, You said that a haircut will happen for random reason if I don’t specify a reason for haircut is the  opposite also true can I just specify a reason for haircut and the haircut be selected at random.”

“Yes that will work.” replied the gin.

OK dear I will give you a reason for haircut today evening while in home you will feel so hot that you will go to a salon and get a haircut let’s see what haircut you get you are an experiment.

With this I came back to classroom. Some take here and there with my classmates well mostly the topic was my hair and I was also on the look out for someone who would like to get a haircut like mine, I didn’t go out of my way to give someone a haircut for now.

Homeroom started and my teacher was also surprised after seeing my new hairstyle.

“Emma it looks nice on you” she said “I think I also might need a haircut because of the heat.”

Oh that was all the initiation I needed you will get your haircut mam. I then and there went to the hyperworld, now since you are a teacher you will need a professional looking haircut I will give you a pixie looks really got. I fast cut her hair into a boyish haircut it wasn’t perfect but this was my best job till now. I realise the need to learn haircutting I am going to continue to use this. Anyways I left the reason blank we will use you as an experiment too to see the randomness of the reasons for a haircut.

Now the day went on classes kept going and finally break arrived.

I was sitting with some of my friends when she came up to me and said “What happened to your hair Emma did you get cancer of something look you are a half baldie from the back”
This girl, she was Linda she was my girlfriend earlier when I was a guy, this girl cheat Linda.

My revenge on her was about to begin….


Well this is taking longer than expected so I thought let’s see if people even like my concept behind this story. The response on part one was overwhelming. I would request you guys again to leave some comments on how I can improve this story. I got some advice on part 1 I will incorporate those ideas in a latter parts. Please do tell me if you liked it or hated that will help me write the later parts. Also, if you like my concept tell me if you could cut anyone’s hair what would you do kindof a poll to see what kind of haircuts do you people like. I would also like to add that the story setting is done after this there will only be sexy haircuts. I thought I could do like 3 haircuts in this part but could only complete one.





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