3 wishes part – 3

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Please read parts 1 and 2 before this…

Linda, she was really a very plain girl except for her hair. Such amazing slightly curly at the end, black, smooth textured hair she has. This was the initial reason why I was attracted to her. Well technically now I had better hair than her but back when I was a guy she was really the best and she really easily made a fool out of me because from the first moment I was downed by the beauty of her hair. I made the initial move to get something started between us and she responded in positive. I was devastated to know after 3 months that it was all a lie. Everything a facade by her just so she can woo me for some favors.

Well, it shouldn’t have been that sad for me given that I wasn’t really good looking back then and this was kind of too good to be true she agreeing to have a relationship with me, I should have anticipated this but I didn’t because she really responded to my hair fetish really well. Whenever I would compliment her that her hair was good but long hair doesn’t suit you maybe you should try something short she would always respond in positive. Sometimes she even excited the hell out of me by saying that maybe she should try a pixie for the summer and I would believe her and be happy as an idiot. Well, summer did arrive and what did I get a heartbreak that’s all. Turns out she already has this guy Dan who is like super ok with her seeing other guys for some time. She had done this with other guys already I came to know about it too late. She would act like trying to have a relationship with someone for months make them do all kinds of stuff for her and then she would say that they are not her type and she would go back to her relationship with Dan. When I got to know all of this I hoped that maybe what was between us was real maybe she would leave him but I was just lying to me. She trusts Dan like anything and Dan does the same that’s why she is able to pull off this kind of shit with other guys and their relationship isn’t even hampered a bit. There was nothing that could break them apart. Even if I tried to get revenge on one of them the other would support them with their life. They were the definition of inseparable ……….. OR WERE THEY.

Present day….dunring off class

Linda was there with her gang her hair still as long and beautiful as always.

“Emma. what happened to your hair dear did mouse ate it or something.” She started speaking foul about my hairstyle. Well this was a first all I had gotten was compliments till now but she was really making fun of me huh.

“Well, you butchered the only good thing about you it seems, what should I say I liked your hair Emma. Well it’s good that it’s gone you didn’t deserve such good quality stuff anyways.”

I gave no response just sat there listening to her with a slight smirk on my face. Linda came close to me and inspected my haircut closely.

“Wow butchered is an understatement you are now almost a baldie you should have shaved it all off the new hair would have come up better don’t worry it will take only some years to grow it back.” Linda said.

Shave it all off you too are tempting me huh clam down me it’s now time to respond time to play the game I have set. I took a breath and spoke ” Well don’t care how you feel about it but I have been getting very positive responses from people and mostly guys.”

“Emma are you crazy or just but hurt after losing your hair guys like your hairstyle. I would shave my head if any guy even says that he likes you with that haircut.”

Linda was laughing, she didn’t realise the what she had said just now but I wasn’t leaving any opportunity.

“Well I can get any guy on his knees if you will shave your head you maybe would like Dan to say that he likes me.”

She stopped laughing I could clearly she a angry look on her face now.

“What was that Emma you are saying that Dan would leave me and propose to you are you sure you are sober?”

“Yeah I am perfectly fine but you seem hurt I am sorry didn’t know you were that insecure.”

“I am not insecure you want to try on Dan go do it I believe in him just warning you after you fail to seduce him I get to shave your head for real you in you don’t even have a lot of hair go on do you accept.”

“I do Linda.”

“Then let’s go Emma we have to shave your head because no way you are getting Dan you might as well save the humiliation and go now with me and shave your head come on now.”

With that Linda started to pull me by my hand and pushed her back and said

“Wow such an insecure women scared to even let me try.”

“What was that you piece of shit go on Dan is hanging out with his friends on the other ground I will be watching from afar go and make him propose to you if you can don’t tell me I didn’t warn you I tried to help you from all the humiliation.”

“Ok Linda thanks for the location.”

I set out to seek Dan meanwhile on route to him I fixed my hair a little bit I tucked my bob behind my ears so that my buzzed sides are visible with that I was ready.

I could see Dan with his friends in the distance and opposite a building on which somewhere Linda was watching this whole scene.

I approached him ” Hey Dan can I have a word with you alone.”

He turned his face to see who was it and with the first glance he froze he was clearly aroused everything was going too plan.

“Well sure Emma” Dan replied.

We made some distance from his friends.

“Emma umm.. I didn’t realise it was you at first glance you cut your long hair I th.. think it suits you.”

“Well thank you Dan for the compliment umm… well…. how do I say it to you Dan.”

“You can ask me anything Emma feel free if you need something.”

“I wanted to ask you something serious do you want to have a relationship with me?”

He was clearly taken aback with a pale face

“Emma that came out of nowhere why are you asking this.”

” I am just asking if you like me Dan.”

“Yes I do I love how you look right now and I really wish to get in a relationship with you.”

Well that happened fast it was almost anticlimactic it happened so fast oh well the story plot was written by me so I should expect this kind of things to happen.

“Atleast give me a proposal stance Dan.” I asked him to propose me. He took my hand and bend one knee and just as he was about to say the world Linda appeared from behind crying.

“I hate you cheat ” Linda shouted at the top of her voice.

I turned to see Dan’s horrified face. “Linda it’s not really……”

“Don’t lie to me .” She shouted as loud as she could while sobbing.

“Listen to me Linda.”

“Go away.” Linda shouted.

Dan seeing all the crowd that had gathered  to watch the drama unfold “Hey Linda meet me after class I will explain what happened.” with that Dan along with his gang left the scene.

I watched as Linda kept crying and her friends trying to stop her from crying giving her hope and stuff lame. In the mean time the gin spoke to me in my thoughts “Well thats some cruel stuff you did to her, did you plan it all??”

“Yes ginny all of it was written by me I have given her the punishment of what it feels to be betrayed by your loved one and now I am also going to have the pleasure of watch her have her head shaved.”

“Isn’t that too much you think.” The gin asked.

“Nah ginny after her punishment I will make their relationship better again now is the main course the head shave don’t disturb me right now.”

“Uhh… So Linda it seems like you lost the bet.” I spoke to break the silence.
“Oh come on Emma stop your bullshit it’s because of you their relationship has broken so stop hurting her.” Her friends came to her rescue. ” Yeah how much will you hurt her.” another one of her friends shouted.

“Well a bet is a bet and Linda was very adamant on having me shaved my head she was so confident that she was taking me to shave my head even before I had a shot.”

Linda with a shaky voice replied ” I am sorry Emma. ”

“Linda dear… A bet is a bet come on I risked my hair for this and now I have won I will have your hair don’t worry as you can see short hair is really attractive so today after school I hope to meet you.”

Well I was sure that she will not run away because everything has been planned. I patiently attended the rest of my classes waiting for school to be over.

After school I waited on the school gate for my victim who was supposed to meet me there and go for the haircut.

“Why are you agreeing to the bet you don’t have to go.” as suspected Linda’s friends were trying there best to not let her shave her head but alas all of that was of no use.

“There you are Linda now let’s go we don’t have a lot of time, don’t worry I am sure you would look good with no hair.” I said calling out to Linda.

“You are going too far with this stop it.” said one of Linda’s friends.

“Well Linda is made the bet so not sure why you are making the fuss.” I replied to her.

“Linda please don’t go with Emma.” her friends continued to plead her but Emma didn’t give any response to them.

“So it seems like Linda wants to comply with the bet.” I said. Her friends also started to give up on her now.

“Come on Linda let’s go get you a haircut.” I said

“We are also coming, we will not leave her alone with you.”

“Ok do as you wish.” I replied.

Uhh… 2 baggages are are also coming with us should have written that we Linda and I went alone for the headshave.

“So where will you take Linda.” Her friends continued nagging me.

Well I had just the place in mind the barbershop I used to go when I was a guy it was on route to home from my school it would be the perfect place.

“Just follow me.” I said

This barbershop was small. It had just 2 styling chairs. Up till recently 3 people used to work there in shifts but currently there were only 2 people working now. The owner of the barbershop, Paul was a young guy and was very talented with the shears. I always used to get a haircut by him. Well nowadays most of the time he is alone in the shop since the other guy is only there for one-half. The owner guy also seemed to have a hair-fetish I mean it seemed to me to be the case. He would always sport a buzz cut which seemed freshly shaved always. I remember once going in and asked for something really short and he had given me a no#1 side shaved haircut. That’s the shortest someone had ever cut it without me giving them directions. Yeah so this would also be a treat for him for feeding my fetish all these days.

“And we have arrived.” I announced.

“A barbershop are you crazy Emma, Linda won’t go there.” her friends revolted.

“why not it’s just a headshave and this would be cheaper.” I replied. “Right let’s go in Linda.” I gave her a pat on her shoulder and she complied.

As Linda and I approached the barbershop door her friends had no option but to follow.

As expect the Paul was there alone sitting on the barber chair.

“Welcome … umm… What do you need??” He asked completely startled as he watched 4 girls enter the barbershop.

“Linda here wants to get a haircut.” I announced.

“Well I do girls hair but I don’t have the fancy hot tools like straightener and stuff I hope you people understand that bit and then only have come in.” Paul replied.

“Oh don’t worry fancy tools won’t be required Linda wants to get a headshave .” I replied.

Paul inspected Linda and her long locks.

“Headshave?? Like skin bald or something facy punk type.”

“Skin bald.” I replied.

“Do you really want to do it.” this time looking directly at Linda.

“Yes. Yes I do.” as expected Linda was completely inn to get her headshaved now even I couldn’t stop her if I wanted to.

Her friends had a surprised look on their face. Reality hit them that she was going for it.

“Hop on in and why don’t you guys wait there. ” He pointed us to the waiting chairs.

We took a seat on in the waiting area this barbershop had a lot of waiting chairs because most of the time Paul was working alone. The cool air of the air conditioner really felt great the long walk to the barbershop had gotten me all sweaty. Though I had cut my hair this short it was still a bother for me because before yesterday I was a boy after all. Anyways, while I was relaxing in the cool air I looked up and saw Paul had gotten Linda seated on the chair. I bet Linda had never sat on a chair this comfy from her look. Paul got a tissue and wrapped it around Linda’s neck. Now caping her was a challenge seems he didn’t have any clips to put her long hair up so he held her hair up with one hand while he pulled the cape behind the neck with his other and as the cape came behind her shoulder he let her hair rest on her shoulders while he fastened the cape, kinda took some effort but after caping he pulled all her majestic long black hair behind.

“Are you sure you wanna shave it all off. If you want I can take it in stages.” Paul gave her a final chance to back off.

“I am sure I want to shave it.”

I thought to myself would have been great to see her being shaved in stages but I already have planned how the haircut will be done. I honestly need to get some haircutting skills If I want to have fun.

Linda’s friends were clearly surprised to see her so certainly saying to shave her head at least after entering the barbershop their whining about not to let Linda shave her head had stopped.

Paul pulled out the oyster clippers they were really powerful clippers I knew they had been used on me once. The clippers were plugged in.

Paul placed the clippers on her forehead.

“All off” he asked Linda and the response was affirmative.

He started the clippers and pulled them back to create a shorn path in between her head.

I thought it would be difficult for the clippers to cut this long hair but the clippers passed through them like it was butter.

He started winding the shorn path long black tresses started falling on Linda’s lap. Her friends watched in awe they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Seeing all those black tresses on the her lap even I got aroused. Paul soon had shaved all of the hair on Linda’s crown and temple areas. Linda was completely bald on from the front. Very tiny hairs was all that remained.  He made a brief pause repositioned the clippers now he had placed the clippers on the base of the nape.

Now the clippers started from the back and went up.

As the last of her long hair cascaded down the floor her friends watched in awe Linda was finally bald, my revenge was completed.

Paul now just ran the clippers freely all over her head for sometime. Then he took out the foil shaver and slowly ran it through all her head and all the tiny hair also went was her shaving was complete. He just dusted her and removed the cape and the tissue. All the hair on the cape feel on the ground and the pile of hair on the ground became huge.

Linda got out of the chair and she looked hot as a bald I must say. Anyways my written plot for her haircut is now complete. When Dan sees her next time he will as planned say that he likes short hair that’s why he was attracted towards me but now as Linda has a headshave he won’t ever be seeing me some promises of loyalty by him and Linda will also listen to her and will keep her head shaved for him. Now, this is all future stuff and I will see the results to this later, for now let’s go home.

“So do you girls also want a haircut” Paul popped the question to Linda’s friends they denied the offer bummer maybe I should have planned haircut for these girls too I mean I can do it now but I don’t feel like doing it right now I will have fun with them later.

“Linda I will pay for your haircut don’t worry after all I asked you to do it.” I told Linda.

As I said this the Linda’s along with Linda exited the barbershop immediately. Well seems like they didn’t like this place or maybe they are really scared, anyways I need to go home now.

“How much do I owe you??” I asked Paul.

“You sure you don’t want a haircut.” Paul asked me turning the chair towards me.

No I didn’t want a haircut I just got a haircut yesterday I am too tired now I want to go home and rest I just have to pay him and get out of here. I was clear what I had to do yet I walked towards the chair somehow felt like home to me after all even this bob length hair was alien to me and felt like overgrown which Paul needed to take care of.

I sat down on the chair. Well this wasn’t planned at all Paul was clearly happy to have another victim I could see he wasted now time put a fresh tissue around my neck and capped me so that I could get up from the chair. Capping me wasn’t as difficult as Linda because I already had short hair. I made myself comfortable.

“You will have to excuse me I need to clean the shop as well I work her alone actually I won’t take time meanwhile why don’t you tell me what kind of haircut you would like.”

“Well I haven’t really thought of any haircut actually.” I replied

He started sweeping the floor.

“Well have you thought of getting more people working in the shop.” I asked.

“Well there is a guy who works part-time I need one more staff.”

“Can I work here I don’t know a lot of haircutting but I am willing to learn maybe by the time I can mostly keep your shop clean.” I popped the question. Well if I was going to work in any haircutting shop this place felt the most comfortable to me and I have the powers to call ladies into the barbershop so it won’t be a real issue and if I work here I will do mostly short haircuts on the regulars so it would be better learning experience.

“I will be happy to have you, you don’t mind working in a barbershop?” He asked as he continued sweeping.

“No I would be happy to work here.”

“What’s your name??” Paul asked.

“I am Emma, sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier.”

“Ok Emma, I am Paul” he was done with the sweeping” so what can I do for you Emma.”

He took the comb and started inspecting my hair

“I don’t really know to honest I got my hair cut short yesterday only but for some reason I am not satisfied with it.”

“Oh  well you have a crazy undercut I didn’t anticipate that I thought it would be normal bob with the nape shaved. Emma do you like keeping you hair short??”

“Yes I do actually.”

“And you convinced your friend to shave her head why don’t you do something like that.” another provocation I swear why does this keep happening.

“No it’s not like that we kinda had a bet and she lost and hence.”

“Oh so bets huh… ummm Emma let me give you some advice if you will be working her that too after school you will get really tired so I suggest you cut your hair extremely short to cope up with your new routine how does that sound?” Huh he is really trying hard to convince me to go short huh.

I mean I had a pretty good guess that Paul has a hair fetish but I hadn’t ever confirmed it.

“Look Emma” he continued” I know you already have your hair short I know but take it short on the top too and you will both look amazing and also feel no heat.”

Paul trying to convince me to cut my hair short reminded me of when I tried to convince Linda to cut her hair short both of us had the same dialogues it seems. It was really disappointing when I realized that Linda wasn’t a tad bit interested in what I had to say meanwhile I thought that she was for sure going to cut her hair for me. Hehe old times it seems. Now that I have had the fun of cutting Linda’s hair how about I feed Paul’s fetish here a little bit.

“Umm so Paul how about I give you a free hand in deciding my hairstyle since you are going to be my boss from now on. Do whatever you want with my hair.” I could see his lit up face which was clearly hiding his excitement “I just have one condition don’t give me the chance to say cut it shorter or else you have give me some compensation, how does that sound.”

“Emma you really playing a game with your hair.”

“Yeah why not it’s going to be fun and it would be good bonding experience for future colleagues and also I would love to see what I get as compensation.”

“As you wish then Emma. Don’t worry I won’t give you the chance to say I want to go shorter.”

I mean I knew what he was going to give me. I was prepared for it I closed my eyes and waited for my fate zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it started and soon the sound chanced I felt it moving in from my forehead to the back of my crown.

“You asked for it Emma.” Paul said. I smirked.

As the clippers were raised from my head and the long strands I could feel slid down some got caught on my face and the rest feel on my lap. Pass after pass the weight on my lap started to increase I could see that he was intentionally making all the hair fall on my lap. I was cleary having an orgasm of my life.

The clippers stopped I opened my eyes to see in the mirror for the first time the bald female me. It was beautiful the kind of girl who was born to own the headshaved look. Cool air from the AC now could be felt all over my head.

“We are not done here.” Paul announced.

Now the foil shaved started and the tiny hairs were also removed from my head. At this point I was so aroused my head was not working properly. Juices continued to spew out from between my legs.

“Done, Emma, so what do you think.”

“I think that you should cut it shorter.” I replied.

“Come on Emma now you are just” as Paul was saying this I shouted “Razor shave please.”

“Oh that are you sure Emma it really hurts to get a razor shave and the difference isn’t that much really.”

“Please do it.” I pleaded.

He went and took a towel and rinsed it in hot water and he tied it around my buzzed head.

The amount of craziness I went through had completely taken over my brain.

“Paul” I asked “I have a hair fetish you know that’s why I love cutting my hair short.”

Paul was taken aback by this declaration I don’t even know why I said it to him but it was one of the best things that happened when Paul replied ” I have a hair-fetish too. I didn’t know women also have hair-fetish though.”

“Well here is one for you.”

“Yes here really is one.” He went and closed the door of the barbershop and put the curtains on. He stood behind me and removed the hot towel.

“Listen Emma”He held my face in his hands “while you work in here I will not let a single hair grown on your head during summer when summer is over you can grown your hair throughout the other seasons and you loose it again in summer am I clear.”

“Yes Paul.”

He took shaving cream in both of his hands. His face came in front of me the distance between his and my lips wasn’t much I gave in to my desires and kissed him he to held my buzzed head and started to rub his hands which had shaving cream on them all the while giving me the hardest smooch of my life.

We had become a thing just with one haircut. As he was done applying the shaving cream he stopped kissing me. He washed his hand and got the razor out of the drawer.

He came in front of me and asked me to bend my head down as much as possible. He supported my head with his one hand and in the other he had the razor with which he started by shaving from my neck. Small strokes from neck to occipital bone and his other hand raised my head so I could look straight and he started shaving the crown from the top to my forehead was shaved by small strokes of the razor my skin was really burning then he shaved the sides and the temple area my whole head shave was done. He moved from my front so I could see the mirror. I had no hair on my head all that was left behind was smooth skin that didn’t have a trace of hair.

Paul remove the cape and tore the neck tissue and kissed my bald head. I got up from the barber chair my feet were still wobbly.

“So for your compensation I present you this.” Paul handing me over a box.

“No I was just teasing you Paul I didn’t do it for….” he cut me short “Oh come on take it you will need it when you work here.”

“So how much do I need to pay you for 2 haircuts.”

“Colleagues don’t pay for their haircut or for your friend’s haircut is on the house but you are expected to arrive just after school here for the evening shift you clean after every haircut and train with me everyday.”

“Yes boss.”

“Now take this  but come on time tomorrow.” I took the box he gave as a gift and left the barbershop.

People were really staring me on my way home. I finally reached home.

“Emma what took you so long……. Oh my god what have you done.” mom said.

“I took your advice and changed my hairstyle.” I replied.

“Emma you really are shocking me from some days earlier you hated getting a haircut now you get 2 drastic haircut that too within 2 days are you ok.”

“Yeah mom actually I also got a job at a barbershop and this haircut will help me juggle school and work and also attract people to the barbershop so I took at all of.”

Mom touched my head.

“It’s so smooth Emma I also feel like doing it. Good decision Emma. Now freshen up Emma and get some rest you must be tired.”

I removed my itchy clothes which were covered in tiny hair and had a hot shower, it was the most amazing shower in a long time.

I didn’t even have to dry my hair like I needed to do this morning heck I just rubbed the towel once over my head and done.

I came into my room and opened the box paul gave me inside there was…


Paul wasn’t kidding when he said I would really need this. I took the clippers plugged them and came in front of my mirror zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ran them over my already skin bald head yeah it was arousing but eh I was missing my long hair already. I wanted to try these but I had no hair to try them and the only other person mom has like just some hair. I didn’t want to cut other people’s hair right now I mean I can do it but I was too lazy to first give them a haircut there then write a story so I could cut there hair somehow in the real world.

It was just then I got a fascinating idea about what would be last of my three wishes…





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