Mop-Top Elizabeth to Military-Cut Eliza

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Mop-Top Elizabeth to Military-Cut Eliza



It was a partly sunny day in Los Angeles, California and 17-Year-old Elizabeth was sleeping with her 8-foot long, thick crimson hair until…

Eliza’s mother knocked on her bedroom door.

Elizabeth was still half asleep.

She growled and asked what she did last night.

Eliza remembered about her throwing a party last night and getting super drunk.

She saw herself in a short skirt and a shirt that exposed her breasts and weakly told a lie.

Her mother came in and caught her, because she used that excuse before.

She wanted Eliza and out of the house and in the car in 5 minutes to get to her appointment.

Eliza left the house and got into the car.


Ten minutes later, the two were in the family sedan driving to Elizabeth’s “Special” appointment.


When they arrived, Elizabeth read the sign: Sgt. Mitchells Barbershop for Bad Teenagers. She gasped at the sign.

She always feared getting a haircut. Since she was 4, Eliza had always gotten bowl-cuts from her mom and promised to be good if she’d let her keep her hair long. Her mother pushed her in.


Eliza saw six barbers with four boys and two girls in their big metal and leather chairs. All she heard was cutting and buzzing noise. She saw so much hair on the floor and it kept piling up as the customers were in the chairs.

She saw that the people in the chairs were restrained so they couldn’t run. The first two boys were about 14 and were getting Crewcuts. The next two boys were about 12 and were getting Flattops. The girls in the last two chairs each got a different haircut: The first girl was getting a #5: A Short Fauxhawk and the second girl was getting a #2 Shaved to about ½” inch.

The barbers were all men with military clothing on. The first two were tall, muscular men in their 50’s with shaved heads and little facial hair. Their nametags said Rufus and Mark. The third and fourth barbers were a bit smaller and were in their late-30’s, they also had very short hair and a mustache with nametags that said Jim and Frank. The last two barbers each had scars on their faces and looked like they were a couple years older than her. Their names were “Shears” and “Razor”.


She sat down in the waiting area, where there was a boy and two more girls ahead of her. The boy got up and sat where Frank was stationed. The restraints shut and he was caped. Frank picked up his clippers and quickly shaved him in under a minute and then used his straight razor around his ears. The first girl went ahead to Rufus and gave her a bowl cut in under 3 minutes. Jim motioned the girl next to Elizabeth and quickly started cutting her hair without a comb, he was free handing it! She had a Long, Slicked-Back Pixie w/ Faded Sides and Back. It was a men’s haircut!


When Elizabeth got up, she noticed that “Shears” was her barber! She got up and sat down in his large chair and put her arms on the armrests. Before she knew it, she noticed that the restraints weren’t leather like the rest of them, they were steel!


She got turned away from the mirror and caught a glimpse of a list of haircuts he could give her:


Sgt. Mitchell’s Barbershop for Bad Teens

Haircuts Are Chosen by The Barber.

The Smaller the Number, The Shorter the Haircut.


#12) Short Neck-Length Bob Cut w/ Undercut. (The “Lucky Girl” Cut)

#11) Cheek-Length Bob w/ Undercut or Shaved Nape (The “1920’s Vintage” Cut)

#10) Razored Pixie/Very Short Mullet. (The “1980’s Mom” Cut)

#9) Regular Pixie Cut. (The “Young Man” Cut)

#8) Slicked-Back Short Pixie w/ Short Sides and Back. (The “Neat an’ Clean” Cut)

#7) The Pix-Bowl. (The “Money-Saver” or “Combo” Cut)

#6) A Bowl Cut w/ Shaved Sides and Nape. (The “Moe” Cut)

#5) Short Fauxhawk w/ Almost Shaved Sides and Back. (The “Spike” Cut)

#4) The Cropped Pixie Cut. (The “Shear-Bliss” Cut)

#3) 1” Flattop w/ Shaved + Tapered Sides and Back. (The “Barber’s Classic” Cut)

#2) ¼” – ½” Brush Cut. (The “Mad Max” Cut)

#1) Smooth Shaven. (The “Induction” Cut)


Her friend Bella got a haircut from this kind of poster, but in a different barbershop! Despite seeing the poster, she didn’t get to see the haircuts he could give her.

“Shears” then looked at her hair, caped her with a red/white striped cape, wrapped a strip of tissue around her neck and spun her around in his chair a couple times until she faced away from the mirror.

“Shears” thought hard and then pointed to the #3: A 1” Flattop w/ Shaved Sides and Back.

Elizabeth was stunned as “Shears” used the hydraulic seat press to get her off the ground.

She noticed the barber took all her hair above her head and grabbed a pair of 10” scissors that looked like garden shears to her. He then used it to take off her hair in one cut.

“Shears” dropped the hair on the cape and floor. Elizabeth’s hair was a mix of an uneven Bowl cut with chunks taken out and a poorly layered Shag. “Shears” then picked up a smaller pair of scissors and a comb to clean up her hair using the “Cut-over-Comb method”. Large chunks of uneven hair fell onto her face, the cape and the floor.

After the barber took off all the long bits of hair, he sprayed her hair with water and took out his straight razor. “Shears” took off the remaining hair on the sides and back of her head, around her ears and to cleanup her neck. Elizabeth hoped she at least had a Halle Berry haircut, but it was far too late for that. “Shears” took a long, forked dustpan-like comb and held it in Elizabeth’s hair. He picked up a large pair of red clippers and took off most of her remaining hair on her crown. “Shears” then picked up his straight razor again and used it to shave the small hairs off the sides of the finished cut. He took wax and put the sticky stuff in her hair.


“Shears” then reclined the chair and put a hot towel on her face. He then took it off and put shaving cream on most of her face. Then, he sharpened his straight razor and cleaned her chin, neck, cheeks, above and below her lips, her forehead and her temples. “Shears” then took more shaving cream and put it on the sides of Elizabeth’s head, as well as the back; going from the bottom of her neck to just about where the flattop was. “Shears” kept shaving her sides and then her back. It made Elizabeth really nervous. When he finally finished, “Shears” used a piece of cloth to clean the naked portions of her head.


He lowered the chair, turned her around and a gave an almost evil-sounding chuckle. As he showed her the back. Elizabeth’s jaw dropped… She looked like a military recruit!

She got up from the chair, her mom paid and thanked him for her haircut.


They left the barbershop and drive to the clothing store to get her some more appropriate clothing.


She Learned Her Lesson After That and It Took Almost 10 Years to Grow Back. That’s what You Get for Being Bad!

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