Howard’s Deal

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Howard was the Apartment Manager at Apple Tree Apartments.

One day he got word from a Tenant that one of his renters had a cat. A direct violation of the ‘No Pet’ Policy. Now the renter was Zandra a slender 22 year old Asian girl with incredible jetblack silky shiny smooth hair that reached her thighs, She wore it down or up in a triple twist bun or in a supper long ponytail. Now Howard had to see for himself so he watched the apartment from an empty one.Sure enough he saw the cat a Grey and white tabby. He had no choice butto write up an eviction notice to Zandra giving her two weeks to get rid of the cat or move out. He went and posted the notice on her door on a Monday morning with the bottom line that she needed to come to his office ASAP if she wished to discuss the notice.

Sure enough Monday evening as he was about to close in walked a distraught Zandra. He pointed out the ‘No Pet’ clause in the rental agreement. She was on the verge of hysterical tears when Howard looking at Zandra’s long shiny black mane asked her a question? “What do you value more; Your cat or your long hair?” ” What kind of a question is that and why do you ask it? responded Zandra. Howard looked at her long shiny locks hanging down off the chair. “I’ve always been curious as to how you would look with a short crop hairstyle. Here is my ‘Secret” offer to you. You let me cut your hair short in a way I choose to do so and I’ll figure out a way for you to keep your cat with the head office. Now if you decide not to accept my offer then you have to move or get rid of your cat in two weeks within the time limit of the notice. Do you understand your options? Zandralooked sadly at Howard and said ” Yes”. Howard continued on ” Now I need to know in ten days your decision. Here is my cell phone number to call if you want to accept my ” Hair for Cat” offer. He wrote the number on the back of a business card and handed it to Zandra. He could see she had calmed down and was deep in thought. She turned and left with her carpet of black shiny hair flowing down her back.

The next day knowing that all the local complexes had a ” No pet ‘ policy Howard began converting an empty apartment that was to be remodelled into a place he could give Zandra a ‘Private Haircut Experience.”

The days went by and on the ninth day around 6pm when he assumed that Zandra had found a solution to her problem other than his ‘ Hair for cat” offer he got a call on his cell phone. It was Zandra and she had agreed to accept his offer and wanted to know what to do next. Howard asked her if she had a bikini and if she was available the next evening at 7pm. She told him Yes on both questions.He told her to bring the bikini and wearing her hair up to come to apartment number X alone. He told her to expect it to take a couple of hours. She hung up and Howard took a few more items to the apartment the next day and checked his strategically placed spy cameras that were in the bathroom and placed around the hair cutting experience area to make sure they worked properly.

Howard got to the apartment at six pm the following night and made sure things were ready for Zandra who he saw coming to the door right at 7pm with her shiny black hair up in a triple twistand she was carrying a brown bag he assumed held her bikini.

Howard opened the door ‘Hi Zandra I see you have followed my instructions and are here to accept my offer. Where is the bikini?”

Zandra was in a solemn mood. ” It is in my handbag.” Howard smiled at Zandra ” The reason you need it is that I’mgoing to shampoo your hair first and for pre and post pictures. Ididn’t want your cloths getting wet or soiled. Now go into the bathroomand change into your bikini we will take the next step. Now Zandra hadno idea that while she was removing her cloths and putting on thebikini she was being filmed head to toe front and back by Howard’s spycamera’s. Her hair had to be up to make sure her other assets werefully exposed. Howard had added brighter lights to the bathroom toimprove the quality.

Zandra emerged from the bathroom in her blueconservative bikini. Howard spoke ” OK, you look very pretty and now I’m going to shampoo your hair in the kitchen sink. First I’m going tolet you hair down and take a few nice before pictures of you.’ Howardcame up behind Zandra and released Zandra’s soft thick silky black maneand let it tumble to the floor. He took a brush and brushed out thesoft hair with long strokes. Howard took pictures from the back andsides. Now again the still pictures were in addition to the hiddenvideo that was being done. Zandra was as relaxed as one could be asHoward led her into the kitchen where she saw a chair set up where shesit and lean back and place her head on the edge of the sink. Howard helped move her thick soft hair into the sink where he had a rinseattachment that wet-ted down Zandra’s thick mane that filled the sink.Howard enjoyed working the shampoo into Zandra’s hair and looking ather thin body stretched out in a reclining position. She seemed torelax as he proceeded to condition her pretty mane of hair. Whenfinished he assisted her getting up and placed a towel to dry the hairand they proceed to a stool he had set up in the other room where theoriginal pictures were taken. Zandra quietly sat on the stool as Howardtook a wide tooth comb and combed out her long jet black hair all theway down to the ends from the scalp. He paused and took out ameasuring tape he measured her hair to be 40 inches long. He took out ablow dryer and with a brush began to dry out Zandra’s thick mane.

The Nick Chavez products worked as her hair came toa lovely shine. Then he took a few sections and with a large barrelcurling Iron added some large curls to Zandra’s hair. He had her standup and he took some more before pictures. He had her sit back downand then spoke ” OK, Zandra now that we have seen how pretty you canlook with your long hair let’s begin the conversion to see how you willlook with out it. He began to section Zandra’s hair into four sectionwith a pointed comb. He held the sections up with clips and thenproceeded to tie them off tight with rubber bands about two and a halfinch’s from her head. He had three section along around her sides andone in the top center of her head. He enjoyed separating the softthick shiny hair. Howard’s intention was to ‘ Harvest” as much of Zandra’s mane as possible without making her look too much like a man. He would reduce her 40 inches of mane to two and less than that on the sides and nape area. He got a silver cape and placed it tightly around Zandra’s neck. He spoke softly to Zandra ” OK, here we go brace yourself.”. He attacked the rear most section first and Zandra could feel the sharp scissors close to her head cutting her hair. Snip, snip,snip, schnip they went removing the first silky long 36 inch section.She watched with horror as Howard walked over and placed it on a table.He then came forward on the right side and using the clippers he buzz-zed off the next section. The long silky severed ponytail seem to hang in the air. Zandra could feel air on her head for the first time ever. The left side section was the next to be released and cut off.Then with little fanfare Howard took the clippers and buzzed off the top ponytail which was the longest at near 38 inches. Zandra felt so light headed she felt naked. She could handle it no more when Howard put a number 3 guard on the clippers and loosening the cape he buzzed up her nape and the sides near her ears. She burst into tears and they flowed down the cape mixing with the short cut off pieces of black hair that tumbled down the cape. It would make for fantastic video viewing later.

Howard then took a two inch attachment and proceeded to go over the top crown area of Zandra’s head. Howard wetted Zandra’s remaining hair down and gave her one inch bangs and clipped the sides shorter blending them in. Howard added some styling gel and with a blow dryer her finished giving Zandra a dramatic short crop look he had wished upon her for a long time. He looked on the counter and saw the thick shiny locks of black hair that were now his. He felt he had done a great job.

Now no mirrors were present so Zandra wouldn’t see her new look till she went into the bathroom to change back into her street cloths. That of course would be captured by Howard’s spy cameras.

Howard looked down and saw that the floor was covered with short pieces of black hair so he swept them up and then removed completely the silver cape around Zandra’s neck.

He had her stand up and before the after photo’s Zandra reached up and felt what was left of her long thigh length mane.’ My God did you have to cut it all off or most of it?!” Howard spoke to her ” Don’t worry Zandra it will grow back and I think it was time you made a major change. You look very sexy with it short. Now go into the bathroom and change into your street cloths. It is 9pm and weare done. You will adjust to it in a few days. You need to go visityour cat.”

Zandra walked into the bathroom and seeing her new style let out a ‘Scream of Terror’ and some unprintable words. Tears again flowed as she tried to brush out what was left of her fabulous silky locks. Howard watched it all later on the hidden camera footage. Zandra rushed to change cloths and charge back to her apartment where the neighbours reported she spent most of the night in hysterics. Howard spent the night cleaning up the apartment and removing all his camera and haircutting equipment. Come 7am it seemed a normal apartment. He would later view his camera work and play with Zandra’s silky severed tresses sharing the experience with other ‘Hair Enthusiast which also took note of Zandra’s cute ass and other natural assets that had been hidden by her long hair and conservative cloths.”

A notice went up saying that Zandra had been allowed to keep her cat as part of a Pest control meaning mice effort.The cat was to be left alone to do it’s work.

Now Zandra’s new dramatic change was the talk of the complex. People would stay outside just to get a closer look at her new short crop. The older lady’s would say it was about time she had cut all that hair off and young men ran up to her to ask the How and Why of the look. Zandra got so many positive compliments that she calmed down in a few days. The best news for Zandra was that she could keep her cat that she truly loved and didn’t have to move. Howard and Zandra both got what they wanted but sometimes Zandra felt she had paid a higher price than she had anticipated.The deal remained a secret between Howard and Zandra till she moved out two years later.

The End

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