My Wife’s Punishment Headshave

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Rosie and Adam had been married for less than a month when Adam found out that she had cheated on him. Rosie had had an affair and as if that wasn’t humiliating enough she’d been fucking his best friend, the best man at his wedding. Adam knew that this was the end of his marriage to Rosie but he was determined to humiliate her as she had humiliated him. Adam wanted to give Rosie a punishment she would never forget and a punishment everybody would know about.

Adam checked the time, 4:30pm, he knew if he was quick he could dash to the store and get all he would need to punish his whore wife…

Adam got home just before 6pm and could tell from the silence in the house that Rosie had not yet got home from work. Adam carried his shopping up the stairs and unpacked the items in the bathroom, he then went down stairs to the dining room and carried a chair up to the bathroom. No sooner had the scene for Rosie’s punishment been set Adam heard the door slam and Rosie shout up the stairs ‘Hey babe, you upstairs? Come down and give me a kiss’. Adam took this as his cue to go downstairs and confront his wife with what he knew.

As Adam approached his wife he thought about how truly beautiful she was – her long golden hair falling in gentle waves to her waist, her big blue eyes, pale porcelain skin, DD breasts and great ass. It wasn’t hard to believe that Rosie had men queuing round the block for her… but not after tonight Adam thought to himself. Adam gave Rosie a kiss and squeezed her ass, she moaned and gently placed his hand into her knickers, he rubbed her pussy and felt his cock harden but then he remembered the task at hand.

‘Rosie, should we take this upstairs? I have a sexy game to play with you in the bathroom. I want you to close your eyes and follow all of my instructions.’ Adam said. Rosie obliged and closed her eyes. ‘Hold my hand and I’ll guide you up the stairs’. Rosie blindly followed Adam up the stairs and into the bathroom. ‘Keep your eyes closed, I’m going to undress you’ Adam told her. Rosie was becoming increasingly aroused by this, she loved it when Adam would take control like this. Once naked Rosie was feeling a little chilly but too horny to care.

‘Sit down.’ Adam said harshly and pushed on her shoulders to place her in the chair. Rosie still had her eyes tightly closed not wanting to ruin Adam’s erotic surprise for her. Rosie could feel something rope-like being tied around her arms, legs and waist binding her to the chair. Finally Adam told Rosie to open her eyes.

Rosie opened her eyes to see herself in front of the full length bathroom mirror bound to a chair. In Rosie’s mind this was just a sexy game her and her husband were about to play. Or so she thought. Adam was stood behind Rosie and began running his fingers through her golden locks, for what he knew would be the last time.

‘I know about you and Max’ Adam stated. Rosie tried to speak but Adam cut her off. ‘Don’t lie and say you didn’t because I’ve seen the proof. I won’t divorce you but I am going to punish you’. At this point Rosie’s heart was racing and she was considering what Adam would do to punish her. But nothing prepared her for what he said next. ‘It pains me to do this. You know how much I love your hair. But I need you to learn a lesson and the only way for me to trust you again is for me to be confident you won’t cheat again. And after this there won’t be many people who want to have sex with you’ Adam laughed towards the end and by now Rosie was starting to panic. Adam finally ended the suspense by telling Rosie ‘As a punishment for your infidelity I’m going to shave your head. So you’d best take one last look in the mirror because after this you will be so bald that your head shines’.

Rosie began to cry but this did not deter Adam and he picked up the scissors without hesitation. Rosie stared at the mirror, making eye contact with Adam as she said ‘Please baby, don’t do this. Anything else but not this. I promise I will never cheat again’.

Adam took a large chunk of hair at the front of Rosie’s head and held it out so she could see it’s full length, he slid the scissors in an inch above her scalp and snipped. Large wet tears poured down Rosie’s face as Adam took lock by lock of her hair and cut it off throwing the shorn pieces into Rosie’s lap so she could see the full extent of the devastation. With each snip the pile of hair in Rosie’s lap and on the floor grew larger than the remaining hair on her head. Within 15 minutes Rosie’s glorious golden mane had been reduced to a short, shaggy boys hair cut with not a single strand longer than 1.5 inches. Rosie sobbed as she looked at her reflection. Adam laughed at her and teased ‘You’re not so sexy now with your hair on the floor are you?’

He then started rummaging behind him and plugging a mysterious item into the wall. Within seconds a BZZZZ sound came to life and Rosie begged Adam again not to shave her head.

Without mercy Adam held Rosie’s chin forcing her to look in the mirror as he placed the clippers at the top of her forehead, the clippers paused there for a moment and then mowed a clean strip into Rosie’s head. On either side of the strip were short tufts of mousy blonde hair and the clippers had left the shortest of stubble on Rosie’s head. Rosie sobbed harder than ever as Adam kept ploughing the clippers through the remains of her previously beautiful hair. Adam was deliberate in where the hair fell and tried his best to make most of the hair fall directly in front of Rosie’s eyes. It took Adam no more than 20 minutes to shear Rosie’s hair off and leave her with a short sprinkling of stubble across her scalp, the stubble was so light in colour that it could easily be mistaken that Rosie had no hair at all. But Adam wasn’t finished yet.

Adam bent down in front of Rosie and looked her in the eyes as he said ‘All of your beautiful hair is gone, well nearly all’. With that final remark he picked up a can of shaving cream and a razor and began smearing the shaving cream over Rosie’s head. Rosie couldn’t explain why she found herself getting wet between the legs by this but an involuntary gasp escaped her and she could tell that Adam knew she was turned on despite her shearing.

Adam scraped the razor from the front of Rosie’s head to the back, removing any stubble in the path of the razor. Periodically Adam would run his hands across Rosie’s nude scalp to check for stray hairs and when on his final inspection he was satisfied she was totally bald he picked up the towel and dried her head. Rosie had ran out of tears by now and looked at her reflection numbly. She was so ugly with no hair, surely nobody including Adam could be attracted to her now.

Adam untied Rosie and walked her into the shower. They showered together and Adam rubbed Rosie’s bald head as she sucked his hard cock, before he could cum he told her to stand in doggy position and look at the pile of what was her hair. Adam thrusted as he told her ‘I will shave your head daily until I say otherwise, you won’t wear wigs or hats or anything to cover your nee hair style. I want everyone to see you bald’.

True to his word, Adam shaved Rosie’s head daily before bed and they always fucked passionately afterwards and although Rosie hated being bald she accepted after a year that Adam may intend to keep her bald forever.

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