Luvian’s makeover

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So this is my first story on here ! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

These are my characters used in the story :

Lia : 18, she / her, half long brown hair, brown eyes, big smile, gets excited over everything super easily, quite childish but super sweet

Theresa : 19, she / her, long black hair, green eyes, best friend of Lia, is omnisexual

Ash : 19, they / them, short dark copper hair, blue eyes, creative, like to draw

Kace : 18, he / him, short brown hair, green eyes, has dimples when he smiles, plays the guitar, is Luvian’s childhood friend, kinda rich, bisexual

Luvian : 17, he / him, chin long black hair, blue eyes, hides emotions / acts cold but is vulnerable softie

(Context : All of them spend the summer in Kace’s grandfather’s mansion in the middle of nowhere.)

It all s tarted when Lia decided her hair needed a trim and asked Theresa to do it, since she had cut her own hair only a few days before.

“This isn’t a good idea.” said Luvian, sitting on a chair with his legs crossed. “You’ll mess it up.” Lia immediately stared at him. “Who do you think you are to talk about Theresa like that ? She’s great at that and I’m sure she’ll do it right, and-” She was cut off by laughter. “Yes, we get it, Lia. Thank you for protecting me of him, but I’m sure he was joking.” Her smile turned into a cold glare. “Weren’t you, Luvian ?” The blackhead just nodded, not even caring what was going on.

“Morning…” yawned Ash as they came down into the hall. “Morning !” smiled Kace, who was standing in the kitchen, right next to them, making some tea. “How did you sleep ?” asked he and Ash yawned again. “Quite good, actually. Except for you getting up too early.” They pointed at Theresa. “You woke me up when you walked down the hallway.” Theresa just shrugged, not bothering to look up from the braid she was making in Lia’s hair. “Not my fault the wood is so old.” she said.

Ash smiled lightly and the girls and then gave a slight nod to Luvian to sign a ‘good morning’, but he didn’t react. The blackhead was still sitting on the chair, an open book in one hand, a cup of tea in the other. He hadn’t even looked up at Ash when they had come down.

“In case you were wondering,” Kace grinned, “The girls seemingly want to play hairdressers today.” He put the kettle onto the table and went to get three more cups, knowing that Luvian already had one. Ash ran a hand through their hair, noticing the scissors on the counter. “Mine’s getting a bit long, too. Theresa, would you mind… ?” The black haired girl looked up and shook her head. “Not at all. I’ll start after breakfast.”

Kace looked around, a wide smile forming on his face. “Actually… I think all of us could use at least a trim. Why don’t we all cut our hair ? It could be a fun friend group activity idea !” Luvian immediately looked up from his book, a disturbed expression on his face. “Like hell I’m letting one of you near my hair.” said he. Before the obviously saddened Kace could even say anything, Luvian got up, took his cup and his book, and left the hall. “Gonna go to sleep again.” mumbled he. “Don’t come into my room.”

Kace stood there, slowly closing his mouth, watching his friend leave. “What a mood killer.” grumbled he but turned to the others. “Alright. Are you down for it, at least ?” Ash and Theresa nodded, while Lia put a thumb up. “Yup !” she grinned.

While they ate breakfast, they started discussing what type of hairstyle they’d want. “I’ll just need a trim.” smiled Lia. “Or… I’d like bangs, actually !” Theresa nodded in approval. “That would look great on you. Love it. What about you, Kace ?” The brunette looked up and ran a hand through his hair. “If you could cut the sides short… Leave the top longer, though, I like it fluffy.” He winked. “I think Luvian does, too.” Everyone couldn’t help but laugh. “Mine needs to be shorter.” said Ash. “A lot. I’m sick of the heat.” They chuckled. “I don’t know how you girls and Luvian survive with this weather and hair that long.”

Suddenly, Theresa looked to the door through which the blackhead had left. “Speaking of Luvian…” she said. “Why isn’t he cutting his hair, again ?” Kace shrugged. “My man’s quite picky. Did you see that ? He wouldn’t even let me make him tea. He just had to do it himself. He’s such a little bitch, sometimes.” Ash leaned back. “It would have been fun to cut Luvian’s hair. Remember, when I first met him, it was over his ears, I think ? It looked so much better than that unkempt-rat-look.” they laughed and Kace shrugged. “He likes it long, I suppose. Even though I agree, the heat is killing and it doesn’t even look that good. But he’s so damn proud, he doesn’t let anyone near it. Especially not with scissors.”

Theresa couldn’t help but remark : “He’s way too vain for his own good.” Lia started laughing. “That’s a nice phrase. It describes him perfectly.” and the other couldn’t disagree.

When they were done eating, Theresa set up a chair and arranged the tools on the counter. “Who do I start with ?” asked she and Lia lifted up a hand. “Me !” she grinned. “Alright.” smiled Theresa. “Since we’re not going to cut much, you won’t have to wash it first. I’ll just dampen it with the water of the sink.” she said and proceeded to do so.

She took her comb and started pulling it through the brown strands. Then, with pins, she clipped the top section up so only the bottom hair would stick out. With scissors, she started snipping off a few centimeters of the length and evening it out. She proceeded to do the same to the other layers until she was done. “Now.” she smiled. “The bangs.” She took place in front of Lia and brushed a section that looked triangular at the top to the front. Lia chuckled as the hair brushed her nose. “Don’t move.” Theresa smiled softly. “I’ll mess it up, otherwise.” Lia immediately sat still. “Alright.” she said.

The bangs looked great. They framed Lia’s face perfectly and Theresa couldn’t help but blush a little at the cuteness of her friend.

“My turn !” grinned Kace and Theresa nodded. “Yup. We’ll have to wash your hair, though, since we’re going to cut quite a lot.” The brunette just nodded and already made his way into the next bathroom, getting a shampoo bottle from there.

In the meantime, Theresa had prepared a chair in front of the sink, and had started adjusting the water temperature. “Sit down.” she ordered and Kace obeyed willingly.

As he put his head back, she started wetting the fluffy brown hair and massaging the scalp lightly. Lia could feel herself grow jealous. After that, Theresa got some shampoo into her hands and put it into the mass of hair, curling it under her fingers. “I could stay here forever.” grinned Kace, closing his eyelids. However, he got a light slap onto his head. “Well, you’re not. I’ll be done in a second.” She washed the slightly pink shampoo out and after a minute, she ordered Kace to get up. Mumbling a bit in disagreement, the brunette obeyed.

As Theresa led Kace to the chair in the middle of the room again, where on the floor was lying a bit of Lia’s hair, Luvian came in.

His eyes widened slightly as he saw the state of Lia’s hair and analyzed what Kace was doing. “Uh…” muttered he. Not saying more than that, he went to fill up his cup with some of the tea Kace had made earlier. “Have fun.” mumbled he as he left again, all eyes on him.

Theresa simply shrugged and took up her comb, starting to pull it through the Kace’s hair. “That’s so comfy though.” grinned he. “I don’t get why people wouldn’t want this. It feels great.” Theresa couldn’t disagree. “I think so too. Taking care of hair is really fun.” Ash also nodded. “My usual hairdresser is amazing, too. It is quite expensive, but the services are the absolute best you’ll get.” they smiled. Lia just agreed with all of them, happily chewing on a piece of bread.

After a while of combing, Theresa got her scissors and started working. The strands she cut off from the sides were the longest, since Kace wanted them short. “You want them real short or just normal short ?” asked Theresa as she looked at the clippers on the counter, and Kace shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe like… in between. Like with clippers but not super short, you know ?” Theresa nodded and got the clippers, putting a guard on them. “Works with me.” said she before switching them on. Their buzzing sound filled the room and soon, they ran through the thick mass of hair, leaving stubble behind. The clippers went over his neck, then his left ear, and then his right ear.

“Kay.” smiled Theresa. “Sides or done. You wanted the top longer, right ? Should I still cut off at least the split ends ? Just so the rest will stay healthy.” Kace shrugged. “Sure. Whatever you think is best.”

Kace ended up with the top’s length being around eight centimeters and the sides clipped down to twelve millimeters. As he stood before the mirror on the next bathroom, he couldn’t help but think if Luvian would like it. It looked great on him, though.

As he got back, Ash had already taken his place in front of the sink. Their hair was being washed the same way as Kace’s had been, except that Theresa looked like she was being a tiny bit more gentle. Ash looked like they were enjoying it ; their eyes were closed and a small smile on their face.

“Actually, Theresa.” laughed they. “I enjoy this quite a lot, but you didn’t have to wash it in the first place.” Theresa stopped and looked at them with a confused gaze. “What do you mean ?” “I want it all off. Like, clipper short, you know ? So washing it before is kind of useless. Although it’s a fact that it feels great.” Ash laughed and Theresa joined them. “Why didn’t you tell me before ? We wasted water for this !”

Ash got up as Theresa rubbed the hair with a towel and sat down on the other chair. With no hesitation, Ash grabbed the clippers, switched them on, took off the guard and ran them down the middle of their head. It happened in just a second and the mass of red hair that fell down was astonishing. It immediately covered up the pile of dark and light brown hair of Lia and Kace.

Ash then handed the clippers to Theresa, telling her to finish the job. A big smile on both of their faces, the hair fell away and left nothing but minimal stubble on the top of Ash’s head. After the task was done, all four ran their hands over the head, laughing at how it felt.

It’s so much cooler now.” grinned Ash. “I won’t die from the heat.”

As they kept talking, the subject of what they’d do today came up. Originally, they had planned to go hiking, but it was raining, so all of them would rather stay inside.

“I mean…” muttered Theresa. “We all got haircuts, right ? Just one of us escaped. Don’t you think that’s unfair ?” In Kace’s eyes shone a glitter of glee. “Yes, I do. Luvian can’t act like he’s special all the time.”

That moment, the blackhead walked back in, the cup in his hand, and they stopped talking. Luvian grabbed a piece of bread and sat down at the other end of the table, quietly eyeing his friends’ new hairstyles. “Looks good on you, Kace.” mumbled he. “You too, Lia, Ash. Theresa did a good job, I guess.” The girl’s eyes flashed up a bit. “Really ? Then would you…”


Why not ?”

“I told you. I’m not letting people touch my hair.”

Kace grinned. “You know, while you were in your room, we found a phrase that describes you really well. Wanna hear it ?”

Luvian shook his head. “I really don’t care.”

Kace told him anyway. “It’s ‘Luvian is way too vain for his own good’. Don’t you think it matches perfectly ?”

The blackhead was ready to answer, but he was surprised by Lia, who had walked behind him and who was now holding his arms behind his back. “Now, Theresa !” laughed she and Luvian immediately started struggling. “What are you doing ?” he demanded but was ignored.

Perfect.” grinned Theresa. “Ash ?” The former redhead nodded and came up to Luvian, putting a cloth into his mouth and pushing him forward, all the way up to the sink, where Theresa had prepared shampoo and utensils. “Mh !” yelled he and struggled, but Lia managed to hold him in place. “Make him sit down.” grinned Theresa and Luvian was pressed into the chair before the sink.

“Sorry, dude.” smiled Kace, looking as sorry as a cat that just caught a mouse, meaning not at all. “But you’re starting to look like a rat. And the heat must be killing you. We’re doing you a favor.” Luvian didn’t stop struggling, even as water started to soak his hair and Theresa’s hands found their way into the black mass. His eyes were wide as he was trying to get away, but his attempts were in vain. “Stp ‘t !” screamed he, his voice being muffled by the cloth.

The light pink shampoo was massaged into his scalp, and while Kace and Ash had enjoyed that part, Luvian was nothing but the opposite. His eyes were narrowed and he was frowning. The others couldn’t help but chuckle, earning a death glare from the youngest.

As the shampoo was washed out, Luvian seemed to relax, apparently believing it was over. But instead, Theresa grabbed her scissors, pulled all the hair together into a small ponytail and cut it off right in the sink. Luvian, who felt and heard what was happening, immediately fought to get out of Lia’s grip, which he managed, ripped the cloth off his mouth and stormed away from them, to the other side of the counters. “What the actual fuck do you think you’re doing ?!” screamed he. A hand went up to his soaking wet hair, that was now messily chopped off, so the strands at the front were longer and the ones at the back brutally short. “You fucking bastards ! You cut it all off !”

Theresa chuckled. “That’s true, yes. We weren’t going to let you off as the only one who didn’t get a haircut, though. So… Since you weren’t willing, we had to find another way.” “I fucking hate you.” hissed Luvian, a hand still in his hair.

“Are you going to leave it like this ?” teased Ash. “Because right now you look like a child who had a bad day at the barber. I mean, if that’s a look you like…” “I’ll murder your whole families, you fucking assholes. Now fix this shit.”

He stormed over to the other chair and sat down. Theresa didn’t hesitate, she picked her scissors up again and brought them up to the mess. “Aw.” smiled she. “I messed up. It’ll have to be really short to even it out. Shorter than back when you were in middle school.” “Shut up and fix it.” hissed Luvian.

More and more strands of pitch black fell to the ground and Luvian could feel the air at his nape. When Theresa got to the front, he glared at her with the best death glare he could manage, making her chuckle. “Aw, Luvian, trust me, it looks good !” With that, she snipped the fringe of completely, leaving the hair only a few centimeters long. “All of you are fucking dead.” grumbled Luvian, finally accepting what was happening.

After ten minutes, Theresa backed away, admiring her work. “It’s perfect !” smiled she. “It brings out his eyes so well !” Luvian immediately got up, walking into the nearest bathroom with quick steps.

“Are you fucking kidding me ?!” heard Kace him scream. “Why is it so short ?! There’s no way in hell it had to be this short !” The friend group just laughed as he stormed back into the kitchen, pointing at his hair.

The back and sides were the shortest, like Kace’s, but the top was a lot shorter than his. It was still quite messy, since taming Luvian’s hair was an impossible task, but ridiculously short. Even though his eyes did seem bigger, his ears were also sticking out a bit.

Kace didn’t bother looking away as he blushed. In his eyes, Luvian had never looked better. “Fuck you all !” screamed the younger one before running out and slamming the doors. Again, in Kace’s opinion, Luvian was the cutest when he showed that he was youngest among them all, not when he acted all cold and emotionless.

There were tears in Luvian’s eyes and he didn’t bother holding them back. He just ran out of the huge building, making his way into the woods, flinching as the cold raindrops touched his newly exposed neck.

“These goddamn assholes !” cried he, kicking a thick branch so hard that it broke. He just let himself fall down at the base of a tree, putting his head on his knees. “I’ll kill them.”

What the others didn’t know was the fact that his hair had been short in middle school only because his parents had forced him to cut it. After he had moved away from them in high school, growing it out had been his sign of freedom. But now it had been taken away from him, too.

He spent a while at the base of the tree, swallowing his emotions to stop feeling vulnerable. The tears stopped flowing and anger took their place. He took a few stones up and started throwing them so hard that his arms hurt. However, he grew tired and leaned his head back, closing his eyes. At some point, he fell asleep.

When he woke up, the rain had stopped and the sky looked beautiful. And there were footsteps to be heard near him. “Leave me alone.” hissed he and got up, but before he could walk away, someone hugged him from behind. “Sorry. Luvian.” said Kace. “Sorry we hurt you. But you know… I know this is egoistic as hell, but I really think you look great. You’re so handsome, you couldn’t even believe it.” “…shut up.”

Yes, this is a bit of lgbt fluff, because why not. I hope you liked it 🙂 Please consider that I am not native and English is my third language, so if there are any mistakes, please point them out and I’ll correct them.

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