The Sorority Issues a Challenge

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Abby and Leah had always been the queen bee types. From the moment they pledged the Alpha Sigma Sigma sorority, everyone knew that one of them would one day be president when their senior year came around. For the last three years, they had been in a passive-aggressive silent competition with each other, always trying to be more liked, more influential, and more blonde. Now, it was senior year and it came time to decide a new sorority president, but neither one was willing to give way.

A vote was held, and it was a tie. A week later, after each one had time to plead her case to her sisters, another vote was held, and again it was dead even.

Katie, another member of the senior class who was pre-law, brought them into a room together to work out a solution. A thick binder sat on the table.

“I’ve reviewed the sorority’s rules and regulations regarding what to do if both the vote and re-vote are tied, and it actually does cover how to handle this situation.”

Abby and Leah seemed pleased.

Katie continued, opening the binder to a page marked with a post it note “The tiebreaker shall be a test of wills to determine who wants the position more. Should only one sister complete the challenge, she will be appointed as president. In the event that both complete the challenge, whichever completed it in less time will be considered the winner. In the event that neither complete the challenge, another election shall be held and neither previous finalist will be allowed to run again.”

“Great” Abby snapped back. “What’s the challenge?”

Katie replied “Well, that’s what this next paragraph is about. You’re not allowed to know the challenge beforehand. The rest of the senior girls will select from a list of options, and you’ll be taken blindfolded to the place where the challenge takes place.”

Both girls nodded in agreement, ready to get this over with.

“One more thing” Added Katie “These …uhh …challenges. They were created long before the university started to crack down on hazing. I am going to need you two to sign these documents stating that you are engaging in this challenge willingly, and that no member of the sorority has in any way coerced you. Just in case, to cover our asses. But then again, you can’t really haze the president anyway.”

She pushed a pen and paper in front of both girls, and they both signed immediately, as if they were in a competition to sign the waiver quickest.


Two days later, the senior girls had convened and selected a challenge. They were all eager to put this endless election behind them, and the bickering and backstabbing that came with it.

It was just after midnight. Abby put on a blindfold and got in a car with three of the other girls, McKayla, Lyndsey and Addison, while Leah got in the other car.

The ride lasted for almost an hour. When Abby got out of the car and removed her blindfold, she saw that she was standing in front of a Wal Mart.

McKayla handed her three envelopes.

“Ok, here’s how it goes:” She held a piece of paper and read off it. “You will be given four envelopes. You are to open the first envelope once inside and are not to open envelopes two, three and four until the previous tasks are completed. After you have completed the tasks, you are to meet us in the parking lot. The timer will start when you step into the store and will stop when you have returned to the car. You will leave your purse and cell phone in the vehicle.”

“Gotcha” Abby replied, tossing her purse and phone on the passenger seat. “Give me the envelopes, I’m ready to go!”

Addison handed her a set of four envelopes. All three of the other girls had devilish grins on their faces, and Abby wasn’t sure what that meant.

Abby waved back at them as the entered the Wal Mart. She opened the first envelope.

There was a card inside the envelope. She opened it. The card contained a $100 bill, and the instructions:

Step 1: Purchase a set of electric hair clippers, a package of razors, a package of hair ties, a pair of scissors and a can of shaving cream.”

Abby shuddered. She was afraid of what the next three envelopes were going to tell her to do with those items. It seemed like she was going to have to remove some hair, and she didn’t have any hair below the neck to remove. Still, she wasn’t deterred. She walked with purpose towards the pharmacy section and found all the items she needed. She attempted to use the self checkout as she was embarrassed to be buying those things in combination while sporting a head of long, platinum blonde hair. Unfortunately for her, though, the self checkout kioskĀ  had a sign saying it didn’t take $100 bills, and her credit cards were in her purse, so she had to go to one of the registers.

The woman at the register have her a weird look as she scanned the items, and Abby looked at the ground in embarrassment. It was far from the weirdest combination of items anyone had purchased at 1 AM, though.

After paying for the items, she opened the second envelope. “step 2: Go in to the restroom”

“Okay, that one isn’t too bad.” she thought.

Abby walked into the bathroom, and nobody else was in there. She set her bag of purchases down on the sink and opened the third envelope.

“Step 3: Separate your hair into two ponytails. Cut them off and place them in the Wal Mart bag. Then shave off the rest of your hair, including eyebrows. All hair must be shaved smooth or else you will be considered to have forfeit.”


Abby considered walking out to the car and quitting, but what if Leah had decided to do it? She would rather shave every hair from her head than risk letting Leah have that kind of power over her, especially if that power required such a huge sacrifice to acquire. She also couldn’t hesitate, since this was being timed. It would be even worse if she wound up bald and didn’t even become president of the sorority.

Abby took a deep breath and hastily tied her treasured hair into two ponytails. She had to wrestle with the packaging of the scissors to open them. She held the first ponytail up and with a few schnicks, it was off and the hair below it fell flat on her head. Then she repeated on the other side and stuffed the hair into the empty bag on the sink like it was a wad of trash.

She opened the box with the clippers. They came with a series of guards. Abby tried to decide which guard would be the best to use, but then realized it was a waste of time, and held the clippers to her forehead with no guard. She flicked the switch. Here it was, the point of no return. After this, there was no backing down, because even if she did decide to walk out, she’d have to shave the rest of her head anyway to make it even.

She pushed the clippers back over her forehead and the short strands of hair fell on to the counter. She repeated the process again and again, until the right side of her head was covered in nothing but short brown stubble, hair growth too new to have been dyed blonde at her last trip to the salon. She then began buzzing the other side, making one pass after another as more hair fell on the counter and into the sink. When she had shaved about 80% of her hair off, the clippers stopped.

The battery was dead. They hadn’t been shipped with a full charge. Abby panicked. She couldn’t find a power outlet anywhere in the bathroom to plug them in. She was so close.

Abby remembered the scissors and realized she had no other options. She pulled at the remaining hair and hacked it off as close to the scalp as she could get. She repeated the process, trying to remove the hair as quickly as possible without accidentally slicing her ear off.

The door to the bathroom swung open. The cashier who had checked her out earlier walked in. She looked at the pile of hair on the counter and the mostly-bald blonde desperately snipping off her last locks, and she rolled her eyes and turned around, deciding to use the other restroom instead. “Fucking methheads” she muttered as walked out of the bathroom.

When Abby had finished severing the last hairs from her head with the scissors, she ran her head under the sink to wet the stubble and spread the shaving cream over it. She took a razor our of the package and began scraping. She instantly regretted buying the cheap pack of store brand razors instead of the expensive ones with 5 blades, but it was too late now. It was rough and stung her skin as she madly ran the cheap razor over her scalp. After shaving off the hair on the top of her head, the razor had already dulled and she got out a new one. All in all, it took 4 razors to remove every trace of hair from her head.

Abby put her head under the sink again to rinse it off, and felt her head with her hands as she inspected it in the mirror. “whoops, almost forgot something.” She said to herself.

After dispensing more shaving cream onto her hand, she spread it across each eyebrow and went to work with the razor. It would have been easier if the clippers still had juice but after multiple passes, the eyebrows were gone too.

Abby opened the final envelope.

“Step 4: Take off all your clothes. Leave everything in the restroom (clothes, supplies, envelopes) and walk back to the car.”

She gulped. It was too late not to do it now. Abby quickly took off her shirt and bra and dropped them on the floor. She slipped off her shoes and pulled down her jeans and panties and now stood naked in front of the mirror. There was not a single hair on her, from head to toe.

Abby sprinted out of the restroom, covering her breasts with one hand and her crotch without the other.

She scanned the parking lot for McKayla’s blue Honda CR-V, but she couldn’t find it. There were few cars parked at this rural Wal Mart so late at night, and not one had their lights on or even resembled the one she had arrived in.

Fuck. She had been had.

With no other options, Abby sprinted back to the bathroom to get her clothes. The security guard saw her. He was pretty sure he should do something about a naked bald girl running in and making a bee line to the restroom, but he was absolutely sure he didn’t get paid enough to deal with that kind of shit.

She ran into the restroom to retrieve her clothes… and they were gone. Everything was gone. The clothes, the bag of hair, the clippers. All that remained was a mess of blonde locks on the sink counter and the floor around it.

She was stuck in a Wal Mart in god-knows-where, naked, hairless, no cell phone or money, in the middle of the night. With no idea what to do next, all she could do was sit on one of the toilet stalls and cry.

Then she heard clapping. She opened the door to see Lyndsey holding her clothes and Addison holding the bag with her hair.

“Congratulations!” Exclaimed Lyndsey “You’re the new president!”

“You bitches” Abby replied, her fear and anger transforming into triumph and relief. “I thought you had tricked me into shaving my head and then stranded me in the middle of nowhere.”

“We thought we’d have some fun” Added Addison “Leah noped out the second she opened that third envelope. She’s already on the way back to the house.”

Lyndsey handed her the clothes. “Here, get yourself dressed. McKayla is pulling the car around. we’ll get you back to the house. You’ve got a victory speech to give!”

Abby arrived back at the house around 2:30 in the morning. To her surprise, everyone was still awake and greeted her with cheers and congratulations.

She stood in the center of the main room to give her speech.

“First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to be president of the sorority. That was one hell of a challenge that all you other seniors picked out, and you all know now how much I love you and care about this place.” She rubbed her bald head with both hands, still shocked at the sensation of not having hair.

Abby continued “As you know, this sorority runs a fund raising drive for the local children’s hospital every year. So as my first act as president, I will announce this year’s fundraiser. The trial I had to complete in order to lead you was so inspiring. To show solidarity with some of the kids battling horrible diseases, we will be doing a charity head-shaving event. All the senior girls will be shaving our heads to help raise money!”

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