Marline’s Redos

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Somewhere underneath her parent’s house:


In the near, but very far future Marline Margret was about to, yet hadn’t quite crashed through the
last pair of air-tight doors into her father’s secret underground lab. Being the future you can imagine
it was quite hard for him to keep his lab from the preying eyes of anyone with a connection to the
high-tech spyware known as the internet. Harder still to keep it from his own daughter.

What you also might have guessed was that Marline Margret, or M&M as her father called her was having a
problem with her hair. Namely that she had a noticeably smaller – to her – amount of it than she had when
she had left for salon a mere four hours ago.

“It’s all gone. He didn’t listen! He never listens!” A hiss emanated from the hundred yards of sterilizing
check points the ranting Marline had circumvented on her way to see her father for the first time in the
last week.

“MMmmmm,” Nicholas Margret’s pink lips thinned into a smile at his exceptional dad joke. “What wonderful chain
of happenstances brings my lovely daughter to me?” Grooming the week of dark growth on his face with his fingers
he blinked to wet his eyes.

“I want it back! He destroyed my hair!” Stressed like a man who spent the last week finishing a physics
defying prototype Marline frantically moved her hands from where her hair wavy chestnut hair was currently
at around her shoulder blades to where it had been around her waist.

Spry as a girl who had just spend the last four hours being pampered at the spa, Nicholas chortled at his
daughter’s plight. “You’re 26!” comfortable he was within +- two years of being correct he placed his hand
on his daughter’s shoulder to assure her he was about to spring much needed fatherly advice. “You think I can
fix anything. Even your penchant for the dramatic,” he paused, savoring his daughter’s bated breath. “Well…
You’re right!” Hand around her shoulder he led his daughter to his work bench. “The Temporal Hyphersphere
Lemiscating thing…, the name is a work in progress,” a perfectly smooth cube mirrored his excitement on three

Not one for the non vanity oriented things in life Marline feigned a smile, and nodded at her father as he
described the science. “This regrows hair?”

“No, my questionably related daughter! It teaches life lessons!” With a flourish Nicolas flipped his
white board. “Quite the diagram, huh?” He held his finger out to a plain infinity symbol. “You go back in time-
only into your own mind, MIND you! You’ll get to relive a period up to twenty four hours up to and including your
chosen event. Then, if the device detects that you have learned something, you will exit to your mind in the
present. Otherwise, you get to do the whole thing over.”

“I can go back in time to get a better haircut?!” Dangerously close to turning on a machine she knew nothing
about Marline searched the smooth surface for a switch. And then, just about as she was maybe going to think
better about doing this, she managed to turn on a machine she knew nothing about.


One Hour In The Past:


“Why would I need twenty-four–” An old fashioned twenty first century salon popped in around the now sitting

“Twenty-four what?” A chiseled male stylist stared quizzically at her in the mirror while he used his atomically sharpened
shears relieved her over half her hair in two snips.

“Chad!” The word hadn’t escaped her mouth before the world shifted slightly.

“Yes Marline?” A chiseled male stylist stared quizzically at her in the mirror while he used his atomically sharpened
shears relieved her over half her hair in two snips.

“No!” She cried out as her useless sheared hair was tossed to the floor.

“I didn’t say anything,” A chiseled male stylist stared quizzically at her in the mirror while he used his atomically sharpened
shears relieved her over half her hair in two snips.

“Why are you doing this!” She jumped out of the chair only to be snapped back into it.

“It is the style you requested,” A chiseled male stylist stared quizzically at her in the mirror while he used his atomically
sharpened shears relieved her over half her hair in two snips.

“I don’t-!” Her wet locks plopped against the ground.

A dozen or more times she watched her doomed locks attacked by the merciless stylist. “I need more time!”
The shears closed once more as she focused on going further back.


10 Minutes In The Past of 1 Hour In The Past:


“A trim, today…?” Chad checked his decorative tablet. “Marline?”

The Spa’s AI had decorated Marline’s suit to her desires. An early 21st century salon, complete with the tiniest
details. A pile of magazines on a glass table sandwiched between two leather couches. AI costumers chatting with
their AI stylists. Perfect replication of everything visual. Smells were guesswork, real randomly generated guesswork.
The formulas for shampoos, perms, nail polish, and the rest had been lost through time, leaving the AI to fill the
air with different combinations of fruits, and flowers until it had zeroed in on pleasant sweetness that didn’t quite
belong to any, what we would call, reasonable combination of botanicals.

Instinctively she checked behind her back, glare firmly on Chad. “This much, Chad!” her thumb and pointer shook
as she held them just far enough apart that you could say there was space between them.

“As you wish.” A very tall, very handsome, exactly Marline’s type man gestured towards a black auto-adjusting salon

What tension grew in Marline in the distance traveled to the chair melted when it conformed to then gingerly altered her
posture to its optimal state. “Don’t get any ideas. This much,” the gap between her fingers squeezed closer.

“We serve only your desires her at The Spa,” The wall opened to deliver Chad a pristine satin cape. In a flash he had
Marline’s hair up, the cape on, her hair sectioned, and a cup of hot liquid that approximated tea from a long extinct leaf.

“Sure you do,” unblinking she tracked every movement Chad made. The comb through her hair went the correct distance
downwards. The spritz of the spray bottle stayed at the very tips of her ends. Her thumb, and pointer were held over her

Squatting Chad snipped at her ends, sending chestnut dust to the projected black and white floor. Perfectly straight, the
smallest amount he could physically cut. He released next section then snipped along the imperceptible guideline. The remaining
sections proceeded in much the same manner. Impossibly small snips just as Marline had reasonably requested. “To your satisfaction,
miss?” Chad uncaped Marline so she could examine his work.

“Yes! This is exactly what I wanted for once!” Waves of Marline’s locks glided against her back in large side-to-side
swishes. She beamed with joy at how wonderful her father’s device was. “That wasn’t so hard, was -” She looked up at Chad from
the leather couch.

“A trim, today…?” Chad checked his decorative tablet. “Marline?”

“Why am I back here?” Marline stared dumbstruck at Chad.

Chad tilted his head, and smiled. “To get a haircut, of course.”

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