The Diary

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Leah and Reece had been together for 5 years and engaged for 2 years. They were a happy couple and rarely argued. In all the time Reece and Leah had been together Reece had known about the diary Leah kept. Leah wrote in her journal every day but Reece knew nothing of the contents as he had always stuck to his promise to not read Leah’s diary.

One day 3 weeks before the wedding Reece was home alone when his curiosity got the better of him and he found himself reading Lean’s journal. In an entry from March, Leah had described a dream she’d had. She spoke of how in the dream Reece had dragged her to a chair and made her sit down, he then stood behind her as he cut off all of her long hair whilst she cried. She spoke about how all that was left of her hair was a shaggy short mess in the dream but when she woke up her pussy was wet. It was on that night she had realised she had a sexual fantasy of having her hair cut short against her will. There were more journal entries in the next few months about this dream. Reece was shocked to read that this was his fiancé’s fantasy, he loved her hair and couldn’t imagine her having it cut short.

As he turned the pages he saw a photo of him and Leah at a friend’s wedding a few months earlier; he looked handsome with his dark hair and suit and Leah looked incredible with her beautiful chocolate hair and blue eyes. The dress she wore in the photo was blue and matched her eyes and hugger her curves but as always Reece’s eyes focussed on his favourite asset of Leah’s – her hair. Reece thought for a few moments of how he loved Leah’s hair, he loved running his hands through it as they made love and he loved smelling her shampoo as they cuddled on the couch in the evenings. Snapping himself back to reality Reece turned the page of the journal and began to read.

What he saw on the next page shocked him. Leah had written shortly after the wedding in the photograph to describe a sordid sexual encounter with Reece’s best friend and the guy due to be his best man at the upcoming wedding. Reece was shocked. He knew he would have to confront Leah about her cheating, he still wanted to marry her but she would need to be punished. If she refused the punishment then he would call off the wedding and kick her out of the house that he paid for.

When Leah got home Reece was waiting in the kitchen. From the atmosphere in the room Leah knew that something was wrong.

“What’s up babe?” Leah asked Reece.

Reece paused for a moment and then spoke. “I read your journal. I know that you had sex with Adam when we went to the wedding a couple of months ago”.

Leah stood shocked for a second and then she composed herself and tried to explain with tears in her eyes “Reece, it was just the once. I’d had too much to drink. And he flirted with me when I was outside for fresh air. I didn’t mean for it to happen and it won’t ever happen again. Please please forgive me. I’ll do anything”.

The last sentence was Reece’s cue. “I still want to marry you. But only if you prove how sorry you are. You will be punished and if you refuse then I will call off the wedding and you’ll have until Friday to move out.” Reece paused a moment before continuing “As a punishment I am going to cut your hair how I see fit. From now on I will have total control over your hairstyle. As I said, if you refuse then the wedding is off. If you agree to this punishment then sit down at the table and we’ll get started.”

Leah thought for a moment and cried. She loved Reece and she’d made a mistake. He was the love of her life and she intended to marry him. He loved her hair and she trusted him not to cut it too short, maybe a bob. Slowly she walked to the chairs at the table and sat down. Reece left the room and a few minutes later returned without speaking.

Reece stood behind Leah and picked up a handful of hair. Without speaking he cut the hair close to the scalp and through the severed locks onto the floor. Leah was sobbing but still Reece did not offer comfort or speak. He just grabbed more hair and continued cutting. Reece was holding sections of hair and sliding the scissors in close the the scalp, he would the chop the hair close to the root and allow the cuttings to fall. Within 10 minutes Reece had methodically worked his way around Leah’s head and left her with a very short very messy looking crop.

Reece stepped in front of Leah and looked at her with her new short haircut. Leah was crying as Reece rubbed her shorn head. With one hand rubbing Leah’s head he used the other hand to rub Leah’s pussy. Leah moaned, her body urging him to continue when Reece abruptly stopped touching her. “I’ll come back to that once we’re finished with your haircut” he told her as he walked to the back of the chair. Reece was out of Leah’s eye sight now and she could hear him plugging something in. Before Leah could beg him not to Reece started running clippers through what remained of Leah’s hair.

Reece dragged the clippers from Leah’s forehead to her crown until the hair on top was stubble. Then Reece worked his way from Leah’s nape to the crown enduring that all of the hair remaining on Leah’s head was buzzed to stubble. Leah cried as Reece clippered her head, but she did not fight and Reece was sure she had moaned a few times and tried to disguise her arousal. Next Reece picked up a can of shaving cream and his handheld electric shaver and proceeded to shave Leah’s head smooth. Once Leah was shaved Reece wiped her head with a tea towel from the kitchen work top. Reece then guided Leah into the living room where he made her look at her freshly shaved head in the mirror.

Leah cried as she looked at her reflection. All of her long chocolate hair was gone. Her head was an odd shape and her eyes and ears looked hugely out of proportion. The paleness of her scalp did not match the tan of her face. As Leah cried Reece moved her hands up to her scalp to make her touch few newly nude head. Reece then began to finger her as he told her he would be shaving her daily from now on and she would be bald for the foreseeable future. He then put his face between her legs and licked her pussy until she orgasmed like she had never done before.

True to his word Reece shaved Leah’s head daily and 3 weeks later on the day of the wedding Leah walked with confidence down the aisle. Reece thought she looked incredible, his beautiful bald bride.

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