First time in an American hair salon

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Louise just arrived to the hair salon. It was her first haircut since she arrived in the United States. Her long blonde hair was down to the middle of her back. She always took good care of it; it was pretty and silky. 


“Hi, can I help you with anything ?” said the woman standing behind the counter. 

“Hi ! I have an appointment for a cut.

-Alright, what’s your name ?

-I’m Louise.

-Nice to meet you Louise, I’m Evi. I’ll be your hairdresser today. You’re not from here, aren’t you?

-No, I actually come from Germany. 

-Oh, nice ! Follow me, i’m going to take you to the sink.” 

Evi helped Louise to put on the big black cape and took her to wash her hair. She slowly massaged her hair, and Louise was really starting to relax. After washing and brushing the hair, it was time to decide the length. Evi asked Louise what she had in mind, but Louise didn’t really had any precise idea. She knew she wasn’t wanting a big change, but didn’t thought more about her cut.

“Why don’t we cut 10 inches ?” asked Evi. Inches ? Louise realized she completely forgot that people weren’t using centimeters here. She really had no idea how much an inch was. Too scared of looking stupid by asking what was the size of an inch, she just told herself that there was no reason inches and centimeters would be drastically different. The idea of cutting about 10 centimeters (~ 4 inches) seemed nice to her, enough to get rid of all her dead ends and make a bit of a change without cutting too much length. “Yes, 10 inches, sounds good.” she confidently said. 

Evi started to gather all of Louise’s hair on her back. Louise didn’t thought much of it, thinking that cutting methods may be differents across the world. She suddenly felt scissors roughly chopping her hair, high up on her back, and she realized with horror that Eli was cutting right above the ponytail she just made. “Tada!” said Eli as she put the long ponytail on the table next to her. Louise gasped as she saw her hair now over her shoulder. “Is everything good?”, asked Eli. “I just… wasn’t expecting you to cut that much.” replied Louise, still shocked. “Impressive, right? Still more cutting to do to get everything straight.” said Eli as she started making sections on Louise’s hair.

After more cutting and a good drying, Louise’s hair was now at the length of her chin. She thanked Eli and got out of the salon, not believing she wasn’t having long hair anymore. As she got out, Eli smiled and told her “You see, once you go short, you’ll always want it shorter.” 

Louise arrived at her house. She started working on her laptop. She quickly realized that her newly short hair, since it wasn’t been retain by her back, was quite a disturb because it kept getting in her way. She tried to put it up, just to realize that it wasn’t long enough to be in a ponytail anymore. She started to think again about what Eli said about going shorter. She already cut so much hair today, what difference could it make ? 

That night, she couldn’t sleep. She kept thinking about her hair. She missed her long hair a bit, but she liked the feeling of not having hair down her neck. She finally made a decision: she was going to come back to have her hair cut shorter. 

The next day, as she arrived in the salon, Eli welcomed her :

 “Here again to go short, uh? 

-Actually, yeah!

-Knew it! You made the right choice. How short are we talking about ? Do you trust me with your cut ?” . 

Louise decided to let Eli do what she thought would look best. She got caped again and sat in the big chair, for the second time in the last 24 hours. Eli wetted her hair and quickly began to cut the hairs on the sides of Louise’s head, roughly hacking them off the closest possible to her scalp. She then cut the top part, leaving it a bit longer. Eli then took the clippers, and started buzzing the whole sides and neck of Louise’s hair. “Clippers !” Thought Louise. She never had those used on her before. It was really giving her chills. Eli then proceeded to shape the hair on the top, and finished Louise’s pixie cut. Louise couldn’t believe she had gone this short in less than a day. Her hair was so short that it was looking brown instead of the usual blonde. 

She left the salon, head feeling light and this time finally with her cut, and headed back home, knowing that she wasn’t going to let her hair grow long again. 

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