Colour me Surprised

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We lay in bed with my head on his chest, him absentmindedly playing with my curls.

“Babe,” I start, “should I change my hair colour?”

He makes a noncommittal noise. “It’s your hair, do you not like the pink?”

“No the pink is great,” I say, “but isn’t there something else you’d like to see?”

We’ve been together for close to two years now but I’ve never been able to admit to my boyfriend that I have a *thing* for hair. I’ve wondered if he’s been able to figure it out given how frequently I bring up hair changes—or how excited I was when he finally agreed to let me try cutting his hair. But if he suspects he’s never said a word to me.

While I’m extremely attached to how my hair looks, one of my biggest fantasies has been to let a partner do whatever they want. I’ve been trying to get Isaac to at least tell me exactly what look he thinks I’d be the sexiest in, but he never does. “It’s your hair babe” is probably the most said phrase in our relationship.

Isaac sits up and studies my curls before shaking his head. “I think pink looks good, I’m sure others would too. You know I’ll help you dye it again if you’re bored of the colour.”

I flop back onto the bed in defeat. “I know you’d help me dye it but I need help picking a colour.”

Isaac pats my shoulder reassuringly, “don’t worry, I know you’ll figure out a colour eventually.”

Sweet boy, but it’s all I can do not to scream into my pillow in frustration.


The next day I gather my colour removing supplies. Isaac walks into the bathroom as I’m preparing the mixture. “Decided on a colour babe?”

“Nope!” I say to him with a grin. “But you’re going to.”

Isaac blanches. “I really don’t think you want me doing that. I’m not great at picking colours. And I know nothing about dye.”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine,” I say as I apply the colour remover. “I’ll give you a list of rules about what you can and cannot pick. I promise I won’t be mad  no matter what you pick and if it sucks ill just colour remove again. Please babe? I want a new colour but I’m too anxious to pick it myself and I think it’d be a lot of fun if you did it.”

Isaac let’s out a shaky breath. “Fine. Give me the list of rules. And if it’s bad don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I let out a squeal and hand him the list of rules. He just shakes his head.

  • SEMI PERMANENT. there will be castration if you pick up a Demi or a permanent
  • Iro iro is my favourite brand but you can pick a different one if the colour you want isn’t there
  • Ion is good but BE CAREFUL because they also sell a ton of Demi and permanent so read the package
  • Look for things that specifically say dye, not colouring conditioner
  • Remember you still have to exist in public with me

Isaac returns an hour later with a shopping bag that definitely contains more than one colour. I’m instantly intrigued. By this point my hair has faded to a mostly blonde colour with some hints of pinks. My ends are mostly white from all of the bleaching damage.

Isaac comes up behind me and kisses my neck. “Do you want to see the colours I picked or just let me do it?”

I arch into his touch, feeling him harden against me. “Keep it a surprise, I trust you.”

Isaac takes stock of the brushes and bowls around me, along with the salon cape i pulled from the closet. He pulls my shirt over my head and trails his fingers across my pert breasts before fastening the cape around my neck. “Close your eyes,” he whispers next to my ear and I shiver in pleasure.

He is painstakingly gentle as he combs out each of my breast length curls, taking the time to section my hair out. I relax into his touch and appreciate the care he takes. I can hear him moving the bowls around and from the sounds of it he’s chosen at least three colours.

I feel him apply the colour to my scalp first and I sigh in pleasure as he massages it with his fingers. Isaac surprises me with a quick kiss on the lips before continuing to apply to dye to the rest of my length. Once he seems satisfied that my hair is saturated he gathers it all under a shower cap. He then scoops me up in his arms.

“We have 30 minutes before the dye has to be washed out, any idea how you want to spend it?” I can easily tell how he wants to spend it as he sets me down on the kitchen counter and removes my cape.

“I have an idea or two,” I respond, hooking my legs around his waist. “You’re mine,” I whisper in his ear. His hands slowly caress the spot between my legs. “No time for that,” I say as I grab his cock and thrust it inside me, already wet from the hair dyeing foreplay. “We only have 30 minutes and I don’t want you to waste it being gentle.”

He lets out a low chuckle before thrusting powerfully inside of me, one hand around my back the other now roughly stroking my clit.

“Fuck!” I cry, my hands digging into his shoulders. I know there will be nail marks there later.

When the timer goes off much too soon I remove myself from him before taking his cock in my mouth. I watch the waves of pleasure coarse through his body as I drink him down.

“Close your eyes,” he pants to me, before carrying me once again to the bathroom. He gently washes my hair under the faucet before using my diffuser to dry it. He guides me to the mirror and wraps his arms around my waist. I can feel the tension radiating off of his body. “You can open your eyes if you really want to…” I’ve known Isaac long enough to recognize when he’s stifling nervous laugher. Anxiously, I open my eyes.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror. “Babe…I look like a tide pod.” I truly did, my roots were a dark blue that transitioned into a bright orange going all the way down to a peach. My ends didn’t seem to take the colour and as such remained white. I can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness

Isaac looks horrified. “I am so sorry. I tried to do that sunset hair thing you showed me a while ago because you said you loved the look but were too scared to try it. Clearly I overestimated my abilities. You can dye my hair as payback if you really want. And I can pay to get yours fixed.”

I wrap my arms around his neck. “You’re the most thoughtful guy I know even if it didn’t work out. It’ll fade soon enough and it’s not the absolute worst look. I’m still dying your hair though.” I give him a cheeky grin “but maybe you should watch some

Videos before I ask you to cut my hair next.”

I chuckle at the horrified look on his face.

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