A Surprise Filled Night

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This is another story I wrote and posted almost 20 years ago.  With this one, I’ve edited and added to it somewhat.  Sadly, this one is pure fantasy, but I’ve thought about it on and off for a very long time.



He had known them for years. Gina and Kate were the two most beautiful girls in his entire town, and they were best friends. To say he “knew” them might be a bit of a stretch. He knew of them. In a way, they knew of him too. That is to say they knew his name, and they knew they were far too popular to talk to him. In their small town, everyone knew who everyone was, even if they had never spoken a word.

Pete had fantasized about Gina and Kate alternately, and sometimes jointly, since he was 12. Gina had seemingly perfect skin, a face like a movie star, an incredible body hardened by years of soccer, and long chestnut hair. Kate was equally beautiful, with incredible blue eyes, perfectly formed perky breasts that stood at attention in the winter chill, and the thickest blonde hair he had ever seen.

Throughout their high school years, Gina and Kate dated the popular boys. Kate spent her time exclusively with the captain of the football team, wearing his varsity sweater around town, flaunting her status as cheerleading captain. While Kate was mostly monogamous, Gina was more like the village bicycle: Everyone got a ride. Everyone that is, except Pete.

Pete had long ago given up any hope of ever being with either of the girls, and had quietly consigned himself to a life of hard academic work, intent on going to the college of his choice. As a result, he didn’t go out much, and only rarely made it to the big parties frequented by Gina and Kate. On the rare occasion he did wander out, he almost always spent the night drinking his fill, talking to his friends, and never straying too far from the keg.

By the end of their senior year, Pete had succeeded in gaining admission to Amherst College, one of the best schools in the nation, and he was exceedingly proud of himself. Gina and Kate were both headed to community college, Kate having been squarely dumped by the local football hero, on his way to a full scholarship to Michigan. Still, both girls were in high spirits for graduation weekend, and nearly every senior in their small graduating class found themselves at the same keg party, intent on drinking themselves into a triumphant stupor.

The festivities raged into the night, as dozens of newly graduated teenagers celebrated their new ‘freedom’ in an orgy of alcohol, dancing, and generally lewd behavior. As usual, a steady stream of young men took their best shot at enticing Gina and Kate into their favor, but for some reason neither of them seemed the least bit interested in returning the attention. As the night wore on, it became clear to anyone paying attention to the girls, and quite a few were paying attention, that they were in a particularly raucous mood. The girls were uniformly nasty to their suitors, sending them off in an array of hurtful rejections. Gradually, most of the revelers packed it in for the night, many in pairs, and left only the hardcore standing, and drinking.

It came as no surprise to anyone that Pete was among the faithful going strong as the less zealous called it a night. Most of his buddies had long since left, or passed out, when the unthinkable happened. In his ever close proximity to the keg, Pete managed to see pretty much everyone throughout the course of the night as they made their way to the centrally located common source of alcohol (actually, this was now the seventh and final keg, but to most people it made no difference). Over the course of the evening, Pete’s strategic position gave him a chance to talk to the people he was friends with, and get a good look at those he didn’t normally socialize with. Therefore, it came as no surprise to see Gina ambling his way. The surprise was that she stopped to talk to him.

It began as mostly small talk. Mutual congratulatory type bluster. Pete did his best to play it cool, and did a fairly decent job of acting nonchalant until Kate came over to join her friend, and rather than walking off, they both continued the conversation with him. Thinking back on the situation later, Pete would marvel at the fact he could find reasonably interesting things to say, considering they had never really spoken to him before, and had very little in common with him. In hindsight, while sober, Pete could see clearly that he must have been incredibly obvious in his desire for the two half-drunk coeds.

Time went by quickly, and the conversation continued. Pete was nearly beside himself with his incredible luck. Then his heart sank as he saw the tap of the keg begin to sputter as Kate attempted to refill her beer. He was pretty well sloshed, but still sober enough to recognize the universal truth that when the beer ran out, the party ended. He smiled and prepared to say goodnight, as he anticipated the girls taking their leave. His jaw dropped open when Kate suggested he go with them. They didn’t really wait for an answer. They simply made their way to Gina’s pickup truck, knowing he’d follow.

On the way to Gina’s house, he sat in the cab, sandwiched between the girls. During the ride, Kate massaged his thigh. He found out they were going to Gina’s because she had more beer, and out of town parents.  When they arrived at her house, lucky to have survived Gina’s slightly intoxicated driving, they went into the living room and opened a fresh round of beers. The girls traded numerous furtive glances, which were more than obvious to Pete. It was Gina who turned the corner on the night and asked Pete if he’d like to ‘play with them’. Who was he to turn them down?

While Gina playfully ran her fingers through Pete’s longish hair, and caressed his leg, Kate suggested Pete strip for them. Gina giggled at that, and eagerly helped Pete out of his clothes, leaving him completely naked and fully at attention, while they looked on with unconcealed glee and all their clothes. As Gina continued to tease him, Kate left the room, and returned almost immediately with a large wooden chair. She plopped the heavy chair down in the middle of the room, and told Pete to sit in it. He smiled broadly, expecting some sort of lap dance, and did as he was told. Pretty much as he expected, Gina straddled him, and continued her teasing caresses. She softly kissed his neck and face, as she stroked his dark brown hair away from his face. Gina’s attention distracted him from Kate, who moved around behind him, and took each of his arms gently behind the back of the chair, where she tied them tightly. Pete never thought to protest as Kate secured his ankles to the legs of the chair. He was in ecstasy, doing all he could to fight the urge to come right then and there. Once he was securely fastened to the chair, the girls backed off. They giggled and smiled at each other, and at him. Gina asked him if he was ‘ready to play now’?

He smiled as they whispered to one another. He became even more erect at the sight of their obvious excitation. He had not the slightest clue what Kate meant when she told him he needed a trim. Gina left the room for a while, while Kate walked around behind him, teased him by depriving him of the ability to see her, and blew softly into his ear. When Gina returned, Pete was craning his neck around to try to see Kate, so he didn’t immediately see the clippers, scissors, and other assorted items she was holding. When he did turn around, he was puzzled as to her intentions, the beer still had his head more than slightly confused. While Gina plugged in the clippers, Kate went to the cabinet behind Pete, and began to set up a video camera. Gina smiled, told Pete she didn’t like her men hairy, and turned on the clippers. She knelt before him, and slowly began the work of shearing off his pubic hair. Although he was somewhat surprised, he did not object. After the clippers had finished their work, she continued with a razor and shaving cream. Kate recorded the entire bizarre spectacle as Gina reduced Pete’s crotch to a prepubescent look.

It wasn’t until Gina picked up the scissors and once again straddled him, that Pete became uneasy. Gina ran her free hand through Pete’s hair, holding a thick section of the top over his head. She smiled and told him boys were supposed to have short hair. As he stammered and told her to quit screwing around, she looked over at Kate. Kate focused the video camera, and nodded her head. Without further warning, Gina slipped the scissors into Pete’s hair, and slowly closed them about two inches above his scalp. He gasped in surprise as he heard the scissors working their way through his hair. Gina stepped back and dropped the roughly four-inch piece of his hair into his lap. She ignored his shocked pleas to stop, and moved around next to him. After she had made her first cut, the rest went much quicker. She worked rhythmically, selecting big pieces of his hair, and chopping them off. Kate occasionally giggled, but other than that, they were quiet. When she had finished cutting his hair down into a more ‘manly’ style, she set down the scissors, and asked Kate what she thought. Kate handed her the camera, and walked around their well-restrained victim. She ran her fingers through the remains of his hair, and informed them both that she still favored the crewcut worn by her former boyfriend. Pete began to plead with them, and slowly realized just how much they were enjoying torturing him. Kate hefted the clippers, snapped on a short guard, and wasted no time plunging them down the center of his head. She laughed sporadically as she sheared off the remains of his longish hair, leaving him with the most basic of buzzcuts, not unlike a young boy.

After Kate had her way with his hair, Gina removed the guard from the clippers and asked Pete if he wanted to go, “all the way” with her.  He didn’t bother responding, resigned to what was about to happen to him.  By that point, the clippers were getting warm against his skin, but her knew there was no point in objecting.  He just sat there, helpless and naked while this beautiful little slut slowly shaved his entire head bald. 

After they had run out of hair to cut, they continued drinking and teasing their completely bald and naked captive.  Kate took the liberty of toying absentmindedly with his cock and balls while commenting on how shiny his head was.  Gina pointed out repeatedly that he had no real recourse against them, as no one would ever believe they brought him home to begin with, and that if he tried to ‘make up any stories’ about them doing that to his hair, no one would ever believe him. Before long, both girls ran out of steam, having nearly finished all the beer. Gina passed out on the couch, while trying to hold an incoherent conversation with her friend, who soon joined her in drunken slumber on the couch.

Pete had all night and all morning to work free of his bonds. It took over an hour, but eventually he managed to wiggle free of the tight knots that held his hands to the chair. He began with Gina, smacking her face lightly to be sure she was fully unconscious, then removing her clothes and tying her to the chair he had just escaped from. It did not take him long to find another chair just like it in the dining room, and to strip Kate and tie her to the other chair, facing her friend. Gina moaned softly in her sleep as he carefully shaved her bush. Kate’s was already shaved bare, presumably for her football playing ex-boyfriend, but that didn’t stop Pete from lathering, shaving, and gently fingering Kate’s girl parts. Once both girls were shaved smooth down below, all he had to do was wait for them to sleep off the booze.

Kate woke first, and it took her a minute to fully realize her situation. Once she did, she made more than enough noise shrieking and crying to wake her friend, who joined her in begging Pete for their release. He sat there quietly, studying their naked bodies and told them they were about to be punished. The girls pleaded with him, telling him it was all just a joke. He asked whose idea it had been to cut off all his hair. As expected, the girls blamed each other. He told them that since it was both their fault, they would both be punished, then he asked which of them would like to go first. Of course neither of them wanted to volunteer for whatever he had in store for them. He chose Gina to start, and picked up the scissors menacingly. As he ran his fingers into Gina’s shoulder length hair, she began to cry. He smiled and lifted a giant handful of her hair away from her head. He looked Kate dead in the eyes as he began to work the scissors through her friend’s long hair. Random length chunks of beautiful hair were casually strewn all over.  Gina sobbed uncontrollably as he cut off more and more of her beautiful hair, dropping most of the cut hair into her lap. When he was finally satisfied with Gina’s hair, it had been reduced to approximately chin length, but no two pieces were even close to the same length.

He moved over to Kate, and began running his hands through her hair, which fell just past where her bra strap would have been, if she were not naked. Then he turned to Gina, and informed her that she could save her friend’s hair if she would confess to instigating his haircut. Of course, he told her, that would mean subjecting herself to the clippers, but it would save Kate’s long blonde hair. Gina, in a selfish fit of stupidity, refused to admit any such thing, and blamed the entire incident on Kate. Pete shrugged his shoulders, and looked down at Kate, helplessly tied to the chair. She tried not to give him the satisfaction of crying, having accurately guessed that her hair would be chopped off no matter what, but was unable to hold in her tears when he began cutting. Kate’s hair was thicker, and took much longer to cut. Enjoying himself even more this time around, Pete took his time and cut Kate’s hair even shorter than her friend’s, chopping it into something that almost resembled a longish pixie cut.  As he cut chunk after chunk, she slowly stopped squirming, but couldn’t stop her tears. 

After he finished cutting Kate’s long hair off, he put down the scissors, picked up the clippers, and removed the guard they had used on him. Both girls were now crying hysterically. Pete went back to Gina, and stood behind her. He forced her head down, until her chin rested against her chest. Kate watched in horror as he slowly ran the clippers up the back of Gina’s head. The shorn hair rained down into her lap and all over the floor. He took his time with her humiliation, making sure to go over every inch of her slowly emerging scalp several times. 

Gina’s tears streamed down her naked breasts. Before long, Gina stopped struggling, and slumped in exhaustion. After the last of her hair was clippered off, Pete went back to Kate. She begged, cried, and offered to do anything he wanted if he would spare her the humiliation of being shorn bald.  Pete was uncertain if he derived greater satisfaction from hearing her beg, or from the noise the clippers made as he plunged them into her hair. For Kate’s clippering, he stood in front of her and held her by the chin with his free hand, so he could look at her face as he cut off all her remaining hair. The growing pile of blonde hair on the floor was incredible. She continued to cry like a baby as he finished off the remains of her beautiful mane.

When he finished clippering the girls bald, he methodically gathered all the cut hair into a giant pile between the two girls, so they could spend however long it took them to get free staring at their hair and their friend’s bald head. He took the videotape out of the camera, proclaimed it evidence in case they wanted to complain, and left them naked and bald.

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