8th Shampoo and Set

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It was almost 2 months after my last set and far too long.  I decided I would take next Friday off work if I could get an appointment with Sharon early in the day.  Hopefully I would avoid her busy late afternoon period.   Mentioning this to Jenny, she asked “what about coming home on the bus?”   I said “I’ll be brave, besides it will be during the day so less busy”.   On Monday morning, I rang Sharon from work, asking if she could fit me in on Friday morning “for my usual”.  I was booked in for 9am as her first client of the day.  Time off work was easy but the next few days dragged by.

Friday morning, I walked into the salon, said hi to Sharon, took a gown and moved to the basin.  While washing my hair she asked “How many times have I set your hair now”.  This will be my 7th time with you I said, trying to be casual.  What have your friends said about your temporary curly style.”  I felt a little embarrassed by the question, and explained that I did not often go out on weekends after a set.   Sharon said, “Many males have the same boring hairstyle their whole lives.  A curly style looks great on you.  My other clients who have seen you, say how handsome you look.  That’s why Jenny was encouraging you to get a perm.

“I think most of my friends would say perms are just for women”.   Sharon offered “Yes perms used to be something only women had but these days quite a few men are having perms too.  You don’t have to have a set afterwards if that’s your concern.  The trend is more for a wash and go and low maintenance style.  It’s the older generation that have the high maintenance weekly sets, she added.   I so wanted to tell her that the perm and weekly set was exactly what I wanted.  The pampering session and looking great afterwards was my idea of heaven. This was too much of an admission to share with her though.

Moving back to the chair she asked if I wanted to try a different style today.  See if you like one of these, and handed me a salon magazine of woman with different curly styles.  There were several images that looked similar to the style I had before.  I thought maybe I should choose something more dramatic this time.  Sharon pointed to a couple of pictures where the model’s hair had a lot of volume but not much curl.  This style was very popular several years ago she said.  It does require a lot of back combing and extra spray.  It reminded me of my visit to Mrs “not so happy” the previous year and I said I prefer styles with lots of curls.

How about this one she suggested.  It was a model in her 30’s with relatively short hair in a mass of tiny curls and I thought, wow what a look.  I can make your curls look like that but would need to set you on perm rods.  More rods to wind in and much longer under the dryer, of course.  I have another client for highlights in about an hour.  We should have you rolled up before she arrives.  I’ll need to cut your hair in slightly different style to suit this setting pattern.   Would you like to try a new look?  Enthusiastically I said “Yes please, I’m feeling adventurous today”.

Over the last couple of years, I had watched several female clients being permed. There was a thrill at the thought of now being able to experience the first stage of the perm process myself.  She began cutting my hair but I barely noticed as I was immersed in the thought of the next step.  15 mins later, Sharon put down her scissors and massaged the setting lotion through my hair.  You could help by handing me the papers for each rod.  As the first rod was being wound in, I pretended to myself, “here you are sweetie, having your first perm”.  I felt excited yet nervous knowing that this new style would look even more feminine than my previous hairdos’.

35 minutes later she was finished.   I stared at myself in the mirror, hair covered in small perm rods, so excited by this image.  I even considered saying to Sharon “let’s do the perm”.  She bought me back to reality saying “ready for a long dryer session”.  I was netted and under the dryer before the next client entered and sat next to me. Feeling slightly nervous in case she made a disapproving comment.

Sharon covered her in a PVC cape and pulled a highlighting cap over her hair.  She looked across at me in the mirror and gave a small nod.  I sat quietly under the dryer but had occasional glance in the mirror to watch Sharon pull strands of hair through the streaking cap.  Her bleach was applied and she was covered with a processing cap.  Soon after that, my dryer pinged off and Sharon lifted it up saying “I’ll let you cool down a bit.

As Sharon moved away to retrieve the roller trolley the client turned and asked “what are you having done today”.   Feeling more confident than usual I said, “I’m trying a new style. Sharon has set me on perm rods”.  She smiled and responded “Someone is in for a surprise when you get home”.   Sharon returned and carefully removed each rod and worked my hair into a mass of lovely small soft curls.  Holding up her mirror I could see the sides and back.  It looked so very fem and I loved it.

After the hairspray the other client looked across at me and asked “Do you like it?”  I said “Yes, and then I asked, what do you think?   She replied, its umm…  aaaa… rather feminine style.  Without thinking I said, “thank you”.  I then went a bit red in the face that she vocalised what I felt.  As I paid, Sharon said, now you have experienced the first step in having a perm. Hopefully it will be a less daunting decision for you.  I thanked her again and added, I hope Jenny likes it.

No one on the bus appeared to notice which was a relief. There was very little wind so my hairdo was intact when I got back to our flat.   Jen arrived home in the evening and said she liked it, agreeing it was quite different.  I bet you were checking your new “do’ in every mirror she teased.  How do you feel about this style?   I said I loved it but I’m still not brave enough to show it off to friends or my parents.  She asked “how many people have seen you close up after a set, well over 50 is my guess, including my mum, Dawn and David.

Did anyone say anything negative, no.  Did anyone compliment you, yes, several, I’m sure.   I know it’s considered normal for a woman to change their hairstyle but quite a few men do it too.    Hun, it’s definitely a more feminine style than you had before, how do you feel about that?  I admitted it was one aspect of my motivation to get a perm.   She nodded and added, it’s about doing what makes you feel happy.

Why don’t you call Sharon first thing tomorrow and book in for the same set next Friday evening.  I’ll pick you up afterwards.  The Monday after is a holiday so you get an extra day with your curls.

First thing Saturday morning I rang Sharon and asked if I could book for Friday? Explaining that I loved this new style and Jen suggests I get it done again.  My last client of the day is at 4.30 just for a cut.  If you don’t mind a bit of a wait, part way through come in at 3.45.  I’ll do a quick wash, I should have most of your rods before she arrives. After her cut I’ll finish your rods and pop you under the dryer.  I hesitated for a moment wondering how the other client might react.  The excitement of having those lovely small feminine curls again overruled my caution and I said yes to my appointment next Friday.

Later Jens’ dressing gown appeared on my side of the bed.  I undressed, slipped it on and covered those wonderful new small soft curls with my headscarf.  When I returned from the bathroom Jen was in bed and wearing her black satin nightie.   She did not often wear nighties in bed, just occasionally on colder evenings. That gave me the perfect excuse to cuddle even closer. I may have commented a few times that she should wear them more often.   Snuggling in I was again excited to have this soft smooth fabric between our bodies.

Saturday morning, I got up and slipped on her dressing gown. In the bathroom I untied my scarf and inspected my lovely new curls from every angle.  I made tea and toast and carried it into the bedroom.   We ate and chatted for a bit.  Jen said we should go for an early walk as its due to rain later.  Once dressed I made a point of putting my plastic rain hood in my coat pocket as we left the flat.  The walk and tea-stop were uneventful and thankfully it did not rain until after we returned home.  That evening I wore the dressing gown as we readied for bed.  No sign of Jens’ lovely satin nightie though.

Sunday and Monday after my shower I wore the gown until Jen did my hair.  Tuesday I washed my hair back to boring straight.

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