Westward barbershop

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I have been no stranger to changes outside my control.Threats in my hometown sent me to my uncle’s and when his past caught up with him, I came to the town of Westville.

My uncle wasn’t all bad, he set me up in a spacious loft.But the loft’s lady was certainly no saint: don’t get me wrong, she was decent and hospitable. She just had a hard way of showing love or even happiness.

Each morning, it’s get up, do your chores, and read on your free time. I hated the strict routine and sometimes, I hated her and everything about her. This was nothing less than a fact the first day I arrived in Westville.

My uncle couldn’t go as far as state lines so I traveled on a train to the town by myself, a pin of my information pinned to my jacket. I daydreamed about my new handler and hoped she was pretty and nice. She was pretty but not nice.

One look at my pin and my carer, Miss Suzan, and I were off. Her car was old but in good condition for its age. She,quite roughly, tossed my bag into the boot.”In”,she ordered me into the convertible; once in, she shut the door quickly and took her place up front.

”Um…” I was going to say something.

”Not a word”, she replied sternly, she looked at me through the rear view mirror. Her eye was intent on me.The key brought the car to life and we sailed into Westville, a small town but lively in shops. I was amazed and in awe, they really loved their town and portrayed it in the best of lights.

Before we went home, Miss Suzan wanted to get me a few things. She stopped at a drug store and took me in. I held a basket as she filled it to the brim with hygiene products that a girl would need and things I would need in the future.

She also picked up a prescription, I could not see the label because she quickly stuffed it into her pocket. We paid in her cash and we left to the next stop. A shoe locker was the stop.

Miss Suzan told me to take off my old shoes so she could get the right size. She found the size and had me try on the new ones: they fit. She made sure they fit before we left.

I was enjoying the shopping spree and wanted to thank Suzan but didn’t know how. It probably a good thing that I didn’t. For the next stop was one I did not particularly like: the barbershop.

I had really long, black hair that I didn’t want cut but when I tried to speak; all I got was an ‘enough, you’re having it cut’.My good girl nature obeyed, no questions asked, and we went into that parlor. No one were in the chairs.

The shop was empty except for the lone barber; a old woman, about fifty, with a curly updo stood.”Hello, darlin’”,greeted the hairdresser,”Fine day, eh”

”Very”,Suzan prodded me to the chair,”This is my client’s niece that I’m charged with caring for. You can see, she has a lot of hair”

”Yes. Very fine hair”,replied the barber.

”Well”,continued Suzan,”It’s unpractical, to hard to manage when she has to earn her own keep”

” I see”,the hairdresser nodded,”I’ll clean her up for ya. Come, darlin’, let’s get you prettied up for your caretaker”

”But I don’t want a haircut”, I blurted out.

Suzan looked cross at me so I reluctantly got into this woman’s chair.”That’s better”,said Suzan, giving me a sly smile.”Now, come”,said the hairdresser, clipping my hair to the top of my head,”I don’t bite”

She might not bite but she might choke me with the cape she tossed on me, it was so tight. Luckily, she had a heart to recognize I was uncomfortable but even her little act of kindness didn’t get to like what she was going to do. The chair steadily went up as her foot pressed down on the pumper.

”So, you’ll be staying with Miss Suzan for a while”,the hairdresser smiled, unclipping my hair and brushing it out.

Miss Suzan watched over the process like a hawk and looked sternly at me in the mirror to be good for the barber. The hairdresser looked to Miss Suzan for orders,”What will she be getting today?”

”Short”, replied Suzan,”Round the ears with the clippers”

”Alrighty”,the barber smiled,her smile brought terror to me.What was she thinking of turning me into?

“It’s been so long since I cut a little lady’s hair short”,my doom walked in front of me to grab her tools, clippers that draped from a hook was taken into this madam’s palm and dusted off and tested for good measure,” I might be a little rusty but I assure you, you will be leaving my shop pretty and happy. You’ll be pretty-happy”

What she was saying was no less frightening than the clippers being switched on to a cutting mode.The line she cut across my shoulders sent a hail of black rain to cover the checkered floor. Miss Suzan watched me like a hawk but seemed bored, she looked to the streets for excitement but found none.

”I suppose I have other errands to run that I don’t need her for. If I’m not back when she’s done, make her sweep up her own cut hair. Keep her busy, won’t you”,she told the barber lady.

”Sounds feasible”,the woman replied,”I’ll have her done in no time”

With that, my handler left me at the mercy of the hairdresser’s blades.It was a complete horror show for me to see her section off my hair and snip it short.

She tilted my head and was so focused, I froze my body as to give her a reason to puncture my skin with her sharp utensil. The humming came so close to my ear the vibration felt like a tension not yet to burst and probably won’t. But it did have a virtue, it felt kinda nice but I dare not let my body display that.

Upright, she had a firm grip on my jaw as to keep me from moving.Her face close to mine was emotionless, like she was a robot working for her master and hellbent to please her.Maybe in some other universe, I could appreciate the change this lady did to me but this universe’s me just wanted to be free of her.

”Alright, sweetie”, she ruffled my hair, cut to a straight formation,”Now, all I have to do is clean up your neckline and you’ll be done”

The lady pulled out a even smaller clipper and gave them life.Her way across my neck was going great but she hit a spot that made me giggle and shiver. The consequences of my actions led to the clippers taking more than it was expected to.

My barber was mad at me but what was done was done.To make everything even, she ran those tiny blades up my sides. She only stopped at the crown, up and down, more skin was shown the more she took off.

My sides were almost bald but she made them so that no hair would show. White stuff that was so cold on my skin was spread on and she took from below the mirror, a razor.Hand atop my head, the blades licked off the shaving foam and when she was done, a hot towel was tucked snugly on the bare, shaven skin.

The final product wasn’t half-bad but I didn’t tell my barber that. I couldn’t describe my new self so my mind stayed silent as did my mouth. She would never know what I genuinely thought of what she did to me.

Fortunately, I wouldn’t have to clean up my own hair. Miss Suzan returned to the shop as the barber lady unfastened the cape off of me. She came, looked, and ruffled my shorn hair.

”Good work”, she praised her friend,”But why are her sides shaven?”

The hairdresser was about to explain her course of action when my madam cut in,”Better to have to shaved all of it off”

I thought the worst was to come but her laughing assured me of her dark humor.”I may bring her in, in the summer to do that, my friend”

That was a promise she kept, the loft was hot in those scorchers. My hair was medium and school was out. I had forgotten what she had done to me the first time I arrived but she reminded me.

She was lacing up her boots when I came down, her nice clothes on her. One look told me what I was in for, I could not object, all I could do was walk west to the Westward barbershop.

Apparently, many little girls had their heads shorn this summer solstice for long tresses were strewn about the checkerboard floor. The barber lady herself was shorn, not bald but cut close to the head.

”Ah”,the lady smiled graciously at me,”Another girl come to rid herself of hair”

”Indeed”,Miss Suzan nodded,”We are going shorter than last time”

I was happy to be in that leathery chair once again. I was expecting a likeminded short style but a little bit shorter, my handler had other plans. She told the barber,”Shave her bald, won’t you dear”

My eyes widened, I didn’t want to go bald, but she was there, I was under her authority.But I couldn’t believe she wanted my hair that short or completely obliterated for that matter.

My barber was on board with the idea, taking the clippers and angling them so that they would take as much hair as possible. She brushed my hairline flat and with her weapon, the blades sunk into the black and cut it off at the root. My head had rows of passes but the clippers remembered to take the borders down to make it all even.

The white stuff that chilled my head before caked my head cooly. Razor strokes that I once feared were kinder now.

I may of hated to have gone bald then but dang, I looked pretty and loved my new look.

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