A Bad Experience

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This is a fictional story containing Public Humiliation , Spanking , Whipping and Mild Bondage.

Hello guys my name is Sana, I’m 29 years old , and my height is 4.10 , I have Knee length, jet black , thick hair. Whenever I go out I always dress in abaya , hijab , niqab , gloves and socks , all these clothes are black and loose so the public sees me as black ghost.

One day I went to a salon called Happy Hair, as I don’t get my hair cut , only trims so I don’t have any permanent salon , I go to any random salon and today it was Happy Hair.
When I entered I saw a receptionist who was doing some work on her computer, so I went to her and asked
Me: Hello do you have any stylist who can give me a trim.
Receptionist: Yes but all our stylist are busy at the moment.
Me: Please check if anyone is free as I only need a trim , I can even wait if you want.
Receptionist: One of our stylist is free but I don’t think you would like her.
Me: It’s fine I just need a trim. Please ask her if she can do.
Receptionist: Ok. Please have a seat while I call her.
The receptionist gestured me to sit on the sofa near the door and she picked up a phone to call the stylist.
While I waited I started to remove my niqab and gloves. Soon a woman came and looked at me and turned to the receptionist to talk with her.
I started to look at the woman , her hair were tied in a tight bun , she was tall maybe near 6 feet , with a bulky body , on her face I can see the strictness, as I was looking at her she turned from the receptionist to me and said I a order tone “Come”, I don’t know why but hearing her order I got scared and stood from the sofa to follow her. I understood that she was a very strict woman and if I don’t want to loose my hair I should talk less and carefully.
The woman started to guide me towards the salon area , I started to look around to see a beautiful interior of pink and black theme. As we reached the centre of the salon a saw a kids chair which had a horse head in front, while I was think it must be for kids she said “Remove this abaya and hijab and hand them to me” in a loud stern voice so that everyone can hear I felt a bit embarrass but did as told.
Stylist: Go and wait , while I get my stuff and put these.(and pointed to a corner with a sink)
The stylist came and looked at me and said “ Are you going to be a good girl or not” while she tied a light pink cape with some unicorn on it.
I just replied “Yes” and hearing that she tighten the cape and said “Yes Ma’am” in an angry tone to correct me.
Once the cape was tied she told me pushed my head in to the sink with force and told me to stay still while she was my hair and started to open my braid I kept standing there with my hands on the sink to hold so I don’t fall. As she completely opened my braid and pushed my hair in the sink and started the water someone called her and she just said “Don’t move” and left me there standing with my head and hair in the sink.
After sometime my back starts to hurt as I was standing in very awkward position, I started to get up when I heard her order “Stay there” hearing it I again went down in the sink and held my position. After about half an hour she returned and started to wash my hair very roughly and with force, I told her to do it softly but she just ignored me and continued.
After washing my hair she dried my hair with a towel and then wrapped them in it and told me to follow her to the chair, I started to follow her by holding the towel with one hand on my head and reached the kids chair which I saw earlier, I kept looking at her with a puzzle look and she just said “Do you want me to pick you up and place you in the chair. SIT”. I told her I just want a trim you can do it while I stand it’s fine as I was feeling embarrassed to sit in the kids chair, she just crossed her arm and looked at me with angry face, and signals me to sit in the chair. I tried to say but she was not in the mood of listening.
Finally I gave up cause I didn’t have any other option , it felt weird a 29 year old girl sitting in a kids chair, I could feel everyone looking at me, and passing silent comments about me to other customers.
As I sat she picked another children’s cape and tie it even tightly then before, once the cape was tied she starts to remove the towel from my head to let my hair fall, they were touching the floor cause of a low height chair, she picked up a wide tooth comb and starts to comb my hair and said.
“Girl you have already cause so much trouble, now I want you to behave and be a good girl or you will end up as all the naughty children like you are treated, you will keep you hands under the capes , you won’t talk unless I ask you something , and you will do as you are told otherwise I would need to punish you. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD??”
I: But I o..
Stylist: HAVE YOU UNDERSTOOD? (She asked again but this time in a much strict tone)
I: Yes Ma’am
Stylist: now let’s see what to give you for a young girl. (She said to her self but kept combing)
Without saying anything she picked up a rubber band stated to make a high ponytail, the she just picked up her scissors and placed it under the rubber band , feeling the scissors there I shouted loudly “I just want a Trim”, before my sentence was complete a hard slap came flying on my face , the slap was so hard that I was stunned for few seconds that what happened, before I could recover from the shock of slap the stylist twisted my ear and started scolding.
Stylist: “How many times do I have to say it you are to do as your told, but no you have to act like a grown up, did I asked you what you want , did I told you to speak , then why you screamed, small girl of your age should not have such long hair , I was going to leave some length for you cause I thought you were a good girl but no your not, now it’s time to for you to be treated like one, get off the chair.”
I: Let go of my ear it’s hurting. Aa awo aa.
She starts to pull me off the chair by pulling my ear, then dragged me to her chair and pulled me over her knees. A hard smack landed on my hips, it stopped me from saying anything and before I could recover from the 1st smack another one landed and it kept going till I started to cry and beg to stop.
After around 30-40 Smacks I was in tears begging the stylist to stop, the stylist stopped and said “Now are you going to behave or I should take more drastic measures.”
In tears I replied yes, but she again twisted my ear and said “YES MA’AM” I repeat and she let go of my ear and told me to sit in the chair again.
As I sat in the chair she started to comb my hair again and picked up the scissors. Before she makes the 1st snip she spun my chair away from the mirror and making me face the customers. My hips we already in pain from the spanking so I decided to stay quiet and let her trim. But she pushed my head down and told me not to move.
I started to feel the cold scissors on my nape and before I could say anything she made the 1st snip, making my hair slip to the floor, I tried to raise my head but she held my head firmly and continued cutting, in few more snips all the hair below my nape we cut and she released my head, I brought my hand out from under the cape to touch my hair but she just slapped nape and said firmly “HANDS UNED THE CAPE”.
Now I was helpless I knew if I’ll say something or do something which she have not said I’ll be spanked again, so sat in the chair quietly with my chin touching my chest , hands under the cape, I felt her hand on side of my head to raise it and heard, “now just little bit more and the you can go with your mom. So be a good girl and sit quietly”.
I stayed quiet and didn’t answer I can see the females laughing at me and heard someone say kids should behave and listen to elder.
Hearing this I felt more embarrassed that everyone was thinking that I’m a kid when I’m a married woman. I was so lost in thoughts about how can someone think of me as a kid that I didn’t even realize till I heard a loud pop of the clippers, and I snapped out of my thoughts and saw that my head was again touching the chest and felt the clippers running on the back of my head.
I started screaming not to shave my head but the stylist just kept the my head down with one hand and working with the clippers from other. Tears starts to roll down out of my eyes seeing my hair falling on the cape and gathering in my lap.
She moved to my left side and started to buzz that side then repeated on left side, I kept crying and didn’t noticed when the scissors and comb were replaced with the clippers and started snipping. I just sat there crying looking at my hair in my lap. After almost 15 minutes she picked up a soft brush to brush loose hair from my face and neck, by this time I was broken seeing my chopped hair covering me and the floor around the chair.
Finally she picked up the blow dryer to dry and set my hair, while setting she asked me where’s my mother, as I was completely in shocked with all the embarrassment and chopped hair , I replied “She’s not here” I didn’t realized what she was asking. Finally she removed the cape making me come down the chair, while I was coming down she called someone and told her to put me to some use till my mother comes to pick me, the other lady looked bit dirty in her appearance , greasy gray hair in a messy bun , an hair covered apron tied around her waist, the woman took me to laundry room and made me sit on the stool , she started folding washed towels and told me to also do the same as I’ll be busy till my mother comes to pick me up.
I tried to explain that I’m married but she stopped me and said “If you will be a good girl then you will get a chocolate otherwise you know what happens to bad girls here. Now no talking and do what I tell you to. OK?”
I started to fold the towels cause of the fear of getting another spanking in front of everyone. I kept working as the maid helper till it was time to close.

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