A bald ball

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“Ella!” her keeper called, she hurried down.

“What is it, Mistress”, she said, a bit worried; she was not allowed to call the woman before her mother.

“What’s this?” the Mistress asked in a flat tone, a dead fly lay at her feet.

”I must’ve missed it when I cleaned”,replied Ella,”Here”

She picked up the corpse but her hand was caught by her keeper.

”Eat it”,she ordered.


”Eat it”, the Mistress repeated,”Or no dinner”

This was no punishment, there was a sadistic grin on her face as the poor girl forced herself to scarf down the awful appetizer.

The Mistress turned and walked away satisfied with her work as the girl trudged back to her wood and mortar dungeon.

A carriage with her two half-siblings rolled up, their hair piled atop them spectacularly with hats pressuring it down, their giant hoop skirts flowing elegantly without touching anything.

Ella waits by the door with a platter to catch their fans, the door swings open.
The girls enter but stop.

”Ella”,says the one in pink,”Why aren’t you beside the door?”

”I am”

The pink dress girl, whose name was Gertrude, expected to hit Ella with the door but the girl had been hit so many times she knew to step aside.

The girls came in and Gertrude placed her fan on the platter.

Her sister, though, smacked Ella in the nose with hers,”Don’t spoil our fun again or I’ll tell mother”

”Yes, Heidi”,breathed Ella, trying to balance the platter while clutching her nose.

Heidi went to put her fan down but missed.


Ella sighed and bent down to pick up the fan.

Gertrude smiled at her sister, Heidi knew, the girl kicked Ella down with her boot.

The girls laughed and left as the slave tried to regain control of her work.

Dinnertime came, Ella served the food but before she could sit with the family, her keeper looked at her.

”What are you doing?”

”Sitting down to eat”

”No No”,said the Mistress,” You have had a big lunch”

”All I have eaten today is that fly you made me eat”

”Exactly”,said the keeper,”You’ve had your meal”

Ella protests were ignored and the Mistress threatened to whip her if another complaint was made.

She went to bed hungry that night.

Days after, the king told his subjects that he was holding a ball for his son that returned from France, hoping to marry him off.

The keeper would allow Ella to go if she made her own dress, unlike her siblings who received custom dresses from the most prestigious tailor.

Ella called in a favor from the spirits that would listen to her plight, a long dead spirit of a weaver who lived in that house answered her prayers, making the poor girl a dress more beautiful than diamonds and more free than sails.

Ella’s relatives were aghast at her feet but the Mistress was never going to let Ella go to the ball.

She sicked her daughters upon Ella, allowing to tear the dress apart but she wasn’t satisfied.

”Get her on her knees”,ordered the keeper.

When Ella knelt before the Mistress, the keeper retrieved from a drawer a pare of scissors.

As she cried,Ella’s golden hair was cut very short, so short she was almost bald.

”Clean yourself up, I want the house spotless when we return or I will do more than shear you like a sheep”

Distraught, the shorn girl ran into the garden and sobbed aloud.

I could not take a second more, I appeared before her.

”Who are you?”she asked.

”I am your fairy godfather of which to serve you”

She told me of her troubles and asked if I could advise her.

” I will make you a dress more beautiful than the spirit’s but it comes at a price”

”What must I do?”

I caressed her tearstained face,” I curse you to never have tresses upon your head”

Instantly, her head released its grip on her foliage, she was now just a girl; nothing more.

But to replace her beauty atop, I molded for her a dress made of gems and diamonds with earrings to match.

”How can I thank you?”

”Step into the fountain over yonder”

Ella looked at the device before us, she was confused but still, she lifted her into the water.

When she did, she found herself on the steps to the palace.

She entered the hall and went towards the floor of music.

Out of all of the girls, the prince chose her; a bald girl of peasant stalk and soon she was living in the palace with a true man rather than fake beings.

The prince soon became king and beside him was his bald queen, she wore no makeup as for her true character was enough for her and her alone.

As for her tormentors, you would expect me to enact vengeance upon them but, I left them to bicker among themselves.

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