A Barberette, A Girl, and a Boy (Part 1)

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“I’m waiting for her” I pointed to the lady barber.
“Ok then, you’ll be her last costumer”
I wasn’t sure if being her last customer was a good thing. I guess it means there’s no one after me to rush for but what if she needs to leave ? I’d hate for her to rush this cut. It seems like she was almost done with her client, a young boy who had just gotten a cute haircut, shorter on the sides and longer on the top with a bit of a part. She was raking product through his hair with her fingers.
“Ok Tommy, now go get your things and I’ll drive you home.”
“Tonight baby Ethan turns 1” the boy said.
“Yes Tommy, I know. Auntie Jenna is coming to the party too”
“Yaaay!!” He was exited.
As he stepped down from the chair the woman went towards the back to get her bag. She came back, but had also changed her clothes. She was wearing a tight black cocktail dress, deep cut to reveal her hefty cleavage. The dress was sexy- it barely grazed her thighs, and was fully open on the back. She held the boy’s hand, and made her way to the door.
“Goodnight Steve, see you tomorrow”
“Umm Jenna, you have another customer for today” he responded cautiously.
“Who?” She looked around and pointed to the man next to me. “He’s your client” she clearly didn’t recognize me as a client. She probably thought I was waiting for someone.
“No umm “ Steve cleared his throat. “The fine lady wants you to cut her hair”
Jenna’s expression went blank for a moment. She was confused. She took one look at me, rolled her eyes, and exhaled deeply. I could tell she didn’t wanna cut my hair. This woman was in a rush and the last thing she wanted to do was a long haircut.
“Tommy, take a seat” she said to her nephew.
“Are we going home?” He asked.
“Yes …. soon. I have one more client to take” with that he took a seat and she marched over to her station. She looked at me and made eye contact. I was waiting for something to happen. Is she going to say something? I should’ve been getting up but I couldn’t. It’s my turn now. No turning back.
“Miss..” Jenna said, indicating I should sit in her chair. I just couldn’t. I needed to head her spell it out. Maybe I should just leave, a voice in my head was saying.
“Miss…” she said again. I was transfixed. I couldn’t move.
“Miss, if you’re here for a haircut you can please take a seat at my station” from her tone I could tell she was loosing her patience.
I finally got up, silently making my way over to her chair. My legs felt like Jello.
“What can I do for you today?” She said, this time in a slightly nicer tone.
“A haircut please”.
She raised her brows and smiled. “Well good thing you’re here, haircuts are all we do. I’m glad you didn’t ask for a tattoo or something” I forced a laugh. “What kinda haircut though?”
“Ummm… I’m not sure” I said. “Maybe you can suggest something”
“Well… first… you do realize this is a barbershop? Maybe you should try a salon? I get my hair done at Ruby’s on Main Street” She was looking for an excuse to not cut my hair.
“Umm yes I understand this is a barbershop” I said, feeling kinda stupid.
“Great, then what brings you in?” She was probably expecting me to tell her what I wanted. But I didn’t really know.
“A haircut”
“Yes dear, what type of haircut ?”
“Can you suggest one? Nothing too long” I was testing her patience at this point.
“Well honey at the barbers we typically do short haircuts… is that something you want? If not you should really try a salon”
“No, no, no salon” I said.
“So you want a short haircut?” She asked.
“Yes.” This wasn’t easy for either of us.
“Some progress ! Well let’s get you caped up and we’ll take it from there.” She lifted my hair out of the way with one hand and caped me with a dark plastic cape with the other hand, also wrapping a tight paper strip around my neck. I felt locked in. No going back now, I told myself again.
She grabbed her scissors and a comb, and put a finger on my hair, by the top of my breasts.
“Is this length good?”
She raised her finger an inch and asked
“How bout this?”
“Ahh no” I said.
“Well then how bout to here” she pointed to my collarbone.
“No, shorter” I said.
“Ok, shoulder length maybe?” She asked.
“No, I want something shorter”
“A bob maybe?”
“No.. “
“A pixie?”
“A boy cut? Like little Tommy over there?”
“No” I said flatly.
“Well then what will it be?”
“I don’t know, something short” I said.
“Lady, are you sure about this?” She was getting mad.
“Sheesh…” she exhaled and picked up one of her tools.
“I’m sorry… I just want a short haircut” I attempted to apologize for being so vague.
“F*** it, you’re getting a buzz cut “
Those words sent shock waves through me. I shuddered hard. What did she say? A buzz cut? I couldn’t believe my ears. As much as I had thought of getting one I couldn’t believe this was happening. No, this couldn’t be. I’m not ready for a buzz.
But before I could process, the clippers were already viscously entangled in my hair. My eyes started welling with tears. The barber noticed. I wanted to say so many things, but all that came out of my mouth was
The first lock of my hair fell to the floor.
“Pff- Why? “ she responded with incredulity. “Why!” she exclaimed, with a hint of anger in her voice. “You basically came in here asking for it, that’s why” she said raising her voice. She’d clearly lost her patience. I immediately regretted being so slow. This was all my fault. I did this to myself. What was I thinking coming in as the last customer on a Friday?
“But- but- b” I stammered, trying to argue.
“Look missy- in case you haven’t noticed the hair on the floor- It’s your hair. It’s not on your head anymore… it’s on the floor now, and there’s no way to stick it back on. Now sit tight while I buzz the rest of this mound”
“Maybe this’ll help” With that she flicked the footrest of my chair with her shiny red heels. My chair spun around, away from the mirrors. I was facing the waiting area now, awkwardly making eye contact with the people waiting. I felt mortified. They were spectators to the most trauma I’ve ever felt and they probably could only imagine what was going on. Tommy probably thought I’m some crazy weirdo. And maybe the handsome man waiting thought I’m some lesbian coming out. I was dying inside, wishing to explain to them that what they were seeing wasn’t my choosing. I didn’t really think it would end up like this.
The clippers felt like a vibrator. I’d never gotten so close to a pair of clippers before, let alone get my hair cut with them. Jenna was pretty rough with them too. She was using forcefully scraping them along my head, in short, fast motions. She was in a rush and I felt it. She had started right on top, by my forehead. She worked her way around the top of my head first. From the chilling cool breeze that was now hitting my head I could tell she was almost done with the top.
“So miss, how’d you like a fade?”
“A what?” I asked.
“Oh dear…. ummm a fade is like when we leave the top longer than the sides”
“Oh… ya … sounds good” I wasn’t fully sure what she meant but figured leaving the top as long as possible would probably be best. Within no time Jenna had popped off the attachment from her clipper to change it and then started shearing the sides of my head. The clippers were louder now. I began noticing the sides of my head were feeling more cool than the top. Jenna’s phone rang. She went over to answer, and I quickly reached out from under my cape to touch the sides of my head. It was strange relief. My hair was long enough to flick around between my fingers… probably 3/4” long. It still felt weird… but I was glad she left me with some. I was still burning inside with the fear of what she had made me look like. Jenna came back and I put my hand away. “Now for the fade” she said, I guess teasing me. She grabbed a different tool, this one looked like a thin clipper with a straight edge. She came closer, pausing for a moment. She brought the tool right up to my head, as if trying to decide what to do next. With every passing second I was becoming increasingly nervous. What’s she thinking about? What’s taking her so long. She glanced at the handsome young man waiting, then spoke. “Hey sir.. which do you prefer- low medium or high fade?” “Ummm… high” he stammered back. “You got it!” She said. I think him and I were both confused. She wasted no time and took her tool right up to the top of my temple and then pressed. It was sharp. She scraped it downwards and with that a ball of hair fell to my lap. She blew on my head and I felt a chill. Then it clicked. She was asking him what to do to my hair. I don’t think he understood either because he still looked confused. “Why do you ask ?” He called to Jenna. “Oh, I couldn’t decide what to give this little lady, so I figure I’d ask you”. “Oh, umm. I’m sorry there… ” he said waiving to get my attention. “Katie” I said, assuming he was looking for my name. “Sorry Katie… I didn’t think she was asking what to give you… thought it was a general question”
“You think she looks ugly with this fade don’t you?” Jenna piped in as she cut.
“No, no… I think Katie looks hot.. I mean sexy.. I mean I think she might have preferred to decide for herself” I giggled. “I’m Jared by the way” he was blushing. The other barber had just finished. Jared got up and sat in his chair. He mumbled something to his barber, and then the barber started making quick work with his hair. Looked like he was going short too.
At this point, Jenna was making her last pass on the opposite side of my head. With that, she scraped away the last bits of long hair from my head, leaving just scalp.
She proceeded with a clipper and started a flicking motion right where the shaved part met the longer top. She flicked and flicked, almost taunting me with the motion. I felt like she was getting a kick out of this. Her phone rang again, she picked up. “Hello… yes… we’ll be there soon!… I just finished my last client…” she hung up and took a step back.
“Tommy.. what do you think. Does Katie look cute?” The kid was caught off guard. “Who’s Katie ?” He asked. “I’m Katie.” I said with a smile. “You look like a boy.” He said. Jenna definitely enjoyed hearing that. She uncapped me. I waited for her to say something. Am I done? Is that it?
“So…umm… Wanna get up?” She asked impatiently. “Oh are we done?” I said, kinda in disbelieve. Jenna looked at me, grabbed the cape, and threw it right back on. “Oh my bad. Sorry about that. Let me finish you off” She went over to the station and popped a guard off her clippers. She pushed the lever on the side in all the way, brought the machine up to my forehead, and turned it on. “Bzzzzzz” the machine went and a lot of hair fell off my head. “Bzzzzz” again. More and more hair was piling up on my lap. She was working fast and wasting no time. She worked in long strokes, starting by the fade on my left side and working her way to the right. Finally, she powered off the clippers and threw off my cape. “All fucking done.”
“Can I see?” I asked innocently. “What for? There’s nothing else we can do at this length.” She kicked my chair around with her red high heels. Holy shit. I was bald. The sides looked bolder than the top somehow, I guess that’s what she meant by fade. “I was gonna leave it longer but you didn’t seem satisfied when I took off the cape last time. So I took the liberty to shave it down”. “But I look like a freak now.” Tears started rolling down my face. I couldn’t control myself. I really didn’t expect this to happen. “There. there” Jenna said patting me on the back. I guess the tears hit a chord with her. With the right makeup you’ll look great. Let me show you, come with me to the back…

(To be continued…Let me know what you want to see in the next part )

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  1. Awesome story! Can’t wait for the next part! I’d like to see Jared (or some other shaggy guy who comes in while the shop is about to close) ending up in Jenna’s chair next for the same brutal, impatient treatment. It’s so hot (and rare!) to read a story about a barberette dressed like Jenna who wastes no time asking what the customer wants, and just buzzes then to the skin. It’s even more rare to find that scenario with a man in the chair! REALLY hoping to see that in the next installment

  2. Love this story!! I’d love to see Katie go back to the same shop with her friend, who’ll also get an brutal short cut at the hands of Jenna. One of them getting a severe military “high and tight”, with no fade and the back and sides razor shaved all the way up, sounds like just the kind of haircut Jenna would love to give. 🙂

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