A Barberette, A Girl, and a Boy (Part 2)

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Jenna walked me to the back room. The room was a mix of a supply closet and barber rest area. In the middle of the room was a barber chair facing a mirror. By the wall was a bed, and along the sides of the room were piles of product boxes. Jenna reached for her purse, perched up on the counter by the barber chair.

“There, there you poor thing” She cooed as she began applying my makeup. She worked gently, in stark contrast with the force she used shaving my head moments prior. As Jenna was applying my eyeshadow her phone vibrated. She glanced at it. “Sheesh, I’m so late- one sec” She called out to Steve. “Hey Steve.. could you do me a favor? Could you drop Tommy off at home?”

“Sure thing Jenna” He called back.

“Great, thanks so much Steve”

Jenna turned her attention back to me. She continued fixing up my makeup. It took what felt like 20 minutes until she finally spoke up again. “There.. much better… you look HOT” I blushed in disbelief. Suddenly, Jenna grabbed my face with her manicured hands and swooped in for a kiss. Not a bop on the cheek, but a whole French kiss. She was a good kisser. Passionate, with soft lips. But kissing women is just not my thing, so I didn’t kiss her back. That didn’t stop her from continuing. After what felt like forever, she finally pulled away. She took one look at my face and apologized. “Sorry.. I guess I thought you’d be into it. I’ve never kissed a girl before but my goodness you’re cute”

We heard the front door open. Steve yelled “Bye Jenna, Tommy’s with me”

“I just don’t see it” I spoke up. “I feel like a naked rat”

“Hmm… I think I know why” Jenna grabbed a can of shaving cream “shoooooop”. It was on my head. She massaged it all around before I had the courage to ask “What’s going on?” I got my answer without her saying a word. She had pulled out a razor and it made its first pass along my stubbly head.

“I’m shaving you bald.. I think you’ll like the smoothness” Jenna finally responded. I was horrified. I had no choice at the moment, but could barely imagine this being a good idea. Jenna worked swiftly, making quick strokes along my head. Finally, she finished. She ran her cold hands over my scalp and spoke “Think of it this way… it’s like a Brazilian wax, only for your head.” The comparison made me noticeably uneasy. “Oh girl… don’t tell me you’re not groomed!”

Jenna was spot on. “Get up!” She commanded. I obeyed. She motioned to the bed. “Lie down!” I did as was told, although I really didn’t want to. Without any warning, Jenna unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them down, followed by my panties. “Gosh” She was horrified by the sight of all the hair. Jenna pulled out a pair of clippers from one of the drawers and got straight to work. Soon, my mound was reduced to just some stubble. “Better…” She said, turning off the clippers. I started to lift my panties up, but she stopped me. “But we’re not done yet.” Jenna went into her purse and grabbed a white strip. I wasn’t sure what it was at first. She peeled one side of the strip away, and then slapped on right on me. Then came the pain. She waxed the strip away, pulling off the stubble left on me. I yelled in pain. She repeated the process until my downtown areas were hair free. Boy it hurt. “Sorry Katie, I know it hurt, but beauty is pain” She pulled my panties up. “You know what? I think you need a dress” With that she took her cocktail dress off. “Here, wear this”

I looked at her in disbelief. “You sure?”

“Yep. After all this trouble I’d want you to feel your best”

“Okay then.. could you give me some privacy while I change?”

She laughed. “Hunny, there’s not much more for me to see at this point. But I’ll wait in the front”

Jenna walked out of the room. She had the body of a model. Toned and firm, athletic, with curves in all the right places. She was wearing a  lace bra and a matching black thong.

Jenna stepped out of the room, looking like a Victoria Secret model walking the runway.

As she walked into the shop, she caught look of Jared, the handsome young client Steve had worked on. He was sitting in the barber chair, holding a pair of clippers.

“Hello?” Jenna called out curiously. Caught off guard, he nearly dropped the clippers. Jenna came closer and grabbed the clippers.

“Whatcha doing with my clippers pretty boy?” She said coyly.

“Oh um… ok so I feel really bad for the girl that just got shaved”

Jenna didn’t waste a second. The clippers were flicked on and plunged straight into Jared’s luscious hair. After taking her 3rd pass down the middle, the lingerie-clad barberette stopped to tease “So, is this what you had in mind?”

“Umm” Jared didn’t know what to say. He looked like a balding old man, and had a hot barberette to his side.

Jenna laughed. She didn’t wait for a response. “I hope you’re enjoying the view” And with that she bent over right in front of him and continued cutting his hair. Jenna was merciless.

Not before long, it was time for Jenna to do the back. She grabbed Jared’s head and shoved it down, straight into her cleavage. She pushed the warm clippers all along the back of his head, shearing off every last hair. At last, she was done.

As she took a step back to admire her work. As she did so, Katie walked in. Now, with a smooth head, a full face of makeup, and a sexy cocktail dress on, she looked like a million bucks. Jared’s eyes bulged as he caught glimpse of her.

Jenna spoke up “Katie- this is Jared. Jared, meet the new Katie. Katie- Jared just asked me to shave his head because of you. He’s crazy for you. Now you too lovebirds better go have some fun tonight!”

“Hi..” Jared said softly.

Jenna chimed in. “Dude, the best you could come up with is “Hi?” Come on, ask her out!”

Jared and Katie laughed. “So, dinner tonight on me?” Jared asked Katie.

“I’d love to” Katie agreed.

The two of them walked out of the shop together.

Then Jenna said to herself “Nice going Jenna…. another happy couple”

“Oh shit, how am I gonna leave the shop looking like this? I need clothes”


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