A Barberette Story

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From the street I gazed in the window of the shop and noticed a large woman wearing a side snapped barber smock with a bouffant hair do. I stuck my head in and asked “do you do face shaves?” She said “yes.” Her smock had a very high neck, she wore black satin palazzo pants and high heels. Her face was fully made up, false eye lashes and her nails were painted red. She put on a vinyl apron and stood behind me as I sat in the chair. She caressed my face as she stared in the mirror, gently pinching my face to feel my whiskers. She put the head rest in the chair and draped me in a white pin stripe cape, she lowered the seat back. She continued to feel my face and then my neck. She tucked a towel under my neck and walked away. I heard the water from the sink running. She wrapped my face in a warm towel and let it sit on my face for a couple of minutes.
She removed the towel and applied a pink cream over my entire face and forehead. She massaged it in very light and gently. To my surprise there was a mirror on the ceiling I watched her massage me with her finger tips and my entire face was pink. She stepped away and came back with a hotter towel and wrapped it tightly around my face. I had to slow my breathing down. The smell of the cream and steam was so relaxing.

She removed the towel and said, “this is the part my customers enjoy the most, the hot lather.” She instructed me to keep my eyes close, I like to lather up the entire face. She got a second handful of lather and applied that too. She wiped the lather off my nostrils so I could breathe and placed a hot towel again. She placed a hotter 2nd towel over the first one and held it tightly over my face. My head was floating with the smell, the warmth, and the pressure. I was in a dream.
She let the towels sit for 2-3 minutes, I could feel them cooling down. I was in a blissful state. She KNEW what she was doing.

I could hear her stropping the razor with the leather strop.

She removed the towel, re lathered my face and gave me a 3X over shave. One of the closest shaves I’d ever had.

After the shave she gave me a shoulder massage which felt great. Something to to be said for strong manly hands.

She had a warm oil in her hands and massaged my face and the front of my neck. She removed the excess oil with a warm towel. She turned my head to the right, I opened my eyes and her black satin covered crotch was right in my face. She was leaning over me and massaged the back of my neck. She was pulling my head closer to her crotch and my mouth touched her panties. I knew what she wanted………

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